Kissa’s One Size All-In-One Diaper, Chocolate

Kissa’s One Size All-In-One Diaper, Chocolate

One Size, Fits 7 35 pounds. Quick drying. No stuffing design. Our absolute favorite diaper. Super easy to use simply snap on and snap off. Grows with the baby, so you’ll never need to buy another diaper again. Patent Pending, Self cleaning, No stuffing design. Toss the diaper into your washing machine and the soaker will agitate out to get a thorough cleaning and dry in a jiffy, but will stay attached to the diaper. Depending on your machine’s agitation cycle, the diaper may turn completely inside out in the wash. Upon drying, simply reach in and turn the diaper right side out. Easy to use, Easier to clean. No stuffing, No touching dirty inserts. Features: Waterproof exterior. Super soft, stay dry fleece next to skin keeps baby dry and comfortable. Self cleaning: the soaker agitates out in the wash yet stays attached. No stuffing or hunting for soakers in your washing machine. Gentle but effective elastic at legs and waist contains all messes. Pocket in the back to stuff additional soakers if needed. No messy Velcro. Adjustable snaps and overlapping wings ensures the diaper fits skinny and chubby babies alike. One sized, fitting babies 7 35 pounds. Super simple design, loved by dads and babysitters alike. Available in staple White (with White inner) and fashion colors with complimentary inside colors.

Main features

  • Our absolute favorite diaper, super easy to use simply snap on and snap off
  • No stuffing, no touching dirty inserts
  • Waterproof exterior with super soft, stay dry fleece inner to keep baby dry and comfortable
  • One sized, fitting babies 7 35 pounds, buy diapers once and never again
  • No messy Velcro, adjustable snaps and overlapping wings ensures the diaper fits skinny and chubby babies alike

Verified reviews


Good but not AIO

I purchased a variety of different styles and brands (cover with insert, pocket and all-in-one diapers). I do like Kissa’s but I would not consider it AIO. The insert is attached to the diaper but you still have to stuff it inside. It is easier than in regular pocket diapers but I’m still not a big fan of stuffing. I also like to wrap the insert with a flushable liner and discard #2s for an easy clean-up. This is not possible with this so-called AIO. I only had one minor leak so far and I will continue using this diaper.

Janelle Granby, MA

Soft, but bulky

I am preparing to cloth diaper a newborn. I am planning on mostly using prefolds and covers, but am also buying a handful of AIOs, mostly for daddy and nights. I also have a 3 year old who has pretty much completed potty training, but I am still putting her in a diaper to sleep as a preventative measure against having to wash extra sheets, so I am using the AIOs on her for that purpose. So far I have this Kissa diaper and a Bumgenius 4.0 pocket diaper. I like the Bumgenius much, much better. I will be buying more of those, and not another single one of these.The Kissa is much bulkier than the Bumgenius, which fits very well. I prefer the two snaps on each side. With the Kissa just having one snap on each side, the lower edge of the flaps have a tendency to roll up, rather than staying flat and in place like the Bumgenius. Overall, it looks much less comfortable.The Kissa insert is made into the diaper. It does not come out, and is designed to sort of work its way out as the diaper washes. It does – sort of. The first time I washed it, I just threw it in the drier exactly as it came out of the washer. The insert had not pulled out much, and it didn’t get anywhere near dry. I pulled it the rest of the way out (basically inside out) to finish drying it. Now that I know, I make sure to pull it out when I put it in the drier and it dries much better. Although this feature is made to be convenient and save you some hassle (of stuffing pockets and pulling out inserts for washing), I don’t see that it helps at all. It’s really not a big deal to stuff an insert into a pocket, and with the pieces being separate, you can choose what inserts work best in your pockets, double stuff easier, etc. Also, after drying, you actually do have to ‘stuff’ it back in anyways.I can say that this is a very soft diaper. I haven’t had any leaks. It appears to be made quite well, and I expect it to last as long as I need it to, and then I’ll probably be able to sell it. It’s certainly not a horrible product, but I don’t like the features, especially compared to other products. It mostly comes down personal preference on this one.

Deidre Juliette, GA

Doesn’t fit yet

I haven’t figured out how to get this to fit my 10 lb babies just yet… even on the smallest rise the leg holes are just too big. LOVE the interior, can’t wait until it fits… but for now I have to give it 2 stars because it says "One size" but it’s not.

Margarita Winthrop, WA

very absorbant

These are a little bulky (as most cloth diapers are), but they are pretty good. I LOVE how the absorbant part agitates out in the wash (but does not detach). This makes washing more effective and drying faster. I am still trying to figure out the best way to snap these so they fit my 11 week old. I’m not sure if it’s my child’s chubby thighs causing a problem, but it seems to be either too loose or too tight around her legs. (Too loose causes leaks; too tight causes red marks on her legs). Overall, it’s ease of washing make this an awesome choice for AIO diapers.

Naomi Pound, WI

Great diaper, very soft.

This diaper is super soft and very absorbent. I love the softness and the texture, but it did kind of throw me off when it turned inside out the first time I washed it. I highly recommend it, though.

Francesca Union, IA

Stash going on 3 years use

We’ve had our Kissaluv’s One Size AIO stash of about 20 diapers going on for over 3 years. (These are the only diapers we have on hand as we got rid of the others we had tried and disliked). Our first used them until he was two-and-a-half and potty trained early and our second 19 month old is in them now. I absolutely love the diapers. They are easy to use, easy to clean and have little or no staining. We keep them in a wet bag until it’s time to wash, about every 3-4 days. The absorbency has definitely dwindled as our second is a heavy wetter, but I use an insert in them if we are going out…otherwise I have to make sure I change him in a reasonable amount of time so I’m not changing his clothes too. I don’t use them at night because not even a disposable lasts. I end up changing him in the middle of the night either way, but they are super easy during the day. I find that the insert agitates out in the wash rather easily about 80% of the time, if it doesn’t I just pull it out to dry it. I line dry them in the sun all the time and have very little if any staining. They’ve contained the messes thus far. They are a tad bulky, but I really haven’t found a CD that’s not, so it doesn’t bother me and it doesn’t seem to bother him. This is the diaper he picks out when I ask him to grab me one when it’s time for a change. I wouldn’t recommend it for a newborn. It’s a bit big and more useful after they hit about 12 lbs or so (which is why they made a newborn diaper). We’ve saved a bunch of money not having to buy disposables. Especially since they’ve made it this long. I’ll update if we decide to go for baby number 3.The only reason it didn’t get 5 stars was because it doesn’t work well for nighttime for us.

Maribel Peapack, NJ

Most Amazing Diaper Ever!

Not only is this diaper absorbent and trim fitting, it is so easy to use! This is my favorite All In On diaper (AIO) because no stuffing is required. Kissaluvs has made the diaper so that the insert is attached, no stuffing every. This diaper is amazing!

Bessie Bryce, UT

best AIO

This cloth diapering mama is sold on AIO’s (all in ones), thanks to Kissaluv’s.We started using hybrid diapers (Gdiaper and Flip systems) when our 2 year old daughter was about 8 months old. Our youngest baby is now 2 months old, and I ventured forth to try a few all in one and pocket diapers.So far, the Kissa’s have NEVER leaked. There is not a single disposable diaper I can say that about, and I have used them all. I am a mom to 9, a nurse, and a daycare provider, so I have changed more than my fair share of diapers! I love the absorbancy, softness and ease of use of the diapers. Yes, it is bulky, but I would expect that. Washing is a breeze, and per manufacturer directions, they can be dried on high heat in a regular dryer, so dry time is fast.As other posts mentioned, it really is not “stuffing free”. The liner is attached but agitates partway out in the wash- sometimes even turning inside out. SO, you have to “re-stuff” it. That is not a problem for me, but might not feel user friendly to some.I like the Kissaluv Marvel better than even my hybrid diapers. As a matter of fact, I was so pleased with the first Kissa, I bought 6 more!!UPDATE 8/14/11: I still like the Kissaluvs, but backed my review down from a 5 star to a 4 star review. Over time, the Kissaluvs will build up odor, and develop leaks (wet only, we have never had poo escape). I have to soak in Bac-Out to eliminate the smell for awhile, but it eventually comes back. You have to be careful what cleaning products you use. I use ECOVER fabric softener with all of our clothes now, which is the only brand I know that works with cloth diapers. It works fine with my other diapers, but I am pretty sure the Ecover is what makes the Kissaluvs leak urine occasionally. To give Kissaluvs credit, part of my problem is the use of a front load washer…the insert does not always agitate out. If you have a traditional washer, I am almost certain you would not experience any problems with this quality diaper.While numerous washes have caused pilling, the Kissaluv’s are still very soft on baby’s skin. They have maintained more softness than any of my other diapers. I still stand by my earlier review, for the most part, but I now use Grovia AIO’s most often because of their low maintenance.

Ashley Paoli, CO

the tag is this diaper’s Achilles heel

I like how this diaper wicks moisture away, and I started using it more for my daughter when she began sleeping through the night. The problem is that the tag, which is sewn into the back center seam of the diaper, hangs outside the diaper. So by the end of the night, when her diaper is pretty much soaked, the tag has become soaked, too, and the moisture wicks onto her clothes. I end up having to change her whole outfit, sometimes in the middle of the night if the wetness has woken her up. I’m going to see if there’s a way I can pick out the stitches to get rid of the tag, but it’s sewn in pretty firmly. Other than this fault, I like the fit of the diaper OK, though it tends to get bunched up under her belly like low-rider jeans. And stuffing the liner into the pocket can be really annoying because sometimes it doesn’t want to lie flat since the rise is still snapped at medium height. Anyway, I only have one of this kind of diaper, and I’m glad I didn’t buy more.UPDATE: It’s been a few weeks since I removed the tag, but the diaper still wicks moisture along the back elastic, so I’m no longer using it as a nighttime diaper. I still don’t like the way it bunches in front and looks like an abdominal pannus, so she only wears it at home.UPDATE #2 (downgraded from 3 to 2 stars): This diaper started to retain stink badly, and half the time the inner soaker didn’t agitate out in the wash. After 14 months of use, I threw it out. I’m only buying all-cotton diapers now, since I’ve had very little stink issue with them.

Allene Grand Island, NY

My Absolute Favorite Diaper!

The Marvels All-In-Ones have been a godsend! Definitely the sitter’s favorite diaper, these are just as easy to use as disposables. With no bulky fabric to mess with, these look as sleek as a pocket diaper but there’s NO STUFFING! Turning the diaper right side out is as simple as a tug and this Marvel is good to go! Great contrasting colors, good absorbency, and the fastest change possible make these my diaper bag staple.

Hillary Oconee, IL

wasnt as impressed…

I was so excited to get this diaper from the great reviews and that its made in the USA, and I thought it would make me want to use pockets and AIO’s exclusively instead of prefolds, but this irritates my daughter’s skin. She’s 7 weeks old and I’ve had the diaper for a. Few weeks and everytime I take it off, she looks like ahe has a heat rash. She doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable from but knowing that the prefold doesn’t give her a rash makes me turned off from this diaper. Also, its leaked a couple times. That might be something I’m not doing right. I love kissas. I have the contour hybrids for night and have never leaked. I just don’t know why this diaper has to be on the negative side for me.

Ramona Stevens Point, WI