Kidsme Food Feeder Essential Set – Blue/Orange – 5 ct

Kidsme Food Feeder Essential Set – Blue/Orange – 5 ct

This award-winning product provides a safe and easy way for your child to enjoy fresh food and nutrients at an early age without the risk of choking. Convenient, Hygienic, and Comfortable. It is ideal for babies and mommies on the go. Simply put fruit, vegetables or meat into the silicone sac and shut the snap lock. The Food Feeder helps to encourage your child to self-feed, build independence, develop confidence, improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Your child will feel excitement and accomplishment, as they initiate and actively participate in the feeding process. The Kidsme Food Feeder with uniquely designed textured silicone sac can also help soothe teething pain and provide extra stimulation to a baby’s gums when teething. Try frozen fruit or ice cube to help soothe and massage baby’s gums. The patent pending soft silicone sac feeder improves from the traditional mesh bag, it makes for easy cleaning, does not retain odors, and encourages chewing to extract food. The naturally-shaped silicone sac is comfortable and familiar to your baby when compared to other food feeders made of mesh. Replacement silicone sacs are available in two sizes and can be purchased separately to accommodate your baby’s growing needs. A cap helps to keep the silicone sac and food clean. A convenient clip is also available to keep the Food Feeder safe and within reach. Designed with safety in mind, there are no detachable small parts or sharp pieces. These products are easy to clean and are top-rack dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Contains two Kidsme Food Feeders (1 small and 1 large) and extra replacement sacs (1 small and 1 large), and one ribbon clip.
  • BPA free and FDA tested. Ideal for 4+ months and up. Top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • Allow your child to eat fresh food without the risk of choking. Unique patent design, improved from traditional mesh bag feeders. Silicone sac makes for easy cleaning, does not retain odors, encourages chewing, more natural and comfortable to the baby. Designed with textured silicone surface works best with frozen fruit or ice cube to soothe teething pain and massage baby’s gum.
  • A clip keeps the Food Feeder safe, clean and within reach. Designed with safety in mind, there are no detachable small parts or sharp pieces.
  • Different sizes of Silicone Sacs are interchangeable with different food feeder handles. Baby would LOVE to have a second food feeder prepared while enjoying the first one.

Verified reviews


cheap packaging

I ordered this product via Amazon. When it arrived, I was surprised by the quality of the packaging. The quality of the box looks so cheap and so easy to open/ access that made me wonder if someone already used and returned it. I returned it immediately without even care to try it. They should change the packaging to be more clean and hygiene look instead of just a thin cheap cardboard with a cheap cellophane window.

Mayra Island Pond, VT


Updated review: My baby loves this thing. She’s insisted on starting solids and not only does it make it easier for her to handle the food – very hard for her without her pincer grip yet – and she feeds herself to her heart’s content. It gets tied to her highchair at the restaurant so she can’t drop it on the floor. It doesn’t seem to fully empty no matter what she does, unfortunately, in it’s smaller size. Haven’t tried her on the larger size yet. With a bottle brush it gets clean really easily in the sink. I don’t have a dishwasher, so can’t attest to it’s ease of cleaning here. She still gets food all over herself, but that’s normal and natural. Less gagging than when she eats without it, I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but I presume good. All in all the baby loves it, and that’s really what matters.Original review: This thing seems great; no taste, easy to clean, large but not too large holes. I look forward to seeing how my baby likes it – in two months. While it says 4m to 6m, both the world health organization and american academy of pediatrics recommend 6 months minimum before solids – before then baby’s gut is immature and they can become sick much more easily because of solid food. Breastmilk is still the best food, and failing that, formula. On this subject, the little advice booklet that comes with this thing has babies fully weaned by 9-12 months! That’s too early! Again, WHO and AAP both recommend breast feeding for longer – AAP 12 months AT LEAST, WHO at least 2 years. Failing that, they should still be on formula at 12 months. It’s very bad info for such a nice product. And I don’t normally review products before fully testing them, but the info on this is worrying and potentially harmful.

Bessie Gold Run, CA

nice for less-messy feedings

We are mostly giving our seven month old whole foods, but our nanny does some spoon feeding and she uses these to decrease the mess and reduce choking risks. I have also used them when visiting other people’s homes so I didn’t have to worry so much about baby throwing food everywhere! They don’t avoid the mess entirely, but it helps. So far they’ve been easy to clean, though some smells stay with the plastic for awhile. My baby also has a very hard time holding onto the one with the two-pronged handle. He loves the circle handle and seems to enjoy sucking yogurt and applesauce and mashed up fruits and veggies out of it. Certainly not an essential product, but it’s nice to have.

Rosalia Lake Geneva, FL

Fun Product!

My son loves this product. He can’t decide if it’s a toy or a feeder. Either way, he loves and it gives him freedom. I can totally see the joy of independence on his face when I hand him the feeder. I am a workaholic and often feel guilty for the way I am so having this feeder also makes me feel like I put in a little special care into one of his meals because I actually take the time to smash up some fruit or veggies to use.

Berta Gypsum, KS

One of my favorite baby products

This was such a great tool when introducing solids to my son. I could put almost anything in this little gadget and he could gum it to death without fear of choking. We used it for fresh bananas, mango, melons; I also froze different fruit pieces to shove in there for him to gum down. We also gave him ice chips in it, and he loved it! Felt good on the gums. The silicone cleans up nicely, better than the mesh pouch feeders, but ours did stain when I left watermelon in it (overnight, I didn’t clean it right away, my fault!). I recommend this feeder to all of my friends, it really is a great tool.

Diana Spencerville, MD

baby and mama loves!

i love this feeder. why? it’s easy to use and clean. it comes with a cap/cover so i load it and bring it with me anywhere. it does hold only a little food but since i mainly use these feeders when we’re out so no big deal. i usually load and bring both and that is just right for a little snacky. when at home i use the mesh kind, it holds more and it’s a whole lot more messy! all in all i like this feeder. i would recommend it!

Beverly Big Flat, AR

1 YO didn’t like it

My 1 yo didn’t care for it. Waste of money, will try again later and again with my next LO next yr.

Juana Olmstead, KY

Baby did not like this

This product did not work as intended for my baby. I was really excited and really wanted to like this product but my baby was adverse to it. As others mentioned, he was more interested in the handle. I really needed him to use this as intended but he was disinterested and threw it on the floor. He almost hated it. I couldn’t tempt him with anything yummy inside. The idea is great if your baby will take it. I bought this because another friends baby loved it, so it depends on your baby I suppose. I had to return ours because it didn’t work.

Priscilla Tuckahoe, NJ

Love these! So does my 5 month old!

Super easy to clean – way more so than those mesh ones. It also came with a holder than can be used for pacifiers as well.

Stephanie Kremlin, MT

Every mom should have one!

I have used these countless times for the constantly teething baby. This is our savior when going to a restaurant and we want to keep her busy. We have used frozen bananas, ice cubes, and now fresh fruits. Easily washes since it is silicone unlike the mesh type teethers that most people use.

Susan Dragoon, AZ

Cool product

This feeder is really great. My son loves it and for us it has doubled as a teether because you can place frozen fruit like bananas in it.

Gwen Milford, PA

Safe and easy to clean

I put mashed avocados and banana in them. My baby love them and even chew on them empty when he started teething. they’re easy to clean, don’t leave any food odor and come in 2 sizes.

Theresa Valentine, AZ

Great Product! We use it every day!

This is a fantastic little invention! We are just getting started on solids and when my daughter doesn’t feel like eating off a spoon, I put some puree in the feeder and she happily slurps it out. She also has a “momsicle” (frozen breast milk) every morning. I just freeze about an ounce or two of milk at a time, chop it into sugar cube size chunks and put a couple in the feeder. I think it feels good on her tender gums. It is super easy to clean, which I LOVE. I didn’t even realize I had the option of different colors, so we have an orange and a blue feeder. I do kind of wish they had a set with two completely gender-neutral colors like orange and yellow. I’ve recommended this to everyone I know with babies and I have a friend that just bought one too and loves it!

Augusta Findlay, IL


Works well. My daughter likes them. They are messy though. Not too bad. Great to get babies to learn to feed themselves.

Bonita Franconia, NH

Good product, but may not for babies in daycare

I started to give my baby solid food at 4 months. I put soft stuff in there, and he can grab it to feed himself (more like playing). But my baby went to daycare, so the only chance we use it is at weekends. And very soon, he started to eat more and more, and the feeder becomes too small for him. Also, as a new mom, I realized, he doesn’t really need to practice how to put stuff in his mouth, since he practice this every moment when he is awake:)

Luz Randolph, UT

Doesn’t work for us

Quality is great, easy to clean, but I can’t figure out how to use it.Food is leaking or doesn’t come out.

Beverley Elk Grove Village, IL

Love these!

These work great, we buy frozen organic mangos and peaches at WF and the frozen is great for teething, and entertains my LO for a good 15 minutes – great for when your food arrives at a restaurant to buy yourself time to enjoy it!All my friends who’ve seen it and have the other kind with the netted stuff all comment on how this one can be thoroughly cleaned (and it can) and theirs can’t…they all end up buying these…so I’m glad I spent the money and didn’t cheap out on a lesser version.The silicone is stained by the mangos, which is frustrating bc it looks dirty even when clean…but not a big deal. I think both should have a closed handle so a toy buddy can attach to high chair to avoid throw overs…but both minor and don’t really affect the product.These are great for a 6 month old +

Gabriela Lockhart, AL

Amazing product

we use it to give our daughter all sorts of food, esp when we are out. She loves it and so do we.

Angelita Bluford, IL

Great idea

These are great for kids starting solids and self feeding. They don’t get messy like mesh bags. I also use them with little bits of ice for teething relief

Charlene Halcottsville, NY

Worth the price!

I started using these with my son when he started on solids (6 mos). He took to them right away. You can fill with fresh fruit or even pieces of frozen fruit (I actually put chunks of frozen breastmilk in them, too). He loved them. They are easy to grip for little babies. Clean up is super easy. These are way better than the mesh feeders because they are durable and stay in an upright position.

Carmela Lemasters, PA

So much better than the mesh feeders!

This is one of the best baby products I’ve bought. I was given some of those mesh feeders but honestly I think they are terrible and awful to clean so I won’t use them. I love the Kidsme feeders though – they are easy to wash and my 8 month old can hold the handle and it clips right onto her bib so she can’t drop it. So far I’ve put banana, squash, avocado and sweet potato in it. I also froze some in it and she loved it frozen as it made her gums feel better. I highly recommend this feeder!

Jessica Lucernemines, PA

good for snacking, not really good for eating meals

First, I must admit this is a really good product and I would definitely recommend it to other parents. But I just want to point out that it does have its limitations:1. Food gets wasted in it. Baby can never get everything out. If it’s mushy stuff like banana and avocado, then at least 30% will never come out. If it’s apple chunks, then 90% will never come out. I know, I know, it’s just a tiny bit of food. But when I put egg yolk that comes from $8 per dozen pastured eggs in it, I expect my baby to get every bit of it in his stomach. So now I still have to spoon feed egg yolks.2. Food has to have a good consistency otherwise it will just leak out, or if it doesn’t leak by itself, when baby shakes it and bangs it on highchair or table, food will fly everywhere. So if you tilt the spoon and the food can’t stay in the spoon, you will have to spoon feed that food.3. I don’t like that the handle side that’s touching the food is plastic.4. The clip-on thing is too distracting to the baby and it gets tangled often, so we are not using it. As a result, we often have to pick it up and wash it while hoping tap water doesn’t get into the holes…

Hillary Woodbine, GA

much better than the mesh feeders

I didn’t want a mesh feeder because of cleaning issues, plus who wants to chew on mesh? These feeders are great – easy to throw in whatever food you want to give baby and you don’t have to worry about choking. They are great for out and about since they cause less mess too. I recommend them to all my friends. The small size is fairly small so good for younger babies – can fit a few blueberries in. The larger size is just wider, probably a little bigger than a quarter.

Leola Fort Edward, NY


I had purchased some of the mesh teething feeders from Babies R Us and they were impossible to clean!! I had to throw two of the mesh bags away because the food just would not come out of them. I had heard about the silicone ones from a friend and decided to give them a try. I will no longer use the mesh ones. These are so much easier to clean and are way less messy!!

Sharon Grand Mound, IA

Baby loves it and self feeds

Our baby has only been on solids for a few weeks and this is by far his favorite way to eat. It combines his two favorite things, chewing on stuff and bananas. Don’t be fooled, it is only slightly less messy than spoon feeding baby. He whatever is inside in his hair, face, arms, etc. And when hes done eating he bangs it around spreading food all over his highchair. But he’ll eat foods from this that he won’t eat from a spoon, and he loves it if we put a tiny piece of ice inside for him to suck on. He learned to use it immediately and he gets excited when he sees us filling it.

Haley Fountain Inn, SC

Great product

My baby has great time eating fruits with this feeder. Easy to clean and store. Is a great way to get your baby used with textured food.

Elsa Addison, ME

Baby loves it

This is a great tool for getting your baby to try new foods without worrying about choking hazards and big messes. My daughter got it at 5 months and is still using it regularly at 7 months. It also works well for teething, I put in frozen blueberries and she loves it. Easy to clean as well!!

Latanya Woodbine, IA


Didn’t use it as much as we thought we would. My daughter didn’t enjoy them and they were kind of messy. The rubber stained easily too

Andrea East New Market, MD

Where was this years ago?

I bought this for my youngest and wish I had it with my oldest. With my oldest I had one of those mesh feeders and it was impossible to get it really clean and my baby hated it! Who wants to chew on a mesh sock stuffed with food?? This feeder set was perfect though! Its easy to clean, dishwasher safe and easy for my baby to use. We bought this when my son was 6 months old and he is still using it at 10 months old. Its great for frozen blueberries and chunky foods that are too dangerous. This would have made a great baby shower gift! If you are on the fence about buying this feeder or the mesh one. Buy this one!!!

Lynda Humarock, MA

A bit pricey – But we use it enough to like it

This food feeder definitely is a step up from the mesh type, and really there are not many other silicone types for it to have competition yet. For this reason, I think, it has stayed at a very steep price for what it is.I caved in and bought it when my son turned 6 months, because I felt there was really no other product that does what this one aims to do with a practical and sanitary design. Does he love it, maybe, its a bit of a toss up. He sticks anything in his mouth, this too, but it doesn’t really interest him any more than say a book, a spoon or a toy.It does allow us to give him a taste of food when we are out at a restaurant, and this is kind of nice to occupy him a little when we are dining. The strap on it is very short and really impractical as it doesn’t allow him enough reach once it is clipped on. It is very very simple to use and wash, which I like. I have only used the small food feeder, and really I see it as more of a food taster than a feeder. He sort of sucks on the the stuff inside, but not much comes out. Ive tried banana, sweet potato, chicken, and avocado. Maybe as he gets older and has more control over what he is doing, it will become more useful, and I would put in that it is definitely the best design of the available food feeders.If I did it over again, I would probably pay $18-$20 tops for the set and feel I got a good value. For the $29 I paid, I feel a little sore.

Tonya Preston, ID