Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer

Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer

The Kiinde Kozii allows parents to safely and quickly warm breast milk, formula, and food in storage bags, bottles, or jars of all shapes, sizes and materials. It is the first and only warmer designed specifically to follow all guidelines set forth by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) to safely thaw and warm breast milk using warm, flowing water. Patent pending SAFEHeat technology allows high-speed warming using a low temperature, nutrient-safe water bath that is safe for breast milk, with a built in timer to eliminate the risk of overheating. The result is a warmer that is safer, more precise, faster and easier to use than conventional warmers which use high temperature steam that can be damaging to the antibodies and nutrients contained in breast milk. Kozii’s warming chamber is designed to accommodate a full 8oz bag of frozen breast milk, and to quickly bring it to serving temperature. SAFEHeat ensures that the contents of the warmer are brought to the same temperature every time as easily as possible. A simple, easy to read timer allows parents to set the desired warming time by simply turning the knob. When the time is up, the warming stops completely, eliminating the risk of overheating, even if the bottle or bag is left in the warmer for longer than intended.

Main features

  • Safer, easier warming – Creates a flowing warm water bath to quickly and gently thaw and warm breast milk according to CDC and USDA guidance
  • Long Lasting Reservoir – Unlike other warmers, kozii does not require that you measure or add water with each use
  • Easy to use timer – Simple, intuitive interface lets you know how much time is left before the meal is ready
  • Auto Shutoff – When the time is up, the warmer shuts off and completely removes the heat source from the bottle. This means no overheated bottles because your busy schedule prevented you from taking the bottle out on time
  • Universal Warming Chamber – Kozii can safely accommodate breast milk, formula, storage bags (frozen or thawed), liner bottles, plastic, glass, food jars, you name it

Verified reviews


Worth every dollar!

This bottle warmer is great! My son is now 8 months old and I think we have used it since he was 6 weeks old or so. I have used it to warm frozen mother’s milk, refrigerated mother’s milk, room temperature bottles & formula. It works great! There is a chart to help you with times on how long to warm your bottles for how many ounces & whether it is room temp, refrigerated or frozen, in a glass bottle, plastic bottle or a mother’s milk bag (this was extremely helpful as we have used all of those methods of storage or bottles!). I have not tried it for heating food at all yet. We keep this chart hanging on our fridge and refer to it each time we are making a bottle. They were conservative in their times, which I appreciate as I do not want to overheat the bottle! My main concern with some of the cheaper ones (when reading reviews) is the lack of shut-off and overheating. I was for safety all the way and did not want to destroy any nutrients with the breastmilk by overheating. This is a product that you will be using many, many times a day and in the long run it is worth every dollar. Even when we returned to work and were not using it during the work week day, we still have never regretted the purchase. It is something that is still used often enough to be worth it. The only thing is to make sure to clean it the way it says to. We keep the cleaning/descaling instructions on the fridge as well! It should be cleaned every couple of days and it is pretty easy and doesn’t take that long, but you can forget and if you go a week without cleaning it (you basically have add soap & water & rinse a couple of times), it starts to get gross. If that happens, just clean it & descale a little more often and it is fine. The descaling process just involves some vinegar & water sitting in it for a period of time (10-15 minutes I think). I usually do it after baby was in bed for the night. The only other thing is we keep a water bottle next to the warmer and add a little bit of water as needed as some of it evaporates out during the day usually. I don’t know what we would have done without this wonderful product! Love it!

Rebecca Inman, SC

Beware of Lemons- ***WAS Replaced w/ working one & fits Comotomo!***

Got it & was happy the COMOTOMO bottle fit. It was heavy so I liked it doesn’t just tip over too. I followed set-up exactly & on third use it was DEAD. The timer would not work & the water was set over the full mark. I have no idea why it died?! Maybe it was a lemon but it is an expensive one. W/ a newborn I don’t have time for returns & exchanges. Thank goodness for amazon return policy.***UPDATE*** Took a chance & got another one b/c the water gently/ barely warms the breastmilk so I know it is not cooking out the nutrients. It has been working w/o any issues now. I am diligent about refilling & cleaning so it doesn’t stop working properly.The water doesn’t burn you if you touch it when getting bottle. Sounds weird but the super-fast warmers have burn warnings &/or reviews w/ warnings like Tommee Tippee warmer AND I really needed something that wasn’t a hazard in the middle of the night. Boiling water & steam warnings for bottle warmers that tip easily were scary. A bottle warmer that requires gloves to handle the heated bottle means the breast milk is getting cooked & depleting the nutrients.This-IMO- is a VERY safe warmer (heavy not easily tipped), it works w/o cooking the milk since the water doesn’t get too hot, & I can wait 6 mins for 4oz to get to room temp especially since it fits my Comotomo bottles. No it is not a super quick warmer but that is what makes it safe to use & ideal to gently and evenly heat breast milk in a bottle. I still swirl the bottle while it heats to ensure even heating but I can do it w/o getting burned when my fingers touch the water. I have had no issues w/ leaks either after 3 months.

Margaret Muscotah, KS

Not worth the money

I was looking for a bottle warmer with auto shutoff and also an alarm as with new baby you get busy and when baby is crying you don’t always hear well. My son used an Avent and it had no auto shutoff nor timer. We had to use the stove timer and we left it on many times with no shutoff. Kozzi was really being advertised and recommended as wonderful but the Kozzi with the auto shutoff worked but the bottle was never warm. You would have to do it over and over to finally get it warm. I agree it had auto shutoff but the milk was not warm. The cost was very high and I found one with a timer and a auto shutoff and it works super and it cost me 1/3 to 1/2 what the Kozzi did. I was very disappointed.

Leona Atherton, CA

Kiinde Kozii does everything it says it will

This is truly a great warmer. The no 1 complaint that I’ve read is that the product heats too slowly. One of its claims is that it heats breast milk without damaging it, and there is no way to do this quickly. There are plenty of other fast bottle warmers out there if that’s what you want. I got this warmer because I exclusively pump and I use lifefactory glass bottles. I had noticed that most other warmers said that they were not safe for use with glass bottles. The Kozii is great because my large and small bottles fit, as do all of the milk storage bags I’ve used. I have Medela, Simplisse, and Lansinoh, and they all fit regardless of whether I stood them up or laid them down when I froze them. I’m looking forward to using the warmer with solid foods when we get there.

Georgina Spragueville, IA


At first I wrote a review saying the timer is a little loud. truth is the water swirling around is louder but not noisy enough to be a concern. This thing works great. alway good temp with each type of bottle once you understand the timing needed for each volume of food. Excellent product!

Shannon Clive, IA

kudos to Kiinde for great customer service!

If you’re looking for a super fast warmer, this is not for you. It takes probably a full 15 minutes to warm an 8 oz bottle (maybe 8-9 for a 3 or 4 oz bottle). I got this warmer to ensure that the goodness of the breastmilk I was pumping was not adversely affected by overwarming– to do this, it doesn’t overheat it and this takes time. In fact, that is one really nice thing about this warmer: you can literally warm it forever and it will never be too hot. We have been using this warmer since I went back to work ~8 months ago and it’s been great. Last week, it stopped working so I emailed the customer support email address listed in the instructions. I received a response within 3 hours with a few tips to try to get the warmer working again. When the tips didn’t fix the problem, I emailed them back to let them know this. Within another few hours I received an email confirming my new Kozii was on its way and should be to my house within 3 days (it got there in 2!). WOW talk about customer service. More than likely, it malfunctioned due to a high mineral content in our tap water that we use to fill the bottle warmer. We’ll be using distilled water in the future to try to preserve this new warmer. GREAT COMPANY, GREAT BOTTLE WARMER!

Allison Willow Beach, AZ

Slow and broke after a few months (replacement also broke)

I ordered the Kozii back in November. It worked fine the first 3 months but about a week ago the timer started getting stuck on 1 minute so the unit no longer shuts off – it just keeps warming the bottle. For what I paid for this warmer, I’d expect it to last longer than 3 months. Prior to breaking, it is a nice looking and small unit so it doesn’t take up much counter space. However, it takes at least 6 minutes for the bottles to get sufficiently warm. 6 minutes seems like an eternity in the middle of the night and/or when your baby is crying.UPDATE – we contacted the company who quickly sent out a replacement unit. Instead of sending us a new unit they sent us a refurbished product which had scratches up and down the side of it (nice). The replacement unit stopped working after about a week with the same problem as the original. The timer got stuck around the 5 minute mark and would not shut off. Obviously a big disappointment considering how much this warmer costs.

Tabatha Mount Airy, LA

Works great!

We love this bottle warmer. It’s very easy to use and reliably heats up baby’s milk. It can also take milk in storage bags, which is nice, though we have yet to try that.The only down side is if the water reservoir is too low and you use it that way it will automatically shut off and you can only re-enable it 3 times before it will apparently become unusable.

Norma Ballston Spa, NY

Kozii Comes Through!

After researching a lot of bottle warmers on Amazon and wondering which one would best meet our needs, I purchased the Kozi from and am thrilled with how well it has performed. The reviewers who gave it high marks were correct. Using this bottle warmer is as simple as 1. unpacking it 2. filling it with the prescribed quantity of water in the reservoir and 3. turning the dial to the desired time. The size of the container is adequate for at least the Medela milk bottles (what we use) and I love the fact that the warmer as a hidden reservoir of water which rises when the warmer is working and subsides and disappears when it is not.The heating is very even, although I like to shake the bottle every minute or so to prevent hotpsots from forming (even though doing that is not required), the water rises exactly to the level of the milk in the bottle and no more. I have on occasion warmed up a frozen milk bag =(Lansinoh) which was frozen while laying flat, so it is as wide as can possibly be, and it fits perfectly.There is an overflow mechanism which ensures that water never flows out of the Kozi and instead flows back into the reservoir. The product is designed very well, and works just as designed. The build quality is sturdy and I don’t see any reason why this product won’t last for years (it’s a different matter than it would outlive its usefulness in our lives in a year or so).The 3 things I do to take care of it are 1. place a small dish or lid on it when it is not being used (to prevent dust), 2 keep the water level from dropping below the easy to read water mark (once every few days) and 3. clean it every 2-3 weeks to by emptying out the water (turning it upside down over a sink), adding a drop of dish soap or a pump of the foam and refilling the water reservoir and gently swirling it around, then emptying it out…repeating until the last of the soapy water is out).It comes with clear, well written instructions on how to operate, maintain and troubleshoot it. I have not had to reset it so far and hope I never have to. The Kozi is working extremely well and will not disappoint you if warming milk bottles and bags is the only use you intend to put it through.

Alba Smoot, WV

Love the Kozii!

Warming bottles with the Kozii saves us significantly more time than using running hot water or heating water in the microwave or on the stove. You can place the bottle in the Kozii, set the timer, and walk away. Super convenient! I have Comotomo bottles, and they fit perfectly. I have not had issues with the milk not warming fast enough. Once you know how long it takes to warm a certain amount of milk or formula, you can time things appropriately. In the middle of the night, I set my alarm for the time that I expect baby is going to want to eat. I get the bottle going in the warmer, get him up, change him, and then by the time I’m ready for the bottle it’s ready for me. Couldn’t be easier. We love this warmer!

Carrie Winslow, NE

Versatile Bottle Warmer

I’m all about a product that is versatile and can have multiple uses. I live in a small place and every inch counts – so if a product can do double duty, brownie points!I bought this bottle warmer for all the things that other reviews mention:- safely heats breast milk at ~130 degree F (50 degrees C)- can warm bottles, frozen breast milk, frozen baby food, baby food pouches, etc.- automatically shuts off- don’t need to constantly fill water- I’m sure there’s other versatile uses for it that I haven’t discovered yet…The warming time is slightly faster versus warming by hot tap water – and also more convenient since you’re not having to fill the container, wait for the water to warm up, and keep changing the water out. Realistically, it will take ~5min for you to thaw your partially frozen breastmilk bag or your refrigerated bottle.Regarding warming up food though – If you’re like me, your patience will wear when warming frozen food cubes or baby food jars – and you will likely give up. I had great ideas that this would warm my baby food cubes – but it takes FOREVER. There’s just no way I’m that patient. Maybe it depends on what type of container you warm it up in (I was trying to use the Baby Bullet containers b/c they fit so nice in the Kozii) but after 10 minutes and the food cube still cold – off to the microwave I went and stir, stir, stir those sweet potato cubes… However, they really don’t provide any suggestions for how to warm frozen baby food cubes. It does work really well for warming those baby food pouches (e.g. most general baby food pouches, Plum Organics Training Meals)So, would I spend this much on a bottle warmer again? Love the concept but very expensive. I’m really not sure if I’d spend as much knowing that I won’t get the mileage (warming frozen baby solids) I had hoped out of it.

Aisha Hacksneck, VA

A safer way to warm bottle

I originally considered this one of those unnecessary baby purchases, but after a week of being up at night with baby, and having to wait 15ish minutes to warm a bottle the old fashioned way (boil water, sit bottle in pot), I added this to my cart. Even 5 minutes less of baby crying for her bottle made this a worthwhile purchase, it feels much safer to use when I am half awake at night, and gives me a bottle at a consistent temp every time. It also has a small footprint, which keeps your kitchen from looking like a baby store blew up in it.I only took off one star because the usage instructions state that if you fill it up with too little water, it will automatically shut off. This would be fine if you could reset it and get it working again, except that it only allows you to do reset 2-3 times (can’t recall). Apparently, after the 3rd time, the manual states it will stop working permanently. I can understand the safety reasons behind this, but would’ve appreciated knowing this before I made my purchase.Nonetheless, this is still my first pick for a warmer.

Pam Sweet Briar, VA

Warm up bags of milk fast, safe, clean, and easy

I LOVE this machine. I did not believe that I would like it this much, but I thought I would give it a try, I think it was worth every penny.Pre my Kiinde Kozii, I was getting my bags of breastmilk and warming them in a bowl full of hot water. This took a long time plus, at times I would make it too hot and could see that the milk was denatured. Other times I would get impatient and take the bag out when it was still cool. It was just so unpredictable each time.NOW I just plop a bag or two into the Kiinde Kozii, turn the timer and get everything else ready for the feed while the milk warms up. The milk has come out perfect every time and I don’t have to check and recheck it (I have found that I only need to turn the dial to 3 minutes to get perfect, evenly warmed milk). I LOVE it! Other people have complained about having to wait with a screaming baby, well I had to wait with my screaming baby over the bowl of hot water and check it over and over to see when it was ready. I like this much better.I have not used it with bottles yet, just the bags of milk, but when I do I will update and report if it takes way too long with a bottle. Even if it does take long with a bottle I still think it would be worth it to me, I just love that it is safe and I don’t have to even think about it.Another nice thing is that it can hold different bottle sizes/materials so comfortably, brainless, without baskets or anything and you can’t burn yourself easily at all, just grab it out of the little hole and you are good to go.Would highly recommend even with the huge price tag.

Sarah Springfield, KY

Not user friendly enough for someone with a crying baby.

If my techy husband can’t figure it out with a screaming baby in his arms, then this product is not doing its job of being quick and convenient… at least not enough for our purposes.

Augusta Bertha, MN

Functions but has a nasty toxic smell!

I have used this for a month and absolutely hate the strong toxic plastic smell that emanates from it and makes the outside of the bottles smell vile. I have taken great care to keep the nursery free of toxic materials and have tried to hand-pick every product to be made out of natural and non-toxic materials. This bottle warmer makes me wonder why do baby products have to be chock full of poisons? I am very disapponted and will return the item. I gave it two stars because it does warm the bottles.An update: Kiinde customer service contacted me in response to this post and sent out a replacement warmer! It has the same toxic smell. It smells the same way that the black plastic pails inside my stainless steel trash cans do. I bought these at Sam’s clum for $19 for two of these. The black pails have been banished to the basement after a few weeks of use because they filled our rooms with foul toxic stench. ALSO: in Corresponding with Kiinde, I’ve asked them twice to confirm that the product description here, which states” PBA-free, terephtalate free, Latex and Lead free” is in fact correct. Both times, while corresponding to me, they failed to confirm this product description as accurate. Also, nowhere on the product or the box there is such a description. Obviously, it is not correct. In short: I will not be using this toxic bottle warmer. The brand new replacement will be collecting dust somewhere in the basement. If it were not for the poisonous fumes, this would be a very nice warmer — steam free; it uses convection for warming up the bottles fast and to a safe temp. The auto shut-off and timer are pretty handy too. Just no way I’d put poisoned stuff in my bedroom, next to the baby.

Rosalyn Lafayette, OR

Strikingly disappointing for the money

I really wish I could go back in time and tell myself not to buy this.I dropped $70 on this, when money was tight right before my first baby was born. But I thought, this will save my sanity, because all these people who reviewed it on here say that it will. Not so.At first, it was thrilling to use whatever bottle we wanted to use. The Kozii warms them all! We use Doctor Browns and Emfamil and those warmed up nicely. However, it became apparent that keeping this thing clean and full was a babysitting job. If it wasn’t full to the right recommendations, it took longer for bottles to warm, which meant dealing with a screaming baby longer. Yikes. But that wasn’t a deal breaker. We could babysit.The random thing is that after a few months, it started taking longer and longer to warm bottles, sorta like it was dying out? So to make things more efficient, we started holding bottles under the faucet while the water was on hot. Yes, that was quicker than using the Kozii! At first, on average, 2-4oz bottles took us maybe 4-5 minutes to warm up in the Kozii. We started the bottle warming, got the baby changed, came back and it was done. Then after maybe 5 months, when we came back, the bottle wasn’t warm yet. So we started putting it in for longer. The last time I used the Kozii, about a week ago, I put a 6oz bottle in for 11 minutes according to its timer, and it was just the right temperature.My baby won’t take a bottle if it’s too cold. But I can’t spend 11 minutes warming up a bottle. So if you plan on purchasing this, just know that if you keep it clean and at the right water level, it may last you around 5 months. To me, that just wasn’t cutting it for a $70 product.Oh, and weirdly enough, if the bottle gets warm before the Kozii is done, you can take the bottle out, but there is no way to shut off the device. You have to let it run for the full amount left on the timer. I guess you could unplug it? Anyway, in conclusion, I am not completely dissatisfied with the product…just disappointed in the quality because it cost so much.

Iris Port Lions, AK

Great design, make sure you get the latest batch (produced after Oct ’13)

Just like several other reviewers have noted this is a nicely looking product. When it worked I liked it a lot, but then (approx. after a month) the timer got stuck on a 2-3 min mark and wouldn’t shut off. What this means? The unit continues heating up your milk/baby food leading to higher than desired temperature. I have contacted Kiinde customer service and promptly received a replacement unit (sent original one back). The timer design looked slightly different which gave me hope. Replacement worked for a few months and exactly the same problem developed — the timer stops working and wouldn’t shut off the heating process.I decided to give the company another chance to make it right. The third replacement unit lasted the longest (about 3-4 months) and as you might have already guessed the timer broke again.Kiinde: the timer is one of the core functions of this product. How hard can it be to find a reliable supplier who would produce working timers for your bottle warmers?! It is really a shame that I can’t recommend this product to any of my friends or Amazon shoppers.:(UPDATE. November ’13. Just received latest version of the bottle warmer. Everything works great. We noticed that this warmer heats up milk a lot faster than previous models (what used to take 13-15min now takes 8-9). I’ll post update on timer functionality in a month. Bumping up stars for outstanding customer support by Kiinde.UPDATE#2. February ’14. Latest unit keeps working flawlessly. I’m bumping up to 5 stars since Kiinde stands behind their products and that they finally fixed timer part. Kiinde customer service is outstanding.

Randi Chestertown, MD

Was recommended but just ok…

I have no experience with any other wamers, but it seems to do the job. It frequently needs to be topped off with water, and it seems to me like the 5 min it takes to warm a 4 oz bottle to room temp is slow. I like that it can tak all kinds of containers, bags and bottles. I don’t use it that much. Breastmilk is good for 8 hrs at room temp. I have found myself just taking out the next bottle when one is finished and by the next feeding in 3 hours it is ready to go. If you do formula – just use room temp water and save the time.

Francis Ennice, NC

5 stars if weren’t for…

Really like the Kozii. So great when super tired and must warm a bottle up. We use medela bottles for pumped milk. They fit in nicely. Be very careful that you always turn the dial past "3" otherwise it won’t turn off. We have a big sign on ours and remind the sitter each time. Also to keep enough water in it so it doesn’t burn up. Easy to use, easy to clean. Cons: The dial broke within the first 2 months for us. The company was very pleasant and prompt when sending the replacement dial. Hoping the break isn’t reoccurring now that we have the replacement part. I gave 3 stars for the disappointment of the handle breaking, and added a star for how prompt and pleasant the company was to work with. We have another baby item that broke and in the time it took to get a shipping label, the replacement part for the kozii arrived at my door.

Andrea Celina, OH

Great company!

I’m changing my rating on this warmer based on the follow up by the manufacturer. When nobody else would stand behind the product…… they called an did everything to try and make things right. I’ve since gotten a new unit and it works flawlessly. I love it and so does my baby!I wanted to like this product but the item came with a timer that didn’t work all the time. I read the directions through and through and followed them to the letter and it still wouldn’t work. I set a bottle to warm for 7 minutes and came back 15 minutes later and it was still running and the timer didn’t move. I needed a bottle warmer so I asked Amazon to send me a new one while I sent back the broken device and was told I can’t do that. The seller sent an email asking me to talk with them before I left a review. I replied to them and tried to contact them several times but got nobody but a machine. Great expectations but poor experience and poor follow through with the seller. I’ll go and buy it at the local store.

Elise Blue Lake, CA

Exactly what I needed

Our newborn is just a little over a month old now and my wife has been breastfeeding. We felt it was just about time to introduce a bottle as my wife will need to go back to work at some point. We, and more importantly our little one, love the Comotomo bottles and I read that this warmer will fit them. I had been microwaving water and putting a bottle into it after, but found this cumbersome when attempting to hold a fussing baby. I needed something "fire and forget". Turn it on and walk away for a set amount of time. Precisely so I could entertain the little one until dinner would be served. I read the complaints that it takes a long time to heat bottles, but we took the chance anyway on this.Upon receipt I can say it is an attractive little device. It fits in well in the kitchen, doesn’t take up too much space, and is extremely simple to use. With the 3-4 ounces of milk we need to heat it only takes on the order of 6 minutes to heat the milk. If I put it in a Comotomo bottle beforehand it definitely goes up in time (just about double). I wasn’t expecting miracles and knew that heating water in a micro/stove would be quicker. But, again I purchased this so I could walk away and not for lightning quick speed. It does exactly what I need. Put in bottle, turn on, and come back with a ready to go bottle. Our kid is fairly easy to entertain while waiting, but requires attention. If I had a second set of hands to watch the kiddo while prepping a bottle I can see switching back to a stove/micro, but as it is I think this i a great compromise.Works as advertise. Works for my needs. Don’t buy it if you want a bottle ready in 3 minutes.

Shanna Nottingham, PA

Pretty good compared to other options

This bottle warmer is pricey, but I’m glad I got it. I had bought a cheaper one before and it did not work as well as this one. This bottle warmer is consistent and I like that it has a timer that stops warming once the time is up. When the baby starts to wake up, I just put the bottle in the warmer, turn on the timer, and tend to the baby. I don’t have to worry about it overheating and so far, the milk has always been the perfect temperature for my baby. I only give it 4 stars because it does take longer than the other bottle warmer that I had. Six minutes doesn’t sound like a long time, but it can feel like forever when you’re trying to calm a screaming hungry baby.

Lottie Gayville, SD

Works good, Just wish the Price was cheaper.

So I got the unit and it works great, it may not be the fastest heating unit out there but it works.Pros:-Large opening which should accept most bottles. (Playtex VentAire bottles fit this unit no problem)-Assembled in the USA-Effective heating-Easy setup-Easy usage- nothing hard here…turn the unit on and walk away-Temperature seems to be consistent and safe.-From other reviews it seems like the company will stand behind their product.So what are the ConsCons:- The cost of the unit…Ouch- If you don’t read the directions you could overflow it- It has a pump in it, which could die eventually- Simplistic controls, Nothing fancy here, this could be good and bad.- No sound indicator that the bottle is ready when the timer goes off.- Will require a little maintenance, not a lot but a little.So yes I love the unit so far…still early to tell about the reliability on the unit. Also like that you can pretty much set it and forget it…just don’t forget about it to long. Very versatile, which makes it extremely flexible…which lets us choose what we want to use for bottles. It is nice that the units are at least assembled here.Things that hurt…the cost…Now if they could only get it down 15 or 20 bucks, but I guess you get what you pay for. Yes I would buy this product again…Some things to think about, I am going to verify but it might be smarter to use Reverse osmosis or DI water in the unit.

Elva Phenix City, AL

Stay At Home Dad Loves It!

I fought my husband on buying a bottle warmer because it seemed like a waste of money when we can just run the bottle under hot tap water. I finally caved and let him get one. He did the research and decided on this one (I still can’t pronounce it, lol). After testing it out on a glass baby bottle filled with water, he determined that it worked and would be a “lifesaver” as he wouldn’t have to leave the kiddo crying in his bouncy seat while he warmed up another bottle under the tap. Turns out he was right. And he likes that he’s not wasting hot water all day. I like that it takes up about as much space as my Magic Bullet.

Selina Claverack, NY

takes a bit longer to heat than expected but worth the wait

Very pleased with the customer service of this company! The heat up time is a bit longer than we expected but we are overall happy with the unit due to the ease of use and the assurance the milk will not be damaged due to over heating. It also is a very attractive unit that goes well with our kitchen.

Elisabeth Arkoma, OK

Works just fine

The ideal bottle warmer would warm a bottle in 10 seconds, and soothe your unhappy baby in the meantime. But since that’s physically impossible, we’ve been happy with this bottle warmer. The water gets as hot as I think is safely possible which tells me that it’s warming as fast as possible. The chart that comes along with it has been accurate for our Dr Brown’s bottles. I was disappointed at how slow it is, but upon reflection I think it’s as fast as physically possible without using water so hot it would burn someone and possibly damage fragile breastmilk.After three months’ use, we have not had any problems with leaking, as some have indicated in the reviews. We did have a problem with the unit shutting off, and their customer service promptly replaced it (even sent a new one in advance of receiving the old one, which was a real lifesaver for doing baby night shifts). Interestingly, for the initial one we bought in ~March, frozen milk bags did not quite fit in the chamber, even when aligned with the oval shape; running the bag under hot water for just a few seconds usually softened the edges of the bags sufficiently to fit them in, but it seems odd that it would be designed an eighth of an inch too small for frozen milk bags. They apparently fixed this problem because the replacement we received in June 2012 has notches that allow frozen milk bags to fit just fine!It seems from reviews that some people wish they had a loud timer, but for me I use it in the middle of the night so the ticking sound it makes and the click when it’s done is already borderline too-loud.

Neva Lake Delton, WI

Great Bottle Warmer

A new bottle warmer was on my list of luxuries to buy when I was having a second baby. I had the Avent bottle warmer for my daughter, and it was fine, and still works. However, I overheated too many bottles to count. I hated that there wasn’t a timer right on the unit. I splurged on the Kiinde this time around, and am glad I did. It’s easy to set the timer on the front, and the bottle doesn’t overheat. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because I feel like bottle warmers should have come farther with current technology, and should auto shut off when the milk reaches the ideal temperature (rather than having to estimate how many minutes it will take).11/10/13 update: I thought it was impossible to overheat. However, that’s only if you don’t fill the warner past the full mark. The problem with that is some tall skinny containers require more water to be fully submerged. Per the instructions, you are allowed to add “slightly more water” if the water level is not high enough. However, then you lose the benefit of the milk not overheating. (The second part is the part I didn’t read originally). Still a good warmer, though, I just wish that was clearer.

Terry Rising City, NE

awesome product

I purchased this because my daughter is now consuming 100% frozen breastmilk. I use it to heat up her bottles. I love having peace of mind that the nutrients stay in the milk even after heating. It is also great for canned food (store bought or homemade). It takes a little while to heat up food but only a few minutes for milk. Easy to clean, great customer service, great buy! worth the price.

Kristy Cheyney, PA

Best Bottle warmer on the market!

YOU MUST BUY THIS ITEM. You will not be disappointed. If it is one thing that we have learned with baby items it is that you get what you pay for! We tried 2 other well rated bottle warmers and within a week we were fighting with overheated bottles of hard earned pumped breastmilk and a screaming baby waiting to be fed! This is amazing water swirling technology that heats the bottle PERFECTLY everytime. heats bags of frozen breastmilk as well as pouches of baby food. We have had it for 7 months now and love iit. RECOMMEND to all!

Julie La Jose, PA

How Kozy is this Kozii?

I love this product! I had my son in the NICU and I saw the nurses using a machine that heats up the breastmilk and formula and I knew I wanted it. Unfortunately I couldn’t have it because is was made for hospital’s only. When I came across the Kozii and saw how it worked I was so anxious to buy it. It was just like the one in the hospital. The only thing I push about this product, make sure you clean it as often as the directions say or else it will have its drawbacks. I clean mine every day or so and then I de-scale it every other week. Buy it, you will love it, trust me!

Lupe Concord, NE