Kissaluvs Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diaper, Unbleached, Medium/Large 15-40lbs

Kissaluvs Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diaper, Unbleached, Medium/Large 15-40lbs

Made of a mix of naturally durable hemp, and certified organic cotton, these diapers take green and sustainability seriously. Quite possibly the highest quality “nappies” on earth, the diapers share all the features of Kissa’s cotton fleece fitted diapers with the addition of a snap in soaker. Organic cotton and hemp make the diaper super soft and ultra absorbent. Made with love in the United States note: the diapers are made of absorbent materials inside and out, so you will likely want to use diaper covers over them. We recommend using marvels OS cover by Kissaluvs for a perfect fit.

Main features

  • Organic cotton and natural durable hemp fabrics provide wonderful purity, softness and absorbency
  • Generous sizing will grow with baby making the diapers even more economical
  • Super trim design, yet very absorbent, leave in the snap in soaker to add absorbency as needed
  • Stretchy elastic at leg and back openings for a leak proof and snug fit without binding
  • Sturdy plastic snap closures easy access for parents, not so easy for curious toddlers

Verified reviews


My favorites!

I was deciding between these and the bumgenius elementals but decided to go with these as my baby (now 4 months and 3 weeks old) is exclusively breastfed and therefore has super leaky poo! Kissaluvs is definitely the best in containing EBF poop explosions, especially paired with a cover like thirsties. The snap buttons make it easy to adjust to fit my baby perfectly and the snap-on insert is great! I usually remove all the inserts and use the diaper alone for daytime, and then take two inserts and pad on the outside of the diaper (between the diaper and the cover) for nighttime. Works great and no leaks so far. With a cold rinse and then a hot wash, the stains don’t come out 100% but I’m ok with that. The best way to get stains out is to dry in the sun, which I did with my original kissaluvs I used for my first baby (now 5 years old!) and was able to resell them! For now I’m tumble drying, but will occasionally hang in the sun to get the stains out. The material is great and I love that it is chemical-free. I use ecover powder detergent but when I’ve finished what I have left, I’ll switch to Allen’s. Also, be warned that you have to pre-wash/dry 3 times on hot and these produce TONS of lint!!!! I actually saved all the lint that came off in the washing machine and dryer filter to use for craft projects. Don’t want to let the organic hemp/cotton fibers to go to waste!! I had 12 of these plus 5 thirsties covers shipped to me internationally for about $28 and they came quickly without a problem.

Jean New Memphis, IL

What am I doing wrong? It leaks!

I bought this for an overnight diaper, trying to avoid using synthetic fabrics, and paired it with a Kissaluvs wool cover. I even used a Joey Bunz premium hemp insert and I still have leaks! I re-lanolized my cover to make sure it wasn’t that, and tried again. This diaper is absolutely soaked by morning and the wetness goes right through the wool and soaks my son’s pajamas and sheet. I’ve washed this diaper and the Joey Bunz at least six times and it continues to leak. I guess it’s not all that absorbent. My son is three months old and only 14 pounds and it still does not hold enough pee to last 10 hours. I expected it to be more absorbent. Guess I’m going back to pockets.

Elda Bethel, MO

Not worth $20. Shrinks a lot and only soft for a short time.

After it is washed a few times, it’s really not very soft (kind of scratchy like all hemp is) and it shrinks a lot, especially in the rise. I really don’t like the rounded snap configuration on fitteds (Bella Bottoms, etc.). It’s just kind of annoying to get a good fit. I was having trouble finding a good overnight dipe and I wanted to try this b/c I was hoping it would be really trim, but I definitely don’t love it. I don’t like how it’s hard to tell which side is up and which is down (the button for the snap-in liner is on the opposite side of the tag which would normally be the inside and the liner always comes out during the wash (I have a front loader and do an X-fast spin cycle.) I haven’t spent nearly this much money on any of my other diapers that I like a lot more. On the up side, it did work underneath my size large Mother-Ease airflow cover. I’m glad I didn’t have to buy a special cover to fit this, b/c it is kind of large and wouldn’t work under a lot of covers.

Stefanie Chestnut Mountain, GA

Just too big

My baby is 16lbs and it is just too big on her even though it says 15-40lbs. I would wait to buy this till your little one is bigger than 20 lbs. I will edit this review when she is bigger.

Angelita Waterville, VT

perfect for night time diapering

I love, love, love this diaper. Paired with a hemp doubler and aKissa’s Wool Lover Diaper Coverwe have finally found the perfect no leak solution for our night time diapering. I put the hemp doubler in as a pre-caution but I think this would work great even without the doubler because of all the layers of hemp and the snap in soaker they provide you with. This feels super soft which makes me and baby happy. And it’s made in the USA which is awesome.

Carla New Paris, IN

Great at 20 lbs+

I bought this when my daughter was at 15 lbs, and it was just too big (not surprisingly). Now that she’s closer to 20 lbs, it is fitting much better. I do very much like the material – it is absorbent and soft. I only use this at home, however, as it is too bulky for a cover (none of her onesies snap over it!). All in all it was what I was expecting and I’m happy with it. I still think regular cloth diapers are the way to go, however. Not a huge fan of these “all in ones.”

Nettie Cedar City, MO

Great Overnight Diaper!

This is a great overnight diaper! My seventh month old daughter (14-15 pounds, 27-28 inches) is a heavy wetter and sleeps for 10-12 hours every night. I use this diaper, the insert provided,Thirsties Hemp Inserts 2 Pack, Large 18-40 lbs(not sure it’s actually necessary, but I like to be cautious), and aThirsties Duo Wrap Snap, Hoot, Two. We have not had any problems with leaks.Unfortunately, due to the length of time my daughter sleeps, she keeps getting a yeast rash at night. For this reason, we switched her back to disposable diapers at night. This allows us to apply her prescription antifungal ointment (not cloth diaper safe) without worrying about ruining the diaper. We looked into using a disposable liner, but were not satisfied that it would totally protect the diaper from the ointment.Overall, if you have a baby who doesn’t sleep as long as mine does (or a baby who isn’t prone to yeast rashes), this is a great overnight diaper. I still use this diaper on my daughter during the day, but wouldn’t buy another one due to the high price. Don’t get me wrong. The price is worth it for overnight use (in my opinion), but not for daytime use. We will stick to prefolds and flats during the day.Update:Not long after I wrote the original review, I found a CD-safe home remedy for her yeast rashes. This diaper has been so great for us. She is now 19 months old (80th percentile for her height) and this is finally getting to be a bit small. I definitely recommend this diaper!

Kayla Otter Rock, OR


This diaper is absorbent and fairly trim on a bigger baby, since it is one size there is quite a bit of extra diaper here on a very small baby and there seems to be a gap in the kissaluvs fitteds between the newborn size and this M/L/one size where neither diaper fits well. Once the babe grows into it however this is a high quality diaper that absorbs a lot even though it is relatively trim. I personally do not like the fold down rise for size adjustment because when you need it it kinda folds up creating an awkward bunching/pulling at the tummy, and I had a lot of "wing drop" when fastneing around a slender baby. Whith the fold down rise up the snaps are touching your baby’s skin which I don’t like. I was tempted to give this diaper 3 stars because of that, however I think maybe some people like the fold down rise so I didn’t want to dock the diaper for those people. It is very well made otherwise.

Roslyn Upatoi, GA

Love this diaper!

My son (6 months) is a heavy wetter and this diaper is one of few that can contain his overnight wetness. I pair this with a Flip cover and we’re good for 8+ hours. Wish I had more of these!

Alexandra Proctorville, OH

love them

These are nice and easy to use. I love how its fitted. They are very absorbent. I like to use them without a cover when we are just home. Its quality made.

Lorene East Canaan, CT

good but not my go-to

Very durable construction. Soak everything up, perfect for night time even for my super heavy wetter. However the fit is weird on my son who is long and slender. and while I appreciate the extra thickness in the wetzone, it takes much too long to dry and I would prefer an extra insert instead.I actually prefer the cheap THX hemp/cotton fitteds I bought for about $7.

Mavis Bayfield, WI

Easy, Effective, and Adorable!

These fitted diapers with snaps have been a great step in the evolution of our cloth experience. Starting with prefolds and snappis, these are so much more absorbent and convenient to put on baby. No more handling dirty pins or snappis, and the ruffled legs really stop leaks. We can go longer between changes and fewer parts/no folding is easier for dad and babysitter to manage. Paired with a great cover, these are the first diapers I go for whenever we’re at home.

Mindy Gaston, SC

I love it – My favorite cloth diaper so far

So soft, cozy and fits perfectly. Great for during the day or overnight with extra insert for my heavy wetter. Goes great under wool covers (that’s what I use). I absolutely love this diaper and wish I could afford to buy a dozen more.

Mabel Felton, MN