Kidsme Food Feeder Replacement Sac

Kidsme Food Feeder Replacement Sac

A replacement sac for the award-winning Kidsme Food Feeder. The Food Feeder provides a safe and easy way for your child to enjoy fresh food at an early age without the risk of choking. It is convenient and easy to use. It is ideal for babies and mommies on the go.

Main features

  • Includes two replacement sacs for the Kidsme Food Feeder (large size).
  • Recommended for 6+ months. Choose the size of the feeder according to the width of the child’s mouth. Top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • BPA free and FDA tested.
  • Silicone sac makes for easy cleaning and does not retain odors. Top-rack dishwasher safe.

Verified reviews


I adore how easy it is to clean

We hardly use it, though, since you can’t put much into it, its not very stretchy, if you overfill it in the slightest then it won’t stay in the holder. We have the larger version, I can’t imagine how tiny the small is. I would only recommend for really little ones. You can find the mesh style netting with removable net, and I highly recommend those.

Natalia Magdalena, NM

Forget mesh feeders!

These are the perfect alternative to those hard to clean mesh feeders. I like being able to remove these, turn them inside out to clean and even replace them as needed. More eco friendly (I know they are still plastic) than the mesh feeders in the long run as well.

Ginger Tuscarora, PA

Great to teach kids to feed themselves!!

These products are great in the fact it teaches the little ones to feed themselves and our daughter loves it!!!

Terri Whitmore Lake, MI


These are perfect for the little ones that are beginning to eat and they are so much easier to clean than the mesh bags. My grandson loves his with frozen fruit inside.

Kerri Lafe, AR

kidsme food feeder

Just bought this food feeder with the replacement….Love it so far..reasonable price, better then those net thing because it is easy to clean.

Chandra Solway, MN

Work fine- might not be necessary

I overzealously bought these after my son enjoyed using his feeder a few times. Turns out I don’t really need a replacement sac, so this was not necessary for us. The quality of the sacs is good, and as a result may not require replacement.

Jeanie Kingwood, WV

Good to have backup

We used these constantly from months 6-9. They were great for teething and learning to chew. They do, however, wear out with frequent use, so it’s good to have replacement parts.

Benita West Fargo, ND

Great backups for the full feeder!

I’ve seen the mesh feeders, but this is so much better. Durable silicone is super easy to clean. I cut up small frozen pieces of food and baby sucks/chews on it like a big pacifier and/or teether.

Gretchen Otisville, NY