Kinderville Bigger Bites Divided Plates

Kinderville Bigger Bites Divided Plates

Kinderville Bigger Bites Divided Plates (Set of 2 in Pink and Purple color). Size: 9.5″ wide x 1.5″ tall. Volume: approx. 15 fl/oz in large section, 7 fl/oz in small section. These silicone divided plates feature 3 individuals sections (one large and two small), a wide base (no tipping!), low profile and nifty sidewalls to help your little one scoop up their edibles (fewer spills and uh-oh’s!). They are also designed with two handles for easier transport. Perfect for home use, at preschool or kindergarten or on the road. And, bigger bites divided plates are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. Like all Kinderville products, bigger bites divided plates are a fantastic alternative to plastic and are bacteria resistant and, most importantly, bpa, phthalate and lead free! Sold as a set of 2 in fun boy or girl colors. All Kinderville products have been tested and are in compliance with current FDA, CPSIA, and State/Federal Gov’t regulations. Please contact Kinderville directly for questions/comments concerning Kinderville products.

Main features

  • Bacteria resistant and easy to clean
  • Great for holding solids and liquids
  • Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Safety tested
  • Includes: 2 divided plates in pink and purple color

Verified reviews


Ordered a second time

I had a set of the “boy” colors, and recently ordered a set of these “girl” colors. My previous set has held up well, and I stick them anywhere in the dishwasher (top rack or not), microwave them, and let toddlers eat off of them with their stabbity fork skills. Comparing my new plates to old plates, the old ones have a few more scratches and tend to have dishwasher spots because I don’t hand wash them, but otherwise seem to have survived toddlers completely intact.One thing that would make them better is if they would nest to stack. They don’t. You have to stack the bottom edge of one of the top edge of the other.I tried buying a different brand that did stack (and was cheaper), but that brings me to the next good thing about these: they are relatively heavy /and/ non-skid, so they don’t move around very much on the table or tray when not-so-great utensil skills are trying to push them back and forth.The instructions say they can turn color over time with use; I scrub off tomato-based products on /everything/ before I put in the dishwasher and haven’t had any issues. The instructions also say to boil in hot water for 30-35 minutes to remove strong, absorbed odors such as garlic or onions. I haven’t had to do this either; I’m not storing garlic cloves in the things!BTW, the pink color is REALLY dark and bold hot pink, darker than the picture.So they may be expensive, heavy, inconvenient to fit in a dishwasher, and don’t stack …… but they’re still very useful and worth the downsides.

Lauren Belle Plaine, MN

Love Kinderville

We have use the Kinderville storage containers and love them so that led us to purchase the plates. It’s great that these are not plastic and the dividers are very helpful when you have a picky toddler. They are easy to clean and the colors are cute. I highly recommend to anyone who is concerned about not using plastic dinnerware.

Agnes Bradley, AR

Love these plates!!!

These plates are great! I have had no problems with food stains or the food tasting like plastic as the other comment had mentioned (by the way, the plate is no even made from plastic). I will be buying more of these for my daughter!

Gracie Globe, AZ

Perfect Size and Depth

So happy with these plates- i use them constantly and actually threw out the other plates we had before. I absolutely love that they are pretty deep so it helps both my 3 yr old to perfect his utensil skills and keeps my 18 month old from spilling everything off her plate. They are very easy to clean and the colors are bright and fun, the pink by the is more magenta than pink- but I actually like it better. I bought the green and blue set as well

Janell Ashuelot, NH

Great for self feeding

My mother-in-law bought a set of these for her place and I liked them so much that I bought a set too.The plates are perfect for self feeding. My twins are now 17 months and have been using these for a couple months.The compartments are the deepest I have found on a divided plate. This makes it much easier for them to maneuver things that they eat with utensils – like yogurt or oatmeal.The plates are slip resistant so it doesn’t move when they are trying to scoop out the food with a spoon.The plates remain unstained, despite holding spaghetti sauce at least once a week. They are also dishwasher safe.The only thing I dislike about these plates are they really hold stickiness and must be scrubbed more than other divided plates we have owned.Side note: While these plates help make toddlers successful at self feeding, they can still be lifted and thrown or pushed to the floor.

Odessa Napier, WV