Kissaluvs Awesome Knit Terry Wipes, 12 Pack, Unbleached

Kissaluvs Awesome Knit Terry Wipes, 12 Pack, Unbleached

Clothwipes are inexpensive and convenient. Use with warm water or your favorite diaper wash (we humbly suggest Kissaluvs diaper lotion potion). Hand sewn with love in the United States.

Main features

  • One ply unbleached, undyed knit terry fabric makes them absorbent and efficient
  • Terry loops handle nasty messes; “smooth” side has slight texture to aid in clean up
  • Thicker than flannel wipes, but not as thick and cumbersome as regular washcloths
  • Size approximately 8×8″, a perfect fit for hands, fold in half for wipes containers
  • Other uses: wash cloths; burp cloths; tuck at neck for an instant bib; excellent as travelling towels; use to clean up eating messes, drooling mouths, and almost anything else you can think of

Verified reviews


Thick wipes for big messes (but not for delicate parts)

These wipes are very thick, which is good for cleaning off big poopy messes. However, they are too thick to get into little crevices, especially when you fold them. Folded twice, they are almost half an inch thick! My baby girl doesn’t like it when I use these in certain areas. I plan to get some thinner flannel wipes to use alongside these. Also, some of the thread is coming off around the edge.

Alfreda Garrochales, PR

awful wipes

These wipes started unraveling after the first wash without ever even being used! Thin and rough material…not high quality at all. Very unhappy with this purchase.

Dale Prairie View, TX

Our favorite store-bought cloth wipes!

These are fantastic wipes. The terry side really grabs onto messes and sweeps them away. I can clean the same mess in one wipe what my flannel wipes would take 2-3 wipes to clean up. They curl a little when you first get them, but they flatten out nicely after a month or so.After 3 years of near daily use, our last batch did get thin and start wearing holes through, but 3 years is a long time and so I think that’s a fine life cycle for something that’s washed so frequently. I bought the same wipes again for our second child. I still have about 80% of the first batch in rotation, so that’s not bad!

Lucinda Makoti, ND

2 years later they are still in great condition.

When my daughter was born 2 years ago we got 2 packs of these. The ends kind of curl after washing but I always fold them and put them in a large baby wipe container. I think they are really soft. I use ecover stain remover if something doesn’t come out in the wash. We practice elimination communication and she’s never had poop all over her butt so I haven’t used them on that kind of mess, but I think it would work just as well. They are not this color of yellow. They are more natural wool colored.

Chasity Minter, AL

great size, work well

I like these wipes a lot and they are a great price. they size is perfect. the only problem is one side seems unfinished, but it’s still useful. i use these as washcloths, too

Sharlene Loomis, NE

Love them!

I can’t say enough good things about these (despite the price)! They aren’t as soft as my other wipes, but I haven’t had any issues of scratching my daughter’s skin (who gets diaper rash at least once a week, so has somewhat senstive skin) and they do the job quite effectively. The two sides come in really handily for various diapering situations and the wipes themselves retain water really well, more like a washcloth. I wash them every 1-2 days and they haven’t worn down in the 18 months since I bought them.I keep these wipes folded “softer” side out in a (formerly disposable) wipes container with only plain water. My husband prefers using disposable wipes, but on days when we run out, we easily go through an entire pack of these wipes. On one of these occasions, my husband accidentally threw a few Kissaluvs into the trash, which I later emptied without realizing they were there. Since the Kissaluvs are on the pricier side, I wanted to purchase more wipes without being exclusive to this version, and choose something that was hopefully more obvious in the trash. The result, the rainbow-borderedOsoCozy Flannel Baby Wipes – 15 Pack (Unbleached). Needless to say, the OzoCozies while softer, don’t retain much water and therefore don’t seem to clean the diaper area very well. In the end, I would’ve been happier to spend the money on Kissaluvs again.

Kristine Eldorado, IL

Best cloth wipes for continuous use

We have three sets of these in rotation for our baby and love them! We use them at each diaper change and wash every couple of days; we haven’t experienced any stains or wearing down of the fabric even with frequent use and washing. The combination of these dual-sided cloth wipes and warm water beats cold packaged wipes any day to clean little bums — the looped “terry” side to clean up a large mess and then the smoother reverse side to do the final wipedown. They will fit perfectly in the Prince Lionheart brand cloth wipes warmer, if you care to use it. They can also be used as doublers for a newborn inside a cloth diaper, or dustrags after baby is done with them.

Jean The Lakes, NV

super absorbant, gets the job done! fits in wipe warmer 🙂

Great absorbent terry. fits perfect folded in half in wipe warmer. As long as they are nice and saturated, they wipe very gently on the skin. Can’t believe I ever used anything else for my kids. Great value–much better and more effective product than the flannel wipes. I make the wipe solution with the kissaluvs diaper potion concentrate–a little goes a long way.I would love to have 10 bibs made of this material.

Joyce Zurich, MT

Way too rough on a baby’s delicate skin

I bought 3 sets of these wipes after reading the reviews and thought I really liked these until my newborn daughter’s skin started getting irritated from using these. My baby is 3 weeks old now and I’ve been using these since she was born and I noticed that the part of her butt that I would wipe the most is turning red and swollen. It’s definitely not a diaper rash and not an allergic reaction to the detergent being used for her cloth diapers because it’s only in one part of her little heiny. The terry is cheap and therefore not very soft. And these are not 100% cotton, they’re a polyester blend. I’ve had to stop using these and am looking for a softer cloth wipe. I also use the organic Babykicks wipes, which are much better. Yeah, these Kissaluv wipes get the big mess job done because they’re so coarse. Basically, they’re cheap because they’re cheap fabric. You get what you pay for.

Rocio Peotone, IL