Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion, Concentrate

Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion, Concentrate

Perfect to make wipe solutions or to refill Kissaluvs diaper lotion potion spray economically. Each bottle makes; 8 diaper lotion potions spray refills or up to 30 wipe solutions. Ingredients: ojoba oil infused with chamomile (softens, hydrates), lavender essential oil (healing, fragrant), tea tree essential oil (soothes antibacterial). Notes: we specifically formulated the concentrate as a gentle, all natural product, but we still recommend that it not be used full strength on baby’s delicate skin. Always dilute with distilled water or witch hazel before use.

Main features

  • Simple ingredients, each serving a purpose, each completely natural, no artificial anything, no silly dilution to water down the cost, just primo ingredients in the right concentrations and blends for tender baby skin
  • To refill diaper lotion potion spray bottle, add 1 tablespoon concentrate to 5 cup witch hazel, each bottle makes 8 sprays
  • Mix or blend a squirt or two of concentrate with distilled water as a diaper wipe solution
  • Formulated and mixed in the United States, in small batches and with great attention to quality and detail
  • The durable (no glass to break or fall into (or out of) the wrong hands) cobalt blue bottle is designed to retain the power of the essential oils, which in lesser containers can leach and dissipate quickly The oval shape is easy to grab and hold

Verified reviews


Magic Potion

I can’t say enough good things about this product. It’s economical – a little goes a long way when diluted with witch hazel and kept in a spray bottle. It’s gentle – my son’s sensitive skin has never reacted poorly (and he can’t use disposable wipes without breaking out). It’s moisturizing and soothing when he does have a flareup. And best of all, it’s AMAZING at getting all of the icky stuff off the tender parts without rubbing. Truth be told, I used it one bleary crazy night to remove my makeup – worked great! My son is ten months old and I’m down to a few ounces left in my second bottle, which is enough to last me the rest of the month. I consider that a great value, especially when I compare it to how much disposable wipes cost. We love the smell, we love how gentle it is, we just love it.

Flossie Banks, ID

Expensive…Will Use Differently for Baby #2

I cloth diapered my first child for 25 months & we dealt with terrible diaper rash almost every day. Our poor daughter’s skin is so extremely sensitive. We created a diaper wetting solution with this concentrate & saturated her diapers with them. Using a dry wipe on my daughter’s skin was a recipe for disaster.However, because I was using this potion to create a solution to wet 30+ wipes a week, we went through this concentrate like crazy! The price of the concentrate with the witch hazel really added up!I am going to use this potion again with our 6 week old daughter (who has not had a speck of diaper rash yet, thank goodness). This time I will use it as a spray & wet our diapers with a few drops of this concentrate mixed with distilled water. Hopefully this will allow us to stretch 1 bottle of concentrate for much longer!The smell of this product is amazing! I loved filling up my wipes container with these wipes because my daughter’s room smelled lovely. You can tell how gentle & healing this solution is just from the smell.Be aware of how much this concentrate is & use it as sparingly as you can! Use our experience to demonstrate how expensive this product can be if used as the major source of the solution to wet reusable wipes.

Elma Waldron, KS

Doesn’t dissolve

I tried to like this product. I followed the directions, and it simply would not dissolve in water or witch hazel. It just stayed as oily globs no matter how much I shaked. The smell was nice, and I was looking forward to using it, but since you aren’t supposed to use it full-strength, I couldn’t have concentrated spots on some of my wipes. I purchased a much better solution that uses many of the same ingredients from a local merchant, and I am very happy with it. This useless stuff is on it’s way back to Amazon!

Shannon Friendswood, TX

One bottle has lasted over a year–love it!

This baby was my first cloth diapering experience. So glad I bought this concentrate. I started off with a bottle of the ready-to-use spray and once that was gone I make new spray by mixing 1-2 tsp concentrate with witch hazel (a bit less than what the manufacturer recommends but it seems to work fine stretched out this way). I just keep refilling the Kissaluvs spray bottle and it’s held up well.I also use a few drops of the concentrate mixed with distilled water in a peri bottle to wet my cloth wipes. The combination of the spray and moistened cloth wipes cleans bottoms so much better than disposable wipes.Lovely natural scent and it seems to me that the antibacterial properties of the oils really do cut down on diaper rash.

Isabella Bridgeton, IN

Works okay, but doesn’t smell the best.

I purchased 2 bottles of this concentrate to mix with witch hazel for use with my cloth baby wipes. The instructions say to use a tablespoon for each bottle of mixed solution, but I found that to be WAY too much–the smell is extremely strong and almost unpleasant, in my opinion. I use about 10 drops and that seems to work better. As far as wiping my baby’s bottom goes, this seems to work fine and I haven’t noticed that it irritates his skin at all, though I don’t much like the smell it leaves on him either.But one thing I don’t like about this concentrate is the bottle itself–I have yet to find a way to make up a bottle of mixed solution without spilling–the oils just dribble down the side of the bottle and onto the counter whether I use the pop open lid, or unscrew the entire top and try to pour it. I found that to be especially true when I tried pouring it into a tablespoon before adding it to my spray bottle. When you pay $10 for such a little bottle, any waste is discouraging. I don’t know that I will buy more of this when I run out, but then again, using only 10 drops, I probably won’t run out for a few years anyway.

Edith Radium Springs, NM

Nice Smell

I THINK I like this product. I was really excited to use it. My baby did get diaper rash (from off pH stools, not any sort of bacteria or rash) so I haven’t been using it for the last week or so. I did use it for the first couple of weeks and it cleaned well as a spray. I’m still playing with the homemade wet wipes, so the jury’s still out on that. I’m going to keep trying it after baby’s bottom heals and see how it goes. I like how the product smells. It is a bit oily and slightly yellow in color (be prepared if you use it to make wet wipes) but it comes right out in the laundry and doesn’t leave any stains or smells.

Katy Austell, GA

good but not a bottled miracle

I love the smell of this, that’s the best thing about it. It smells like a massage oil–lavender and some other herbs. Anything that makes my LO’s butt smell so good gets points from me. Recently my daughter has gotten a horrible rash in/on her chin folds and shoulders from drooling so much. We’ve started to spray a cloth wipe with it (in diluted form of course) and gently pat clean her rash; I think it’s really helping.That said, it hasn’t totally prevented or cured diaper rashes for us. I think it has helped, and I definitely prefer squirting the spray vs. applying a cream, but it’s not the magic potion I thought it was going to be after reading some of the reviews. I also do NOT like the way it smells as a cloth wipe moisturizer. Maybe it’s different if you don’t use a warmer, but on pre-soaked wipes in a warmer it gets a little funky. Even though it’s not perfect, it’s still great, I recommend buying it.Tip: if your LO has eczema or super bad skin issues, I would try a hazelwood necklace before resorting to using a cream or even this potion every day. Babies have such sensitive skin, even an all natural, heavily diluted product can be too much

Julia Spreckels, CA

Absolutely wonderful product

Being that we cloth diaper, I also decided to use cloth wipes. This product was recommended by […] to make my own wipe solution with distilled water, witch hazel and a couple squirts of Diaper Lotion Potion. It smells wonderful and since I only use a squirt or two at a time in my solution, one bottle lasted me 18 months. My baby girl’s skin is extremely sensitive and we have never had a breakout by using this (the instant disposables touch her, she gets a rash). I use 2 cups distilled water, 1/3 cup witch hazel and two short squirts of DLP in an old sports bottle — shaken before using. When baby was little, I kept wipes in a Prince Lionheart warmer and would wet them down each morning with this solution. Now that baby is older, I just keep the bottle handy to wet down individual wipes when needed.

Casey Windom, MN

Not for us

I bought this to try with my cloth wipes. I did not like it at all. I made up the first batch and threw it away, I didnt even put it on my wipes. It was way too oily for me, I didnt want to put it on my kids! I also didnt like the smell at all. I just threw the bottle away. I think it’s really just a matter of preference, but I went back to using my lil outlaw’s rump solution.

Graciela Bear Creek, NC

This lasts forever!!

I cloth diaper and use cloth wipes as well and love this! We add a squirt to filtered water and we are good to go! It will last you forever!! 3 months ago my husband told me we were running low and to purchase a new one, I did and we are still on the last one! My son is now 7 months and it has lasted us this long! We put it in a spray bottle and shake before we use. I cannot believe its been 7 months! My son has not had ONE diaper rash! Overall great product and is soo worth the money!

Florine Schertz, TX

Works wonderfully

This was nicer for my baby’s skin than other wipes solutions I tried. The smell is nice, it’s easy to use, and a bottle lasts about a year for me. (I mix it with witch hazel in a spray bottle and use just a couple squirts, plus a wipe wet with water, to clean.)

Edythe Doddsville, MS

Not Sure if It’s Helping

I bought this to use on my baby with our cloth diapers. It smells great and I like using it as a wipe solution but I’m not sure the mix (a few drops with witch hazel) is working as a rash preventer/treater. I bought the Grovia Magic Stick and that clears any redness right up!

Rocio Bowling Green, KY

Its alright

I have noticed that the recommended “Water only” wash wasn’t doing the trick so we tried this concentrate. With the amount we are dilluting it with witch hazel, I wonder why I don’t just use straight witch hazel. This doesn’t seem to work well nor help clean her. In fact she just seems irritated. So we have cut down the product even more with water (which doesn’t mix necessarily well with the oils in this) but it is better than their recommended mixture. Overall, I wish I just cut water with witch hazel and added some tea tree oil to it.

Fran Shickley, NE

Prefer using this to baby wipes any day!

I am a die hard cloth diaper mama but at first I was planning to use disposable baby wipes. Then I realized that this stuff is not only easy to use, I actually prefer using it with cloth wipes over using disposable kind! I bought a couple dozen of the SpaSilk washcloths (any thin washcloth will do) and at each diaper change, I just spray a few spritzes of the Kissaluvs and one wipe does the job! The spray smells so nice, even my midwife commented on it. I love that it’s all natural. My 18 month old has only had maybe 3 diaper rashes so it’s obviously not irritating him! This seems expensive for a small bottle, but it goes a LOOONNNG way. For my shower, I received 2 sprays and 1 concentrate, and I am just NOW running out and buying another batch. Even if you use disposable diapers, I recommend keeping a bucket by the changing table and using this spray with cloth wipes. Even simple to keep in the diaper bag with our without messing with the washcloths- a spritz of this with some tp or paper towel works better than a baby wipe! Love this stuff!

Carla Harrisonville, NJ

Love our Lotion Potion Concentrate!

Kissaluv’s Diaper Lotion Potion Concentrate is an ECOLOGICAL and ECONOMICAL way to help relieve (and prevent!) rash on your precious baby’s bottom. Per the instructions, we mix the concentrate with witch hazel in a spray bottle, and use it pre-wipe to help slicken sticky messes, and post-wipe as a refreshing spritz to keep redness at bay. I much prefer using natural essential oils than chemical ointments on my baby; and the lovely scent really helps keep your diaper pail odor from overwhelming the room. We’ve even used the stuff to soothe ant and mosquito bites, and on occasion to create an extra-special bath. My favorite part is being able to mix it up myself to save money. At ten months, we are working through our third bottle and haven’t had a bad rash to date! Thank you Kissaluvs for such a great product!

Etta Roseville, IL

works well enough

I’ve been using this mixed with cucumber witch hazel water for 3 months. It smells alright but doesn’t mix well into the witch hazel. I have to shake it vigorously before spraying every time, and I don’t know if very much of it is coming out anyhow. No diaper rashes! We also use cloth diapers.

Tricia Shirley Basin, WY

Much better than disposable wipes!

We switched from disposable wipes to using cloth wipes with this spray, and we love it. Most importantly, we noticed that LO’s diaper rashes decreased dramatically when we started to use this product. I think this is because it leaves her less "wet" than traditional wipes. We use cloth diapers so it is easy to use the cloth wipes, but even if you used disposables you could wipe with a tissue and use this spray. Our LO has very sensitive skin, and I was worried that this had scented oils in it, but it has not caused a problem. It lasts a long time, so is a good value, too.Our "recipe" is to use witch hazel and the Kissaluvs, but we dilute it more than it calls for and it still works great.

Angela Pleasant Dale, NE

Works good

Read reviews & determined that I would have to just try it before I know if I like it or not. It’s somewhat oily, and has a "clean" smell, but I just don’t associate it with babies. It gets the bottom clean and works great but it’s not for me.

Annie Midway, FL

lotion potion rocks!!

This stuff is amazing. My DD had awful rashes untill we started using this. I highly recommend this for any cloth diaper wiped babies.

Rita Chase, MI

Great Product! But Strange Scent

I am giving this 5 stars because I feel it is a truly good product! It is very mild and it does a nice job. I am using flannel wipes so I just get them wet, then spritz this on (1 tbl to 4 oz of witch hazel in an apothecary spray bottle).HOWEVER – the scent is very…interesting. It is not a bad scent, but not a good "sweet smelling baby" type of scent. It’s kinda funky. Not enough to prevent me from using it, and certainly not enough to lower my rating of this awesome product. I just wish it had a sweeter scent.

Carolina Wilcox, NE

Five Stars

Keeps away diaper rash. Last forever.

Dina Sherrard, IL

No wipes and didn’t have to buy a new bottle for over two years!

This lasted a LONG time. Mix it with witch hazel, shake before spraying. It does have an herbal scent to it. So if that is not your thing then this product is not for you. It does clean reasonably well. I would hard a little more of this to the witch hazel than the label says and it seemed to clean better. You are better off to buy this and use your own bottle. If you just want a trial run, then get the 4 oz spray bottle.

Ladonna Byron, MN

No diaper rash!

We no longer cloth diaper, but we love this as a diaper wipe instead of chemical wipes. My son has yet to have a diaper rash and I’m convinced it’s because we use this. Gentle on his skin, smells great, easy to use.

Natalia Unity, IL

Lasts a long time

One bottle has lasted me a year of cloth diapering. It is great stuff! I am going to buy a couple for other cloth-diapering mothers I know. Smell is pretty fresh (not my favorite) but seems to be good for my daughter’s sensitive skin.

Marietta Purdys, NY

Great Diaper Potion

I have purchased a few different types of diaper cleaner and also made my own. Personally, they are all about the same to me. I do think this one does a great job though, and I love to mix it with Rose witch hazel for a very herby, aromatic (hippie dippy) smell.

Allyson Maryville, MO

Does the job!

I mix this with mostly water (I use less potion than the bottle says) and I make a solution with it in a bowl, then dip my flannel wipes in the solution, fold them into quarters, and put them in a wipes warmer. It works GREAT! I do not add to Witch Hazel as the bottle says- just water- and it is pleasant and does the job. I recommend this product to anyone doing cloth diapering and wiping.

Nell Sweet, ID

fresh, clean, and inexpensive

I love this stuff! I spray it on my daughter to loosen solids, she wipes clean easily and smells clean and fresh. It also seems to keep diaper rash away. I much prefer using this to disposable baby wipes that have lots of chemicals in them. I was concerned when I first bought it that I would go through it quickly and that it would be expensive to keep buying, but the first spray bottle lasted 2 whole months. This concentrate bottle makes 8 refills of the spray bottle, so this should last a long time and is therefore a great value. Yet another advantage over disposable wipes — it is much, much cheaper than buying wipes constantly.

Rochelle Winnie, TX

Baby’s bottom is smooth and rash free

My baby has sensitive skin and she gets a rash very easily. It’s not something I experienced with my first two children. After reading the reviews on Amazon, I decided to give this stuff a try and I’m glad I did. My baby’s bottom is clearer than it has been in a long time.I mixed this with water and a touch of witch hazel. Not only is it convenient to not have to wet my wipes in the sink for every diaper change – this stuff seems to work better than using cloth wipes with regular water.I was also surprised by how much I like the smell of this. I’m generally very picky about scents. (I’m definitely not the type of person who wears perfume or uses air fresheners.) I think this lotion potion smells awesome though.Although I initially thought that this was a tad expensive, I added up the costs of buying my own oils, and found that this really wasn’t that bad of a price. It’s definitely cheaper than buying disposable baby wipes, and works better than water.

Valarie Rembert, SC

Great for natural, rash free baby bum!!!

I have been using this product while cloth diapering my daughter for 2 years now. I am very pleased with this product. She does have sensitive skin and has been largely rash-free while using it.Note: One bottle lasts me about a year… while full time cloth diapering. That is how much I dilute it. I do 2 squirts into about 4 ounces of water in a spray bottle and then several sprays onto my cloth wipes each change.Also, I did not take it with me while traveling once and just did water on my cloth wipes. She got bad diaper rash. So, by controlled experiment, the diaper lotion potion is superior to water. 😉 We also periodically tried 7th generation wipes and again she got rash.

Roxanne Cardwell, MT

Great stuff!

I use this in a wipes warmer with my wipes. Has a nice smell to it and works really great with my wipes/warmer.

Diane Saint Mary Of The Woods, IN