Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Super Soaker Doublers, 6 Pack, Unbleached

Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Super Soaker Doublers, 6 Pack, Unbleached

Diaper double royalty thick, absorbent and soft. Doublers add absorbency to a diaper without adding bulk or drying time to the actual diaper. Useful for heavy wetters and nighttime diapering. Simply lay double inside diaper before snapping onto baby. Made with love in the United States.

Main features

  • Two layers of hearty unbleached knit terry with a third layer of soft and absorbent cotton fleece
  • Slightly tapered for easy fit between baby’s legs
  • Fits perfectly in Kissas size 1 and 2 diapers
  • Also popular “stuffers” for pocket diapers like fuzzi bunz, bumgenius and g diapers
  • 12 1/2″ long, 5″ at widest point

Verified reviews


works well for younger babies

I like these for younger babies, but they don’t hold much for toddlers. they do stay soft with time and are trim.

Beth Sheridan, ME

Great soakers for night and day!

We are a huge fan of kissaluvs fitted diapers and all in one diapers, so it is not surprising that these soakers would also not disappoint. They are extremely absorbant and easy to stuff into pocket diapers. We add two for night time and our girl wakes up dry. A must have addition to any diaper collection!

Jodi Warba, MN

great doublers

These are great doublers to throw in for overnight or longer stretches of time. The hemp absorbs more slowly, so they work best if the hemp side faces down.

Elva Mc Kinney, KY

good liners

got these to stuff my AIO’S for overnight use for son who is an extremely heavy wetter. so far so good, seem pretty absorbent and no rash or issues as of yet. they do not stain especially with residual pooh, in a dry pail for 2-3 days before washing.

Luisa Lisbon, LA

Good doubler

I actually have 12 of these doublers. I’ve used these a lot and they work pretty well. I have mostly used them for extra absorbancy with prefolds, thirsties fitteds, and BG 3.0s. However, I think next time I buy doublers I’m going to buy something hemp so it is even more absorbent.

Allison Wellington, AL

Favorite inserts!

These are the first inserts I reach for. I have a heavy wetter so I add a doubler and have no leaks and the diaper is still trim. They fit perfectly in my fuzzibunz one size. I have both bleached and I unbleached and there is no difference.

Kimberley Colfax, IN

Trim fit in a pocket diaper

I use these in my FuzziBunz and BumGenius pocket diapers and they offer a nice, trim fit. But, now that my little one is 13 months, she can soak through one of these in a few hours. Still, they work great and have maintained their absorbency.

Sheryl Curryville, PA

super absorbent; makes overnight diapering much better

My son is a "heavy wetter" apparently and he was soaking through his cotton nappy every night. I decided to try putting these on him and couldn’t be happier. He hasn’t soaked through since we started using them a couple weeks ago. Very good purchase!The only problem we’ve had is that he pooped once when the booster was on, and it’s very hard to get the stain and–particularly–the smell out. I ordered some disposable, biodegradable wipes that I’m going to pair with these to keep that from happening again!

Jessica Wilmar, AR

Essential for when your little one is a bit bigger!

These are a must to use along with pre-folds and diaper covers. When your little one gets older and is wetting more they add protection with out adding bulk!

Jewell Smithtown, NY

Not sold

We tried using these at night with a regular insert in our Charlie Bananas (which I love and have no trouble with during the day), and also our Bum Genius cloth diapers. Our daughter leaks every time. Unless you want to change your baby and bedding every night, I suggest looking for a different doubler, or using disposables at night. I wanted so much to use cloth around the clock, but I can’t put my baby back to bed on a damp bed or in wet PJs. I found this too inconvenient for both of us.

Erna Nescopeck, PA


These have really worked great as doublers in our AIO diapers, as well as just used with a regular prefold, folded up in a waterproof shell. Cost effective, good convenient size and capacity. Cant go wrong.

Mellisa Arcola, PA

Fantastic for overnight!

I purchased these doublers because my daughter was leaking out of her nighttime diapers. I lay them on top of a prefold in a cover, and they work great! Keeps some of the wetness off her skin, and no more leaks, even up to 10 hours! I have been using them every night for 3 months now, and they still look like new.

Flossie Bedrock, CO

Great Doublers!

I have used these doublers with both of my daughters starting from when they were a newborn. I have really liked them! They have stayed very soft and absorb the pee fairly well. I can always tell when I have forgotten to put one in with my 4 month old, because she seems to show more discomfort with her wet diaper! =) These have been great!

Chrystal Eupora, MS

They are ok, but I used it as doublers

These inserts are very soft to the baby’s skin and you won’t need to have any liner to prevent any kind or rash. I initially was dissapointed because even though I washed them in warm water before the first use, they didn’t absorb a drop and my baby wet herself all over with all of them…but as we have had to use them when our bum genius inserts ran out, I have seen that after several washes they are becoming better soakers, although I still need to use an additional newborn insert with them…but I like them because they are being used now and work well…my baby is only 7 weeks and we get about 6-8 wet diapers daily.Would recommend but don’t expect them to be a miracle, it just does what it says and I think the price is ok…

Gracie Adrian, WV