Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Booster Doublers, 6 Pack, Unbleached

Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Booster Doublers, 6 Pack, Unbleached

Nicely absorbent without excessive bulk. Doublers add absorbency to a diaper without adding bulk or drying time to the actual diaper. Useful for heavy wetters and nighttime diapering. Simply lay doubler inside diaper before snapping onto baby. Made with love in the United States.

Main features

  • One layer of unbleached knit terry, another of soft cotton fleece
  • Slightly tapered for easy fit between baby’s legs
  • Fits in any size diaper, even Kissa’s fitted cotton fleece size 0
  • Also popular “stuffers” for pocket diapers like fuzzi bunz, bumgenius and g-diapers
  • 11″ long, 4″ at widest point

Verified reviews


Too Small to Be Useful

These doublers are only a few of inches wide, making them a disappointment because they are too narrow to actually work. I’m returning them.

Tessa State Park, SC

Great Value / Good for light doubler protection

My little one was a heavy wetter until we switched to larger pre-folds (with more absorbency) so we used these — along with other doublers — to give her a little more FLUFF to help her not leak out. These are affordable, easy to wash and fairly absorable. I would consider them a light doubler — compared to others I bought, they are about 1/2 the thickness but still do a good job. Great size for a little one, exactly what I paid for. This is not an overnight doubler — so for those who complain it doesn’t do it’s job, let’s take the time to look at the product in comparison to other “nighttime” doublers it doesn’t even compare.

Anna Shageluk, AK

Best Cotton Insert!

My husband researches everything for months before he makes a purchase and after five months of research and trying at least two other cloth inserts, we have found our absolute favorite! These inserts distribute the wet so evenly and are so thin you can hardly tell they’ve been added to the diaper. We use them with one hemp insert and we have not had any leaks with that combo yet after about a month and a half and our little guy is defined as a heavy wetter.

Cornelia Caddo Mills, TX

good product for a good price

These are good for pocket diapers and for the small gdiapers. They are very thin which can be good and bad but works overall. I thought that being fleece on one side that it would keep baby dry on the fleece side but that really isn’t the case. They are very absorbent though and a lot cheaper than most other doublers so I am reasonably happy with this purchase.

Melba Chinquapin, NC

Not Ideal.

Looking for a quality liner. These aren’t the best. Wish they were thicker and held more. Would not buy again.

Pauline Osceola, IA

Great absorbancy, Easily stained

These doublers do a great job of absorbing, and baby’s skin stays nice and dry. Love the fleece layer next to the skin. The only thing I don’t like is they tend to stain quickly, and the stains are hard to get out. They seem clean, smell fine, just have a visible stain I can’t get rid of. Otherwise, they’re awesome. I’ll definitely keep using them as my regular night doublers.

Lourdes Talbot, IN

Kissaluvs Cotton fleece booster doublers

These work well, a little on the small side, but they do a good job for what they are designed for. I would probably purchase the doublers made for the Bumgenius AIO 3.0 if I had it to do all over again.

Lisa Ulysses, NE

Okay but I like others better

These doublers work well enough. I use gdiapers and used these as extra liners for my smalls. I preferred others brands better but didn’t have any real issues with these. They are an odd size, wider on one side than the other and are thinner than other liners. Worth it if you know what they are and like them!

Kimberlee Waukau, WI