Kiwi Pie One Size Fitted Diaper – Groovy

Kiwi Pie One Size Fitted Diaper – Groovy

Kiwi Pie One Size Bamboo Fitted Diapers are one-size fitted cloth diapers that combine great absorbency, a trim fit and squishy softness, all wrapped in adorable knit prints. Kiwi Pie reusable diapers are hand made in the USA from bamboo fleece in a unique blend of bamboo and Lycra for superior S-T-R-E-T-C-H. Kiwi Pie One Size Bamboo Fitted Diapers include a lay-in style soaker pad. Each reusable diaper comes with two, 4-layer soakers that can be used apart or together depending on the size setting and absorbency needed. The outer is made of 2 layers of a unique bamboo/lycra blend and 1 layer of cotton knit print. The durable poly resin snaps are hidden inside the fabric so nothing rubs against your baby’s skin. Sizing Information – Fits approximately 8-35 lbs. Small Setting: Simply snap down the two rise snaps. Lay in the small soaker with the snaps away from baby. Large Setting: Unsnap the rise snaps. Snap two soakers together and lay in diaper, giving added absorbency for your larger baby. Made By: The Natural Baby Company Made Of: Bamboo Rayon, Lycra, Cotton Made In: Hand Made in USA

Main features

  • Kiwi Pie One Size Bamboo Fitted Diapers combine great absorbency, a trim fit and squishy softness
  • Include a lay-in style soaker pad and two, 4-layer soakers that can be used apart or together
  • The outer is made of 2 layers of a unique bamboo/lycra blend and 1 layer of cotton knit print
  • Hand made in the USA from bamboo fleece in a unique blend of bamboo and Lycra for superior S-T-R-E-T-C-H
  • Fits approximately 8-35 lbs

Verified reviews


Love Kiwi Pie Fitteds

I absolutely love these fitted diapers for overnight. I dislike the new prints GroVia has but the older one’s are adorable. I also prefer the bamboo material on these opposed to the micro-modal material on the newer version.

Ashleigh Sims, NC

Favorite Diaper Ever!

I have tried a ton of different fitteds, pockets, AIOS, hybrids, flats, prefolds, and everything in between and these are my favorite diaper of all time. The prints are adorable, they are soft, made of bamboo (a highly sustainable resource) and in the USA, super absorbent, and just basically amazing.I have been using these since DD was about 3.5-4 months old and she is now 13 months. They have never failed me. I have super hard water which is so bad and we had to give up on thicker fitteds and anything with fleece. We can only use these, prefolds, flats, and g diapers with folded prefolds or flats instead of g diapers inserts. The only reason we can use these is because the inserts come out and they rinse clean faster.These have been a lifesaver on days when my toddler does not want to lay still long enough for me to wrap a flat around her and pin it on her with a Snappi and then put on a cover. She wants to go go go so these are perfect because I can just snap them on her while she’s standing. I almost never use a cover with these because they are so absorbent and that way I know right when she’s wet so I can change her.These are good for nights because they are so absorbent, we have used them for that when she was smaller but she is a heavy wetter so now we are a using a Bumgenius 4.0 with 2-3 folded flats instead of the fleecy inserts and those are better for us because they can hold a bit more wee than these.I LOVE the prints. Love them. The bight solids are so cute too. I have a little girl but I have even bought some of the more ‘boyish’ prints because they are so adorable. We have Chickadee, City Scape, Ooga Booga, Galaxy, Groovy, and Jungle. People on ebay are crazy about kiwi pie prints so they have a high resale value if you take good care of them, which another incentive to invest in these rather than less expensive fitteds.These are SUPER soft and my girl is comfortable in them. They don’t impede her movement like some other, more bulky fitteds. I love the more durable snaps rather than the velcro, even if it does like a second or two longer to put them on. Also now that DD is eating big girl food and having big girl poos I appreciate the smoother fabric because it makes it easier to shake/scrape solids into the toilet.One thing to know about this diaper is NEVER to bleach it. We had a yeast attack a few months back and I used everything there is to try to kill it but nothing would, and we had to resort to bleach. Unfortunately it ruined one of the Kiwi Pies and now its a diaper for DD’s baby doll. It got holes all over it. If you get yeast on a Kiwi Pie the best thing to do is try everything but bleach to kill it, and if that still doesn’t work try to use smallest possible amount of bleach instead of doing what I did in a moment of desperation and dumping a huge amount in the wash and then rinsing for 2 days to make it all come out. (I was sleep deprived. Give me a break.)I completely agree with the other poster who said they would replace their entire stash with Kiwi Pie if they could. I would too. I wish I had found these before trying any other diaper and wasting all that money. I just wish they made these in a larger size because my toddler will be grown out of hers soon!

Eddie Letcher, SD

Not as great…

I love kiwi pie, but for some reason this one doesn’t hold nearly as much as their newer fitteds. Still super cute tho!

Kristi Manlius, NY


When used in conjunction with our Grovia system, this diaper has become a fail-safe, amazing night diaper. It is literally just as good, if not better, than a disposable in working all night for my 12 hour sleeper.I couldn’t ask for any more.

Barbra Egan, SD

Great diaper

The husband’s perspective: When my wife said she wanted to go with cloth, I thought she was crazy. Having tried it, I’m so glad we did. The inconvenience is minimal, but the savings are significant (as long as you or your wife doesn’t decide to go crazy and start ordering more diapers than you need). I picked this one out myself, and it works very well. It gets us through the night without leaks, and night time is the most difficult. This is one of the first that we’ve used that has worked well at night.

Margo Woodhaven, NY

Love my Kiwi Pies!

These diapers are adorable (kinda sucks that they get covered up!) and work fabulous for us! We use these for overnight diapers for our 4 month old, with either a flip cover or a bummis cover. We have never had a leak, and he goes about 12 hours in these babies. They are soaked when we change him, but we have yet to have any irritation issues with them. I also had a hemp doubler just because he sleeps so long in one. I prefer the older kiwi pies (before they became Grovia kiwi pies)–they seem softer and don’t leave red marks on him like my one grovia kiwi pie does. The only down side, if you are machine drying them, they take a LONG time to dry (in our dryer, at least).

Pamala New Windsor, IL