Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch

Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch

Collect, store, and feed using the same pouch. Kiinde Twist Pouches combine the toughness and leak-proof guarantee of a bottle with the cost-effectiveness, compact size, and convenience of a disposable breast milk storage bag. Twist Pouches twist-lock onto pumps from ALL major brands, for leak-free, transfer-free pumping, directly into the pouch. Twist Pouches are self-standing, or lay flat for compact storage in your freezer, and ultra-fast freezing and thawing. Pouches have a high visibility labeling surface. BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free. Pouches and caps are recyclable after use, meaning no dirty dishes to clean. Twist Pouches snap into the Kiinde Squeeze Natural feeding bottle, for feeding directly from the pouch – no need to transfer milk from bags to bottles. This package contains – 20 Pre-sterilized Twist Pouches with twist-locking caps. After pumping: STORE and organize pouches in the Kiinde Keeper breast milk holder and organizer, THAW and WARM quickly and safely using the Kiinde Kozii breast milk warmer and bottle warmer with steam-free SAFE heat technology, and FEED transfer-free, gas-free, and hassle-free using the Kiinde Squeeze natural feeding bottle with Active Latch nipples.

Main features

  • Twist Pouches combine the leak-proof toughness of a bottle with the price and convenience of a disposable breast milk storage bag. Allows you to collect, store, prepare and feed using a single pouch. Eliminates messy and risky transfer of milk
  • Pouches twist lock onto pumps from ALL major manufacturers (using the appropriate adapter, sold separately)
  • Single-use pouches and caps are recyclable after use, eliminating dirty dishes
  • Secure threaded cap eliminates the risk of leakage
  • High visibility surface for easy labeling. Bags are pre-sterilized

Verified reviews


Twist Pouches

These work great. The measurements are much more reliable then other bags and they are much stronger than other bags. I have never had one leak. With previous bags I would freeze the bags and then keep them inside ziplocs in case a leak happened because I did not want to risk loosing my hard earned milk! I traveled from MN to Florida with 150oz of milk in these bags in a cooler and through airport security and not only did they stay frozen the whole way I also did not have a single leak…that is a miracle!! The storage shelf works perfectly and I really like the ease of use with these. The storage shelf makes it easier to see which are the oldest dates. I keep a whole box at work and then just grab them as needed throughout the day. I go through about 4 per day. The only thing I liked about using previous bags is they freeze much flatter and take up less room. I have over 100oz in my freezer and I find it easier to store the ones on the shelf but, the extra ones are harder to store because they take up so much room…I miss being able to stack tons flat and it not taking much room. But, that is something I am definitely able to trade for convenience with these pouches! I also wonder if it would be beneficial for moms of younger babies to have a smaller/cheaper bag option such as 2-3oz. I know when my son was younger I hated that I had to either give him a full 5-6oz but, I also hated to waste a extra bag by only filling it with 2-3 oz. I LOVE my Kiinde twist kit and love using everything. I think the ease of use is great and my daycare loves it as well. This company has great customer service and truly owns and solves every problem you may have. This system saves space in my home, saves time at work pumping and with daycare prep. My daycare makes all mothers make and prepare all bottles at home and then take them home each night to clean them. This system is so easy all I do is drop off bags each morning and they take care of all of the prep and cleaning. Not only does it save time but, it saves me from forgetting things and then getting all the way to daycare or work only to realize I now need to drive all the way home. Every working/pumping mom must try this system!!

Madge Washburn, WI

great if you don’t care how much milk you pump

the measurements are ALWAYS way off. every time i pump i have to pour the milk from the bag into a measuring cup and it ALWAYS shows a volume much less than the bag measured. pouring back and forth like that defeats the purpose of this system. i always fully expand the bottom and everything but, without fail, if it looks like i have 3oz as shown on the bag i pour it into the measuring cup and it’s 2oz or 2.5oz. that’s a huge difference when working with so little milk.

Andrea Dingess, WV

Price is right

My local target does not stock these. The price of $14.99 is the same as several retailers where it is supposed to be available to purchase. As a new mom with not a lot of opportunity to get out and shop, I’ll order from Amazon and let it ship for free with Prime. I ordered on a Monday and received it on a Tuesday. Super fast shipping and I didn’t even choose the next day option!

Lynnette Pool, WV

awesome product.

I really love this system! I love how this baggy has a screw on cap. It is so awesome that it can attach to your pump via the attachments made by this company. I used to have medella and linosol brands. With those brands i’d have to pump into a bottle and then dump it into the baggies or tape the baggie onto my madella system. And then sealing the baggie was kinda hard as it would not stand up so i would need two hands to both push the air out and try to seal the ziploc. With this baggie you can sit it up, squeeze the air out by pinching it between two fingers, and then screw the cap on.

Wendy Darling, MS

Great system

I love not washing bottles. I love that I can get the air out of these bags before my son starts drinking. I love pumping right into the bags. I love being able to write the date and volume on the cap and being able to see it without digging around in the freezer. I heat using hot water in a cup (didn’t buy the warmer) and I love that it takes less than half the time to heat milk in these bags than it does to heat a bottle. I wish I’d found this sooner.

Lorena Norfolk, CT

do not fit easily in pump bag)

So angry with myself for spending money on these bags. They take up a lot of space (i.e. do not fit easily in pump bag), and are not at all any more sturdy than regular milk storage bags. I dropped one from waist height and it broke (I’ve done the same with Honeysuckle bags, and they have stayed intact), and one broke off from the plastic ring. Not at all what I was expecting.

Marianne Blue Hill Falls, ME

Great in theory, but practice could use a little work.

I was so excited to try these new bags. I couldn’t wait to reduce the chance of spilling bottles when pouring into storage bags, and to be able to not wash bottles anymore? YES! However, what I found was less than stellar.Pros:Pump straight into the pouch. This is always a plus, Medela has done it, Ameda has done it, nearly everyone has a version of it. But Kiinde is the only one that allows you to then feed from it too.Cons:Twist Top: This one can go either way really. Some people like it. I am not a huge fan. It seems difficult for me to get the air out of the bag while simultaneously making sure it doesn’t spill and the cap stays attached. I might just need to practice more. It comes as second nature now with the zip close bags.The Adapter! I can not stress how much I hate this sucker. There’s so much wrong with it, I’ll start a mini-list.The first time I pumped with this attached, milk leaked OUT of it. For some reason, the bag didn’t expand when milk dropped into it and since I cover myself when pumping (multiple people in the mother’s room at work…) I didn’t notice it until I realized my arm was wet. It soaked through the heavy blanket I was using, and through my sleeve. Awesome. Smelled like milk all day. The bag “filled up” when it didn’t expand (after about an ounce and a half), and since there was no place for milk to go, it just started coming out the adapter. The top of the adapter. I lost about an ounce.The lip! I’m using the standard adapter for my Ameda flanges, and while it fits nicely, there’s a little lip on the inside where the milk drops and gets stuck. I can see milk rolling around in there. Seriously? Why isn’t this a funnel shape? why a lip?Last on the adapter dislikes is the concept. I actually don’t like having to worry about taking the flange off, disconnecting it from the pump, unscrewing the pouch and putting the lid on without spilling milk. It’d be awesome if I could take the bag off first with some sort of unclipping option rather than unscrewing. It’s very complicated to unscrew it while the flange is still on in my pumping bra. Maybe this is a dig on the bags too. Snaps would be awesome. Some way to close the bag before unscrewing it, or while I work with the flanges so I don’t worry about accidentally squeezing the bag would be good too.Overall, not the greatest implementation of an awesome concept.I edited this to add: How often do you pump the same amount that you are going to feed the baby in one sitting? My daughter is 4 months old. She takes 3 oz per feeding. I pump 2 oz from one side, and one ounce from the other. This means that in order to get the bag to a feeding size, I have to use it twice, or dump from one bag into the other. Yeah not cool.

Rosa Musselshell, MT

Great for traveling without baby

I bought these for a weekend away from the kiddos to avoid having to wash bottles. They were great. I bought the adapters and pumped directly into the bags, so all I washed was the pump parts and adapters. My 1 1/2 year old whom I’m pumping for is gtube fed, so I didn’t have need to try the bottles, but since they still need to be washed I don’t really see an advantage to them.Also, these really only worked for me because I was so far along in the pumping journey. The first year or so I pumped about 8 -10 oz per side each pump, and I would not have liked having to switch bags out in the middle of a pump. By the time I used these, I was only getting 4-6 oz per side, so they worked perfectly.

Latisha Carthage, IN

Great in theory, not in reality

I use these with my medela Pump In Style. I originally posted a question about the standard adaptor and how you could get it to work with a medela pump because at first I could not get my pump to get any suction with the adaptor. I figured out that you cannot tightly screw the adaptor onto the pump part because it somehow prevents the pump from getting any suction. However, if you loosen the adaptor a bit, you can get suction and it will work. Someone responded to my post and said that apparently Kiinde is now making a different standard adaptor that has a longer neck, which solves this problem. Well, I haven’t had a chance to contact Kiinde to obtain the new standard adaptor. And, as a result, I’ve had to use the adaptor loosely screwed onto my pump part….can you see where this is going? Twice now I’ve lost an entire bag of milk b/c the adaptor disengages from the pump part and falls to the floor. You know what that’s like right? To lose milk that you’ve just pumped? HORRIBLE, AWFUL, TRAUMATIC. So, I am giving these bags two stars with the standard adaptor that comes with the system. I will repost this on the adaptors as well. And I guess I"ll contact Kiinde about the adaptor that actually works.

Lila Empire, NV

No worries about spills and these bags are also cheaper but very good alternative to the pricey medela storage bottles

The bag is off by as much as 1oz. I need to store my milk and I need accurate measurement so I pump into my medela bottle and then pour it in the pouch. I also have to indicate in the pouch how many ozs in the pouch. It takes 2 extra minutes, however, I must say It stores really well in the freezer and the twist cap is a major plus. No worries about spills and these bags are also cheaper but very good alternative to the pricey medela storage bottles. When you have to store a lot medela bottle adds up. This is the best storage bag in the market in my opinion albeit the measurement issue. So if you don’t mind the extra step and need a secure storage bag then this is a great product.

Milagros Baldwyn, MS

AWESOME liquid gold storage/feeding bags

I pump directly to these, and there’s no spilled milk as you can srew the cap on tightly. They pop right into the bottle, or throw them into the freezer. Might cost a bit more than a regular bottle system, but with both of us working and both a baby and a toddler in the house, these are so worth it!

Esperanza Harford, PA