Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Umbrella Stroller – Red v2

Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Umbrella Stroller – Red v2

Kinderwagon Tandem Umbrella Stroller – Red

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Great stroller

I’ve had my fair share of double strollers and this is my go-to. It folds up very compact (only a little bigger than a standard umbrella stroller despite the fact that it’s a double) and is not the size of a suburban when you’re pushing it around town. My only complaints are that it’s sometimes really, really hard to get it to open – I have to step very hard on the back to get it to open. Also, the back seat seems shallow for a seat that can go up to 40lbs. But I really don’t think I’ll need this that long, anyway. Overall I love this stroller. And it seems that these are very hard to come by now so I’m very glad I got it when I did!

Latoya Buckley, MI

Not to tall for this shortie

I’m a short person (5’2″) and I have no problem seeing over the handlebar.The stroller is great, it’s a little “sticky” at first when folding and unfolding, you have to step down on it pretty hard to get it to unfold the first time.Other than that, I love it, and its great that they now accept the car seat. The basket is good, too!

Ebony Charles City, IA

OK stroller, but not great

This is my 4th stroller, my twin sons are currently 21 months old. Unfortunately, with twins one stroller was never quite right. My first stroller was the cart type (Baby Trend) that the two car seats attached, perfect, but they outgrew it with the car seats. My second stroller is a large jogging type stroller (Baby Jogger City Elite), perfect for long walks (I love to do) but impossible to lift in and out of my van on a daily basis. My third stroller side-by-side, smaller than jogging stroller, but supposedly with a weight of 50lbs per seat, however hard to maneuver once the the boys were a combined weight of 50lbs! A myriad of problems with that stroller, seats, straps terrible, Baby Jogger should be ashamed for putting that stroller on the marker and charging $400 (Baby Jogger City Micro – discontinued, for good reason).This Kinderwagon stroller, was based on my need to run errands with two toddlers, not practical to try and get two toddlers out of car seats and hold hands to cross parking lots. The Kinderwagon meets this need, it is lightweight, easy to fold and unfold, easy to push while opening up doors, easily fits between cars in parking lot (I don’t like to put the stroller behind my van while I get kids out of their car seats, too easy for other car to hit in busy parking lot).My main complaint with this stroller is the back seat has a very shallow sling seat. I extended the seat with a piece of corrugate plastic and covered with a "Skip Hop" stroller pad. For $300 it should have come with two decent seats! Slight design flaw that could have been corrected and should have been corrected since this is a recurring complaint from parents.The canopy is junk, it needs to be bigger (higher for back seat and longer for front seat), but I don’t plan on using the canopy since this is a stroller to move my sons around when running errands. The front seat doesn’t really recline, but again not an issue for me since this is my "working" stroller. For trips to the zoo or anywhere I think there is a chance they would fall asleep, I would use my large Baby Jogger City Elite (heavy, but maneuvers great)The bottom basket doesn’t hold much, but I store the canopy and rain hood that comes with the stroller there. There is a small diaper bag that comes with the stroller and attaches to back of stroller, although it keeps unsnapping and falling off.I purchased this stroller 4/2013 through Amazon, but from Kinderwagon, however the manufacture date is 7/2012, so if any improvements were made in the design I did not get the latest manufacture, which is wrong, something I would return stroller for but didn’t since I haven’t read about any updates in design, I did not. This stroller states it has a 50lb weight limit for each seat, my boys are currently about 27lbs each and the stroller is easy to maneuver. The height is right for me (5’7") if a stroller doesn’t have an adjustable handle they are usually too low for me, although the handlebar rubber is very cheap and I don’t think it will hold up very well over time.It seems sturdier than a Combi or Graco stroller, but it has a few main parts that are attached with a web strap and thin plastic, so not sure how well it will hold up. It comes with a cup holder which is very handy, after market cup holders never seem to attach securely to strollers. and it seems the more expensive the stroller the less "stuff" comes with the stroller. This stroller isn’t cheap, but surprisingly comes with a cup holder, rain hood, canopy and small diaper bag, all cheaply made products, but the "right" size and fit for this stroller.I would recommend this stroller only because I have not found anything better, with a few changes this could be a great stroller. If you need a lightweight tandem stroller to run errands this is an OK stroller. Over priced by about a $100, for $300 it should have been a lot sturdier and the design flaws for back seat and canopy should have been corrected, all recurring complaints from parents on numerous web sites and blogs.

Robin Wanakena, NY

Cool stroller!

I searched around for awhile looking at double strollers. My oldest is 2 1/2 and my second is due shortly. When I saw this one and read the reviews (here and on other sites) I figured what the heck it’s only money! But the stroller seems to have been worth it. It’s compact, fits in the storage space in my car, and I like the stadium seating with the 2nd child elevated so he can see over the front. Now that being said keep in mind I’ve only wheeled it around with my 2 1/2 year old in it (he tried out both seats though!) because baby’s not due for another few weeks. But the construction is solid, it folds mostly easily (a little stiff as its new), and it fits through doors. I look forward to when my youngest is a few months and I can use it for them both. So far I’m impressed.

Colette Woodbury, PA

Best buy! HIGH mileage!!!

We LOVE our Kinderwagon hop! We were gifted a Dream on me stroller and it was cheap and faulty. We used the credit to purchase this stroller. Our boys are 11 months apart and it is working well for them.Compared to other strollers, the weight capacity for BOTH seats is high at 50 pounds each. It holds our Graco car seat well and securely. Currently, our one-year-old is in the back and he has plenty of space with the car seat in the front. The rear seat is for 3 months plus and the front is 6 months plus. Our older boy is 32″ and 24 pounds and it is roomy on the sides with several inches to the foot rest.Our only qualm was that the directions for mounting the car seat are ESL-style and so they were rendered useless.It maneuvers well, almost as well as our single umbrella stroller and it is quite light.I’m 5’4″ and it is a great height; there are no visibility issues. My husband is 6’2″ and he likes that he does not have to bend over to push the stroller. We highly recommend this stroller!We’ve had this stroller for one month now and I wanted to add to my review. The quality of this stroller is great! I’ve walked outdoors over 40 miles (actual walking, not daily usage in markets and such) with this stroller and it is working just as well as it did on the first day. Our city has uneven, bumpy sidewalks and very poor sidewalk to street transitions. Currently, one of our daily routes has construction so large sections of the sidewalk are now sand. I would not take my stroller to the beach, but it handles well in sand, grass, lumpy concrete and other poor surfaces.I have loaded over twenty pounds of groceries to the stroller and it maintains its high level of maneuverability.We had the unfortunate experience of testing the security of a front mounted car seat. Our dogs were leashed up to the stroller and I went down the slide holding our older boy. We were not expecting such an excited reaction from the dogs and they pulled the stroller onto its side. Our baby cried only momentarily, not from pain, but shock. The car seat had not budged and if we have to tie our dogs up to the stroller again, we will attach them to the lower part of the frame (not the handle like before).The rain cover works well. I would not use it in torrential rains bcs it does not go down far enough to keep items in the basket dry. The material is thick, yet moves easily. There are spots to pull the handles through. Also, it fits well with our Graco car seat mounted on the front with the handle up.

Reba Lancaster, PA

Great umbrella stroller for twins; some things could be improved, but the best we have found on the market.

We have twins. The problem with most twin strollers is that they are huge and bulky, or extra wide, or cost a million bucks. This is an umbrella stroller – so limit your expectations to what you get for a plastic-y umbrella stroller.When I first started looking at umbrella strollers, I could find one for $20…. 2 kids and 4 years later, we bought a $300 version. We also own the Bob Duallie which is what we use for trips where the ground could be uneven or where we will be pushing the twins for hours. For quick jaunts, this is the one to have. It folds down easily and compactly and weighs a heck of a lot les than the Duallie. I don’t think when you have twins you can really have one stroller that does it all…Things missing from this one that I hope they will include in the next version – 1) Rubber blow up wheels for better maneuverability, 2) A better second seat 3) Parts that didn’t seem so cheap for a $300 stroller.But it is an inline double stroller perfect for people with twins. And we do a lot of strolling, so for us it was worth it. It is almost the size of a single umbrella stroller but fits two kids and stuff underneath. It came with a canopy and a cup holder.

Rachel Graham, AL