Knit Double Headrest – Navy

Knit Double Headrest – Navy

Especially For Baby Double Headrest – Navy

Main features

  • Especially for Baby – Double Headrest
  • Grows with your baby from newborn to infant
  • 100% Cotton Jersey Knit Cover
  • For use in infant carrier, carseat & – supports baby’s head
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Dont’ waste your money

I bought this for my son’s baby car seat because I would find him with his head bobbed to the side when I checked on him. It looked very uncomfortable. Hoping that this would solve the problem I bought this item. I have to say that it is a waste of money. There are no instructions in the package, thankfully it’s easy to figure out. I installed it both as a single and also as a double and neither variation supported my sons head properly. I would still find him with his head bobbed to the side and looking uncomfortable. If I had the packaging I would return it. I will try it as he gets a bit older and see if it works better. I ended up using a rolled up receiving blanket and that worked much better. Save your money. I would have given it zero stars but the lowest is one.

Lilly Durants Neck, NC

does what it’s supposed to do

After my first ride in the car with my son, I found him with his head in a very weird position due to lack of head control. The poor thing looked so uncomfortable and I swear I thought the jiggling had snapped his little neck! So I ran out and bought these head supporters. I have to say, they were helpful. I put the larger one in the swing and left the smaller one in the car seat. They did seem to help control the head bobbing until he was old enough to hold up his own head.The cons:1. the headrest does not really snap in to the seat anywhere, so basically you’re just placing it in the seat (similar to what you’d do with a rolled up towel).2. when we took our car seat to the police station to have it inspected, they didn’t like the head rest placed in the car seat because it didn’t fit securely (i.e. wasn’t secured to the fabric) and because the seat had not been crash tested with the headrest in place. The alternatives they recommended were either to contact the manuafacterer and buy a head rest that HAD been crash tested in our particular seat model, or to just use rolled up towels. (I’m not sure what difference a towel would make in a crash, but I’m just repeating what they said)In the end, we disregarded what the police had recomended and just used the headrest until our son no longer needed them (which really wasn’t all that long). The product worked fine and luckily we didn’t need to test out the whole crash test theory.Having said that, would I buy this again? Probably not. Like I said, the product worked well and I gave it 4 stars because we really didn’t have any problems with it, but all things considered, why not just roll up a couple of towels?

Katelyn Lafe, AR

So many good uses!

This really is a “must have” item for a new Mom. You can use it in car seats, in bouncy chairs, in baby swings etc. I use mine in a bouncy chair that my newborn would not be able to sit in otherwise. A great purchase for the price. Definitely worthwhile to have on hand for whatever baby item needs extra head and neck support.

Mia Aurora, CO

glad we bought this

We have the Graco Metrolite system and our sons little head would flop everywhere in the car seat. We purchased this headrest (and took out the graco one) and now his head stays in place while we travel. I’m very happy that we purchased this one and once he’s a little bigger, we’ll take it out and put the graco one back in.

Marla Anabel, MO

You will definitely need this for your baby when he’s small

This is a must have when your baby is small. This one is better than the one that came with our infant car seat- its softer and it fits better.

Janice Preston, MD