Kissa’s Newborn All-In-One Diaper, Lagoon Blue

Kissa’s Newborn All-In-One Diaper, Lagoon Blue

From the makers of the ‘perfect newborn fitted diaper’ comes another winner, the perfect newborn all in one diaper. It is soft, absorbent and super easy to use. Leak free PUL and snap down umbilical protection means you can focus on what’s important, cuddling up with your new bundle of joy instead of worrying about blowouts and rashes. This will fit babies weighs 5 15 pounds and it features with super soft with stay dry fleece inside. Made in USA.

Main features

  • Super easy, 1 step diaper system, simply snap on and off
  • Superior protection for baby’s umbilical cord with the center snap down feature
  • Keeps baby dry with soft, stay dry fleece inside
  • Gentle elastic that hugs and keeps leaks in
  • Specially shaped to fit your skinny mini and chubby bubby equally well

Verified reviews


snaps will touch baby

I haven’t been able to use these yet, but I’m surprised that the design would allow the uncomfortable part of the snap (the stud) to touch baby. I read another review that stated the snaps could touch baby, but I assumed the reviewer meant the flat, smooth surface of the snap (the cap). But when the diaper is snapped down for umbilical cord, two of the stud sides of the snaps will touch and scrape on baby’s belly. I heard nothing but GREAT things about these diapers.. I’m unsure of why I never saw this mentioned before, and I’ve been a long time member of DiaperSwappers. It COULD be folded down in a way so that it doesn’t rub, but that will take extra effort because if you snap it on precisely as the photo shows, the stud would rub on baby’s belly.Otherwise, it looks like a very nice diaper and I’m still looking forward to using them!A picture to describe the cap vs stud part of the snap:[…]

Melinda Huron, IN

Oh this is so soft

We absolutely love this option, having a diaper that snaps below the umbilical cord. We’ve dont the 3x pre-wash and it got even softer than when it arrived, it’s just the softest thing ever. PLUS, it has a built-in think potty area, so if baby can’t quite accomodate a cloth liner, you don’t even need one!

Carrie Kotlik, AK


This diaper leaks every time I put it on our daughter!The inside is soft, it has the snap for umbilical cord stump ( which is great) but it doesn’t hold up.My girl is tiny and petite one month old, and this diaper is very lose around her legs and also bulky compared to the other diapers I have.

Wilda Lebanon, OK

great for our skinny legged newborn

absolutely no diaper worked for my 7 lb newborn. but at 9 lbs this diaper is great. all in one. cute. great fit. just wish there were a few more snaps for when you want to slightly adjust the tummy tightness

Adelaide Cassville, NY

Not the same as the fitted diaper

Kissaluv makes a fitted diaper in a size 0. Those need a cover so we thought we would try the AIO (All in one) However, the AIO is not as absorbent & does not fit the same. The size 0 go tighter around the legs and they also have one more size adjustment. These have leaked literally every single time he pees or poops. He is currently 9 lbs 3 oz & 21 inches. He is in the 50% for everything. These should fit and not leak. I can’t see them fitting right until he is 2 moths old and then I don’t think they will fit very long. But they were cute to put on him for his newborn pics.

Robin Somerville, TN

Best newborn diaper

We bought an assortment of newborn diapers and these are hands down the winner. My son was born 8lb 8 oz and these fit immediately. The front folds down low enough to avoid the umbilical cord stump, and it looks like once the stump falls off we should be able to get more wear out of them by using the upper row of snaps. These are so easy to use, my husband loves them. They are so nice and soft against babies skin and not terribly bulky either. They also hold a lot of urine and poo without any leaking. The bumGenius newborn AIO’s leaked horribly, with a three day old baby, so it couldn’t have been that much liquid, and they were prepped correctly too. We also like the fitted Kissaluvs with the thirsties covers, but it is so much easier having them all together without the extra step,so I just ordered a few more.

Fanny Wauconda, WA

Nice but not very absorbant

These are a great fit for newborns, nice and trim. However, we had terrible luck with the absorbancy on them. My son is a very heavy wetter, and these just weren’t quite enough. They also didn’t fit him for very long, but I wanted something trim so that was par for the course.

Sandy Eastport, MI


These diapers are very easy to use and are so much better at wicking away moisture. Be sure to pre-wash them about 2-3 times as they absorb more with more washes. I only bought a handful of the newborn diapers as the regular Kissaluvs are for babies 7-35 pounds. My newborn was just under 7 pounds and these newborn ones were a PERFECT FIT! I tried the regular size and she was swimming in them. So now I am rushing to buy more of these fantastic diapers! I highly recommend

Bridgette Crane Lake, MN

Excellent purchase

I love this diaper. It was small enough to fit my son right home from the hospital at 7 1/2 pounds and it still fits him at 10 pounds. It is sooo soft and cute! I also rated it higher than other all in one newborn diapers because it dries quickly in one cycle, as opposed to the others than need a dryer cycle and some time in the sun. Also, no staining thus far! *two thumbs up!*

Lora London Mills, IL


This is one of my favorite all in ones for night time sleeping. Easy to use, easy to clean and fits newborn wonderfully (avoiding the belly)

Judith Vinalhaven, ME

Not leak proof, love material and color

The fit just never quite worked out as she is a tall baby. I have used this diaper daily and I love that you just wash it and dry it. It was our first cloth diaper and though I don’t hate it, it doesn’t get the best seal around my babies legs to guard against leaks. She was a premie 6lbs and it fit the best of all the cloths we had and still fits even though she is 12lbs We wore it through 4mos

Doretha Rankin, TX

Leaky legs

As another customer expressed, this was my favorite diaper the first week, I got one in blue & one in green & preferred them over the hybrid kissaluvs bc they dry faster, require no cover & are slimmer so better fit for clothing. However, as my baby has grown & no longer uses the snaps at the bottom of the diaper they leak every single time! His pee & poo go right out the side thru the leg opening, renders the whole thing kind of pointless. There needs to be an option in between. I do love the cord fold down! They have that in the hybrid too, which are NOW my favorite diapers & I do think are also softer.

Eileen Steinhatchee, FL