Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Hybrid One Size Contour Diaper, Unbleached

Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Hybrid One Size Contour Diaper, Unbleached

Designed to snuggle babies big and small, the Hybrid Contour Kissa’s are an easy to use, economical alternative to fitted diapers. They bring you the convenience of elasticized legs and the freedom of using your own closure system. Made of superior custom knit cotton fleece made in the US, the diapers are available in unbleached or the same lovely colors as the fitted Kissa’s. Made with love in the United States.

Main features

  • One sized, fitting babies 7 35 pounds
  • Gentle but sturdy elastic in the legs prevents blowouts
  • Closure free system allows you to use a snappi, pins or a snug fitting cover
  • Microfiber soaker topped with our comfy fleece enhances absorbency
  • Uniquely sewn in soaker/doubler for fast drying time

Verified reviews


No velcro closure

I didn’t realize that this diaper doesn’t have Velcro closure or any kind of snaps to close it so you have to use pins with it… To me it’s very old-fashioned and uncomfortable. This might be a good diaper, but just beware of this little detail.

Letha Goldthwaite, TX

Sooo Cute!

Soooo cute and Soooo very soft. I can’t wait for my newborn to wear these. (not born yet!) I’ll re-post on how they hold up. But they are SOOOO very soft!

Dionne Aguila, AZ

wet on baby’s skin

The quality of this diaper is great. They are a bit hard to work with if you’re using them with a regular cover, it is difficult to keep in place and a Snappy is VERY HARD to use with the thick microfiber material. They are bulky, but hold over a cup of liquid. My biggest complaint though is the wetness factor. Next to the baby’s skin stays super wet. I’d save yourself the irritating hassle and go in another direction. The Contours that I bought don’t get used much. Only if all my other diapers are dirty.

Libby Raymond, MS

Didn’t work for my chunker fit-wise

I wanted to like these, but they just didn’t work for us… We tried them out and here’s what we found–ProsWe liked how soft the material was, it was very cushy.They did dry well in our dryer.. not a lot of waiting around re-running them through.They did absorb #1 well and didn’t feel too wet to the touch. (did not encounter a #2)ConsNot a fan of the bulk on these. They were bigger than AIO and Pocket diapers we’ve used, and bigger than some of our pre-folds. Some of our existing covers wouldn’t work with these due to their size.I didn’t like the fact that the insert was sewn in. The placement of it wasn’t right. I like to control where my extra absorbency goes, so this was a downer. (Maybe you could use a seam ripper to detach them, but that is beyond where I wanted to go.)My DD is 25lbs and chunky, and this barely fit her. They say to 35lbs, so I know it was close, but I didn’t expect it to look like she’d outgrow the waist tomorrow.

Angel Saint John, ND

About wetness …

I’m a fan of these, but they are really bulky on babies under 15-20 lbs. As another reviewer said, you may need larger wraps to contain these on small babies. Regarding wetness, all contours (and pre-folds) are supposed to be wet. Apparently that helps your kid potty train earlier. (Some disposable users even use in these during potty training transitioning to help contain accidents.) If you want moisture wicking, you need to use all-in-ones or pocket diapers that have a wicking material next to the baby’s skin (and then a soaker on the inside to hold the wetness).

Amparo Clay Center, NE

Great quality

I used Heiny Hugger fitteds on my newborn. When switching to one size AIO/AI2s I started having leaks. I decided to try a contour as it was cheaper than a fitted. The material is great and I love the soaker with microfleece but never really got the hang of snappi/pinning and wish I’d spent the extra $2 on snaps. Was also drawn in by the idea of one size, but also didn’t find it to work all that well. However since diapers are such an individually variable thing I based the rating on quality of material and manufacturing. I am sticking with one size pockets.

Margarita Sparta, NJ

High quality, but definitely bulky and not for newborns as much…

Disclaimer: My baby is due is July, so I have not actually used this diaper. But, I have other kissaluvs fitteds to compare this to. The quality of this diaper is really high, the seams and stitching are all really well done. But the fact that the doubler is sewn in on one end like a flap makes it less versatile in my opinion since you can choose to have baby wear it without the doubler or with a different doubler. It’s definitely a bulky diaper, probably will be good for naps/overnight. Although it’s not huge, it definitely will be ill-fitting on a newborn (7lbs and up). You can fold down the top, since there are no snaps to restrict sizing… I will update this review once I’ve actually used this product on a baby!!

Paige Lyons, OR

Just ok

I use these as backup. They come in the mail sooo nice and soft looking! Then they are washed and they get ugly. Has a terry towel feel. Also have some difficulty getting the snappis to fit on it because the pilling of the fabric is excessive. Very bulky under the covers. My son is a year old and 23 lbs and its still bulky on him. Plus I don’t like using snappis on a squirmy kid for diaper changing-prefer something with snaps or Velcro. (I recommend workhorses by green mountain diapers.) One thing positive about kissaluvs contour diaper is the absorbency-good for nap time.

Maryanne Robeline, LA

Love these fitteds!

I am cloth diapering baby #2 and don’t have a lot of time to sit around and stuff pocket diapers, so I thought I’d give fitteds a try. I REALLY like these diapers. I can get a great, trim fit and they don’t leak. If I’m just bumming around the house I can even go without a cover (using a snappi, obviously). When out and about, I throw on a Rumparooz or Blueberry cover and don’t have any issues. At night I toss in a hemp doubler and again, no leaks. I love how easy these are to wash and dry. Definitely check these out!

Rosalind Belfry, KY

New fav diaper!!

Just bought a secondhand stash of diapers for my 3 month old. There was one of these in the let. NEW FAVORITE DIAPER! I love it, it fits very well and love that hthere are no snaps! (I use snappis) I am buying more right now!

Molly Gray Court, SC

Great Fitted Diaper

I ordered these and the Kissaluvs organic fitted diapers on a whim to try out from since I was sick of having so many leaks with our Charlie Banana pockets. I will also write a review on the organic fitteds.At first I did not like these due to not having a closure. I did not care for the snappis and diaper pins took much too long on a very squirmy almost 1 year old! I now just use these under a diaper cover (rumperooz one size with snaps) with no closure and they stay great! No closure means a perfect fit. I generally put these in the cover and do the closures all the once so this stays put.We had to stop using our Charlie Banana one size pocket diapers due to having a heavy wetter and I will say this is a HUGE difference. Our little guy can go TWICE as long in this diaper with a cover than he could in his Charlie Banana pocket diaper! So these are definitely very absorbent. The only con with these is that the sewn in soaker bunches up every time towards the center on our little guy. We have never changed a diaper when he was wearing these and had it lay nicely flat.The organic fitted made from hemp/cotton is even more absorbent than these although since they have a closure they are quite a bit more bulky which I do not like. We will be testing out both for overnight as well once we order a few wool covers and I will update the rating.These also wash beautifully. There is of course a huge fabric change which is expected but I liked how they felt a lot more once they were prepped. They fluffed up quite a bit. We have only had these for a few weeks but love them so far and I might order more. We ended up with 12 of the kissaluvs organic hemp/cotton fitteds which are quite a bit more expensive than these, and I wish I would have ordered all of these instead!

Anastasia Caldwell, OH


I tried using these on my 97th percentile 4 month old and they were STILL way too big and bulky on him. I always knew they would be bulky, but his covers wouldn’t fit over them. Sold them after a few weeks of trying.

Vanessa Evening Shade, AR

This is a GREAT cover Kissaluvs is the best

It is big on an newborn, but it is very soft, washes well and fluffy. Great for overnight. It folds down nice. A must have for your cloth diaper collection.

Kellie Enka, NC

Good overnight diaper

I like to use these on my son when I put him to bed. The elastic legs prevent leakage and the whole diaper is very absorbant, so we have never had a wetness problem. I put these on when I put him to bed only though, because it is sort of bulky, and also because I don’t use a snappi or pin, just kind of pull it together and put a cover on over it, which is kind of annoying and something I would not feel like doing in the middle of the night. The inconvenience of no closure on them is just a trade off for the lower price though, as compared to other fitted diapers.

Lindsey State Park, SC

Not my first choice for an overnight fitted

The fabric is soft, but this isn’t as absorbent as I would have liked. My daughter is a heavy wetter and these are soaked after a couple hours. I don’t like stuffing them because I think it makes the diaper bulky and I’ll fitting. It’s fine for an everyday fitted, but I didn’t care for it as an overnight diaper.

Mabel Drewsey, OR

It Would Be Great, Except…

These diapers come in soft colors and they are wonderfully fluffy and soft. I ordered the purple one to try first, but unfortunately after only 2 washings (following the manufacturer’s instructions correctly) the insert came detached! But it is very absorbent and fits inside the covers I have (not Kissaluvs brand) so I’m not that upset by it.–UPDATE–Since my first purchase of the purple diaper I bought two more in orange and green. I loved them because they were super soft and very absorbent. Like wrapping baby up in a nice warm towel. Unfortunately I have very hard water and they started to get hard and yucky. No matter what I did I couldn’t make them nice and soft again. I tried literally everything there is (RLR and Calgon too) and nothing helped. These are just not great for very hard water I guess. I hate that I couldn’t use them because there aren’t many fitteds that are OS that will fit a larger toddler, and these definitely would have fit my little girl who is in the 95th percentile for her age and needs bigger diapers. I do recommend trying these if your water is softer though.

Sonia Fulton, AR


These are the best overnight cloth diapers out there. Period. We’ve never had any leaks. We use the thirsties duo wrap cover over them and they’re perfect.

Brooke Mystic, CT

great diaper fits well,

I really like this diaper and it fits my 26 lbs chunky 13 month old with plenty of growing room. I always add extra absorbency for my super soaker, though. the diaper would get soaked otherwise.

Aisha Remington, IN

Love these diapers for night time.

These are the only diapers we use for night time. They absorb well, no leaks and the fit is great. Ofcourse I also use a booster in it as well. Pretty bulky but that’s no big deal under pjs.

Margo Paonia, CO


This is one of my favorite diapers. The reasoning for the 4 star review is my son is 9 months and 24 pounds and I can’t use it anymore…it just doesn’t stay on right. Up until now it fit perfectly all around. After washing it and prepping it I was able to get a snappi to work. Snappi’s don’t seem to like the material new out of packaging though. It took 4 or 5 washing and dryings before a snappi worked well though. I have 2 of these and plan to get more for our next one. These diapers are affordable and work great for the price!!

Lillian Harrison, TN

Not bad but not great

When this diaper first came it was super soft and fluffy. After the recommended washes, it was rougher and flat. It does work good but it is rather large and I feel like it stretches my covers out.

Berta Harperville, MS

Very good quality!

I loved these. They were a bit bulky so be prepared for that but they are so soft and my son seemed very comfortable in them,

Victoria Mount Braddock, PA

a great everyday fitted

This fits my daughter well with a snappi, is very absorbent and looks cute. It could be a bit softer and works best with a booster, however.

Elinor Blevins, AR

Very voluminous

This is a very well made product, it is very absorbent, but the volume is a bit of a turn-off.

Leona Copper Hill, VA

My Favorite Diaper for Night

I use this diaper for overnight since my baby sleeps 8 1/2 to 12 hours a night. I have never had a leak with this diaper and use an Econobum cover. I now own three of these and will be purchasing a few more soon. They wash great and I love the fact that they are one size. I use a Snappi to keep them snug under the cover, but you could just use the cover to keep the diaper in place. Very good quality.

Roberta Como, MS

Good diaper but needs snappies or other fastener

Although the product information says that a form-fitting cover is enough, these diapers require either snappies or some other fastener, in addition to a waterproof cover. The diapers are economical and quite absorbent. They’ve been going strong for almost a year now and still fit my 11-month-old, 22 lb baby.

Cassandra Kellyville, OK

Interesting and I wish I had the cash to invest in tons of these.

These are really interesting. They are stretchy and elastic in the leg area and have a sewn in doubler (still thin but a nice surprise). I like how soft they are and I think they would work fantastically in plastic covers or the wool covers but you would need a snappi for the later. Personally they are a bit big for a newborn or 0-3mo and would require extra folding and extra bulk. They are really expensive but it might work really well for those that have the cash and also don’t want to overthink diapering= so great for family members, babysitters and dads. You would totally still need a doubler for nighttime use.

Marian Cresbard, SD

I like Countours

I’m a big fan of contour diapers and one of the best things about them is the size adjustability. This one worked well for us for a while though it was not quite absorbent enough for night time, and I found that even though you could use a snappi, it doesn’t grab super easy like it would on a different fabric (like a prefold). Those are the two reasons that I deducted stars from my rating.Otherwise this is a quality diaper which washes and dries well. You should know that when you get it it will be so so squishy soft, but after a bit of use it won’t be so luxuriously soft, soft enough though and washing with Ecover or another diaper safe softener helps.

Maude Goshen, CA

A step up from prefolds

Kissaluvs’ contours are super absorbent, less bulky than prefolds, and dry relatively quickly for the amount of liquid that they hold. When paired with the right cover, I don’t even have to pin these and never worry about leaks. A great, economical choice and a step up from prefolds.

Caryn Lake Delton, WI

Not the right match for my toddler

As my baby becomes a toddler, I’m seeking for a new cloth diaper solution, something contoured to allow for better movement, something not too bulky but still absorbent. In the past, I’ve stuck with 100% natural fibers (cotton, hemp, and wool), but based on the reviews I thought I’d give Kissaluvs Cotton/Fleece Hybrid Contour Diapers a whirl.Unfortunately, they are not as I’d hoped: significantly less absorbent than the prefolds we were using, and just as bulky (actually, more bulky after adding a hemp soaker to make up for the loss in absorbing powers). Add to this the fact that they just don’t breathe, makes these a net loss.

Teri Stratton, OH