KLADD PRICKAR Bib, assorted sets of red and blue – pack of 2

KLADD PRICKAR Bib, assorted sets of red and blue – pack of 2

This comes with a set of 2 bibs.

Main features

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  • – Easy to put on and take off thanks to the touch and close fastener.
  • Recommended for ages 0-18 months.

Verified reviews


Perfect for kids who do not want to wear normal bibs anymore

At age of 1, our son decided he was grown up and did not want to use bib anymore. The result, a very messy 1 year old, with food all over the dress.. needed to change him after every meal.A friend with 2 year old was using these bibs and I had to try them. These are amazing, at least for time being, my son wears them, it saves his dress and me a lot of cleaning up.Pros:More shirt like, keeps child cleaner.Washable in washing machine and dryerEasy spot cleanReasonable quality for the priceCons:They are not very thick, the material of the bib itself is thinner than more expensive ones.But they seem to be durable, after a month of use and more than a couple washes, I am still liking it and they still look new.

Leanna Lafox, IL

Quick to rinse and dry. Cover all of my one year old (and then some – will probably fit till 2 at least.)

My favorite kind of bib. I have tried many. Not waterproof, but it does keep my little one drier than without a bib. I use it to feed him smoothies and yogurt all the time, and his clothes are fine afterwards.

Brigitte Rogers, NM

Exactly what we needed!

Love these! The sleeves are keeping my son’s clothes clean during meals, as my 18 month old is a very messy, independent eater. I did wash these separately due to other reveiws saying the velco would stick and ruin other items in the wash, and they washed beautifully. The price is fantastic, and I am so glad I bought these and didn’t go with a more expensive version. These will also work great as a smock for arts and crafts. LOVE!

Cheri Pindall, AR


Great fit on my toddler! Wraps around enough to prevent him from wiping his hands on his side and belly. Dries super fast. Comes out great from the washer. Easily folds small enough to take everywhere unlike the waterproof bibs that are covered with vinyl.

Ladonna Hill Afb, UT

use daily

not totally waterproof but pretty close, can be washed in washing machine or with a sponge, fit a little one year old up to my nearly 4yr old.

Cynthia Bruington, VA

great bibs. Ordering more

We originally bought four of these. My husband loves them and insists that we buy more, so I just reordered. Great bibs if you’re doing baby-led introduction of solid foods. We’ve been using them since our son started solid food (feeding himself) at six months old. At first they were really big, so we just rolled up the sleeves. At 10 months (but our big boy is the height and weight of a 24-month-old), we don’t usually have to roll the sleeves up anymore. They keep food off him, except around the neck, as another reviewer noted. (But we’re wiping his face and sometimes hair after every feeding anyway; no trouble to wipe his neck at the same time.) They aren’t waterproof, but waterproof would probably be too hot, anyway. The pocket catches much of the food he drops. He can’t take it off. We’re very happy with these.

Sierra Jackpot, NV

Just OK

I bought these bibs and also one of the Bumkins sleeved bibs (more expensive). Maybe the mistake was buying them together, but…These just didn’t work for my son. The main reason was because the elastic at the end of the sleeve was just not strong enough to keep the sleeve on his arm. (There is so little stretch in mine that I have a hard time calling it elastic.)This meant that, even after rolling the sleeves up, they were eventually coming down and flopping everywhere as he moved his arms. Even worse, this meant that the floppy sleeves were getting dirty from landing in food and then flopping elsewhere and transferring the mess. (To be fair, my guy is a very active and distracted eater.)It just wasn’t worth the hassle.I’m giving three stars because it is possible if I had been able to work harder to make the product work (use my sewing machine to add elastic or shorten the sleeve), it would probably be an OK bib (sleeves are hard to come by!). I can also see it working well as a smock (when DS is old enough to need one).This is the link to the Bumkins product. The elastic on the sleeve is very good at keeping the sleeve in place and covering baby’s clothing well!Bumkins Waterproof Sleeved Bib, 6 months to 2 years, Blue Owl

Tammie Glencoe, OK

Best bib.

Without a doubt the best bibs for toddlers. It’s basically a smock and I plan on using it as such once my kid is older and doesn’t need them for food anymore. In the meantime, it keeps her food off her seat and pants and shirt, for the most part. Previously, I would take off her clothes and just leave her in the diaper because she’d get sauce all over herself. But now I don’t need to do that. The pocket is nice to keep stuff from falling. Of course some rogue pieces still fall but overall it does the best job out of any other bib I’ve used. It’s easy to wash and the material dries pretty well. You can machine wash it as well.Much cheaper at IKEA but if you don’t have one nearby, it’s not badly priced here either.

Dianne Hydes, MD

Great–especially for the price.

Yes, like others said, these aren’t water tight… But I have twins and 2 for less than 1 of the brand name mean I get a great deal! And they work great for the average meal, including steamed veggies and purees. Just watch out when they start spilling their sippies! I like the wrist cuffs on these better than Bumkins, too.

Hilary Gordonville, MO

Absolute necessity

I love these bibs. Grandson is just starting on solid food and It keeps the mess to a minimum. Washes well.

Graciela Newhall, WV

Works well, but neck needs adjustment

My daughter is 18 months and these bibs work well on her. They came quickly and the one’s we received are in very good shape (no holes or seam tears). I have washed them in the washing machine and they have held up thus far. There is only one tweak than needs to be made. She is petite so the neck is way too big for her even if you put the velcro furthest over. I corrected this easily by sewing stretchy ribbed knit onto the entire neckline (same stuff that is in the over the head bibs). Now when it is secured around her neck the ribbing absorbs and prevents foods and liquids from going down the neck. All in all it is a good buy for the price. They are thin (which is a plus for us because you can fold them down small for the diaper bag, etc.). And no they are not completely water proof, but in order for them to be made from a material that is that would make them much stiffer and uncomfortable which takes away the purpose of them being so travel-friendly. So it does have it’s pros and cons but for us the pros far outweigh the cons for now.

Lucia Kidder, MO

life saver with a messy child

We have had these for several months and they have been great! They keep my super messy now 15 month old clean and are easy to hand wash when I do dishes to use at the next meal 🙂 mama is glad she made this purchase!

Therese Sherrill, AR

Best food tarp… easy cleanup!!!

Oh my gosh….seriously the best bibs ever. My husband calls them a tarp. They keep my baby clean and minimal cleanup.

Shelley Mount Pocono, PA

Only bib you’ll ever need!

These are the best bib I have ever used. I wish they came in bigger kid sizes! The material is water resistant, and even with spaghetti sauce down the front my son has yet to stain them. They cover everything, which is great for a toddler learning to feed himself. You can put them on over their clothes, and nothing will get through the material and onto the shirt. Great buy!

Bobbie Hoisington, KS

Keep your toddler clean when they eat

My son stays clean when using these, almost regardless of what he is eating. I have washed mine many times with my other laundry and they wash extremely well. A definite must for all toddlers

Michell Burnside, IA

Best bibs ever!!

We love these. My mother found these at Ikea and once we used them, I kept ordering more. They go in the washer and they cover everything. I think we’ve sold a ton of them because we take them with us when we go out to eat. People always ask how and where to get them. We use them daily and wash after each use. No problems of any kind as long as you keep the velcor away from your other clothes!

Janelle Maribel, WI

Ugly, but inexpensive and functional

These are rather ugly, especially for a girl. The blue has a garish green around the collar, and the polka dot pockets are not visible when the baby is sitting in a high chair. Other than that, it’s hard to complain about these. They cost less than half of most of the competing products and are perfectly functional. Others have said these are flimsy, and that may be, but they are holding up fine for us so far. I think the design of these is better than many similar products because the sleeves have cuffs, so they protect long-sleeve clothing underneath more effectively than many of the others, which inexplicably have loose sleeves.

Joni Westville, FL


I returned these because the arms were unusually long and even when rolled up, they would unrole and frustrate me like crazy.

Meagan Van Buren, ME

Works as described

Nice big scoop pockets. These stay on fairly well and contain big messes. I would only use a sleeved bib with something truly messy because otherwise it’s kind of a pain to put on/take off compared to other bibs.

Rae Mc Callsburg, IA

Happy wife, happy life!

My wife ordered these and goes on and on about how great they are. I have to agree!! When he’s eating something messy, they sure are nice.Very thin and not water proof, but more than up to the task of keeping food off your child.

Janell Norman, OK

Excellent and better nylon

read how these were better than many of the other plastic-y ones for infants. Works perfectly. Our babies are 13 months and still doing the job.

Mallory Lambsburg, VA

If you have a baby, you need one of these

These bis are great. They cover my son’s clothes including his shoulders, arms, and everything. After meals, I just wipe his face & hands, and take off the bib, and he is clean and dry. You can rinse these in the sink, hang them to dry, and they are ready to go for the next meal. These are a real time-saver when it comes to cleaning my son up after meals, and also for keeping laundry & stain-removal at a manageable level.

Coleen Kulpsville, PA