Kidz Med Pacifier Medicine Dispenser – Kidz Med PCFR-MD

Kidz Med Pacifier Medicine Dispenser – Kidz Med PCFR-MD

The medicine dispenser is ergonomically designed, with a hinged “syringe” and a small channel inside the pacifier nipple which allows the medicine to be delivered either by the baby’s normal sucking, or gently and accurately by depressing the “plunger”.

Main features

  • Finally, it’s easy to administer an accurate dose of medicine – even to finicky infants and toddlers!

Verified reviews


Simple and Effective

My poor little guy has acid reflux that would really upset him as he tried to eat or sleep. He’d arch his back and belt out a yell causing mom and me no end of upset.The pediatrician prescribed Zantac but getting that liquid in his mouth was one hurdle. Keeping it there was another. Until I learned about the Kidz Med Pacificer from KK Cool Tools. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s effective: put the medicine in the reservoir, put the pacifier in baby’s mouth. Done. No leaks, no spills.

Cindy Raymond, KS

Great idea that needs a lot of improvement

This little paci is a great idea! It is in need of improvement, though.It is great for: babies 12 months and older, small quantities of medicine, and for occasional useThe medicine holder only holds about 2 mL and is difficult to shut once the liquid is in the holder/syringe partThe nipple is way too large for the age group that would get the most benefit from it- (IMO) 0-6mosIt cannot be machine washed (I tried) or sterilized as it will warp the syringeThe nipple is made of a relatively hard plastic when compared to the soft silicone usually used in pacisI plan to try the Munchkin Medicator next. I hope it works 🙂

Maura Rubicon, WI

Two different versions avail. -one works, the other doesn’t

I bought one of these and it worked magnificently. It closed easily, the plunger moved slowly and it was easy to clean. It had a star-shaped piece of plastic in the bottom.I purchased a second one which is a never-ending headache to use: hard to open, the plunger sticks and then shoves the entire contents through, and then it is hard to fill, so that the medicine spurts out while trying to snap it closed. When I try to administer the medicine, it causes choking! It has a circular piece of plastic in the bottom.I bought more, hoping to get another star, but got more circles and every one of them is useless! I recommend opening up the reservoir as soon as you get it and sending back any without the star shape. It’s just not worth the stress!

Valerie Harvey, IA

Medicine Paci

This thing is great. Very easy to give my daughter her acid reflex medicine. Without this most of it when done her face and on her clothing. It’s easy to clean without getting old meds. stuck. I would have gave it 5 stars but the tab you have to pull up on before you put the meds. in is very hard to pull up which always causes me to open it then stick my finger in it to get it down.

Marilyn Yigo, GU

Works great!

Finally something that has helped giving my son medicine! Before it was a NIGHTMARE. Now it is tolerable. As many people have said you do have to force the plunger down, but I have still been able to control it so that he isn’t getting all the medicine at once. I wish I had bought this months ago!

Hope Island Grove, FL

piece of crap

i was almost impossible to open the chamber to put liquid in, almost broke the dam thing, use an oral syringe

Kasey Payson, AZ

Utter failure

Maybe it was our toddler or maybe it was his medication but this certainly didn’t do the job. The plunger was sticky so it was hard to have constant pressure on it to actually get the medication into his mouth. Good concept but an utter failure in use.

Deborah Old Chatham, NY

works. dont put it in dishwasher

It worked until i put it in dishwasher. just surface wash it. if you squeeze the nipple while washing, the water gets in and there is no way to get it out.

Thelma Key Biscayne, FL

makes giving medicine easy

This little, cheap pacifier was the best idea someone ever had. A simple product that made my life a lot easier on giving medicine to my baby. I never had trouble in this area thanks to this awesome pacifier. All parents should have one.

Dee Camas Valley, OR

small but it works!

This is a nifty little contraption but it took a bit to figure it out. After opening the white part, pull the green plunger out to add the meds. It only holds about 1 tsp of liquid.

Melinda Milan, NH

Good idea, poor quality.

I’ve used this product a few times for gripe water, and it’s quite a bother to use. The plunger is SOOOO STIFF, you basically can’t use it for anything other than all the way out or all the way in. It really doesn’t slide so well. I try to slide the plunger to the exact volume I want to fill it (so baby doesn’t swallow a lot of air) but it’s really tough to hit that mark. The way you open it (hinged opening)doesn’t feel secure or snapped-in, and last night, trying to ensure it was fully closed, I instinctually squeezed it- pushing the plunger in and shooting gripe water everywhere. Then the little guy didn’t need it, so I put it in a ziploc in the fridge- and it all leaked out. (I thought it was paci-up, but who knows!) Sigh. It’s a real bother. Perhaps it’ll be of use if I ever have to give cough syrup or something like that, but I’ve given up with the gripe water.

Marina Irwin, OH

works for my baby

Bought this for my 3mos old at the time due to all the medicines he takes and it works quite well. He never gags or spits out the medicine like he would using a regular syringe.

Candice Harvard, MA

Good concept

I thought this would be a great idea but I tried using it and it squirted in my babies eyes because the dispenser got stuck. She now plays with it but it didn’t really serve its purpose.

Claudette Harper, OR

Product does as described

We thought this might work for our 7 month old.Our has never had a paci so it did not work for us. We tried the munchkin the mediator too which worked better for since our son is only breast feed. The med paci is a good product just did trick our baby.

Gwen Viking, MN

Great idea, stiff plunger

The idea behind this is fantastic, but the execution is a little lacking. The first time I put this in my 9 month old’s mouth, I was ready to start a new religion based on it. We had been fighting for days to get his amoxicillin into him, but I popped this into his mouth and he sucked it all down before I even had a chance to think about pushing the plunger. The next time, however, he did not suck it all down, and when I went to push the plunger in, I found it nearly impossible. The plunger is very stiff, and there’s no good grip flange to help you apply pressure without feeling like you’re going to push your baby’s head back, hard!Also, I use a proper syringe to measure out my baby’s medication before placing into any other delivery device like this one. When I measured out a full teaspoon (5ml), it wouldn’t quite all fit into this dispenser. A good bit squished out the sides and through the tip when I closed the lid.So, great idea, disappointing execution.

Sarah Merigold, MS


LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! My daughter has to take a medication daily and this does the trick!! The paci part is very soft and flexible like a regular pacifier. The medicine holder part is great seals nicely and the plunger is great to get the medicine flowing! Easy to clean. So much easier than a syringe or medicine dropper!! I bought two!

Shelly Perryville, AK

Idea is good but just does not work well

The snap for the medicine is too tough, difficult to keep meds from leaking and it just did not work for us. Waste of money!

Daisy Margate City, NJ