Kolcraft Universal 2 Infant Car Seat Carrier

Kolcraft Universal 2 Infant Car Seat Carrier

The Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier is the solution to bulky travel systems This compact and lightweight Carrier is all you need during the time your child is in an infant car seat

Main features

  • Easily accommodates your infant car seat without tools or adjustments
  • Convenient 1-hand fold allows you to hold your child and fold the carrier at the same time
  • Secure fit tray supports car seat for a snug ride
  • Front swivel shock-absorbing wheels
  • For convenience the carrier includes and extra large basket and a removable parent tray with dual cup holders

Verified reviews


The basket has spoiled me! It’s huge.

Secure, handles city sidewalks fine. Most of all I love the huge basket underneath. I wish our stroller had a basket this big!

Glenna Bluefield, WV

Works well with the Chicco Keyfit 30

I read the conflicting reviews about whether or not this works with the Keyfit 30 and decided to give it a try for myself. I have had absolutely no problems with the Keyfit 30 fitting into this stroller. True, it does not snap in but no carseat snaps into this stroller. You have to adjust the sling that the seat sits in and then use the strap to hold the seat in place. I’m not sure on what level this stroller doesn’t work with the seat.The folding mechanism is very easy to use and can be done one-handed, which is so helpful. The stroller stands upright when folded for easier storage. There are two average-sized cup holders and a place between them for keys, or cell phone. The basket is large enough for a diaper bag plus quite a bit more. I have taken this in the grocery store to do light shopping and used the under stroller basket as my only basket.My only complaints are small, but worth mentioning. The strap that secures the seat into the sling is, for some reason, red. For the life of me I can’t figure out why it wouldn’t be black or grey. The other point to note is that this not for especially tall individuals. I’m 5’8″ and find that it almost doesn’t give me enough leg room. Almost. It’s a cheap frame stroller, though, so I don’t expect it to fit all sizes of people.

Ashley Garland, ME

Love, Hate this stroller

I have a serious love/hate relationship with this stroller. Love that it is lightweight, convenient, etc etc outlined by others. Here’s what I hate:1) the red straps that hold the car seat in place sometimes get stuck in the hinges so the stroller won’t click open, or if it does you have to yank the straps out2) my Graco Snugride does not “snap” into the stroller, rather it sits on the platform and the platform is suspended with 2 straps. This means the platform moves around so the seat doesn’t always end up in the exact same position each time…that means you have to adjust the red straps to get a snug fit. In other words, it’s not always an easy one step put car seat on and go.3) Because the platform is suspended with straps, the manufacturer put a piece of fabric over the basket so that items could only go up to a certain height and not push up on the carseat. This REALLY limits the usability of the large basket. Brown grocery bags will not fit upright in the basket because of that piece of fabric. I’m tempted to simply cut it off but that might compromise safety4) Platform is not that large so you have to put the car seat on centered exactly or your car seat will be slightly higher on one side or the other. Not a huge deal, but again it means that there’s often another adjustment that needs to be made.My recommendation, if you have a Graco, get the carrier made by them. I used this one with my first child and it was truly a simple “Snap ‘n Go”

Latisha American Canyon, CA

Handy for those with tiny elevators!

I live in Europe and our condominium has the world’s smallest elevator. This is the only (non-umbrella) stroller that will fit into it. It’s very maneuverable and folds easily with one hand (although you do have to manually lock it closed). It fits my Safety 1st carseat. The parent tray holds two drinks (including water bottles) and my keys/cell phone. The basket underneath is HUGE. I tend to overpack and it holds my giant diaper bag and my purse and a stroller rain cover.The only thing I don’t like about it is that there is no canopy, so I cannot completely enclose my baby. If I want to do that I have to use the stroller that came with my travel system (which lives in the trunk of the car for outings, because it will not fit in my elevator). I was initially nervous about the fact that the car seat doesn’t snap in, but using the attached belt I feel very secure even when I have to wheel the stroller up or down stairs.This was a great purchase and totally worth the low price!

Liliana Ovando, MT

Very convenient

I use this with my Safety 1st Onboard Infant Car seat. It is lightweight, so it can be quickly grabbed out of the trunk, it pops open and locks with just one hand, the car seat rests on the stroller quickly and easily, and easily secures with the red straps. I can pull the car seat out of the car and be ready to go in probably less than two minutes. It also easily folds with one hand (the right hand – due to the orientation of the release button). The basket underneath is very roomy. Best thing about it, I don’t feel like I’m pushing around a Suburban like some of these other travel systems I see mothers pushing around. I don’t see how they do it! I like this car seat carrier a lot – a very good buy.

Carolyn Moore, ID


This works great with our Safety 1st Designer 22 car seat. Very light weight, easy to lift (and I’m not strong). Folds very quickly, easily and compactly. Rides VERY smoothly. Bottom basket can hold up to 10 lbs (although I know I’ve carried more in it.) Tray is handy for keys, etc. There are 2 mesh pockets in the side of the bottom basket that are great for napkins/cloths. I love the way it glides!

Sheree Beaver Dam, WI

Not compatible with Chicco Keyfit carseat

I had no qualms with this stroller, it just wasn’t compatible with my Chicco Keyfit carseat so I had to send it back and get the Baby Trend Snap n Go. Some people have told me that this worked with their Chicco Keyfit but it definitely did not work with ours.

Roxanne Perry Point, MD