K’s Kids Pull Back Autos

K’s Kids Pull Back Autos

This great set of four soft first vehicles includes a School Bus, Fire Engine, Police Car, and Taxi Cab.

Main features

  • K’s Kids is a series of toys specially developed for babies and toddlers
  • Comes with 4 “pull back” autos school bus, taxi, police car, and fire engine
  • Machine washable
  • The race is on
  • Made of the safest materials to make learning fun and educational

Verified reviews


Endless fun with these cars!!

This set of cars is a perfect gift for little ones! My youngest son just turned 1 and received these cars for his birthday. They are a huge hit in our household! They are so soft, yet super fast – even on carpet! Both of my sons love them (1 and 2.5 years old). The boys get such a kick out of how fast they zoom by and my 2-year-old caught on really fast how to pull the cars back to make them go forward. The little characters on the cars are really adorable, all with names included. Awesome gift! We just bought the same set for my sons’ little friend who will turn 1 in 2 weeks! So excited because I know he’ll really enjoy these soft and speedy cars like my boys do.

Marcy Valhalla, NY

Why didn’t I know about these sooner?

These are a bit pricey for soft cars. But the soft body is an advantage when you have a car obessed child . Because they don’t damage your furniture or hurt your feet when your kid drives over them. They are very fast and I love that they are washable. I hope that these are more durable than the previous plastic ones. I would recommend them to parents of children who loves cars.

Antoinette Ellerslie, GA

Great quality – My son loves them

These are great little cars. My 9 month old loves them and I’m sure he will for a long time. They are soft and are pretty fast, they even work on carpet. Great Quality, I like K’s kids they make great toys.

Adela Barnsdall, OK

Fun pull-back cars

These cars are great. They go really far (although a couple of them tend to veer right or left). My 13-month-old has already figured out how to pull them back to make them go. And the wheels detach, so you can throw them into the washing machine. Genius!

Rosalie Earling, IA

fun toy

I bought these for my 15 month old daughter who loves cars. They are the perfect size for her little hands and really soft. I love the fact that they are machine washable too.

Teresa Ridgefield, NJ

Love these pull back cars!

I have purchased these cars twice already, once for our family and once for a friend’s kid’s birthday. On top of this during a play-date at our house one of my friends like them so much she went home and ordered them for her daughter. These are great and I might purchases them again for another friend in the near future.

Sofia Halltown, MO


Love these! They roll great on hardwood or carpet. The fabric tops are easy to remove but not so easy that my 2 year old can figure it out. Pull back works well and I don’t mind the cars crashing into furniture because they are soft. Also a relief that my 2 year old can’t use them as dangerous projectiles. The wheels are hard but light weight. Great concept.EDIT: 5/2013 – My two year old is now a 4yr old and we have another child who is now 3yrs old. These still get played with. They are still intact and have been washed a ton. Everything still works. What a great buy!

Francisca Armour, SD

Perfect car toys for crawling baby

These cars are cute and safe for babies. They can play w them in their cribs w/o you worrying that they are gonna get hurt. They are washable too. For me, safe, washable toys are perfect. My DD loves to crawl to chase the cars. Happy baby and mom.

Bette Morrison, CO

Really cute, fun & machine washable!

These are a nice change from other cars. One of my favorite things about these cars are you can machine wash them which is so important. Also, they are very durable & fun. It teaches cause & effect – pull back & let go. There are no batteries to replace & they make no noise. I highly recommend.

Nadine Northampton, PA

These are a must buy!

Love these cars. Both my 4 year old and 1 year old enjoy playing them. They wind up very easily and the material is nice. The pictures of the animals in the cars are also very cute. I think we will get a lot of use out of them.

Carly Sartell, MN

Worth it

I purchased these for my nephews 2nd birthday and he loves them. His 8 year old sister even loves to play with them. This was a great gift.

Evangelina Faribault, MN