Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller, Ruby

Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller, Ruby

Parents and riders have more choices than ever with the super-flexible Contours Options Tandem Stroller – it allows you to arrange the seating of it to fit any mood or occasion! Features: Seats easily reverse to adapt to 4 seating options Uniflex design can be used as a single stroller by removing extra seat for a lightweight alternative Toddlers will love the easy step in, rear stadium-style seating and safety grips while out walking next to Mom Holds up to two infant car seats; and includes one adapter that fits most car seat brands on the market Floating seat designed with suspension to give baby a comfortable ride 8″ single swivel wheels and 10″ rear never-flat wheels Seats recline fully for infant’s comfort Removable infant head rest with soft micro fleece fabric Padded front child bar Easy trigger levers and free-stand fold stands upright Removable parent tray with locking lid for drinks and essentials Height adjustable 5-point harness with reflective trim has sleeves for safety and comfort Each seat accommodates up to 40 lbs.

Main features

  • Uniflex design turns this tandem into a single seat stroller with tons of storage by simply removing a seat.
  • Includes 1 car seat attachment that fits most infant car seat on the market. Additional attachments can be purchased separately.
  • 8″ single swivel wheels and 10″ rear never flat wheels for better maneuverability
  • Numerous Toddler features including 2 areas for easy step-in rear stadium style seating and Hold-On handle for waling next to Mom.
  • Seats recline fully for Childs comfort. Removable infant head rests. Large storage basket of all gear. 5-point safety harness. Parent tray and 2 drink holders. Sun rider Canopies adjust to block sun.

Verified reviews


So far, so good

Our children are 17 months and 2 months so a double stroller was a must. I looked at EVERY double stroller in the world and chose this one based on its versatility, and we have not been disappointed so far. The many seat configuation choices are GREAT. Our daughter loves every position we’ve had her ride in so far. The basket underneath is HUGE and the 2 drink holders is something we’ve never seen on even more expensive brands. The stroller handles well and we have a Britax infant carrier and it fits in the infant seat carrier portion of the stroller. This stroller really gives you the most bang for your buck! If I had to point out its negatives I would say:It’s a little heavy, but it’s a double stroller, what do you expect?It’s a little big…again, what do you expect. We have a Hyundai Santa Fe and the stroller takes up the whole back when we put it in the car…so just beware, I’m not sure it would go into a tiny trunk.Other than that, we’re loving our purchase, we would buy it again.

Bernadette Rosston, AR

Perfect for twins

I am very happy with this stroller.. It fits easily in the back of my trunk.. I bought an additional car seat attachment since the stroller just comes with one. I always just put the babies in the carseats and put them into the attachments on the stroller and we’re good to go! It has a LOT of room at the bottom. Enough to store the diaper bag and my purse (and bags if you are shopping)!! I keep my keys and phone in between the cup holders (bottle holders). I would highly recommend. Just remember to light the handle bars UP before trying to close the stroller.

Liliana Irwin, OH

So CLOSE to perfection…

We’re having twins in 2 months or so and I have been looking for the perfect tandem twin stroller. My criteria?Must have:BOTH seats must recline enough for an infant to use without a bucketSeats much be exactly the sameMust be good for long walks outsideStorage underneathMust fit in back of van without having back seat (of van) stowedMust hold child up to at least 3 yearsMust have good sunshadesWould be nice:Seats can be rearrangedSnack traysEasy to foldOh… this stroller is nice. It’s a joy to push and steer. It’s SO snazzy looking. The seats are the same! They can be moved about! An infant can use them! I can live without snack trays…The single solitary thing I don’t like about this stroller is the seats are just too small. Kolcraft! C’mon! I just don’t see this holding a child past the age of 2 – 2 1/2 and that is just not long enough IMO. My 4 year old still hops in his single Graco Quattro now and then. Yeah he’s a moose but it works. In the Kolcraft, he was just ridiculous.So… this stroller… I think it would make me very happy while it lasted. I just couldn’t ultimately swallow the drawback of those small seats. If the seats were only bigger, this would be great – affordable, widely available, attractive, durable, useful, etc etc etc. It’s so CLOSE to perfection – but the seats are too small.Ultimately we went with a used (2002) Peg Perego Duette which has all the features I want, pretty much. It’s a little harder to fold than the Kolcraft but the seats hold a hefty 4 year old. (They also lay FLAT, which is nice – the Kolcraft seats merely tilt back but maintain their sort of scoop shape – not horrible but not FLAT, either, more like a baby bucket)You could of course buy this stroller and then move to a side-by-side for later one – or maybe a Graco tandem, which has bigger seats – but I would hate to have to buy a second tandem, and I would hate to only have a side by side to use. I am sure we will get a side by side at some point but I just don’t see it being my ONLY stroller.So my advice if you’ve got twins to shop for is look for an OLD Peg Perego Duette – the new ones are so expensive plus have this steering wheel I am wary of. The Options Tandem is a good runner up…

Corinne Hildebran, NC

Best of the doubles

I checked into every double stroller out there. The best place to really look…take a trip to Disneyland! Seriously, you’ll get to see just about every one there and ask parents about them too – which I did. After all the good and bad and my own toying….I think this was the best. Not only that, it’s quite rare to find a stroller where you have the flexibility to turn the seats around or remove altogether if shopping etc. Best things besides moving seats around:-Basket is quite large and is still actually accessible unlike most after getting the kids in-The handle bar adjusts, so it’s ergonomic and has the drink holders etc.-Canopy extends quite far for excellent sun protection-Kids front handle bars can open on either side or be removed completely-Both seats recline-Maneuvers very well…it’s like the Dyson of strollers-And if you have more than 2 children, the handy-dandy walking handle grips on the side are good for kids too to stay close and feel all grown upI’d say prolly the only 2 cons or things I didn’t feel 100% great about is that when folded up it’s still kinda bulky…and the foot locks on the wheels aren’t the easiest to unlock with your foot. Of course to lock in place a stroller big enough to hold 2 kids and everything else…maybe a heavy duty foot lock is a good thing.

Ana Sulphur Springs, IN

Great stroller with a few minor flaws…

I got this stroller because we are expecting our 2nd child soon. I have no used this stroller with the infant car seat attachment yet, however I have used it with 2 toddlers. Here’s what I’ve noticed about this stroller…1. In order to fold it compact, yes, you have to take both seats off. This is kind of a pain in the rear but it only takes a few seconds. You push two buttons and pull it off. Simple as that.2. This stroller is kind of heavy, as I imagine ANY Double stroller is. I am 5’3″ 140 lbs and was able to lift this stroller in and out of my car while 35 weeks pregnant with NO problem.3. I drive a mazda cx-9 and I was able to fit this stroller and a graco single stroller in the back of my mazda with only ONE side of the third row down. (There were 6 of us in the car plus two strollers, no problem)4. I do NOT recommend the seats facing each other with two toddlers in it. They are rather close and there isn’t any foot room.5. My toddler is not even 2 yet and she is 38″ tall and weighs 36 pounds. She can sit in it no problem and has even fallen asleep a number of times. I have also had a 5 year old sitting in the back seat, and although he was a little crammed he could still fit and didn’t have many complaints.6. This stroller moves like a DREAM!! i have yet to get stuck and have to kick the wheels back or readjust by hand. The two front swivel wheels are amazing.7. I used this stroller with two toddlers at Disney Land for two days straight and had NO issues. The toddlers that took turns riding in it were my large 2 year old, a 3 year old and a 5 year old.8. The basket space is GREAT! You can even put things in between the two seats in the basket when the seats are facing forward. There’s even room under the front seat. It is one continuous huge basket. I LOVE That.9. It does kind of stink that there aren’t snack tray’s for the kids but that’s an easy fix for us and can be over looked.Overall, there are a few minor things that I think could be adjusted/updated but overall I HIGHLY recommend this stroller and would definitely buy it again! Good luck!

Paula Hawk Run, PA