Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller, Fire Red

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller, Fire Red

Travel light with this Kolcraft stroller that was designed for the mobility. The Kolcraft Cloud Plus has all of the features parents want from their everyday stroller, but in a compact, travel-friendly format. Lightweight – under 12 pounds! This rugged and compact stroller features all-terrain wheels and front suspension for a smooth ride. Convenient one-hand and self-standing fold. Both child tray and parent tray offer 2 cup holders. Large basket for storage. Three-tier extended canopy for maximum sun coverage and peek-a-boo window. Multi-position seat accommodates child to 50 pound and offers 5-point safety restraint system. Folded: 18″ w x 12″ d x 34″ h. One year manufacturer warranty. JPMA Certified.

Main features

  • Polyester, Steel
  • Imported
  • Travel-friendly stroller – under 12 lbs. with compact fold
  • Convenient one-hand and self-standing fold
  • 3-tier extended canopy for maximum UV coverage
  • Multi position reclining seat offers 5-point safety restraint system and accommodates child to 50 pounds
  • Both child tray and parent tray have 2 cup holders

Verified reviews


What do you expect?

I hate, deteste, consider it one of the worlds worst evils, the umbrella stroller. But, I understand that not all, um, situations, either call for or allow for the expensive strollers. This is going to what you want to solve both of those issues.The assembly is easy, but the sturdiness fine. This is really the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars. It is not that it is weak and ready to collapse, but it just felt less study than more expensive strollers. It is lightweight. Unlike others, tho, you can pack a 50lb kid into this. And yes, 5lbs makes all the difference. That can mean an additional 6 months of not having to upgrade or destroy your back.It is easy to lower and raise – you can use one hand.Some of the features, such as the cup holder, will leave you wanting. It was not made for actual cups, say for those in use by the upper end of the weight range, but for infants and younger toddlers.Overall, a great price, lightweight construction, and a nice weight limit.

Kathrine Princeton Junction, NJ

Needs adjustable handle heights

Overall we have been pleased with the portability and features of this stroller for the price. I was surprised that no one else has mentioned that the stroller’s handle is quite low. Hubby wishes he did not have to hunch over to use this.

Rosella Platte City, MO

Great lightweight stroller, better than a typical umbrella stroller

We tested out several umbrella strollers in the store and this one costs just a small amount more but manages to have a much better selection of features. The biggest advantages are the storage, which is a decent size and easily accessible and the one handed fold, which is a lifesaver when you are dealing with small children. Unlike a lot of the cheaper strollers we looked at, it does have a 5-point harness, which means that a baby as young as 6 months (or maybe even a little younger if they have good head control) could ride in the seat. It also has a higher weight limit which means that it can continue to be used for longer. It pushes smoothly and the handles are at a comfortable height. All in all, this one is a winner!

Estela Ocean Park, WA

The perfect stroller for travel

This stroller is the perfect step, between an umbrella stroller and a mega-stroller. It offers more structure and back support than an umbrella stroller, without being bulky or heavy.I love the canopy with the see-through panel, and the cargo basket. I like that the seat can recline, by adjusting a strap. The 5 point harness is nice, though it is nowhere as secure as the harness on our car seats. The tray lets my toddler have a cup holder and a snack tray and works well for him. Unfortunately, most of our re-usable water bottles do not fit in the cup holders on the adult’s handle. It will hold disposable water bottles and sippy cups nicely, though.It is easy to fold, easy to maneuver in stores and handles okay on rougher terrain, though I wouldn’t plan to use it in really rough areas. It is light-weight, but sturdy. I expect to use it until my one year old no longer needs a stroller.We drive a 15 passenger van and do not have cargo space. We have to slide this under the benches or set it in the unused portion of the back row. We can not fit a full-size stroller in, and I was tired of umbrella strollers with kids backs and heads bumping on the cross-bars. I am so glad this fits in the van since it is a step up from the umbrella stroller.I haven’t used this with a baby who can’t sit yet. I wouldn’t advise it for a newborn at all. Wait until the baby can sit with support. It is great for my 1 and 3 year old kids, though.

Deanne Mesick, MI

Decent lightweight stroller

This is a decent stroller. It is extremely lightweight, which is very nice, especially for a mother who is juggling young children. It pushes nicely. One thing I did not like was the canopy. At the very top it has a clear window as many do, but it does not have a cover that can go over it. At this price point, I would’ve expected that little bit of extra fabric to cover it up like many other strollers have. Also, the top back of the stroller is mesh. This can be good or bad depending on your point of view. It is good in that it lets in more air flow but it also doesn’t block the sun as well since the rays can get through it. If you are looking for a stroller that is very good at blocking the sun, then this is not it.It has a five point harness, which is nice. It also has a decent size basket, especially for its size. It has both a tray for the parent and the child with cupholders. It provides a lot of the benefits of a full size stroller at a size and weight that’s not much more than an umbrella stroller. I would recommend it.

Allyson Vincent, IA

Good stroller for the price point

We’ve been looking for a different stroller – we have a pricy jogging stroller that we don’t like to take places where it might get damaged or stolen, so we’ve used an umbrella stroller for those trips (or to fly). The umbrella stroller is not comfortable for parent (handles too short) or child (no padding), nor does it have storage.The Kolcraft stroller came as part of the Amazon Vine program. That being said, I’d totally buy this stroller. Because of a higher weight limit, it will be good until my son is at least 5, and isn’t too heavy. It folds up easily, with one hand, and has a tray for drinks for parents and kids. It reclines, which my jogging stroller does not do.Pros:- 50 # kid weight limit, which is higher than most strollers in a similar price range.- Stroller only weighs 11.8# so it’s easy to load/maneuver.- Snack tray for parents AND kids.- Large storage basked underneath.- The shade extends down about the same length as pricier jogging strollers and has a plastic view hole for parents to see their kids, which comes in handy if they are asleep.- Speaking of sleeping, the stroller reclines to 3 positions.- Supposedly has front wheel shocks.- Can fold using one hand, which is awesome for plane travel.Cons:- Might be difficult for some kids to get in without detaching the snack tray. If they are strapped in the 5-point harness and with the snack tray, it can be difficult to make emergency bathroom situations.- Both the parent and child cup holders are small.- Seat cannot be detached for cleaning.- The wheels are plastic, which I think negates the concept of front wheel shocks. Rubber wheels absorb a lot more bumping than this. It seems to bump less than the cheap umbrella stroller but definitely more than the jogging stroller.Overall, though, for the price, this seems like a good, decent stroller. We’ve been enjoying it at the zoo, museums, and for plane travel.

Jody Cold Spring, NY

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

I ordered this to keep at our house when I babysit our grand baby. His mom and dad use their Quinny Stroller with infant car seat that attaches. I didn’t want to spend that much money on a Quinny so I found the Kolcraft here on Amazon. The first time I took our grand baby for a spin around the neighborhood in the Kolcraft, the wheels started sounding like one of those worn out grocery carts but now that I’ve taken many walks around the neighborhood using this stroller, I think it is a pretty good value for the money. It’s light weight, holds many objects under the seat….like my big can of bear spray LOL I"ve never tried folding it down to fit in my truck so I don’t know how well that function works. If I have to take my grand son anywhere and need the stroller, I just toss the stroller in the back of our long bed pickup, no need to fold the stroller down.

Annette Palmyra, NE

A winner over the other 2 strollers we currently have…the bottom line:

We have two other strollers and they do fine but the Kolcraft has both extra storage and other features which make it our clear favorite. With 2 grand babies (one newborn,one nearly 2 years old) , we use a very lightweight infant sized stroller for the newborn and and the larger Kolcraft for the toddler. We have another stroller which is the size of the Kolcraft but it is a pain to use.The Kolcraft is superior . We’ve also found it very durable, having used it on bumpy sidewalks, unexpected gravel pathways ( in the middle of otherwise smooth trails), and more. And it has enough storage space to carry gear for a toddler, newborn, and adults, thanks to the roomy storage basket under the seat. Plus, there is both a child snack tray as well as one for parents or grandparents.More info on ease of assembly, special features, etc. :Assembly: This took me about 10 minutes but should have been quicker . I blame the extra time on my less than stellar understanding of even simple assembly directions. Yet even with my less than adept skills, I found it simple to put together. I was also intimidated by the prospect of adding the wheels but they too were actually easy to attach.Ease of use: If a stroller is frustrating to open and close, that is a deal breaker for me. This one takes only one hand to open and close. It opens a bit more easily than it folds but I think that is a safety feature, to ensure it doesn’t collapse while a baby or toddler is in the stroller.Special features: the protective cover has a section of clear plastic so adults can see the baby or toddler without having to stop and lean over. The adult snack tray is at a very convenient height, although (like any stroller tray), it may still be necessary to grab your water bottle or soft drink can while navigating over bumpy areas or hills. I like to use the snack area for my keys, a tube of sunscreen, or an extra pacifier. The mesh sides of the storage basket allows it to dry quickly if it gets wet, perhaps after a sudden rain storm. We’ve found all parts of the stroller easy to clean, generally by simply wiping down with a moist cloth.Weight and portability:In spite of its size, the Kolcraft manages to be both durable and surprisingly light and easy to carry when folded up. For the record, I’m not a professional athlete and my arm muscles aren’t particularly strong .Even so, I find the stroller a cinch to lift and maneuver.

Catherine Mc Neil, AR

The Perfect Grab And Go Stroller

I love my grandkids, but I don’t love wrestling with children’s products. Seems like there’s a trick to opening and closing a lot of them–playards, carseats, even baby bottles. The Kolcraft Cloud Plus stroller restores my faith in simplicity. It took me only a few minutes to assemble, and how nice, spare parts are provided. Opening and closing the stroller couldn’t be easier. I can fold it up with one hand, and that’s important when there’s a squirming baby in the other. At only 12 lbs, it’s also easy to lift. The ride is smooth and grandbabies like being in it. I especially like the canopy that has a peek-in window. I can see what’s going on down there, and if necessary, the extended canopy entirely shields baby from rain or sun. It tucks back under the main canopy and the whole thing stays out of everybody’s way when not in use.I have to babysit grandkids frequently and this suits our needs perfectly. Not as skimpy as an umbrella stroller and not as clunky as bigger models. It’s the perfect grab and go stroller. Replacement parts can be easily purchased and it comes with a one year warranty. The recommended weight limit is 50 lbs and holds children up to 40 inches tall.

Ilene De Lancey, PA

Great for what it is!

Right out of the box, I was less than impressed with this stroller. In my mind, I was immediately comparing it to ourBritax 2014 B-Agile Stroller, BlackandBaby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller, Teal/Graystrollers. This is where I was wrong. The B-Agile and City Mini are every-day utility strollers that are much more substantial, and much more expensive. In an out of context side-by-side general comparison, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus loses to these amazing strollers every time. However, rating the Cloud Plus within the context of its strengths as a low cost, light weight, travel stroller, the Cloud Plus comes up aces.Perhaps oddly, the feature that really put it in perspective for me was the one-handed standing collapse. Just imagine yourself standing in line for the tram or trolley at some theme park, when your ride arrives and chaos ensues. Typically, even with a nice one-handed collapsible stroller, you end up with a mess; a child in one hand and a stroller leaning awkwardly on your legs or laying on the ground that ends up laying or leaning in the tram or trolley, as well. The Cloud Plus pushes closed with one hand, and remains standing on all four wheels! It was this this feature that revealed to me that this stroller was designed to be on the go.Through my new eyes, I was able to assess the other strengths of this little behemoth. The stroller is light – less than twelve pounds, it has plenty of under seat storage, it comes equipped with both a child tray and a parent tray – each can cost upwards of twenty dollars to add to other models, it is surprisingly sturdy, the occupant seems reasonably comfortable, and, at its current price point of less than sixty dollars, it wouldn’t bust our budget if someone walked off with it while we were riding the carousel, or feeding the giraffes or whatever.In my opinion, it might be worth it to spend the extra cash on a more comfortable and durable all-purpose, everyday use stroller. But I don’t think that this is what the Cloud Plus is designed for. I believe this stroller has been designed for travel and in and out activities. With these uses in mind the Kolcraft Cloud Plus is hard to beat.

Brenda Curwensville, PA

Fabric coming apart

Well, I got this b/c it was lightweight, inexpensive and had a nice canopy. And the canopy is really nice. The 5 point harness if good also. BUT, the fabric seam was falling apart so we had decided to return it, but not before I took it for a spin. Well, the wheels are all plastic and the basket was smallish. I think I’m going to look for something with sturdier wheels.

Sofia Cedar River, MI

some good some not as good

For reference, we’ve been using theThe First Years Ignite Strollerfor a little over a year with our now 2 year old. Very much like it, other people have liked it, and after using it have bought their own. It’s taller and for us that works great.The Kolcraft isn’t as tall, causing both of us (I’m 6′ my wife is 5’8″) to feel a little less comfortable. We wouldn’t likely notice as much compared to most strollers, but the Ignite is just good in that way. More of a problem are the front wheels. Considering how well made the rest of this is, I’m surprised by how cheap these wheels feel and function. If you are walking fast they sometimes start rattling like an old shopping cart. They also tend to wander a bit making it a bit harder to steer. The cup holder is small (unable to hold our water bottles) and the plastic tray isn’t as helpful as the zipped pocket on the ignite. However, the child tray is great, allowing for a drink and a snack to be easily accessed.What I like even more is the shade. Most shades are seemingly decorative or made for cloudy climates. Here in SoCal we need something that really does protect from the sun and this one does, going over and even a little down at the front, creating a great shield from sun and weather. There’s a plastic window on top, so our girl can look up and say hi to us and we can see what she’s up to. It folds down easy and is light weight and has great storage.If not for the frontwheels and the height issue we’d be entirely sold on this one. As is, it has strengths and weaknesses in comparison making them about equal with different qualities. We end up using this one for our daily walks and leaving the Ignite in the car for trips elsewhere. So we like the Kolcraft even with the minor issues.

Alisha Old Ocean, TX

Lightweight & compact umbrella stroller

This stroller folds up easily, is very easy to push (I often do so with one hand), is attractive, and is quite comfortable for my 28lb 2 year old. It’s been our go-to stroller every since we bought it.The only downside is that if we hook our diaper bag onto it, and our child isn’t in the stroller, it WILL tip over. That’s the reason for the four-star rather than five-star review. But if you are smart enough to keep the diaper bag in the carriage underneath (which means you have a smaller diaper bag than we do), you won’t have this issue.

Cleo Alpha, MN

Just what I wanted

In the course of a recent transition, we (that would be mostly me) had a brain cramp and packed our full-size Graco away with long-term storage items. Oops! Being eight months pregnant, carrying my squirmy 30lb eighteen-month-old around on my hip was just not going to cut it till we could get our original stroller back in a few months. I immediately knew I didn’t want a typical umbrella stroller (too flimsy, not enough options) so I did a lot of research and decided firmly on the Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller. Only problem? The “new” model (identical to this Kolcraft, but in blue and pink) was super difficult to find. When I did locate it on Amazon, it was way more expensive than I was willing to spend for a lightweight, possibly temporary stroller.Fast forward to stumbling across this Kolcraft. It looked suspiciously – exactly – like the Jeep Stroller, and a bit of research revealed that Kolcraft is the maker of the Jeep stroller. Same stroller, different names. So I ordered this one to try out.Important (to me) options:- Oversized visor – my little guy hates having the sun in his eyes, and I love that this stroller has a fold-down portion (black) that can also be pushed back into the red part of the visor. Simple but effective.- Five point harness – did I mention little guy is squirmy? He can get out of almost anything, but has not yet mastered evasion of the five point harness.- Nice recline – the recline is so easy, just an adjustable strap across the back that you can tighten for “upright” or loosen to whatever recline you desire. (It does not go flat, but that was not a requirement for my toddler. It does recline plenty far for him to rest comfortably when he is tired.)- Smooth ride – my biggest gripe with my full-size Graco was that it was unwieldy. Everyone who used it commented on this – the toddler was comfortable, but maneuverability was definitely compromised! When this Kolcraft stroller came, I took it out of the box and pushed it in circles around our kitchen (with toddler gleefully inside) – back and forth, side to side, twirl, etc. I was amazed at how easily it handled. A few days later, I took it out shopping and it did great navigating aisles and various surfaces.- Storage basket – definitely smaller than on my full-size, but still fits the diaper bag comfortably, or, if I left that in the the car (I don’t usually have to have it along on short trips) would fit my purse with lots of room to spare.- Snack tray for rider – the cupholder definitely won’t fit my little guy’s go-to water bottle (Nalgene sippy) but I wouldn’t have put it in there unsecured anyhow (he’d throw it). My main reason for wanting a bar across the front was that he likes to hold onto it when he’s in the seat. So it accomplishes that purpose. I suppose I could put snacks in the tray. But I didn’t even use the snack tray on my full-size for that purpose, so again, this one is fine.- Adult cupholder/tray – skinny cup holes…would fit a standard thin water bottle, maybe a Kleen Kanteen-sized one. I tend to use the adult tray simply for my keys, so again, this isn’t a huge issue. Besides, the stroller is so light and easy to move, I can EASILY do it with one hand…so I can just hold my coffee, if I do happen to have some along.- Easy fold – I feel like there is a slight learning curve to the easy-fold, but that might just be that my model catches a bit. I think this will correct as it wears in. Mine does not stand upright by itself, but since it is stored either in my trunk (flat) or basement hall (leaning against the wall) that really doesn’t make any difference one way or the other.Overall, this stroller is so lightweight that it’s hard to believe it can hold up to 50lbs, but it did not “give” at all when I put my 30lb’er in it. I’m curious to see how it wears, but all the seams appear to be tight, the fabric seems rugged and there is nothing wobbly about this stroller. I am loving it, and highly recommend for the price and quality! The take-away? Pretty much as soon as I started pushing it around my kitchen, I told my husband we were getting rid of the full-size when it comes out of storage. Goodbye bulky, hello lightweight!

Robin Creighton, SD