Kissa’s One Size Antibacterial Wet Diaper Bag, Spring Circles

Kissa’s One Size Antibacterial Wet Diaper Bag, Spring Circles

Get peace of mind with bacteria and odor free storage for your cloth diapers. Non wicking, zippered PUL (Polyurethane laminate), which will keep the wetness inside comes in the lined pocket will let your diapers hang out an extra day or so, without collecting gunk or stinking. The perfect sizing of 10″ x 13″ holds 3-5 diapers and easily fits in your diaper bag. Perfect for use at home or out and about.

Main features

  • Waterproof, anti-bacterial wet bag
  • Zippered closure for added convenience
  • Multifunctional: use for cloth diapers, dirty or damp laundry; swim gear; shoes; as toiletry bag for mom and dad
  • Machine washable
  • Made with love in USA

Verified reviews


This is a great wetbag

I have really enjoyed our wetbag. While at first I was concerned that it would be too small, it has actually been the perfect size for our day outings when we are running errands etc. I would say that we have been able to fit about four of our fitted diapers into it no problem. I love that it fits easily into our diaper bag without taking up too much room, it keeps the smell contained, and the cute prints are a plus. I also think this wetbag has held up better than any other ones I have owned and it is very reasonably priced.

Joan Robbins, TN

Great bag. Get a larger version

This bag is great, but it’s super tiny. Don’t believe the size above. I use Flip diapers and I can fit two full diapers in there or one cover and about 4-5 inserts. It’s good for running errands but not much more. Also, if you leave wet diapers in there more than a few hours the bag will get damp on the outside.After washing though there is no smell.

Mamie Naches, WA

Good Preformance, So Stylish

The print is great, I knew I liked it when I saw it on here, but when I saw it in person I liked it even more. Its the perfect size for the baby bag when we are out and about. Fits about 4-6 diapers, depends on what brand/style. Love this bag!

Lynette Felts Mills, NY

No more stinky diapers!

I bought this for carting around wet diapers.My wife and I decided to use the GDiaper system which we love, but sometimes you do need to place the liners in a bag. This is the bag you need. It keeps the wet items at bay so they don’t soak through and it keeps the smells at bay.

Lily Union Grove, AL


I love having this for my cloth diapers in my diaper bag. No more stinky diapers in random plastic bags.

Lana Macon, MS

Not my favorite, seems to let odor leak

This wet bag is light weight and works well for holding dirty diapers for a short period of time but after a while it does let a little more of the odor come through than I would have liked. I use it for the day and then I make sure to transfer the diapers to my big diaper pail, when I get home, until washing day. Otherwise, it gets an odor.

Gwen Dublin, NC

Perfect Travel Wet-Bag

Great size for keeping in our diaper bag for traveling or going out and about. I’d say it holds about 3-5 cloth diapers (I suppose you could possibly cram another in if you had to). Holds bad odors in w/o a problem, washes & drys easily, and the print is pretty (which is something some may not necessarily care about vs functionality). The outer fabric does seem a tiny bit faded, but it doesn’t bother me at all. My sister doesn’t have any children in diapers any more, but she purchased one to put her daughter’s swimsuit in after swim class. I’m very happy I purchased this.

Jeanine Narka, KS

The perfect wet bag for on the go.

I love this wet bag. I may even like it better than Planet Wise! I love the strap that I can hook on to anything.

Audra Manley Hot Springs, AK

LOve it!

This bag is great for the diaper bag! Holds 2-3 (could easily push in a 4th) cloth diaper with wipes!

Darla Pleasant Valley, NY

Perfect for short trips.

It is a small wet bag just big enough to fit 3-4 diapers. Perfect for day trips. Plus it is chic looking. Some people do not care but I am willing to pay for the antibacterial material after reading on the website of the company that owns the technology.

Vanessa Riegelwood, NC

Cute and functional

Love this bag! Contains even really wet messes for a full day. Starts to… condensate if you forget about it and leave the wets in there overnight, eeuw. But great size for everyday. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because I wish it had a separate pocket for wipes and trash, now that we’ve tried this and a few others.

Nellie Neskowin, OR

great price and suepr cute

I lvoe that it zips. I don’t care for drawstring wet bags. They are cheaper but don’t seem to be as effective. This one is nice and thick but not too thick if that makes sense. Overall, I’m very happy. I wouldn’t mind a brighter print though.

Aida Bradfordsville, KY

good little wet bag

I bought this little wet bag to keep in my diaper bag for my cloth diapers and soiled outfits. I previously had the small Planet Wise bag, but I was getting frustrated with the lining getting caught in the zipper. So one of the nice things about this bag was that it is just one layer of fabric with PUL so I don’t have that issue with this bag. Only criticism is that I was hoping that the “antibac” element to the lining would help with the odor in the bag, but it doesn’t really make a difference. But it does do a pretty good job of keeping the odor contained.

Therese Uvalde, TX

Works well

I ordered this with a gift card and am pleasantly surprised. I use it for my son’s cloth diapers (added it to my Kushies stash) when we are out. It’s a decent size bag, the zipper only helps to keep odors in, and the lining in the bag is definitely effective keeping odors locked inside. I gave it 4 stars because I think it’s rather pricey compared to the other wet bags out there. I have Fuzzibunz (which is great as well) and Kushies (holds a decent amount of diapers and is effective, but lining and odor lock could be better). The pattern on this one is cute and it is a good product, I again would like to see it come down a few dollars to meet some of it’s competitors prices.

Kathryn Graysville, PA

Great for storing pump parts in between uses

I use this at work to store my pump parts in the fridge between uses. It’s cleaner than a ziploc bag and doesn’t get as grimey. Plus no one can see the contents. The material is breathable, so it doesn’t get smelly. I will wash my parts when I get home at night, let the bag air out, and reuse the next day. I will then usually wash it on the weekends. It works pretty nicely and fits everything perfectly. I can fit two flanges, two collection bottles w/caps, and a large 8-oz glass bottle.It’s not as heavy duty waterproof as my wet bags for cloth diapering, but that wasn’t a big concern for me.

Lidia Adrian, MO

Not Too Thrilled

We expected this item to work to it’s full 100% and it didn’t.I bought this bad to go with us but after five hours with a dirty, wet diaper it was pretty damp and some what smelly on the outside.We no longer use this travel bag while on the go. Instead, we bring with us the Wee Huggers hobo bag, it’s similar to a small purse and keeps the smell and wetness down 100% !Kissa’s one size wet diaper bag is not with the near $12 they are asking for.

Adriana Bloomingburg, NY

Not waterproof!

This wet bag is not waterproof at all and leaks quickly! Why would you want a wet bag that leaks? worthless!

Brenda Crest Park, CA

Works like a charm

Not much to say except this is a necessity for anyone’s diaper bag. We use cloth diapers so it is even more important, but even just for little one’s clothes or toys it would work great.

Rosemarie Hemlock, MI

Fantastic Wet Bag

This is a must-have item for cloth diapering. We cloth diaper 100% and this wet bag makes going out and about super easy. The bag truly does conceal all odor and moisture and is the perfect size for fitting nicely in a diaper bag. I love the print as well! This bag is easy to launder and care for.

Emilia Laurel, MD