Kokopax City Carrier, Gumdrops

Kokopax City Carrier, Gumdrops

The kokopax city carrier (gumdrops) allows you to keep your hands free while carrying your baby close. Whether you’re running errands or heading to the playground, you can adjust the frame and shoulder straps of this carrier for a comfortable, custom fit. Your baby will love the 360 degree world view. A handy kickstand makes it easy to use. Designed for ages six months to two years old (or 35 pounds), this carrier features a modern style and a five-point harness that keeps your baby safe and secure. city carrier At a glance: Ages: Six months to 2 years old Weight Requirement: Child cannot exceed maximum weight of 35 poundsIdeal for: Who: Parents, caregivers, and grandparents What: Carrying a baby while keeping both hands free Where: Inside house, grocery store, walks, at the airport The city carrier features breathable, stylish fabric and a lightweight, adjustable frame for a custom fit. View larger. It comes with a sturdy kickstand, so you can rest it securely on the floor. View larger. Comfortable to Wear; Safe for Hands-free Use For everyday indoor and outdoor use, the city carrier features comfortable shoulder straps, padded waist support, and an adjustable frame that provides a custom fit. The ergonomic design distributes weight evenly across your back, chest, and shoulders, so you can comfortably keep both hands free while carrying your baby. A five-point safety harness provides additional security. The city carrier is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), meeting the association’s standards for child carriers. The powder-coated aluminum frame is durable, yet incredibly lightweight at approximately three pounds. Most importantly, the carrier positions a baby at an adult’s eye-level giving him or her a fresh view of the world. Portable, Compact, and Easy-to-Use The city carrier is designed with a sturdy kickstand, so you can rest it securely on the floor. This convenient feature makes it easy to place or remove a child from the carrier. And the portable, compact design allows you to store it in airplane overhead bins, making it ideal for traveling. Made from a Cotton/Poly Blend Made from a cotton/poly blend, the city carrier’s fabric feels soft on your baby’s skin and is easy to wipe clean. On warm days or during long outings, the breathable blend allows air circulation and provides a comfortable experience. The stylish fabric pattern looks fresh and modern while coordinating with other kokopax products such as the Savannah Sun Hat. Useful Details and Fun Accessories Ideal for storing bus passes, snacks, and a diaper, the city carrier has a convenient storage pocket with a Velcro closure. For long walks and outings, you can fasten favorite toys on the handy toy ring. The optional pax protector (sold separately) is a cloth made from machine-washable, organic cotton that provides a soft resting spot for your baby’s face. Designed to attach easily with straps, this protector keeps the carrier clean and fresh. Accommodates Infants and Toddlers The versatile city carrier can be used for children from six months up to two years (or 35 pounds) so you can use it from infant stage through toddler years. About kokopax: Fresh, Modern Style kokopax was founded in 2007 by Sarah Spoor, a busy mother of four young children. Sarah’s is a classic tale of borrowing tips and tools from earlier generations and shaping them to fit our modern world. Using this method, Sarah re-imagined the lightweight carriers that her own parents used when she was a young child. Combining contemporary materials such as anodized aluminum and fresh, bright patterns, the signature kokopax carrier line introduces a new generation of parents and caregivers to a comfortable, safe way to carry children. kokopax also offers stylish totes, sunhats, and organic accessories that feature the same modern prints and patterns. What’s in the Box kokopax city carrier (gumdrops) and instructions.

Main features

  • Positions baby at eye level
  • Baby can interact with parent and has 360 degree world view
  • Easy to load and unload
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Comfortable, padded shoulder straps

Verified reviews


Deeply disappointed

My 8 month old son HATED this carrier, sadly. We’d had high hopes based on the reviews. But he didn’t seem to feel secure in it. Because of the way the carrier is positioned, he was able to push against my back with his feet and try to stand up, and the unpadded straps holding him into the backpack would cut into his neck and leave horrible marks. We had a difficult time getting him in and out, because the clasp for the straps that secure him are placed very low in the carrier, and the carrier is very narrow, and we couldn’t see the release buttons to get him out. We also had a diffult time with the very stiff metal stand — it’s hard to put your kid down when you can’t get the stand to release behind you! Finally, the lack of any type of chest or waist strap was a big problem from an ergonomic perspective, and our kid is only 17lbs. I can’t imagine have a much heavier one in there.It arrived yesterday, and is being returned in the morning. You get what you pay for, I guess….

Jennifer Independence, CA

super comfortable!

I love my kokopax city carrier. I am a mom of 3. My two youngest are 2 and 5 months. I have a couple of pouch slings, but those aren’t practical for cooking, housework, or other things that require both arms to be free. We have multiple strollers, one of which includes a double side by side stroller that we love, however, it’s not always practical to use a stroller. Take for example, the trips I was making to the grocery store prior to getting the Kokopax. My older son would be on the seat in the cart and my infant would be in his car seat taking up the entire cart space. I’d have to pile groceries underneath the cart. Or, trips to the park with my 2 year old who wants to run everywhere. Dragging a stroller through the sand/tanbark was horrible, and holding the baby in my arms or in the sling wasn’t practical because I often need my hands/arms to help my son around the playground and getting in and out of those bucket swings. I really didn’t want a hiking backpack because I just don’t need all of those darn straps, pockets, zippers, etc. The things I love the Kokopax City Carrier are:baby loves being able to look aroundlightweightno waist strapminimal pockets (just one that the straps feed into. Also good for maybe 1 diaper, keys)looks goodbaby is comfortableI’ve had many mothers either looking at it or coming up to me asking where I got it. I use it nearly every day.My only complaint is that the fabric covering the padding on the lumbar support seems to be rubbing on my clothing and it is wrecking some of my clothing. This happened the very first time I used it. My daughter came up and asked what was all over the lumbar padding. I have one of those nylon, super stretchy tank tops that I wear under some t-shirts because I like the length and the layered look, but it really messed that tank top up in the spot where it rests against the Kokopax. It is pilling nearly all of my clothing. The padding now has multiple colors of pills from the various shirts that I have worn with it. If I didn’t LOVE this carrier so much, that would have turned me away from the product. There has got to be a different fabric that can be used that won’t do this to clothing when there is friction. Because I love the carrier, I am going to try and find a way to cover that pad with another material. Maybe one that is less coarse.

Eunice Head Waters, VA

Love it!

That’s the best way to carry a baby when they are over 6 months old. I had one like this one when I was raising my kids, it was wonderful. Now that I’m taking care of my granddaughter, I was desperately seeking for a similar baby backpack until I found this one. Absolutely the best! They peek everything you do so they don’t get bored. They are comfortable, enjoying and even interacting with the environment, safely. The waist belt is a must for the wearer, for an evenly distribution of the baby’s weight, so that your shoulders don’t get hurt. I bought this one because it was extremely cheap, compared to the ones with a waist band, but ordered separately a back pack replacement waist band that fit it.

Dollie Benicia, CA

Minus some hair pulling, a good experience.

We received this as a gift in preparation for an upcoming vacation. We are not going to be able to take our 10 month daughter everywhere we want to go via a stroller, and I don’t like using the front carriers we have for very long (feel free to read that review here:Infantino Swift Carrier,) so the hope is this will fit our needs.We did some test runs with this carrier over the weekend by using it for some shopping errands as well as a 3 mile walk. Here are my impressions:Pros:- She liked being in the carrier. As we walked along, she was all smiles as she was taking in the sights. She does have to lean to one side or the other to see around my head, but she seemed to think that was funny.- My back didn’t bother me. I’m 6’2″ and I had the lumbar adjustment down as far as it goes, and I thought it was just enough. So that might be a point of caution if you are taller than me. Anyway, despite all the various straps these carriers sometimes come with, I didn’t need them. It was just like wearing a backpack in school… actually our daughter probably weighs less than those books did.- The kickstand feature was useful. It made it very helpful to get her in and out. We even stopped and got a bite to eat, and just flipped the kickstand down and let her stay in it. I wouldn’t walk away with her in it, here toes were just able to touch the floor, but she was content to sit there while we ate.- She was secure and comfortable. The harness keeps her in place and the over all design supports her weight well.Cons:- As with all things with shoulder straps, they are rough and can irritate baby’s neck. Invest in some strap covers (like these:Munchkin Reversible Strap Covers,Colors May Vary,) you’ll use them for all sorts of products, including this one.- A spotter while not necessary, is really helpful. I can basically get her in and flipped on my back with no problem on my own. My problem comes with retracting the kickstand. I’m always afraid i’m going to crush her legs, so I like a second person to help with that step.- Still not for indefinite use. Maybe it’s only my daughter, but I could push her all day in a stroller, but these carriers all have a time limit. That said, this was the longest she seemed happy in a carrier. We were almost home from our 3 mile walk when she started to fuss to get out. Still, I thought that was pretty good range.- It can be difficult to get to the harness clasps that are fairly deep in the carrier. My advice is to check out how the clasps work prior to putting the baby in it. This way you will be able to do it by feel.- Not the carrier’s fault, but she’s in prime hair pulling position, and she took full advantage.Overall:I am pretty pleased with this carrier, and think it will serve us well on our trip and beyond.

Sybil Morris Chapel, TN

Lifesaver & great for petite Mommies!

My baby is super active. She wants constant attention and to GO, GO, GO all the time. I cannot sit her in an activity seat, pack n play, or anything like that for more than a few minutes or she is bored. I also have a Dr Sears Balboa sling & an Infantino carrier. She doesn’t like sitting on the ground in a seat for too long where she can’t be “involved” and most of the carriers hurt my back. Therefore, the laundry & dishes were piling up and I was starving since I couldn’t even make lunch without her yelling at me (or grabbing my plate, fork, food, etc).I finally saw the Kokopax City Carrier on Ellen’s talk show and thought “I’ve spent so much money already, what’s one more thing that probably won’t work?”IT IS AMAZING! It fits like a backpack except easier to carry. I have less trouble carrying a 17 lb baby in this than using a backpack with 2 or 3 books (and I am a 5′ tall weakling). It is made well, and it has a harness (kinda like a car seat). It even has a hook to put a toy on. Not to mention it is the cutest thing ever. I got the brown one with the little owls on it. I just sit it on the couch, put her in, and sit down in front of her & put the straps over my shoulders. So easy. It looks huge in the picture but once you get it on and collapse the kickstand, it is not that big. I easily get around in my little house in it. The best part is it adjusts not only at the straps but the frame too so my husband and I can take turns using it. Everything else took too long to switch back and forth (since he is a whole foot taller than me).My little girl LOVES it. I can finally clean the kitchen, make breakfast & lunch, go for walks, etc. I am thinking I am going to use this for the grocery/mall too so I don’t have to put her in the icky carts. I can even walk the dogs now! So far, I have had her in it for at least an hour at a time. It does not hurt my back!!!! I would say this is my favorite investment other than the necessities like the breast pump & pack n play. We still use the pack n play for napping and her activity seat for when I take a shower but this backpack has been a lifesaver. It is for babies who can sit up and weight of 16 to 35 lbs. We will be using this for quite a while.

Paige Beaver, KY