Kissaluvs 12 Pack Organic Premium Designer Wipes, Fashion Prints

Kissaluvs 12 Pack Organic Premium Designer Wipes, Fashion Prints

Irresistible fashion prints in the softest flannel on one side and a sumptuous organic cotton velour on the other make these wipes hip, green and gorgeous. You will love the dash of color they will add to your diaper bag or your cloth diapering journey. And they have tons of uses; we promise you will never run out of ways to use them.

Main features

  • Double sided, size approximately 8×8″, a perfect fit for hands, fold in half for wipes containers
  • The softest flannel on one side for easy clean ups with an even softer organic cotton velour on the other for tender faces and runny noses
  • Fabrics: 100% certified organic cotton velour and 100% cotton flannel
  • Many uses: burp cloths; tuck at neck for an instant bib; excellent as travelling towels; use to clean up eating messes, drooling mouths, and more
  • Hand sewn by moms and grand moms, made in United States with love

Verified reviews


Best yet

We have these, some hand made flannel wiipes, and the thristies fab wipes. I like these the best in terms of absorbancy. I only have to use one wipe per diaper change. The thristies are my least favorite and don’t really absorb much. one con is they should’ve sewn an X across the middle of the wipe to help hold the printed side to the soft side.

Melody Silver Grove, KY

Great wipes for messy faces

I purchased these solely to use to wipe my son’s messy face after eating. I had been using regular wipes and they were breaking his face out. I had tried another brand of reusable wipes that were very thin and I wasn’t happy with them. These are a good thickness and extremely soft. Great for messy faces!

Zelda Jacksonville, GA

Super Soft

VERY soft & Cute! Well made & have not shrunk or faded in wash. I use them as burp/ drool cloths. I agree they should offer a choice between masculine or feminine, or make them more neutral, but that is really not that big of a deal with the designs I got: Blue & White Dots on a Brown background, Airplanes in a Cloudy Sky (Beatles-Yellow-Submarine-esque) & Dinosaurs. The first 2 designs could go either way. The Dino one is a little more boy-ish, but I just use that style around the house & my 2-month-old girl does not seem to mind.

Zelda Beallsville, MD

Kissaluvs wipes really are LUV

These wipes are fantastic. We received some as a baby gift and knew we wanted more of the same. We have had ours for over a year and they hold up great, haven’t stained, and are perfect cleaning cloths as well as wipes. We keep ours in a container with warm water, a squirt of soap and a couple drops of oil.

Karla Four States, WV

Very nice wipes but the colors are not as pictured

These are wonderful, durable and very soft wipes. This is my second purchase of them. I prefer them to terry cloth or hemp wipes because the velour side remains very soft through all washing and has no lint. However, this seller sent me nine wipes in the brown color and only four wipes of different designs/ colors. I feel that the brown wipes are the least attractive and the seller should not be putting more than a few of each design per order.

Pamela Iraan, TX