Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Starter Kit

Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Starter Kit

Pump, store, organize, warm, and feed using the same pouch. The Kiinde Twist feeding system completely eliminates the need to transfer precious milk from bottles to bags and back again. This starter kit gives you everything you need to get started with the Twist feeding system. The kit contains: Twist Pouches (x20), all Direct-Pump adapters (for all major pump brands), Keeper Breast milk Organizer (x1), Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottle (x2), Slow Flow Active Latch Nipple with Case (x1), Medium Flow Active Latch Nipple with Case (x1), Fast Flow Active Latch Nipple with Case (x1), and Nipple Brushes (x2).

Main features

  • Twist Pouches combine the leak-proof toughness of a bottle with the price and convenience of a disposable breast milk storage bag. Allows you to collect, store, prepare and feed using a single pouch. Eliminates messy and risky transfer of milk
  • Using the included Direct-Pump adapters, Twist Pouches twist-lock onto pumps from ALL major brands, for leak-free, transfer-free pumping, directly into the pouch
  • After pumping, store and organize Twist Pouches using the Kiinde Keeper breast milk storage bag holder. Its universal design fits Kiinde Twist Pouches, and breast milk storage bags from all brands and sizes
  • Feed directly from Twist Pouches using the Kiinde Squeeze natural feeding bottle, eliminating colic, and the need to transfer milk from bags to bottles Snap the pouch into the bottle, squeeze the air out, and pop the Active Latch nipple on top
  • Active Latch nipples are designed to teach and reward deep, wide, natural latching. By requiring suction AND massaging of the nipple, they are designed to discourage “lazy latching”, and to ease the transition between bottle and breast

Verified reviews


Very handy and easy to use!

I ended up getting these not just because of the price but how easy it is to use! It saves me time at work! Instead of pumping into bottles than into the bags I can pump directly into the bags! Plus I love the storage case it came with it and the bottles! So easy to install! All you have to do is unfreeze the bf bag and install it In the bottle which is a no brainer!One thing I don’t like is the price on the refills of the bags, they are pretty pricy compared to the bags I use.Otherwise I like it so far I have only been using it for a week.

Earlene Island Heights, NJ

Convenient and helps baby get all of the cream in milk

I received this at my baby shower. I purposely registered for the bottle warmer separately to keep the cost of the gift down and to separate the two in case I didn’t like one or the other. It’s nice that the company offers the packaging choice.I have a one month old and we have been using this starter kit for 3 weeks now. I like how convenient this system is and I am sure it will really shine when we start day care in a few months. I must say that we had defective nipples in our starter kit. One didn’t flow at all and the other flowed so fast my newborn was choking on the milk. I contacted customer service and they took care of the issue right away. The replacement nipples are just right and are working as expected.Also, what is really important to me is that our baby girl gets the cream each time. I have noticed with transferring from bags to bottles we lose some of that cream. This is now really important to me as my poor nephew of 6 months is having some serious muscle tone issues that prevent him from getting to the hind milk during breast feeding. He wasn’t getting any of the high calorie milk and is now on a NG tube to help him put on weight. So, I want our girl to get as much of the cream as possible and your system allows us to accomplish this.I did not give this system 5 stars only because the cost of the bags will be expensive over time, but as you read above the cream is important to me so we are going to go ahead and invest in this system.UPDATE 4/7/14:My LO is now 4.5 months and I pump 3 to 5 times a day. Here are my updated comments on this product:1. I like the freezer try. It isn’t really necessary, but a nice to have. I use a separate container to hold the bags in the fridge.2. In hindsight, it took my LO some time to learn how to use bottles in general. When we first used this nipple system people would complain to me that she wasn’t getting any milk out. The company told me to squeeze new nipples at first, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. We then tried Playtex drop in and avent bottles and LO had the same problem. Around 3 months LO was guzzling bottles in 5 to 10 min on the slow flow. So, it wasn’t a problem with the product at all. My mom has since said she likes this bottle the best (we still use the others for formula).3. I like how the nipple can be the only thing you need to wash. No nipple plus ring here. This isn’t always the case for me; the daycare puts the nipple back in the case, so, I end up washing the whole thing on weekdays.4. I had to buy more nipples and holders for daycare. Our daycare would probably setup the bottles if I made them, but I didn’t want to do that to them. I like having the bottles ready to go so they can better take care of LO.5. I still wash bottles. I find that throughout the day I can only pump a few ounces. So, I end up pumping in to a bag on one breast and a pump bottle on the other. I then combine the milk. Sometimes I have to refrigerate the bottle and then add it to a cold bag that is half full later on. So to me the washing is still something you have to do.6. I love how easy it is to take this system on the go. I use a cooler bag and the milk baggies fit great in it with the ice packs. I can’t fit as many full bottles as I can milk bags in the cooler. And when I take the system I just take one holder and as many nipples as needed.7. LO is starting to hold the bottle and the design of the holder is really easy for her to grip.8. The bags are pricey so I buy them through Buy Buy Baby using a 20% coupon (they accept current bed bath and beyond ones) or via Target where I get 5% off and free shipping with my Target card.

Laurel Saint Albans, NY

Best Bottle System Ever!

I use this system with the Modelo Pump ‘n Style. The nipples it ships with are the slow flow – perfect for newborns. I need to supplement my daughters feeding schedule with pumped milk to help her gain weight. She has had no issue going back and forth between the Kiinde bottle and the breast. If anything, it has improved her latch and made her a more efficient eater! I would recommend this highly to any Mom.

Aurora Gibbon, MN

So much easier

I love how easy this system is to use. Pump, store, serve all in one bag. As a new mom, I don’t have time to wash pump bottles and serve bottles, and hope I don’t spill milk while I’m transferring it to and from storage bags. Well, maybe I *can* find time, but is rather spend it with my baby. Well designed, light to carry, easy to use.My only star deduction is that I needed to buy the fast flow nipples (instead of the slow flow that come with the kit). But, that may be due to my body and my baby more than anything else. However, it would be nice if the kit came with one of each type.

Hilary Theresa, WI

Everything you need to get started

We picked this starter kit up to test out the Twist system and love it. It really was everything you need to get started. I was really excited about the pouch stacker, and surprisingly haven’t used it at all. We go through the liquid gold pretty quickly and if I build up extra pouches, I throw them in the freezer, so it’s really not been needed. LOVE this system.

Zelma Woodbridge, CA

Very happy with this system

I bought this system after seeing a review on babycenter […] I am really happy with this choice! The bags are high quality and I do enjoy having less bottles to wash! My daughter does fine with the nipples that come with the set (currently 5 weeks old)I have had a little bit of leaking from the adaptor when I use my Freestyle pump but usually retightening the adaptor seems to resolve the problem. The leaking is bothersome but it is not a lot of volume.

Claudette Leroy, TX

Saves time, works GREAT!

This review is an edit from original…have used the system for a few months now and wanted to do a full new review.I love this system! I think every pumping and working mom needs this!! Everytime we use a bottle in public I have people asking me about the bottle and they all love the concept.I use this system every day. My daycare makes all of the other moms bring in prepared bottles every day and then bring them home to be washed every evening. This system is so easy to use they allow me to just bring in my frozen pouches and they clean and take care of the rest. My son has always taken this bottle with no problem and it definitely cuts down on gas and air entering his stomach. I keep a box of pouches in my locker in the lactation room and keep my pump at work. I now have few enough parts that I just wash and sterilize my parts right at work rather than lugging everything to and from work daily. I have 4 pumps and this system has attached to each one with zero problems and zero leaking. The storage bags have fairly accurate measurment readings and they are extremely strong. NO LEAKING EVER!! I brought 150oz from MN to FL in a cooler, checked at the airport and not a single one was thawed or broken/leaking when we arrived. That is definitely a feat! I do with the storage containers were a little more compact when frozen but, because it has a twist on lid they cannot sit as flat as I would like. They definitely take up more room if you have a freezer stash. I rarely use bottles to pump into and almost always use these unless I am sitting in bed or something like that. I find that when I am sitting (I am very short) the bags touch and fold over on my legs and can leak out the top while pumping! I promote this product to every pumping mother I know.I LOVE my Kiinde twist kit and love using everything. I think the ease of use is great and my daycare loves it as well. This company has great customer service and truly owns and solves every problem you may have. I have contacted them multiple times and they have always acted as if my problem was of the utmost importance and went right to work to remedy my concern or answer my questions. This system saves space in my home, saves time at work pumping and with daycare prep. If you are a pumping mom, buy this system!!

Catherine Dow City, IA

Great – I recommend to everyone! With a few minor “cons” not worth subtracting a star for

PROs:I LOVE this system! Easy to use, freeze, store, label, and warm up (even without the expensive Kiinde warmer). The starter kit comes with everything you need and is a great way to try the system out.Other reviews mark the cost as a con, but I think it is worth every penny.The adapter for my Medela Freestyle pump works really well without leaking, the bags don’t leak when frozen or thawing, and they store quite nicely in the freezer.My daughter nurses from the breast most of the time now (I am pumping mainly to prepare for when I return for work), and she has no problems with nipple confusion. I will say that the slow flow nipple was a bit too slow for her (she would just stop trying to eat after trying really hard to get milk out), but the medium flow has been working just fine for her.Of course, clean up is a breeze since all you have to do is clean the nipple (with the included nipple brush).This is also great for traveling because instead of a bunch of bulky bottles, all you need is the bottle "frame," the nipple, and a few bags, which pack really compactly, are light, and you come back with less than you packed instead of a bunch of empty bottles.I honestly think the thing I like most about this system is the ease of warming up the bags. Note: I do not use the Kiinde warmer – I use either body heat if traveling (see below) or warm tap water. Sometimes when we take longer day trips I like to bring a bottle just in case we end up someplace where I can’t nurse. These bags are great because you can easily warm them up with just your body heat, and you can do it relatively quickly. I find that when I use a traditional bottle it takes much longer to warm them up, and I can’t do it with just my body heat because the milk is much more condensed in a smaller area, if that makes sense. With the bags I can kind of "spread out" the distribution of the milk so that there is more milk that is in contact with the heat source, and thus I only have to mix it around once or twice to distribute the warmed milk throughout. I don’t know if that makes sense, but imagine putting a bottle between your hands to warm up versus a bag which you can squeeze flat.Our friend actually has the warmer and uses it with tommee tippee bottles and it seemed to warm the bottle up incredibly quickly – in a matter of seconds. We are just cheap so we take the extra time to warm them up with tap water – baby doesn’t mind!CONs:I don’t actually use the storage tray they give you because I found that it takes up too much room. I just use cereal or granola bar boxes stacked in the freezer which I think works equally well. Not really a con, though, as much as a preference.The only real con I have is this, and again it’s not much of a con because it is pretty inevitable with any pumping/storing system, but something to keep in mind especially if you are a first time mom and don’t have any experience with this:The main reason I bought this system was to limit extra air that got in the milk from transferring milk from bag to bottle (and thus reduce baby’s gas), and also limiting the loss of milk in the transfer. This, however, is somewhat inevitable because you don’t pump the same amount every time, and you can’t always perfectly anticipate how much your baby wants to eat. So you at times may need to combine bags to give your baby enough milk to eat. You could always avoid this problem by just feeding from multiple bags during one feeding, but I was a bit OCD and didn’t want to heat up milk and then have leftovers since I didn’t like heating up the same bag twice.I recommend this to all of my expecting and new-mom friends. I always hesitate before buying bottles or any sort of feeding product for others since each baby and each parent has different preferences, but I think this makes a great baby shower gift because it really isn’t that expensive to get for someone else, if they like it they can save the expense of trying it out (before I got this as a gift I hesitated to buy it for myself since we were spending so much money on everything else) and if they don’t want to use it anymore they don’t have to! No harm, no foul.

Annabelle Whitewater, CO

awesome overall

I ordered this and received it a week later. I have to say I LOVE IT. I love the convenience of the twist off baggies, how these baggies just pop right into the bottle system, and how the nipple attaches onto the bottle/twist baggie. It is an easy put together and wash system. It is so much easier and less to clean up. You don’t need bottle cleaners or the nipple attachments. You basically pump, pop the baggy into the "bottle", pop the nipple on, feed baby, throw out empty baggy, wash nipple. I also love that the nipples come in its own case. I have tried for 2 months to find a bottle that my daughter would take. She finally did!I gave it 4 stars because the nipple has already started splitting and now all of them have the same flow. Also my parts had splatters of brown. Like someone dropped a soda and splattered it and then packaged it.

Geri Saint Pauls, NC

Great Product

I use with the Spectre pump and they fit with adaptor and is super easy system and sanitary and don’t have to clean and sterilize bottles all the time. Love it.

Eloise Ethel, MS

The BEST Thing For Working Moms Since Sliced Bread!!!

I am second time mom who works full-time and pumps daily to continue nursing my infant son. This system was not around when I had my first baby, and I have to say it is AMAZING!! The Kiinde Twist system has made the process of pumping milk, keeping a freezer supply, and sending bottles to daycare/mother-in-law-care lightyears easier, to the point where I feel like I could keep this up much longer than I did with my first son.For those soon-to-be first-time working moms who are considering this system, let me explain what my previous pumping routine was with baby #1: Before I went back to work, I pumped excess milk into bottles, then tried to carefully pour that milk into storage bags that had a ziplock on the top (not easy). The bags then went into the freezer to build up a supply. When I went back to work, I would pump during the day into storage bottles (which were somewhat bulky to carry back and forth), then pour the milk into storage bags at home (again – not easy), put them into the freezer and pull out a few frozen bags for the next day’s feedings at daycare, thaw those, and pour them back into bottles (for the 3rd time- not easy). Then, when the bottles came home from daycare, I’d have to spend time cleaning all of the parts (we used Dr. Brown’s at the time, which are admittedly difficult to clean).Now, using the Kiinde system, this is my routine: Before I went back to work, I pumped excess milk directly into the Twist bags and put them into the freezer (no messy transfer from bottle to storage bag!) Since I’ve been back to work, I pump during the day into the storage bags, put them in immediately in the freezer when I get home, pull out a few frozen bags for the next day’s feedings at daycare, thaw those, and snap them into the bottle frames. I send the bottles and the nipples to daycare, where they easily just unscrew the top on the bag and pop the nipple on. When the bottles come home from daycare, usually all I have to clean is a few nipples, and it all comes clean in the dishwasher, which makes it even easier.The whole process is a million times easier and more hygienic. As an added bonus, my son seems to like the Kiinde nipples better than the Dr. Brown’s ones anyway! I can’t say enough great things about this system, and I will recommend it to all of my friends who plan to continue nursing when they go back to work.As much as I love this system, I will mention a few minor things about it:1.) If you’re not either a working & nursing mom or an exclusive pumper, this might not be worth it. It’s more beneficial for those who need to keep a large freezer supply of milk and pump to replace what they use.2.) Tiny minor gripe about the bags: they advertise that they hold 6 ozs, but it’s REALLY hard to actually get 6 ozs into the bags. I usually don’t put more than 5.5 ozs in each. The measurements beyond 4.5 ozs are also somewhat inaccurate.3.) They currently do not make a direct-to-Hygeia adapter, but since Hygeia gives you an adapter for Medela bottles, I found that I can just screw together two adapaters: Hygeia -> Medela -> Kiinde. Works like a charm.4.) Babies who are colicky or really sensitive to air might not do so well with the Kiinde bottles because they are not true anti-colic bottles. It’s hard to eliminate all of the air out of the milk, but you can get most out by squeezing the bag until the milk comes up to the top before putting the nipple on. We used our old Dr. Brown’s bottles until the baby was past his "gassy phase" and then started mixing in the Kiinde bottles so he could get used to them before I went to work (luckily, he liked the Kiinde nipples better!)

Mai Cheltenham, MD

Love the bags to store my breast milk but I’m …

Love the bags to store my breast milk but I’m not sure about the rest of the kit, wasn’t as simple as I was hoping

Esperanza Jones, MI


This is a great system. I think this would be perfect for every mom wether you work or stay at home. We have had a few leaky bags but maybe I filled them too full.

Lily Laconia, TN

I love it but it’s not perfect

First let me say that I love love love it. I have to pump a lot. I usually pump one breast while feeding the baby on the other (it’s a long story) but the bottle was always getting kicked by a little foot and thus changing the position of the whole apparatus which would cause me to lose suction. It is very difficult to troubleshoot while your baby is nursing on you. The bags are much less in the way.Also the nipple is awesome. It is really high quality silicone and when my baby latches his little mouth appears to be latching the same away. Because it just pops on, there are not any extra little pieces like every other bottle where milk and water can settle.Now the bad:The storage shelf cannot fit in my side by side fridge/freezer. It also doesn’t hold enough bags for my stockpile. It’s fine though. I got a storage tray.The bags are a little hard to write on. I use a permanent marker.The bags do not store as well as the lansinoh bags. This is because they are not as tall so they can’t be as flat. Also because of the cap section they can’t be flat. Basically they are just going to be a little fatter in the storage tray.The adapter for Medela pump will sometimes move the membrane (the little white piece that goes on the yellow piece) and cause it to lose suction. This is because it fits inside of the adapter and when you twist it on it will sometimes twist the membrane off a little bit. I see this as more of a problem with the Medela pump (great pump but I hate that tiny membrane). Now that I am aware of the issue, I just make sure to check the alignment when putting it together.The bags do not measure well. This isn’t a big deal but I like to know how much he eats. Granted I have no idea how much he eats when he nurses but for some reason I want to know when he is bottle fed. The instructions say to expand the bag to measure the best. This leads me to believe that they know it is a problem and there is no good solution. This morning when I pumped and expanded the bag, it said there was 5 oz. I poured it into a bottle to check and there was only 4 oz.The bottles are also a little bulky and I don’t like the brushes. I use the OXO brush.As you can see there are a lot of cons but for the two big pros (pumping into the bag and the awesome nipple), I still gave it 5 stars.If I had to buy it again I might look at just getting the bottles and bags separately. I don’t know if this would be cheaper but that’s all I use. I also got the funnels.I hope this helps. I really do like the product. I think it’s pretty brilliant.

Milagros Minden, IA

Love these bottles – no nipple confusion!

I love these bottles. I ordered them yesterday and got them today. The system is really cool and works with my Ameda breast pump. It is really easy to use and worked great for my daughter. I tried a few other bottles prior to this one and was disappointed when my daughter wouldn’t take them. The nipples were too big, the flow was too fast, etc. I was worried about nipple confusion and that didn’t happen, which was a HUGE plus. I am really glad these bottles were recommended to me and I plan to use them and nothing else from now on.

Kris West Falls, NY