Kissa’s Pail Liner, White

Kissa’s Pail Liner, White

New and Improved. A pail liner to hold soiled diapers is a must for cloth diapering. And, we have the perfect one for you that provides non wicking storage. The special finish also protects against the spreading of health which can sometimes collect on soiled diapers.

Main features

  • Non-wicking storage for your diapers
  • Super generous size of 30×24; can hold several dozen diapers
  • Sturdy elastic at top ensures fit around any pail
  • Made from a high quality PUL (poly urethane laminate) fabric
  • Perfect for wet clothes, dirty shoes or other messy laundry too

Verified reviews


Not as big as I expected, laminate is acquiring a weird texture – delaminating??

I can’t say that this has delaminated yet, but it sure looks like it’s heading there. It definitely looks different than when I bought it and I have only washed it about four or five times. Granted, our water is super hot (we turned up the heater) so take this with a grain of salt. But we have really old cloth diapers and covers (bought them used) and they are fine.

Luann North Spring, WV

Contains the stink & durable (18 months later they look as good as new)

Granted, I have only tried this and Planetwise’s pail liners, but these have held up far better than the more expensive Planet wise ones had two of these for 18 months and they still look brand new, no stains, despite getting washed 2x per week at a minimum. They also really do contain the stink when paired with a Simple Human can. I air dry them, which I think helps, but I also air-dry the Planetwise ones and those have gotten holes, don’t contain the stink as well, and the elastic on two of the four I have had started to separate. Bottom line – I had to replace the Planetwise and have not had to replace the Kissaluvs. Only con is that they are not as cute.

Lynne Wendover, UT

Does the trick!

So far, this has worked really well as a dry pail for my diapers. I wash it every other day with the diapers and haven’t had any odor or leaking problems. Only complaint is that it takes a while to dry.

Adele Tyner, KY

Super duper!

I bought two in order to have an extra while the other is in the wash. Not sure if I really needed an extra as it air dries fairly quickly, but it is nice to have an extra on hand if I don’t get to my washing soon enough or if it doesn’t air dry quickly enough on colder days.

Gwendolyn Midland, SD


I use this product along with the Bambino Mio Laundry Bags for my bin for dirty cloth diapers. Perfect for keeping the germs away between washes.

Antionette Rock Spring, GA

very good

this bag is much better then the other brands i have used. I bought this over a year ago but it really held up well.

Geri Forest, IN

Get two!

These get the job done. I turn them inside out with the diapers and throw the bag in the wash too. They have held up to being washed and dried (yes, I dry mine with my inserts) every 4 days for 6 months. They hold everything in, have large openings so you can fit it to your pail, and hold lots of dipes! I would buy again for sure!

Adrian Flossmoor, IL

Stretchy, Tough and Affordable. Would highly recommend.

Stretchy Material, durable and strong. I throw it in with the laundry and is pretty tough. For the price it rocks. Other more expensive liners are not that good when compared to this one. No need to buy more expensive. The stitching is solid all over.We use this for our cloth diapering and it is able to contain the smell pretty well I would definitely recommend this product.

Celeste Clarksville, PA

Love this!

Keeps my pail clean and stink free! I highly recommend having two of these on hand if you are a cloth diaper user. This is well worth the price, and works wonderfully! It also keeps the moisture in so my hands don’t get dirty when transferring from the pail to the washing machine.

Dolores Wausau, FL

Love this product!

I bought this as a back up and because my Planet Wise pail liner snagged in the wash. 🙁 I’ve found that I like this one even better than the Planet Wise one. It holds in the smell, and it also holds the wetness in great. I’ve washed this with my diapers and had no problems, and it dries just fine (I hang it to dry). This liner was a few bucks cheaper than the other liner I have, which is a bonus. I’d highly recommend this liner, and when my Planet Wise bag is no longer fixable (I’ve rigged the snag to keep it closed), I will replace with another Kissa’s pail liner.

Kristen Cortez, CO

Durable and well constructed

This bag is perfect for a cloth diaper pail. Just toss in the dirty diapers and wash it with the diapers. I recommend purchasing two of these bags as they take a while to line dry and you’ll find yourself wondering where to put your dirty diapers while you wait for the bag to dry.

Abby Donnellson, IA

Great pail liner!

Washes easily, holds the moisture in and fits easily on a regular kitchen trash can. Much prefer it to other liners I have tried,

Alexandria Anderson, CA

Leaks after four months of use

I bought two of these and rotated them with each wash. I was initially really pleased. They fit in a standard tall kitchen garbage can and there was no stink if the lid was on. Actually there was no stink until recently. I thought it was the diapers that needed to be stripped and then I realized that the bags had be gun to leak in the pal and the stink was coming from the accumulating nastiness in the bottom of the pail. I’ve have been using them for four months so each has received about two months of actual use. I’m disappointed, I thought they would last at least six months. They are relatively in expensive, but to me not worth it since they wore out so quickly. I use CDs because I want to limit the waste my family produces, but now I have to throw these away (or reuse some how??? is that gross?) and who knows how long they will take to biodegrade!

Kimberley Dardanelle, AR

Works very well!

It is a great diaper pail liner. It holds any odor inside and it is easily cleaned. I am very pleased with the product, especially for the low price!

Bettie Crestview, FL

Great Pail Liner

If you want a pail liner that stays in place and works great, this is it. This is the only liner I’ve ever used, but it really works great and I love it. It washes along with the diapers and dries fast. The elastic keeps it in place on the pail and it fits my tall kitchen trash can perfectly. It also holds a lot of diapers. It will hold basically my whole stash of 12 prefolds, 6 covers, 6 AIOs, and 4 SoftBums shells with 12 pods and 6 doublers. Of course they’ve never all been dirty at once, but I think this liner would hold every last one. And the price is great.

Dorthy Rome, IA


This pail liner is perfect! It stores our dirty cloth diapers before we wash them and does a fine job keeping everything contained. Great product!

Wilda Chauvin, LA


I have no complaints about this pail liner. I use it in a trash can with a pop-up lid, and it contains smell very well. It also washes well and air dries in a reasonable time. I bought two, so one could always be in the pail while the other hangs to dry from the previous load. I highly recommend this liner!

Helen Harlan, IA

Not For Your Diaper Champ

I ordered two of these when I began cloth diapering. I like them a lot. Unfortunately, they do not work with my Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe. The pail is unable to close with the liner inside. I had to return them and will look for a hanging wet bag instead.

Adrienne Dushore, PA

Have 3 of these.

I cloth diaper full time and these bad boys do the trick. I have 3 of them. They get washed every time I do a diaper load. They have held up very well.

Glenna Gilsum, NH

Nice Pail Liner

It is made well and good quality fabric. I through it in the wash with the cloth diapers and dry it with them also. So far so good after 7 months of use.

Vanessa Merkel, TX

works perfectly/hasnt changed in many washes.

I love this bag for diapers. It is such a durable, nice. Quality. Washes well with no smell doesn’t leak. I know it will keep on lasting through many kids diapers and beyond. Its a great hamper liner for clothes as well. We take it on vacation for our dirty clothes. Works great for damp swimwear and wetsuits too.It never has a smell after you wash and we often put it in the dryer along with other clothes. It does great. Very satisfied with my wet /dry diaper pail liner.

Julia Taos, NM

Took 8 months of abuse

I bought two of these so I could switch them out when one load was washing. I washed them with the full cloth diaper routine including lots and lots of hot water and in the hot dryer. They withstood it all until about the 8 month mark when they started leaking. I use the two together now, but I still get leaks through them and into the pail. For the price and knowing that I did not take care of them per the instructions, I am still pleased with the product. Once our cloth diapering life is over these will make great laundry bags.

Annie Trenton, MO

Nice idea, but they leak and have an odor

We bought these pail liners for our newborn’s diaper bin. We were using an old stainless steel trash can that we had with a closable lid, and thought these would be perfect because of the elastic top. The fit is great and they definitely stay in place. But after about 3 weeks, we noticed a smell to our diaper load when it came out of the wash, and verified that the smell is coming from these bags (not the clean cloth diapers). And after 6 weeks, we are getting leaks in these bags. The bottom of our trash bin is now wet every time we lift one of the bags out. We did put these bags in the dryer, but made sure it was on low heat, as the directions indicate. I definitely don’t recommend this product.

Lauren Kingsley, IA

Good quality product, needs longer drying time on the line

I love this diaper pail liner. The material is thick, waterproof, and does not wick. It even has a little patch of fleece sewed on inside if you want to add some essential oil to mask the odor. It dries easily in the dryer on low but requires some time drying on the line (needs to be flipped inside-out to get both sides dry) -so you will need two bags to alternate between. However, the inside rubbery part is turning yellowish. It’s probably a normal part of that waterproof material, but I thought I would mention it. Not a big problem, but now I see why other waterproof PUL bags are colored and not white. Also, diapers that make their way into it during the wash cycle will not be washed well.HINT – We realized that the diapers slide out a lot easier if we put the liner with the cloth side on the inside and the rubbery side on the outside. Otherwise, you’ll have to fight with trying to get the diapers to come out.

Lakesha Robinsonville, MS

Okay liner

I like this liner ok. It did start leaking some not long after I used it, which is annoying. Also, it smelled fine for a while, but after a few months of use, it does get smelly. The size is great though.

Lola Cohoctah, MI

Great inexpensive liner

We got this one as a second liner for cloth diapers after years of not having two and dealing with washing day pile up. I wish we’d bought two of these ones first. It’s great. Easy to use. I added some tea tree and peppermint oil to the cloth square inside the bag. Smells great.

Teresa Glassport, PA

Seeps liquid and smell

Got this for our diaper pail. It’s supposed to be water proof but it leave the inside of our pail wet and very smelly. Really really frustrating. It stays on the pail really well, tho.

Angelique Denair, CA

Does the trick

Easy to wash, keeps all the diapers in and all the wetness in as well, good elastic around the edge. Just make sure you dump out the water into the wash before tossing it into the dryer.

Alicia El Jobean, FL

Great for cloth diapers!

The pail liner has worked great with my cloth diapers. I use the Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail with it and they work well together. I wash the pail liner right in with my diapers (on warm wash only) and I’ve had no issues at all. A great product and much cheaper than what you’d find at Walmart of Target.

Jordan Modena, UT

Leaking after only 3 months

I’ve had this bag for 4 months now and it started leaking about a month ago. Every time I pull this bag our of the pail I find it very damp on the outside with a strong urine smell. I do not have this problem with my other wet bags. I also don’t like the material. It is very sticky to the touch. Finally, the elastic around the top is much too tight and I have a very difficult time stretching it around my small diaper pail.I only purchased one of these because I wanted to see if I liked it and because it was cheaper than the others. When I bought my second bag I got the Planet Wise bag and it is much better and worth the extra few dollars. I suggest spending a few extra bucks and getting a better quality bag. My Planet Wise bag is still fully functional after nearly the same amount of time and since I will have to replace this one I have now spent $15 more than I would have had I gone with that bag to begin with.I do still use this bag, despite the leaking issue, so I don’t feel 1 star is justified. But since I wouldn’t buy it again I don’t think it deserves much more than that either.

Bernice Orleans, NE