Knobby Super Chew

Knobby Super Chew

The Super Chew is a delightful oral motor tool designed to provide positive oral stimulation for practicing biting and chewing skills. The Super Chew features a closed loop handle which is easily grasped by little fingers.

Main features

  • The bitable stem of the red Super Chew offers a knobby textured surface.
  • Super Chews are made of non-toxic, FDA approved materials and are latex-free, lead-free and do not contain PVC or pthalates. Super Chews may be washed with mild soap and water.
  • Replace when there are visible signs of wear.
  • Intended for individual use, with adult supervision.

Verified reviews


My kid loves it, can’t speak to the longevity yet though

I just got this item last week. My son who is 21 months old has stopped chewing his foods, not because he can’t but because he’d rather suck on his food. We saw an occupational therapist who recommended the chewy tube brand of oral-motor therapy tools for him to practice chewing. He has a full mouth of teeth, so using regular infant chew toys is not an option for us any longer. I haven’t had the item long enough to say how long they last, but he seems to enjoy this particular chew a lot. As pictured there is a knobby side and a smooth side (the handle portion), he enjoys chewing both. The first time he used it he really got a work out, when we got home I tried chewing it, it has a lot of give! I’m really excited about this because it will help him exercise his jaw muscles and I’m hoping it will also slow down or put an end to his teeth grinding.The product is a little pricier than what can be found elsewhere, even on, but I wanted to order from the manufacturer’s shop. There are too many knockoffs listed even on a reputable site like Amazon, so I’ll pay a couple dollars extra to make sure I have the real deal.

Megan Richville, NY

Excellent teether

Both my kids love these for teething. The handle is great for little hands and/or linking. You can freeze them also.

Antionette Janesville, IA

Good idea but my son prefers his fingers

This product is a great idea. It seems like it is well constructed and would be long lasting but my son hardly gives it any attention. He prefers to suck/chew on his fingers.

Violet Bridgeton, NJ


18 mo old with molars coming in. Thought I’d give this a whirl. He has no interest. The material used also picks up lint and cat hair super easily. Was annoying to constantly rinse. It also didn’t get cold in fridge. Not a good teether if that’s what you’re looking for.

Jesse West Salem, IL


Great for the back teeth teething! I hooked a pacifier clip to this so baby always has it. Great chew toy!

Pearlie Hemingford, NE

Easy and effective

Our little guy loves this teether. He has been able to hold onto it since about five months and has been happily gnawing away at it ever since. Super easy to wash, no strange plasticy odor, soft enough to chew but firm enough to be helpful.

Karla Lawton, PA

It works!

So far this is kiddo’s favorite chewy. We just got it today so I’ll come back and update. But kiddo gave up blankey for the chewy and hasn’t looked back!

Harriet Neosho Rapids, KS

Great Teether for Molars

My son loves these! His preschool gives them out to kids routinely and knobby is particularly great for those hard to reach molars as they come in. Easy to clean, too.

Leanne Iowa, LA

wow wow

okay so ive bought like a million teething toys for my kids i even bought the sophie at babies rus and the razberri thing which rnt bad but not great so i was a lil second thought about buyng another chew thing but i so dont regret this my daughter is 9 months and she got her teeth early 4 in the front but she is gettin the k9 teeth which r very painful do to the size in the roots as soon as we got this i cleaned and gave it to her and its been wonderful the size is great for her mouth and the texture i thought would be hard like a dog toy but no its perfect.she uses both sides and i use a paci holder to clip to her clothes so she wont lose it will need to order more. highly recommend it

Camilla Sagamore, MA

Love it!

My son teeths so hard. He’s so much different than my first who was barely phased by teething at all. This was great for him because the handle makes it easy to hold and the texture is so great he can really soothe those back/side teeth that he’s working on. Occasionally I will even throw it in the freezer for a bit and give it back to him and he’s really happy with that.

Barbara Hatch, UT


It is Okay. I have not been able to find a good teething toy that our baby really likes to chew on for very long.

Theresa Fort Monroe, VA

Sturdy chew toy for teething toddlers

My 18 month old and 2 year old use this occasionally when they have their chewing fits due to teething. They’re easy for them to handle and have held up really well.

Lynda Modoc, IN

Bought for my 2 year old but loved more by my 4 month old

The chewy part is a little too wide for my 2 year old to reach back to her molars or in between her teeth. She still prefers her plastic stylus from her Innotab as a teether, but I wanted something safer or specifically made for teething. My 4 month old however nom noms the heck out of this thing. It’s perfect for her little grip and she really chews on it.

Maribel Tokio, ND

nice overall

Got this for my baby with the x chew stick. he loves the blue x chew stick but is totally uninterested in this one, well, for now anyway. i am guessing maybe because this is red?? my little boy doesn’t seem to like red stuff… hah.

Trina Moncure, NC


Purchased this for my teething grandson. It is good to chew on but it way too long for an infant. We had to cut it off some and still has a bit of an issue with it. It is a good chew toy but may want to rethink getting it for a babyu.

Sandy Casnovia, MI