Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion, Spray

Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion, Spray

Diapering just got easier with Kissaluvs diaper lotion potion spray. Simply spray onto baby’s bottom to soothe minor rashes and skin irritations, or to clean and refresh. All natural ingredients no alcohol. No Parabens. No phthalates. The wonderfully efficient diaper spray also refreshes diaper pails and musty rooms. Ingredients; distilled water infused with witch hazel, jojoba oil infused with chamomile (softens, hydrates), lavender essential oil (healing, fragrant), tea tree essential oil, cosmocil cq (gentle, FDA approved preservative). Formulated and mixed in the United States, in small batches and with great attention to quality and detail.

Main features

  • 4 ounce all natural ingredients
  • Ultra convenient, no messy creams or ointments
  • Moisturizes babys delicate skin and soothes minor rashes
  • Diaper lotion potion concentrate makes refills easy and cost effective
  • Other uses: effective diaper pail spray; great face and aftershave spray for dad and moms; soothing bug and insect bite spray

Verified reviews


Way too expensive!

This wipe solution has good essential oils and smells nice, but it is way too expensive! You might as well use disposable wipes, because you won’t save any money with cloth wipes if you use a solution like this every time. After I went through a bottle of this, I decided to save money by mixing my own solutions. There are a lot of recipes out there or you can make your own, save a lot of $$, and fill your child’s individual needs. I personally just use a tablespoon of baby wash and a tablespoon of coconut oil mixed with 2 cups of hot water. This makes enough wipes to last three or more days, and it costs barely anything. The coconut oil helps heal or prevent any rashes while the wash cleanses. The wipe solution won’t do either.

Rosanna Shanksville, PA

Great for the butt butt!

I’ve used this since my baby was days old. We cloth diapered for the first year, which is how I found out about this product. It’s definitely save for cloth, and it’s a great rash preventer for the little ones who poop a lot. The tea tree oil and lavender essential oil are naturally antimicrobial. And delicious smelling.Fast forward to a 21 month old who was way too sensitive to wetness to handle cloth diapers. But we still have the Lotion Potion Spray as a mainstay on the changing table! He has gross poop now more than ever — thanks toddlerhood! — and — alright, this is TMI, but if you’re looking at this, you probably already know a fair amount about baby poop — sometimes his butt still stinks even after wiping well. I spray this after a poop, and his skin is fresh and really clean. And moisturized! Genius! And he giggles when I spray it on him and often wants “more lotion.” Very cute. I think it’s a great quick way to help wipe dirt off hands and feet too. Every mama should have it!

Tommie Bamberg, SC

easy and works

I really like this spray a lot! It’s nice that it’s a spray on, because it’s easy to apply and I don’t get cream stuck under my fingernails! It also works well, the diaper rash on my son goes away fast after I put it on. The scent is also refreshing and not too strong. My son so far has had only very minor diaper rash and not very often so I’m not sure how it work on bad cases, but if it comes up I’ll update my review!

Tessa Winchester, NH


My son is very acidic, just like Daddy, so when he gets sick or gets a rash, his poor bum gets stripped and so red. I’ve tried everything I can, including going to back to disposable diapers to see if it would help, but it didn’t. No ointments, powders with or without zinc helped as fast as this miracle spray. My son is now nearly 18 months and smiles every time I spray this on him, which is very different from his screams of pain with regular disposable wipes (even the sensitive ones). The smell is delightful and I can imagine this is a great product even for mommies who have just given birth (if you know what I mean). Love this and so does my son. Even my husband says it makes cloth diaper changes (the poopy ones) much easier.

Wendi Absecon, NJ

Very fine mist, works great.

I usually use water in a spray bottle and a wipe cloth to clean the baby bottom. But when it comes to cleaning the big job, water doesn’t cut it. This product helps to wipe it all clean with one stroke! The mist is very fine, so one push goes on to a large surface evenly and no drips. It’s all natural, so it’s easy on the sensitive baby skin.

Claudine Walshville, IL

Seems to do the job!

I’ve only been using this for about a week so far but I really enjoy this diaper wipes spray. I am using it with cloth diapers and flannel wipes. It has a very pleasant smell and the spray bottle is a nice size for handling. The price of this individual spray bottle is pretty high however so I am ordering a bottle of the concentrate to mix my own for the next round. So far this bottle is already half gone and I’ve only been using it for about a week and a half! But I am really new at this so I might be using too much. Perhaps I’ll become a little more proficient with more practice!I am not sure if this spray is magical in any way or if I could actually make something just as good myself. I am sure I could – I can’t really justify spending this much on diaper wipes spray when my whole reason for cloth diapering was to save money in the first place. So we’ll see how long the concentrate bottle lasts me. This was a good way to try it out though to see if I liked it – and I plan on re-using the bottle for mixing my concentrate so I am glad I got this size for that reason as well. It really is a good size and shape of bottle for one handed use and storage too. So I don’t regret my purchase of this smaller bottle – good way to try it out and great bottle.

Annmarie Rawl, WV

I love this stuff!

This is great if you use cloth wipes. It is also great for a really messy diaper. It helps get everything clean and it doesn’t stink. I haven’t had any issues with rashes or allergic reactions.

Elisa Bouse, AZ

A Little Goes a Long Way

Get a separate bottle and mix only a little of this with some boiled and cooled water. Doing this will make it last a bit longer too.I have a toddler and this got her clean and clean smelling. I do a sniff test after I change her and this worked. It did not irritate her and she has sensitive skin. I didn’t love the smell but it was okay. Did the job for which it was purchased.

Abbie Beccaria, PA

Great wipes solutions!

Really like this spray to use with our FuzziBunz Wonder Wipes! Would recommend for anyone, if those who don’t use cloth diapers!

Felicia Brandamore, PA

Does the job

We cloth diaper and use this at every change with a washcloth for cleaning. It does a really good job. I don’t love the smell, but it doesn’t bother me either. My daughter seems to like being sprayed. I just wish it was less expensive. It lasted more than a month using it at every diaper change, which I was happy about. I did buy the concentrate the next time to mix my own.

Carissa Lookout, WV

Trial run, great idea! Long term, not so much.

This lasted a LONG time. Mix it with witch hazel, shake before spraying. It does have an herbal scent to it. So if that is not your thing then this product is not for you. It does clean reasonably well. This is already to use and mixed. You can but concentrate that you mix with witch hazel and I would add a little bit more of the Potion to the witch hazel than the instructions said to. But I found that it did clean better. You are better off to buy this and use your own bottle. If you just want a trial run, then get the 4 oz spray bottle.

Susanna Brownsville, TX

Ok–but pricey for how much you get

This stuff smelled nice, and it got the job done, but for what I paid for it, it wasn’t worth buying anymore. I ended up making my own wipe solution (distilled water, castille soap, tea tree oil and witch hazel) and my baby’s bottom has had no rash (I can’t say the same for when we were using this stuff). I wanted to like it, but I can’t recommend it.

Jill Tyler, TX

smells great!

We use cloth diapers and cloth wips for our baby, using one or two sprays of this onto a dry wipe clean my babies bottom and leave her with a nice smell!My daughters skin is very sensitive, this doesnt bother her skin.

Mabel Dinosaur, CO

Allergic Reaction

I used this on my son once and a few hours later I noticed that he had raised red spots all over his diaper area. I love Amazon for letting me return this diaper spray. Obviously I wouldn’t buy this again and we’ll just continue to make our own diaper spray since that doesn’t seem to bother his skin. I wanted to give this a try because of the ingredients that it has listed and the fact that it’s promoted as something that would aid in keeping things like yeast away. The smell is also kind of strong but my husband says it “smells like it’s working” which I guess works out…I didn’t find the smell off-putting but the rash and sleepless night from my uncomfortable baby were definitely a deal breaker.

Deloris Linden, CA

Loved this more once I knew the best way to use it

At first, I thought this was supposed to be like diaper cream– clean baby’s bottom, spray this on, put on a new diaper. As a new mom, I had that all wrong and soon realized that when he had recurrent diaper rash from all the moisture. The best way that I’ve found to use this is like this: Spray this on a cloth wipe, use it to clean up baby’s bottom; dry off baby’s bottom, add diaper cream if desired or needed; add new diaper. This has really helped prevent any diaper rash, plus as a great bonus, it smells AMAZING.

Ophelia Belton, KY

always have on hand

This is great for moms who dont feel like making their own home made diaper wipe solution. I love the smell. For cloth diapering it helps keep the urine smell of their bum and helps make poop come off the bum eaiser. Even my husband grabs for it during diaper changes!

Kim Thurmond, NC

Kissaluvs Lotion Potion

I bought this to use with my cloth wipes. This product smells pretty good, like essential oils, but is also a bit oily itself. I’m not sure if it was in fact the product, but my son would get a rash while using this. Now at home we just use warm water. I keep the Kissaluvs in my diaper bag for on the go diaper changes. Also, went through one bottle in a couple of weeks when I was using it daily on my newborn.

Maritza Sims, NC

Smells amazing, refreshing.

This stuff smells incredible and is super gentle on my baby’s sensitive bum. Each bottle goes a long way and i wipe and pat dry with a cotton square. Much better than those smelly, smeary wet wipes. And made in Texas–I think.

Robbie Silver Creek, MN

Works Well Smells Ok

I gave this product a 4 star instead of a 5 because of the smell. It doesn’t smell horrible (it’s supposed to be an herbal smell) but it isn’t fabulous smelling either. I also have noticed that we need to spray multiple sprays of the product in order for it to work with our cloth wipes. It seems best to spray directly onto baby’s bottom, then wipe with the dry cloth. I will probably make our own wipe solution after this bottle is gone, and just keep refilling this spray bottle with the homemade solution. It was worth trying though, and would make a nice gift for someone who doesn’t know how to make their own solution.

Rocio Frannie, WY

Love the smell

The scent is really nice, it neutralizes odors instantly. I spray it liberally on my son’s bottom when he poops and poof! stink is gone, makes it more tolerable to clean. works so well for travel/diaper bags coz its container is slim and small. I mostly use Mustela PhysiObébé no rinse cleanser or the California Baby Diaper Area Wash and honestly, its not much different. The advantage for me is its container being travel handy. Both mustela and california baby spray’s containers are bulky.

Emily Middleport, NY

Our favorite baby butt spray! 🙂

My husband and I both love this spray, it’s our favorite of the ones we’ve tried so far. The smell is great; gentle and not overpowering. We have not had any problems with rashes or reactions.

Blanca Walnut Grove, CA

Allow me to express my LOVE for this stuff!!!

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve used this spray on my daughter in mothers groups and other moms say “wow, what is that fabulous smell?” (and no, my child doesn’t happen to have great smelling poop…:). Honestly this stuff is amazing. Beyond the most lovely scent, it has natural antibacterial properties, so I think it helps with diaper rashes. Also, I use it on my own hands after I change my baby (if a bathroom isn’t nearby) — I’ve even used this to clean the hands & faces of my older kids. Also, a little goes a really long way. You don’t have to use the whole tablespoon with the witch hazel — I’ve used as little as a teaspoon per 4 ounce bottle and it works great. This is an all around great product — and you know it’s natural. Really nice. Every mother who tries mine buys her own and raves about it.P.S. I always just spray it right on my baby’s bum, then wipe with cloth wipes…works great!

Isabelle Yabucoa, PR

works fine & very economical but…

We have been using this with cloth wipes as a spray and just wetting the cloths and keeping them in a wipes box for 2 months. It works fine, we haven’t had any problem with rash. But it’s super greasy if you put too much in the solution. I only put 10 drops like another reviewed suggested not as much as the directions say to. In the spray bottle it doesn’t mix well with the water/witch hazel but I guess it gets on the wipes since I can smell & feel it. I personally can’t stand the smell which is a bummer since there is a lot and a little goes a long way. It also makes my hands a little greasy which bugs me. My husband doesn’t mind the smell so it’s all personal preference. I like the California baby Diaper Area Wash (smell & feel) better even though it’s a little more expensive. Probably won’t buy again.

Sandy Luxora, AR

Smells good and works well

Really freshens things up after a poopy diaper! I’ve used with disposables and bumgenius.

Lara Overbrook, OK

Perfect for cloth diapering!

I thought this stuff might be a little extraneous or pricey, but we really love it. Smells good and goes a long way. I recommend buying the concentrate to refill these smaller bottles. We have several- one for the changing table, co-sleeper, diaper bags, etc. I use the Spa-silk small washcloths as diaper wipes- just spritz his little bottom, wipe, and toss in the wetbag with the cloth diapers. Easier than using disposable wipes and having to throw those in a separate trash can.

Lena Genoa, WV

works great

works beautifully on my baby’s cloth-diapered bum…I wish it had a little bit cleaner smell, but it smells good enough, I suppose.

Alexandria Kanosh, UT

Love this.

We cloth diaper and use cloth wipes. When necessary I just wet the wipes with water and spray this directly on my daughter’s diaper area. Cleans well and makes everything smell fresh and clean.

Terrie Kendall, NY

Great Fresh Scent!

This is a great solution to spray on cloth wipes. I bought one bottle when my baby was born and 5 months later, still have half a bottle. Also, has a nice flowery smell.

Lynette Follett, TX


Completely satisfied (NOTE we purchased concentration version, not the spray). My wife does not like the smell, but it’s fine by me. Does a great job of cleaning and I feel that it prevents diaper rash. We mix with hazel which (SP?)and keep in a spray bottle. We simply spray onto cloth wipes.

Lakeisha Alsen, ND

Not Really Necessary

The spray works great for use with cloth wipes while wiping baby’s butt. But, we found that it isn’t really needed most of the time and that water seems to work just fine.

Concepcion Enning, SD