Kredible Grass Countertop Drying Rack

Kredible Grass Countertop Drying Rack

Liven up your kitchen with this Grass Countertop Drying Rack. The unique lawn theme provides a low-profile rack that looks great in a modern kitchen. The rack features a two-piece design that allows excess water to collect in the bottom tray for easy cleaning. Ideal for holding all shapes and sizes, the rack is especially handy for drying baby-sized items that might slip through the bars on a traditional drying rack. Basically, we took everyting you love about GRASS and made it bigger. The flexible grass blades hold all your just-washed baby accessories (and whatever else you want). Plus it’s like having a grassy field next to your kitchen sink, minus any gophers or golfers.

Main features

  • Drying rack looks great in any kitchen
  • Easily holds items of all shapes and sizes upright for drying while excess water collects in bottom tray
  • Easy to use and to clean, Perfect for drying items of all shapes and sizes
  • 11.6 x 9.8 x 2.5
  • Will last long and make your kitchen look great

Verified reviews


Does the trick and looks good

I was putting all my pump accessories to dry on a paper towel and my counter was getting quite messy. This helps a lot. It is not a huge piece though. It fits a few bottles, one set of double electric pump accessories and maybe a couple other things. One note, the little valves fall through the grass to the bottom. I’ve dried wine glasses on it also, which is a bonus.

Catalina Potrero, CA

Nice drying rack

This is one of those products where there are two or three on the market and everyone loves their model. The basics are easy, it’s a bunch of small green spikes that look like grass that are sturdy enough to hold up things to dry. I like the concept and find this one easy to clean, sturdy and cheap. The "grass" isn’t uniform so you can fit a variety of different things on it. Mine currently has three Dr Brown bottles and associated parts, a medicine spoon and mommy’s wine glass all drying and they are all held firmly in place. Neat idea and well executed.

Kerri Geneva, ID

good product

Price was good, quality was good, shipping was fast. I really liked this products, it was perfect for the baby shower I was planning

Lilly Eagle River, AK

Buy the BOON Instead!

I ordered this because of the price, and it looks in pictures exactly like the boon Lawn…. Dimensions are the same… Now, I have a Boon Grass, but wanted another larger one since I’m having another baby and I’d like to use the Lawn as my primary, and the grass for my breast pump parts, upon getting this, I didn’t even know what it was because it comes in a plain white box. Almost as if I purchased it used, or from the warehouse, at a discount. I did not, I bought it direct from amazons website for the full price, still cheaper then Boon. My toddler opened one end I realized what it was. I was not at all what I expected. This is such a cheap imitation. Not at all like the Boon quality. Im wondering if this will even last. My boon is of WAY better quality. In fact, it is 2 years old and looks brand new! The spikes of grass/lawn on this are really thin, a few were even bent when I got it, and a few broken. I am in process of writing amazon to complain! That said, it is really thin plastic. Not like the boon which is heavy plastic more durable. Also the spikes of grass in the boon are un-even. Which makes it easier to put things inside. This one is all the same length. I ordered this against my better judgment. It totally looks like some faulty counterfeit product, especially considering the packaging. My goodness… Not impressed at all!!!

Tammie Pequot Lakes, MN

Easy and convenient

Convenient to lay out bottles, covers, nipples almost anything for the bottle including the bottle.The accessories are also very nice and convenient. Simple, well thought off and excellent design.

Melody Industry, IL