Kidz Delight Tech Set Trio

Kidz Delight Tech Set Trio

Kidz Delight Tech Set Trio offers kids lots of hi-tech fun. Both the Twinkle Touch Phone and Twitter Me MP3 have lights and sounds that engage tots. Silly Surfer Remote teaches numbers, lights and sounds in three languages: English, French and Spanish. It’s all of the fun of electronics with added learning, too.

Main features

  • Offers fun with music and lights
  • Has 4 levels of sounds
  • Trilingual- English, Spanish and French
  • Portable and durable

Verified reviews


Slightly disappointing

We purchased these for my 10 month old son as a Christmas present. I was really excited about them because they are “tri-lingual”, but I was disappointed to find that only the t.v. remote is tri-lingual. We bought them very cheaply (I believe it was less that $7 plus s/h), had I spent more than that I would have returned them, but for what we paid, they’re fine!

May Wytopitlock, ME

Fabulous Toy!

We bought a set of these for our 10 month old triplets hoping to achieve two goals. One, we wanted to have something to swap out when they start gnawing on our tv remote and phones. Two, we wanted small toys that we could toss in the diaper bag that had a big entertainment factor despite a portable size. These toys absolutely accomplish this, and score big time on all metrics. They love the silly noises the remote makes, although the only buttons they can seem to press on their own are the ones that make the toy talk in Spanish and French. They love the songs the mp3 player plays, and enjoy chewing on the remote and smartphone as much as the real thing. These were a lifesaver in a restaurant yesterday when they got antsy. I’m considering purchasing a second set so we have one for the diaper bag and one for home. The toys are colorful, fun, do lots of stuff for their small size, and are extremely durable. They survived being tossed on the ground and run over by the stroller a few times already. I would really highly recommend them. I especially love that the kids are entertained by them now, but as they get older and understand more about how they work they will love them more and more. A great toy for now, and to grow into.

Mildred Poultney, VT

Not what I expected

I bought this for my son for Christmas. He does play with them and seems to like them, but they aren’t what I expected. I thought they would do a little more then just say things in an obnoxious voice.

Clara Social Circle, GA


The first remote we received was defective but The Discovery Store was super helpful and fast about sending a replacement before Christmas. I bought these for my 16 month old and he likes the remote but doesn’t seem too interested in the other two. The only issues I have with this set are that it advertises an iPod but instead you get a camera (not a big deal, but they should show two different pictures or say that products may vary). Also the buttons on the iPhone are basically a big sticker with icons that are flush and not raised like actual buttons. They also don’t light up (just a single light on the phone activates when you press each icon) and for this reason my 16 month old doesn’t know he can press them and tosses this one aside. The age does say 18 months on this so I will give it time. For the camera I would rather go out and buy something that had actions like a folding flip screen or a lighted flash (instead of a little red dot) and, again, not just a big sticker slapped on the back with pictures. Overall it’s not a horrible set for what I paid, but if you’re looking for quality educational toys I reccomend sticking to buying more detailed items sold singly in the store.

Stacy Redan, GA

toy remote, phone, ipod

If I weren’t so lazy and hadn’t destroyed the packing when opening these toys, I would have returned them. I got these for a one-year old who loves to push buttons. The only one of these toys she can "work" is the remote. The other two toys have flat push buttons which she can not do – but even my three-year old has difficulty with those. Very disappointed in these.

Pearlie Cushing, OK

Fantastic for tech loving toddlers

My toddlers absolutely LOVE this gift. All three make noises when pressing buttons and look so close to the real thing… only if they were black instead of red… Highly recommend.

Elsa Georgetown, NY

Like it, but…

We ended up with a remote, phone and camera instead of the iPod. It doesn’t bother me too much, but it is different than the picture. I actually bought it for the remote (in an effort to get my son to stop stealing ours). The phone ended up being the hit of the three. He likes the remote and the camera as well, but the phone has a ton of buttons and sounds and he loves it.

Arlene Rillton, PA

So cute

These are really cute. I would say that my son likes them. I got them for him since he loves to steal my iphone but to him they aren’t the same. The buttons on them are kind of hard to push and you can barely hear the phone make it’s sounds. They are really cute toys and my son loves to play with them but they don’t replace the real thing in my son’s eyes.

Noreen Wenona, MD

Great buy

Our son loves the remote and cell phone. We got it cause he wouldn’t leave ours alone and its works as a great distraction. He loves the sound.

Elma Bronte, TX

awesome toys if you don’t mind the noise!

Great little set for the button obsessed baby. Distract from your remote or cell phone with one of their own! Keeps him busy in any situation where you can have little noises. Great for the car, restaurants, home. No sound off switch so not great for anywhere you need a quiet toy. Our son still picks this up first after having these toys for months.

Graciela Call, TX