Kissa’s Wool Lover Diaper Cover, Natural, Small

Kissa’s Wool Lover Diaper Cover, Natural, Small

Made with super soft, minimally processed Australian wool, the Wool Lovers are a perfect, natural and breathable alternative to PUL covers. Sourced from the belly of the sheep (not the top coat which yields stiffer yarn), our wool has extremely fine fiber which helps the cover repel moisture a lot better and reduces the need to lanolize. Pair with a Kissa’s fitted or contour diaper for a perfect diapering combination.

Main features

  • Ultra fine and minimally processed merino wool with a Cashmere feel
  • Super gentle and comfortable elastic around the legs aids containment
  • No bleaching, anti piling or silicon coating treatments on the wool
  • Minimum seams for a comfortable fit

Verified reviews


Excellent, warm and breathable!

I bought this cover for nights and I use it with the Kissaluvs fitted diapers and an extra soaker. It doesn’t leak at all! I followed directions at Green Mountain Diapers on how to lanolize it ([…]). Lanolizing was easy and it’s working out great. FYI – if you buy this diaper cover, you must have Lanolin to lanolize it with.Lansinoh HPA Lanolin, 2 oz.So don’t forget to grab some! You’ll need Lanolin anyway if you’re breastfeeding as it’s a great nipple care product if you have sore or cracked nipples and it does not need to be washed off before feeding the baby. You’ll use such a small amount to lanolize and for nipple care, one tube is enough.I love this cover so much I would like to switch to using only wool covers. It breathes which is best for her skin and it keeps her warm at night. My daughter is almost 5 weeks old and about 8 1/2 pounds. I can tell that this cover will fit for a long time. It’s not the least bit scratchy – it is incredibly soft. I love it! I will probably order one or two more and through the winter use just these covers. It’s not necessary to wash often, just air out and it’s ready to be used again. Wool is fabulous!

Mayra Peconic, NY

Love, Love, Love wool!

Wool covers are my favorite covers by far. I’ve only had this one a couple of days but it’s the softest one I have. The other one I own has never leaked. I use my other one at night over a large prefold and a small prefold as a doubler. My son is a very heavy wetter too. These wool things are bulletproof. We’re ery pleased. The fit is very comfy too. No red marks around my boy’s legs like some other covers I’ve tried. He’s very active now and he can move around in these with no problem. They’re very cute and soft.

Lottie Kennesaw, GA

cute but not what i was looking for

I was looking for a diaper cover or insert that would be super absorbent as my daughter is a heavy night time wetter. I mean, we would have to move her into bed with us because her bassinet was soaked. So I read about wool covers and was very excited. I lanolized it (many times now) and it lasts maybe a few hours before it’s wet and unusable. I wish it worked better because it never smells, is super cute, and is way less bulky.

Monique Okeechobee, FL

We love these!

I was hesitant about using wool, does that really work? is it really not too hot? Let me start by saying, we live in Hawaii. But I have to tell to tell you that I love these covers! He is so cozy in them, they are soft and you only need 4-5 (or less!) What I was not hesitant about is that they are cute, the only natural alternative to PUL diapers out there, and most days I toss a tshirt on him and he looks like he is wearing pants :)I wasn’t really a believer that they wouldn’t smell if the cover was damp with pee, but really just air dry and they are just fine. While the legs weren’t always super tight, like when he was a seven pound newborn, it has really only happened once that his clothes have been soiled, the cover catches all that. I wash them every couple of weeks and its not a big deal to lanolize. Some folks have complained about drying time. After I press out excess water I roll in a towel to get as much out as I can and then hang on a peg hanger that I have by my diaper area with a small and very inexpensive fan (see photo). I hang them here if they get damp as well. The fan cuts the drying time down by hours!A few tips we have found:–lanolize well so that if they do get a little soiled it won’t be hard to rinse out, if they do get soiled rinse right away with cold water and some wool wash–At night we don’t fold the top over, just flatten against his skin and put his sleeper on to cut down the bulk and make it more comfy for sleeping.One downside is bulk, but that is a cloth diaper problem in general. Will someone get on making cute clothes designed for use with cloth?!Overall, great diaper cover and will be buying again!

Jessie Lynchburg, SC

Wonderfully soft wool cover! I’ve owned it for a month shy of a year.

Although I started cloth diapering 11 years ago, I only decided to trust wool with my youngest baby. I don’t know why I was so scared to try it. I guess I just didn’t believe that it wouldn’t itch like crazy or stop leaks. I am SOOOOO happy that I decided to just try it. It works better than I could have imagined and it is unbelievably soft. My baby loves wearing this. It’s so breathable and never leaves any red marks. She also has less diaper rash than when we were using PUL and nylon covers. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for wool, we’d probably be using sposies right now.The upkeep isn’t difficult at all. There are many videos on Youtube if you want to see how to lanolize wool. If you have any leftover Lansinoh from those first weeks of breastfeeding – that will work perfectly. Otherwise, you can get lanolin from your pharmacy.I have 5 other brands of wool pull-on covers, and I really do like this brand. My baby has only leaked through this a handful of times. (She’s an average wetter, so it probably just needed to be lanolized.) If properly lanolized, I can’t imagine that a baby would soak completely through this unless they are heavy wetters or sleep for 14+ hours at a time.Because this cover is so buttery soft and reliable, it probably gets the most use out of all my wools. Because my daughter wears a lot of dresses, it’s used mostly during the day. (I even usually choose this over my cute embroidered Wild Child Woolies!) It doesn’t look brand new anymore. The top looks kinda stretched out. However, the leg holes still fit nicely around my baby’ legs. There aren’t any worn spots or holes in the fabric. I don’t know if it would last through more than 1 – 2 babies, but I still feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.(Disana is my #1 favorite for night time. I can’t imagine any baby could wet enough to soak through Disanas! I like the Kissa’s,Ruskovilla and Lanacare equally, while I’m not a fan of my Aristocrats cover.)

Nannie Butler, OK

Love them but too big for our 8lb new born.

I purchased the kissaluvs diapers that require a cover and loved the idea of being able to use a wool cover. Unfortunately this cover is too big for our 8lb baby. The top covers her chest like a tube top. I’m just hoping that it won’t be long until she can fit into these but I think it’ll be another 3-5lbs.

Esperanza New Brockton, AL

First Time Wool User

I bought size Small for my newborn and loved it very much! I used it to air her out during the day and for nighttime use, with a fitted diaper under. Only had a couple of leaks which scared me because it stained the wool cover. It was easier than I thought to hand wash with wool wash and I really enjoyed using it on my little one. This wool cover fit the best in the newborn stage than my other wool cover. It really hugs the legs and waist comfortably and was so snuggly. Love and definitely recommend to those first-time wool users. Don’t be scared!

Katherine Saint James, MD

LOVED IT while it lasted

My son outgrew this at around 6 months, Started leaving red marks on his stomach I LOVE the high rise.Now he’s 9 months and just under 30 pounds. Thinking about buying the next size up, wish they had x-tra large.

Maria Turner, AR

truly an awesome diaper cover

This is such a great cover for night time (or any time) diapering. It’s so breathable and it does a good job of containing leaks at night when paired with the right diapering system. It feels so nice and it fits great on my baby. The neck is so long that it covers half her body which is great because there is no chance of the diaper or doubler slipping out with a wriggly baby like with other covers. I would buy more if they cost a little less b/c these would be so great to use during the day too. Definitely recommend.

Jerri Middlesex, NY

Awesome cover!

We own 2 of these and have had both for more than a year. We use them with a fitted at nap and bedtime and have never had a leak. He is almost 2 and is finally outgrowing the medium. We’ll be buying the large soon, the medium have been so good to us, I hate to part with them.

Roberta Georgetown, FL

I like other covers better

This diaper cover looks really cute, more like little pants than a diaper cover. But it also functions more like little pants than a diaper cover. We lanolized it, but it still leaks a lot. It’s also got a very high waist, which makes it difficult for our newborn and his bellybutton. We’re going to use it as our extra cover for the diaper bag. It works most of the time, but I like the Babee Greens and Loveybums covers better.

Maude Elk Rapids, MI

Not impressed

This cover is super soft and I thought I would love it. I wanted to love it. I washed it and lanolized it, put it on my 10 pound baby overnight with a flat and a Hemp Babies Little Weeds and it leaked. I tried a snappied prefold during the day and it leaked. I re-washed and re-lanolized it and tried it again overnight with a Kissaluvs hemp fitted and a Joey Bunz premium insert and it leaked. WTH? My son is now 14 pounds and sleeps about 9-10 hours and I was looking for a non-synthetic overnight solution. We are currently using pocket diapers.This is sooooo soft and looks sooooo cozy, and I really wish it worked for us. I also liked that it fits a larger weight range than most of the wool covers. But I can only use it for maybe two hours during the day before it leaks, usually not even that long. I am going to try Disana, even though they require more prep. Waste of money.

Callie Ephrata, WA

Wish I’d tried them sooner!

My daughter was a year old before I made the leap into the world of wool covers. I wish I’d tried them sooner! I washed and lanolized this cover and put it on my daughter over a large brown edge workhorse fitted from Green Mountain Diapers. A couple hours later, I patted her bum, totally dry. Another hour and the cover was still totally dry, so curious, I put her on the changing table and pulled it off. The fitted diaper was SOAKED, just like I expected since she’s a heavy wetter–but the Kissas cover barely felt damp on the inside and was completely dry on the outside. That converted me to wool right then! I bought another one immediately. I just wish they came in more colors. There’s tutorials on how to dye them all over the web, but I wish they came in colors anyway for lazy people like me.A sizing note. My daughter is about 22 lbs and 30 inches tall, so right in an overlapping weight range for the medium and large covers. Both the medium and large fit right now. The medium is very trim and fits under clothes, but is starting to get a tad tight around the tummy–not to the point where it seems to be bothering her though. The large is roomier, but not baggy, and fits well over bulkier diapers. She’s got plenty of room to grow into it without it looking like a tent on her. So if anyone has a child whose weight falls into the range for two different sizes, I’d say think about what you will use the cover for. If you want it to go under daytime clothes the smaller size may be the way to go. If you want plenty of room to grow, or for bulky nighttime diapers, go with the larger size. Either way, it’s a great cover.

Evangelina Gracemont, OK


Bought this in a Large for my 26.5lb, 31 inches tall heavy wetter son, fits great with room to grow, soft, very pleased with this product. May order another for laundry days 🙂 It does seem like it would snag easy so if you wear lots of jewelry or have a pet, be cautious and put pants on over this to protect the beautiful wool.

Jeanine Nahma, MI

Soft! Love it on my baby!

This is the only wool cover I have ever tried, and I really love it! It is nice and soft after being lanolized and I have not had any problem with leakage. I make sure there is plenty of absorbency under it for nighttime, usually a cotton fitted diaper with an extra soaker. And for nap time it is perfect, I know that the wool is breathable and this makes me more comfortable than using a PUL cover. I have shopped for other wool covers to try but didn’t end up buying any different brands because they didn’t feel as soft as this one. So I have two in rotation. I fold the top down and it looks really cute. :-)*edited to add- I finally tried some other wool covers that are great but these Kissa’s are still my fave and THE softest!!

Dolly Florence, VT

Best wool diaper cover!

I absolutely love these wool covers. It’s so soft and thick, but not at all bulky. I know this is the most comfortable cover for my baby. Haven’t had any leaks. It will feel warm and moist because the heat from baby is able to ventilate. But you won’t get leaks from these, unless you don’t lanolize it periodically. The fit is great. It does gap in the legs a bit, but as long as the prefold is covered, it’s not a problem. I wish I just purchased these covers with maybe one PUL cover in each size range because these are the ones I use most.

Kimberlee Fairfield, TX