Kolcraft Lite Sport Lightweight Stroller, Blaze

Kolcraft Lite Sport Lightweight Stroller, Blaze

The Kolcraft Lite Sport Stroller is perfect for when you need something light and easy while on the go. Stroller weighs only 12 pounds and offers quick and easy 1 hand fold. JPMA Certified.

Main features

  • Adjustable reclining seat with 3 point quick release buckle
  • Extra large stroage basket
  • Removable child tray with cup holder
  • Removable parent tray with cup holders
  • New style canopy to block sun

Verified reviews


Easy to use – Easy to fold up and down

UPDATE: MARCH 2013 – STILL LOVE THIS STROLLER. STILL WISH you could lay the seat back flat. Have been using it constantly for over a year and so far no problems. Wheels over most terrains, fits 1 yr up to 4 so far, no problems. Just thought someone might like to know how well it holds up.I purchased this stroller for a 17 month old who is now living with us. I have used umbrella strollers in the past, along with full size strollers. In my opinion, after having used this stroller, I would never go back to an umbrella stroller.This stroller is lightweight, and folds up and down very easily. It has the storage underneath, along with cup holders for both child and adult.True, it is not for napping, as you cannot lay the seat down. I really wish you could, as that would make it the ultimate stroller. I hope in the future, they add this feature.Cons: you cannot lay the seat down. It’s either straight up, or at most, a slight recline. The snack/drink tray for child, does hit the ground when you fold it up. That makes it not so compact, but you can easily remove if you want.Pros: Lightweight. Wheels around very nicely. Storage underneath. Fits easily into car or trunk. One handle, so you can steer with one hand, unlike umbrella strollers, but yet not as bulky as full size strollers. Easy to put together. I did it quickly, and I am not a handy person.If you plan to walk around an amusement park all day, or be at a function where your child might fall asleep, I would recommend a full size stroller.For trips to shopping, hospitals, short walks, this is perfect!!Reason for 4 stars instead of 5: it would have been great if you could lay the seat flat. Other than that, I have no complaints and I am so glad I purchased this stroller.Summary: if you want your child to be able to lay flat, purchase a full size stroller. If you are trying to decide between something like this or an umbrella stroller, buy this one. You will not be sorry.

Mercedes Nodaway, IA

Difficult to fold and only takes up to 35lbs in weight

I was looking for a secondary lightweight stroller, for local trips and travelling. I liked that this stroller had a large canopy and child & parent trays. But when this was delivered and I set it up, I found it difficult to fold and was not as easy to move around as the more expensive Maclaren umbrella strollers.For a cheaper stroller, it’s ok, it has a large basket and soft comfortable reclining seat but I would prefer a 5 point harness, not three point and this stroller only holds up to 35lbs in weight, rather than 55lbs as other strollers do and my daughter is already 24lbs at 16 months, so I want a stroller that will last.I am returning this stoller and ordering a Maclaren Volo, even though it is double the price and I will have to purchase separate cup holders.

Simone Arlington, TX

Everything on my list

I have had a travel system and an umbrella stroller, and I went from one set of problems to another. The Kolcraft is the perfect in-between stroller with the benefits of a big stroller and an umbrella stroller, making the ideal balance between both. I will compare it to my Graco travel system (the one where the handle flips) and my BRU umbrella.Pros:-Big canopy that doesn’t need to be removed when folding the stroller like my BRU umbrella. I also like that the canopy goes straight across instead of pointing up in the air like my travel system, so it gets better coverage than both my other ones.-One handle instead of two so I can steer with one hand.-Big basket.-Play tray for baby.-Cup holder tray for me.-Shock absorbers and smooth steering.-Reclining seat.-Very easy to fold with one hand.-Folds wider but shorter than the umbrella, and since it is lightweight I can get it in the trunk and it fits, even in our tiny car! It folds less than half the size of the travel system, and probably a third of the height.-It is the perfect height for me.-The seat is firmer and can sit up straighter than the umbrella, so my baby is less figety/more comfortable than in the umbrella and than she was in the big stroller. She was always pulling herself up to try to sit vertically, she won’t lean back, so this fixed it. (Likely a problem for my baby, not all).-Easy assembly. Took about 5 min. No tools.It is everything I loved about my big stroller, but at a weight I can lift and a size I can store.Cons:-Doesn’t “feel” as massively sturdy as the travel system.-Ours pulls slightly to the left when steering with one hand.-Play tray has to be removed when folding it up. I could just not use it, but I did like that this was not an issue on our big stroller.-I am 5’3″ and finally I have a stroller that I am not pushing at my armpits, but at a comfortable height. Likely that means the tall ones out there will find this stroller to be very short.-It doesn’t recline as much as a big stroller – about 45 degrees.-I would prefer a 5 point harness, this is only 3.I will finally stop eying the ones around me as they pass, and I will finally use a stroller out and about instead of a carrier since I can lift it into the trunk and it fits in our Neon (the Graco did not fit). I love love love this stroller, and the cons are minimal.

Sally Shady Grove, PA


so i ordered this for my 7 month old i read all the reviews and did research and figured for the price this was a great find….welll it was easy to assemble an idiot could figure it out. the quality is good for the price i have a couple issues i wish there was a peek thru window at the top ……and the strap in is very flimsy . i like that its a slight recline that way she can enjoy her walk but I’m not into the 3 point harness or if thats what you wanna call it ,,,,,a harness its a joke….. they shoulda made it safer.its super tough to fold it too ….very inconvenient , the basket at the bottom is pretty big tho……i would look around if your unsure about this product….i wish i went with the bumble ride flite instead……

Bianca Juneau, PA

Nice Stroller with only 1 complaint!

I had this shipped to me in New Zealand…better quality than what they sell for 4 times this amount including shipping!! I have no complaints with this in regards to weight and usability. The only complaint I have is seat does not lay all the way back and is not good for new baby…better for 6 month old and above. Strap looks like seat can move back more but they sewed material into sides of stroller so it does not fall back more. I does go back but not enough for you to use for new baby or infant to rest. Will be fine when grandson grows, but useless now!

Heidi Lyme Center, NH

Love this!

I gave away my travel system after I got this in the mail!! Its very easy to move around and the basket on the bottom can hold a bunch of things. I didn’t like the cup/snack tray because it doesn’t move, I don’t use it and just use the “Booginhead SippiGrip, Blue Bubble ” to hold my sons sippy cup on. So easy to fold up and go and VERY lightweight!! I love it!! The only con I can think of is you can tighten the waist band as much but it won’t allow your child to fall out.

Debra Lake Village, IN

Perfect lightweight stroller!!

I wanted a small, lightweight stroller that still had a snack tray for my son, cup holders for me, and Plenty of storage underneath. This is perfect! So much more convenient than the big travel system, but maintains the functionality and has much more features than a typical umbrella stroller. There is limited recline, but he never naps on the go anyway. My husband even commented on how much he likes it! Also super easy to assemble- I did it myself in about 5 minutes. I can’t praise this stroller enough! Buy this one!!!

Jill Palmer Lake, CO

great travel stroller

I bought this stroller for our first airplane travels, and it was great for the airport (and everywhere else we’ve used it). It does fold down easily, but be careful if you have the tray attached so that it doesn’t slam on the ground. Like other people have said, I wish the seat reclined way back for a sleepy child, but it does go back a little. The canopy also seems to cover a good amount.

Angelica Hilda, SC

We are pretty happy with this

We have been using it over a year and not a problem. I am trully impressed. In fact the tray can be taken off and put under the feet, when the kid falls alseep for more comfort. This is a great feature not available in more expensive, fancy strollers.

Bridgette Arlington Heights, IL