Kissa’s Waterproof 2T Pocket Training Pants, Chocolate

Kissa’s Waterproof 2T Pocket Training Pants, Chocolate

Waterproof, Stuff able, Kid friendly and super cute prints and lots more to love. Kids will enjoy the big kid underwear feel and the super cute prints inside. Moms will love the smart design that makes them pulling up and down easy and the convenience of side snaps which make accident clean ups a breeze. A pocket in the back ensures you can stuff it for nighttime or long naps. Adjustable design allows for 4 snap settings adjust legs and waist openings as needed and the soft cotton flannel inner helps create the “wet” feeling for quicker transition.

Main features

  • Waterproof training pants with special pocket opening to customize absorbency
  • Pull up kid friendly design
  • Soft cotton flannel inner helps create the “wet” feeling for quicker transition
  • Adjustable design allows for 4 snap settings, adjust legs and waist openings as needed
  • Side snaps make clean ups a breeze

Verified reviews


perhaps it’s just my toddler?

I love kissaluvs, and the concept of these are a nice idea.Pros:-reuseable-cute-waterproof?-stuffable-snaps on/offCons:-leaks-hard to clean poop (microfiber stink issues)-not easy for toddler to pull up/down selfThe fit is a little awkward on my 27 pound 23 month old. She tends to wear bigger sizes so I got the 3t. The fit on the waist is good, but too much room in the leg opening leads to leaking. This is common in a lot of cloth training pants except for imse vimse that I’ve found.

Charmaine Fischer, TX

Versatile Training Pant

I received a 2T chocolate pocket trainer to review for my blog. The dino print is adorable, especially with the chocolate outer. The 2T size was a little big large at the legs on my very petite 23 pound 2-year old, but it otherwise fits well.The flannel inner means little ones will feel wet, and the sewn in microfiber soaker will catch an accident. The pocket means you can stuff for additional absorbency (the pocket isn’t very wide however) for little ones who are just starting to use the potty and just need to be able to pull the diaper up and down to “try.”You can even use these as a diaper for larger children, since they come in a 3T size as well and can be stuffed for absorbency. The snaps mean they are easy to take off int he event of a messy accident! The intro price of $12.95 is a steal!

Alfreda Panama, IL


These are well made, I like the cute fabric on the inside, and the fact they have two snaps so it’s easy to adjust, however they get wet and leak immediately after the child has an accident, I like these if only the outside was plasticy to prevent that from happening.

Alyce Delmar, NY


Can’t speak for absorbency or waterproofness. It was extremely bulky on my 32-lb child, so I returned. It had a lot of fabric in the rear bunching up from the elastic waist.

Carolyn Mariposa, CA

works great, but…

i love these training pants – and yeah, the “stuffing” pocket is tiny but i fit a newborn prefold in there (for my 2T kid) just fine and they worked great overnight. she mostly doesn’t go in them, but sometimes if she sleeps in, we get a miss. they also fit my daughter perfectly at this point, tho she is only 20 months old – so she still has one set of snaps to go width-wise, but if she gets any lankier, we’re in trouble and will have to find another option. we’re in the process of teaching her how to pull ’em up and down and these are easy enough.the only thing i am bummed about is stupid, really – except that i ordered the chocolate pair and thought the inside flannel stars were very cute. well, when mine finally arrived they were chocolate on the outside with dinos and bones flannel on the inside. yeah, stupid, as i realize no one but me is ever going to notice or care, but i’m just miffed because i didn’t get exactly what i paid for.also, i wish there were some other color options – like, dark green, or something!

Rhonda Dulzura, CA

Effective, but bulky.

These can be used alone or as a pocket diaper/training pant, however I would never stuff this thing. This alone is incredibly..fluffy?? To wear pants over these you would have to buy a size or two bigger. They do absorb a good amount, the flannel inside is good for feeling wet but pills in the wash and isn’t very soft. They take longer to dry than all my other training pants and diapers.I can’t even pull them down off of my child when I have them on the bigger setting without difficulty and crafty maneuvering, so needless to say my child can’t pull them up or down either.1 star for absorbancy1 star for waterproof/leakproof1 star for true sizing.I don’t think I would reccomend these to anyone only cause I know there are better things out there.

Maritza Hooker, OK

Snaps don’t work

I have the 2T for my 14 month, 19 pound daughter. They fit fine with room to grow, though they are saggy in the bottom. My biggest issue with these is that two of the four snaps don’t fit their opposites, so they don’t stay together. These look pretty ridiculous when they are only half buttoned and crooked, besides the fact that they just don’t stay on.I also found out that they are not water-proof. Today, after just one pee, which I’m sure wasn’t very big since she hadn’t had a drink in a few hours, it was leaking. I don’t necessarily need them to be water-proof, but I can get cheaper, non-water-proof underpants instead of buying more expensive ones that leak.

Adela Eola, TX

Why didn’t I think of this before 8 months of pull ups use????

These are perfect for the almost-potty-trained kids. I had to do a little adjustment since my son is very skinny and tall. I basically tightened the elastic to make the diaper smaller… In fact, I used one of the replacement elastics included with my fuzzibunz diapers, and sewed buttons to be able to adjust the size. The all-in-one design is brilliant (One less thing for mama to do!). However, since we line dry the diapers, they take a long time to dry. I solved this by un-sewing the sides of the insert. There is more room for the air to circulate this way, therefore cutting drying time. It’s very easy to pull up and down for the little ones to try…

Nola West Oneonta, NY

Snaps break, don’t buy

We bought 14 of these for our toddler when we were expecting the second, we want to use our one size fuzzy buzz for the new born. The 3T fit our daughter, who is larger (95th %) 32 lb 2 yr old great with little leaking. The inserts we have fit great inside the diaper. Then they started breaking. The plastic snaps just break right off when changing this diaper, when I write breaking, the plastic actually just breaks rendering it useless. Don’t waste your time with these, now we need to find a quick replacement and our new baby is due any minute…

Shana Mineral Springs, NC

Hard to stuff, weird design, leaky, STINKY. Run away!!

There are a few reasons why I hate these training pants.1) The “pocket” isn’t sewn very wide (and is actually TAPERED–so the pocket gets skinnier and skinnier the further it goes) so it’s hard to stuff with…anything, really. I’ve had to fold everything in half, which just adds a lot of bulk. My son hates wearing these.2) The design is really weird. When you get these on the poor kid, they look fine from the front but the back just looks ridiculous! My son has a puffier butt in these than he does with cloth diapers!! Weird design. I really don’t like it.3) Leaks. Always. I know it’s not a fit issue and I’ve stuffed these with every type of material out there. We always have leaks. And we only put these on my son during nap time–AFTER having him got potty beforehand. Completely useless.4) HOLY HANNAH, THEY STINK!! I think it’s the material the inner lining is made of. Oh my goodness, do these retain smells!! NONE of my other cloth diapers or training pants stink after being washed. I wash these with all the rest – so no different treatment – and these come out smelling like they did before being washed! They LOOK clean…but they smell AWFUL.Bottom line – these are a waste of money. Hard to stuff (which is why I bought them in the first place – so I could stuff them for nap time), weird puffy butt design, leaks, stinky. Bad investment. Glad I only bought one to test it out!

Louella Holbrook, NY

Mostly great trainer

There is much to like about this trainer. The sizing seems accurate, it holds a whole pee and a poop (hate to say it) while many other trainers do not. Plus, with the side-open snaps, changing said poop is less disgusting. But with all that said, there are a few TINY complaints. Because of it’s built-in absorbency, it takes forever to air dry. I’ve always preferred to air dry my PUL lined items, but I gave up on the trainer and tossed it in the dryer. Also, for some reason, maybe the angle of the side snaps, this is very hard for my son to pull up on his own. Now that he’s really getting the hang of pottying, this has become more of an issue. Do I recommend it? Sure. But just consider all the points about a trainer with built-in absorbency.

Kathleen Hankinson, ND

easy on/off, great for daycare

This is one of my two go-to trainers for daycare use, i.e. in the top two snap designs I’ve tried (Flip is the other I like). It’s very easy to pull on or snap on, and easy to pull on and off for repeat trips to the potty. A big accident will soak right through (true of every single cloth trainer I’ve tried, 7 total brands), but it will hold a small accident and slow down the big ones such that only pants need to be changed (i.e. I don’t have to change his socks and clean the floor). It is stuffable to adjust the absorbency, but I found it to be too bulky that way to justify doing it since my son stays dry most of the time; I’m content with changing him on the rare occasions he does have a big accident in this.

Pat Dartmouth, MA

Great training pants

These are great, either used during the day as the training pant or over diaper at night to preven any leaking! Easy to wash and come out great!

Hilda Mount Croghan, SC

not thrilled

I’m not particularly thrilled with this purchase. I ordered a 3t based on the weight recommendations listed. The fit is terrible. The waist seems to sit right, but the leg openings are huge. I do like that the snaps are set in the front instead of on the side so they don’t dig into the hips. The bicycle print on the inside is cute, though I kinda wish they would have put the print on the exterior of the pant instead of the lining. I do like that the lining is made of flannel instead of a wicking fabric so that wetness can be felt. This pant just fits so horribly, though, that it is literally useless. Accidents go straight down my son’s leg. I suppose I could order a different size and see if that works, but honestly it just looks like a poorly fitting pant in general. We just went with a different brand trainer. Maybe if they added a few more snap placements to make the fit more customizable it would be better.

Gay Trail, MN

a favorite training pant

We use these along with Blueberry trainers. They are GREAT for messy accidents when they occur- the snaps make clean-up easy and the waist adjustable, too. The cute prints on the flannel inside have made great motivators for training- We tell our daughter "don’t pee on your owls!" and it seems like she does better than if we had put her in other trainers.My daughter still has a difficult time pulling them down or up, but I think that’s more of a problem with her age then it is with the product. There is a lot of very stretch elastic in the back, which would aid in making them able to be pulled up or down while still remaining around their hips when they’re being worn. No problems with sagging!These are NOT super-absorbent though, so they’re not to replace diapers. The description is correct that they can be doubled, but we have BG inserts which are too wide to fit, and it seems difficult to find the inserts from Kissa. So I guess my advise there is to not count on the doubling-capabilities unless you have already or know of a place to get Kissa inserts.Other than that mini-complaint on doubling, I love them and they’ve worked really well!

Marcy Arlington, KY

Great thin pocket diaper and great trainer!

This is a great pocket diaper made in the USA by Kissaluvs! I’m not sure why it’s called training pants as it’s bulkier than our current thin day CD’;s.Still, made well and super soft cotton touches baby’s skin.* UPDATED and changed from 4 to 5 stars! We LOVE these unstuffed as a trainer as well as a thin pocket dipe. I add a thin cotton/hemp insert (it’s actually 1/2 a hemparoo) for outings/naps. These don’t leak, wash well, seem comfy on my almost 2 yr old! Ordered a second and are planning on adding a few more!!!!

Kirsten Garden City, TX

Performs as expected

This is a great beginner trainer-holds a reasonable amount of liquids for accidents and can be stuffed for naps and overnight. Overall a great product and happy to be using a product made in the USA! They do leak (very) occasionally if my daughter has a soaker, but if a trainer completely holds in all accidents, then it is really a diaper, isn’t it? ;)I have not had problems stuffing them-I used a Thirsties hemp liner inside, and it worked great with the existing cotton lining. Great fit and I love the snaps (which I have not had ANY issues with coming undone) when there is a “solid” accident.

Jeanie Asbury Park, NJ

great for pee! horrible for poop…

the fleece inside material is really bad for poop. It sticks to it like glue and is difficult to get the stink out since the insert is attached. Also, because the microfiber insert is attached I find myself tossing these in the dryer, they would take FOREVER to line dry, as opposed to real pocket diapers like fuzzibunz. However, for the purposes for which these were made I have to say they are excellent. They work wonderfully well for pee. We have these on my 3 year old for naps and night-time and he really goes a lot at night. They have leaked maybe once in 6 months. I do use 1 insert overnight. I think they do run a tiny bit small but not by much. My 3 year old is in 3T shorts and pants bc he has a skinny bottom, these 3T’s are a little tight on him, however, I think they will get us through another year, which is probably all we need.9-2012 update -these did not get us through another year, but I don’t think it is the fault of the trainers. My 3 1/2 year old all of a sudden started putting out much much more urine at night, almost double what he was putting out before. I am not sure if that is normal or not but now I would consider him a ‘heavy wetter’ and the kissa’s + prefold just don’t cut it. They started leaking frequently and I had to look for another option. I would say though, if your child isn’t a ‘heavy wetter’ they should work just fine. Also, I”m pleasantly surprised at how well they’ve held up. There is significant wear and fading of the pattern, but the interior PUL and elastic is just fine, and I am a fan of soaking as well as drying on medium. 🙂

Eloise Westfield, NJ

Soft, Cute and good for small accidents.

I started using these as night time potty training pants and realized that this wasn’t what they were made for as they really don’t hold that much liquid. Once your child is waking up with dry diapers regularly, it’s time for these. They will hold small accidents, but not an entire empty bladder’s worth of accidents. My daughter has had a couple of small accidents in these and then gets up to use the potty on her own. She is able to get these on and off without difficulty and really loves how soft and pretty they are. These are a nice motivator for potty training, too, as she would rather wear these than diapers and promises to try hard to keep them dry every night.Follow-up:After several months of regular use, one of the snaps broke. Thankfully there are 2 sets of snaps so we just moved to the next snap, which leaves the pull-ups slightly lose around her waist. This could prove an issue if the pull-up is to catch an accident, but since she has been waking up with dry pull-ups, it hasn’t been a problem. The fabric on these is holding up very well and she still really loves to wear them. She is also growing into them so as long as all of the other snaps hold up, we should be good to go for another several months.All in all, I still recommend these. As for washing, these are holding up very well. If she gets them wet, we typically turn them inside out and soak them in water and then throw them into the laundry soon after. We’ve never had an issue with residual smell.

Melba Sainte Genevieve, MO

more than meets the eye

I was a little worried when I bought these as some of the reviewers mentioned leaking.I have 22 month old boy/girl twins and my daughter has decided she is going to potty train herself. She loves sitting on the potty once I get her downstairs for breakfast. I really wanted to be able to have something to pull up and down with her pants to make my life easier.I am happy to say these fit the bill. When she starts saying potty, I can bring her and easily slide these down and once done with the potty, she stands on the stool so I can wipe and get them back up. They go right back into place.Right now she only poops on the potty and the pee still goes in the training pants. She wears these for about 3 hours between changes and it holds the pee just fine.The inner print of dinos on the chocolate pants is a gender neutral option for me. My son is very jealous of his sister’s big kid undees so he has decided he will sit on the potty too now.

Allison Barstow, MD