Kidswitch Light Switch Extender- 3 Pack

Kidswitch Light Switch Extender- 3 Pack

Kidswitch Light Switch ExtenderA real help if your child has to make a bathroom run in the middle of the night! The Light Switch Extender is easy to install and fits right over your existing wall plate. The opening at the top of the plastic stem loops around the on/off switch. Your little one just moves the half moon handle up for on and down for off. Thanks to high-tech fabrication, it stores up light from the day and glows at night like a nightlight. One in your child’s room, hallway, and bathroom will safely light the way! Set of 3

Main features

  • Perfect for night trips to the bathroom
  • Fits right over your extisting wall plate
  • Loops around the on/off switch
  • Move the half mood up for on and down for off
  • Stores light during the day

Verified reviews


Great for kids

Sophia is 5 and at the age of not wanting to ask for help for anything. She much rather do it all herself – which is all fine until she breaks something or hurts herself in the process of doing something. One of the things she currently loves to do to get to her light in her room is climb up her huge doll house using the windows on the side like a later. Now I can’t say much because I used to do things like that as a child and it was fun, I won’t even lie, but as a parent watching your child do that makes you have a mini heart attack every time! So to save all the hassle we decided to invest in a KidSwitch.KidSwitch Toggle is for use with toggle style light switches, and can be used on any single, double, or more switch plate. Installation is fast and easy; all you need is a screwdriver! Of course we made a boo boo and actually need the Decora one because of course I didn’t stop to think of how my light switches are. Who does? – Please don’t answer that! But it’s the same concept and rather than hassling KidSwitch over something that was my own fault, we’re actually going to switch out Sophias light switch anyway just to use the product. In the mean time my husband took a look at the product and wow, it really is simple to install.Before you install turn off your breaker because you don’t want to electrocute yourself in the process. Then you simply unscrew your old switch plate and follow the instructions to install your KidSwitch. Once you have it screwed in, turn your breaker back on and you’re all set to go! The KidSwitch is made with very thick and sturdy glow in the dark plastic so it will hold up unless your child plays ninja with it, but he/she would have to be a pretty strong ninja to take the switch out. I personally like that it glows in the dark because in Sophias case she still wakes up in the middle of the night occasionally to use the bathroom so if she needs to turn her light on she can without any problems. Also, it’s made to last so once baby #2 arrives in October and has gotten a couple years on him where he’ll need to reach the light switch, Sophia probably won’t need it anymore so it can be passed right on down to the baby brother or sister.Would I recommend a KidSwitch? Although it’s not a necessity it sure does make things a bit easier. The child can feel independent to reach his or her own light and the parent doesn’t have to be called to turn the light on or off constantly. I love the product and the idea of it. I would recommend it to everyone with young children or even special needs children. Not even children though, anyone disabled who needs a little extra help reaching the light could use this so I definitely think it’s an awesome product that shouldn’t get over looked. Plus they ship out really quickly!READ FULL REVIEW:

Patty Perdido, AL

Great for kids

This is perfect for kids who liek to turn off the lights. Plus if they get up inthe middle of the night they don’t have to call you to help them turn on the lights.

Nadine Moosup, CT

Potty Training Independence!

We were growing tired of taking him to the bathroom and turning on the light for him. Also, it created power struggle at home, since he had to ask our permission to pee each time because he needed help with the light. No more! Now he turns it on by himself, and even though we still engage in a power struggle over too many things (he’s 4, and I really can’t wait for him to turn 5), potty isn’t really one of them!

Odessa Vintondale, PA

Great product

I bought a few of these for my son to use even when he was too young to reach them. As he has grown, he has used them to turn off and on the lights in his room and the bathroom. Since he’s been tall enough to reach them, he has been able to do this function totally independently. It is a pleasure! I just bought more to add to other rooms, including our other bathroom as our son is now toilet trained as well as his younger sister’s room. These are super easy to install. I’d highly recommend these!

Ingrid Beedeville, AR

Toddler Love

My toddler loves being able to turn on her light now whenever she needs to go in her room. The glow feature is handy too!

Nannie Andreas, PA


My two year old is potty trained now, so that means she has to go pee every 10 minutes, which means I have to get up and turn the light on for her every 10 minutes since she can’t reach it (even with the stool). I installed these, she learned how to use them in less than a minute, and now I can cook dinner, fold laundry, and any number of other useful things without having to stop to turn the light on every few minutes. AND they glow in the dark! LOVE THESE!!!

Kasey Sibley, LA

Exactly what you need

These work exactly how you would want them too. Little guys can reach them and turn the lights on and off. Which is a blessing and a curse, but more blessing. They are strong and my two hellions couldn’t break them

Joni Whitehouse, OH

Works great

Pretty easy to install, works great, and doesn’t interfere with using the light switch the normal way still. The only problem we had is since our toddler will sometimes pull outward on it, I’ve had to tighten the screws several times as I notice them coming loose. I just keep an eye on it. Well worth the independence she has gained, able to go to several rooms on her own now.

Estelle Renfrew, PA

A must-have for parents of independent toddlers

I have an almost three-year-old who is all about doing "BY MYSELF MAMA!!!" these days. I had seen these switch extenders at a friend’s house, and she was able to use them easily. I decided to buy the three pack because it’s a much better deal financially and we put them in a few different places – kidlet’s bathroom, kidlet’s room, and downstairs half bathroom.The extenders install very easily. You just take the screws out from the switch plate, place the extender over it, and put the screws back in, as there are holes on the extender for them. Make sure you don’t screw it all on too tightly or the extender will have more friction in use, which makes it harder for the child to use it. An adult can still use the switch easily without having to use the extender, and my kid can easily turn the light on and off. The moon at the bottom makes it easy for her to grab and grasp – she just needs to hook her fingers over it to control it, which means an even younger child could use this pretty easily too. Bonus: It glows in the dark, so if she were to get out of bed for a nighttime potty break, she could turn the light on.It’s cheap, functional, and promotes independence in children – money well spent for us!

Kim Locust Gap, PA

Been going strong for 5 years in our bathroom!

I was so relieved to find these 5 years ago. My daughter would wake me up at night, or come get me at all hours of the day, to turn on the bathroom light for her. After we installed this, she quit needing me to turn the light on for her. I thought it would break easily, but after four years of heavy use in a large family, it’s still in great shape. It’s been a sanity-saver through two more preschoolers after her, too!

Margie Fiskeville, RI

Kid has been using it all the time & works great

My son has been using this for quite awhile. It works great… well built, does the job (just works), reliable, no problem. I think someone else mentioned the glowing… don’t expect much of it though, if it does glow it’s not to bright, but nonetheless it serves it purpose very well if you don’t expect too much from the “glow feature”.

Madeline Taylor, MO

great for the price.

My 2 year old son can finally learn to turn off his light. You have to be careful they dont snap it by bending it sideways, but its stood up to daily use for a while now. Glows in the dark.

Pat Glenwood, IL

Kidswitch is a live saver…just make sure you install it properly

We have a 2yo who is potty training. She’s at the point she can go on her own, but she’s not tall enough to reach the light switches. It’s very frustrating for a busy Mommy. I ordered the three pack so that I can install them in the kids’ rooms as well (it’s cheaper to order a 3 pack than 1 by itself).I opened the box and immediately my DD wanted to play with them. We broke out the handy dandy screwdriver and set up shop in the bathroom. I got to work, taking out the screws from the plate, and WITHOUT READING THE INSTRUCTIONS, installing the Kidswitch. Hmmm…it’s funny I can’t tighten it very tight and it seemed very flimsy. I shrug it off and move on to the kids’ rooms. I install them in both rooms and those fit remarkably better. My DD tested them for me rather well and was very please with the ability to help me turn the lights on when prompted.So I went back to the bathroom to see what went wrong as I had an idea as I was installing the last Kidswitch. And sure enough I had installed the Kidswitch backwards in the bathroom. Doh! So I unscrewed it, flipped the switch around and poof, it works like magic. I read a few of the reviews on Amazon prior to purchasing and I truly think that there are a few that probably made the same mistake I did. Just make sure you’re installing the screws into the side that has the recess on it.Long story short, AWESOME PRODUCT and works very well when INSTALLED PROPERLY. I will definitely recommend these to my friends and family.

Alma Rockford, TN

Lol these are slowly taking over my house!

My toddler, Mr. Independent loves these! These have been a huge confidence boost for him. He is now bathroom independent because of this & the aqua duck faucet extenders lol! I like these a lot but I really don’t care for the little cover you can buy separately for them. I have no negative review for these, they have been on the wall since my toddler was 1 & he’s 3 now, very sturdy & super cute.

Coleen Wilton, IA

Good Idea.

I really love this item. I just have to wait for my son to grow a bit taller for him to be able to turn it on. Good buy, I recommend.

Rosalind Advance, IN


My daughter is very independent but not tall enough to reach the light switches. I remembered having something like this when I was a kid and very happy when I found this porduct. She loves the moon and the fact that it glows in the dark. Very helpful for her to do things on her own. The 3 pack is perfect. 1 for the game room where she plays, 1 in her room and 1 in her bathroom.

Rebekah Lochloosa, FL


You get what you pay for. It doesn’t cost much and it is fairly flimsy. However… it does the job perfectly. so cannot complain.

Caryn Sugar Loaf, NY

wish it was longer but overall worth the money

Its a great product and does its job. I do wish it was a little longer tho. My 3 year old still has to get on her tip toes to reach it. Would still buy again!

Vilma Newton, KS


When we were visiting my parents house my oldest son just couldn’t reach the light switch! It’s an older home and the switches are up very high. This helped him be able to turn the lights on, on his own. We are very happy with this! I love that it glows so he can see it when it’s dark. It has been so very helpful and I would use it again and again.

Jeannette Marienthal, KS

Great product

My son who is almost 2 years old would walk into his room or playroom and say “light on”…now he can turn on and off the light on his own. He was able to learn to turn off the light quickly but it took a few days for him to master the “on” technique. This device gives him a little independence in his daily activities which I love. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend.

Matilda Pickett, WI

Added independence!

I ordered this for our three year old when after asking her to put her coat in her room when we got home I’d hear, "MOM!!!! it’s dark in my room!" She thinks this is the coolest thing and gladly turns her light on or off when I ask her.

Katina Tarboro, NC

Works just like it’s supposed to

My 3-year old son and husband loved this light switch extender. It was easy to install (took less than 5 mins), and makes a world of difference in that my son can turn on and off his own light. I love that it has a moon shape and that it glows in the dark. It did not seem at all flimsy to me, but you are supposed to only push straight up or down on it v. grabbing and pulling it. The plastic is somewhat bendable and isn’t a completely hard plastic.

Coleen Waverly, WV

Little Ones Can Now Reach the Light By Themselves

I’d purchase again! Great length to allow your little one to reach the light by him or herself. And it glows in the dark!

Rosanna Marysville, MT

Might work better later?-Updated

These extenders are easy to install, but I’m not completely impressed yet. My 2 year old can’t quite figure out how to pull it down or push it up-she just wants to pull the moon out away from the wall. Instead of using these, she will drag her little stool around the house to turn lights on and off. The glow-in-the-dark feature seems great, only it doesn’t last very long, so it’s useless within an hour or so of being “charged” with light. Maybe once my child figures out how to use them properly, they will be more useful, but for now I’m sticking with 3 stars. I don’t think I would buy them again at this point.Update: Now that my daughter is nearly 3 years old, she is using these much more. It took some time for her to get the hang of how they worked, but now they are great. I don’t have to get up to help her turn on/off a light and she doesn’t have to drag her stool around. These have helped her use the bathroom by herself and go in and out of her bedroom on her own. I added another star to my rating.

Essie West Frankfort, IL

I would have preferred the “string” kind

I would have preferred the "string" kind, but I’m sure someone out there is afraid kids will get hurt somehow.

Kerri Tygh Valley, OR

Kid Loves He Can Reach His Light

I got this so my two-year-old could turn his light on and off by himself. He’s been using it for about 7 months now and it’s so much better than him trying to stack stuff up to reach his light switch.It installed in just a couple of minutes and it does what it is supposed toThe glow-in-the-dark "feature" is silly because by the time they wake up in the middle of the night it has already lost it’s glow. Same with any other glow-in-the-dark items.

Gretchen Wenham, MA

Love this

We have a three year old and a five year old. Ever since installing these about a year ago, I don’t have to constantly be the one turning off lights around the house and my husband and I don’t get called to constantly turn them back on. As a bonus, it has been a great teaching tool about the responsibility of energy conservation.

Tracey Ashburnham, MA

KidSwitch Light Extender

KidSwitch Light Extender. Kid Empowerment! My daughter is tiny which isn’t too hard to understand since she was a preemie and her dad and I are on the shorter side of average, so even though she is in full preschooler mode, she can’t do ‘grown-up’ things like she wants like turn on and off her light. The KidSwitch is a fantastic product that easily fits on your light switch (our house has single toggles so be sure to pick the right one for your house) and it took her no time to reach up and turn on and off her light. Fantastic!

Stacie Locust Grove, VA

Works for our three year old

Bought for our short 3 year old daughter for a bathroom after she had been potty trained and it works as advertised.

Casey Floydada, TX

Great, great and great

Looking at the picture it doesn’t look long enough. But the picture is a lie. It works great. I love it. My 3yr old loves it. She thinks she is such a big girl now that it has been installed on the wall. Oh by the way, it is super easy to install. Love it

Claudia Carlotta, CA