Kushies 10 Pack Washable Diaper Liners, White

Kushies 10 Pack Washable Diaper Liners, White

Kushies Washable Diaper Liners are ideal when you need additional absorbency. A diaper liner can add much more absorbency without the bulk. Kushies Washable Liners are made of three layer of 100% premium cotton flannel for an ultra soft feel against baby’s skin. Use a diaper liner for heavy wetters, nap time, overnight or any time you need extra absorbency. Kushies Washable Liners work with all in one, fitted or pre fold diapers and are machine washable.

Main features

  • For use with all Kushies Diapers or any other diapering system
  • 3 layers of premium quality 100% cotton flannel
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Increased absorbency
  • Great for heavy wetters, nap time, and overnight

Verified reviews


Useless, stays wet, stains!

These diaper doublers are paper thin. They absorb very little as they are 100% cotton. I don’t really see the point in this product. It serves no purpose as a liner since its inefficiency to absorb (unlike microfiber), and cannot be used as a disposable/flushable liner.Also, these DO STAIN.It was given to us as a gift, and I am so sorry that money was wasted on this product.

Nola Sunbury, OH

beware: not a liner but an add on

I guess I didn’t check into these carefully enough. They are not liners but extra liners for Kushies AIO.

Gayle Indianola, WA

Decent liners for protecting your diaper

I purchased these because I wanted a liner that would help prevent staining on my expensive diapers. I wasn’t expecting these to act as a doubler. (They definitely would NOT work for extra absorbency by the way.) They do the trick for keeping my diapers stain free and make messy clean-ups easier.They are a low-cost in comparison to other liners, so that is a plus. They’re not as soft as I’d like them to be and mine shrank quite a bit, but they’re a decent product for the price.

Alejandra North Easton, MA

A great little liner at a fabulous price!

I love these little liners, and for the price, you can’t beat these. They are 100% cotton, so no microfiber stink, and the benefit of all natural fibers. They are thin, which is what you want in a liner. Many people have complained that they aren’t very think, (perhaps they are looking for a hefty doubler) but I think the fact that they are thin is an asset. If you really want a thicker doubler, you can stack two on top of each other, but having them thin means you can customize the absorbency. They are perfect for putting inside an All in One diaper, or on top of a tri-folded pre-fold, and make flushing the poo off much easier – you just lift out the liner and it’s much easier to clean. I put them inside all my diapers- it helps keep the AIO’s free from stain, adds a little more absorbency, but not a lot of bulk. Some complained that they were short or small, but I think that this too is also an asset It keeps the extra absorbency of the diaper where you need it, between the legs and in front, and doesn’t add extra bulk through the whole diaper, where you don’t. I think these are great little liners, and for the price, are fantastic. I plan to buy more.

Latanya Orangeburg, SC

Better off getting disposable liners

I purchased these when I was first being introduced to the cloth diapering world. Overall, I’d say if you’re looking for something to minimize contact with messes, opt for a disposable liner (Amazon sells a great biodegradable, disposable liner).Just because I have them, I use them if we’re leaving the house for a tad bit more absorbency in the prefolds. They certainly don’t act as doublers, they only avoid having to clean small messes…not really beneficial for big blowouts.

Mitzi Brookville, KS

too thin

Well, I expected a much more thicker and more absorbent products. This is just 2-ply. I have to insert 3-4 at once for my son.

Dana New York Mills, MN

Good addition

Great addition to the pack of reusable diapers. Kept my baby boy nice and leak free. Stains were an issue to get out.

Robin Zieglerville, PA

NOT a full-size insert

I have to add my voice to the naysayers – maybe I was nuts to think this was a package of full-size inserts, but I was very disappointed. For the price, they’re good solid doublers. If you add one or two (they’re freakishly thin, and now I’m praising, not condemning) then your diaper will definitely last longer. Also, three or four of them in one diaper does make for a full-size. Just don’t get these if you’re looking for full-size … they are NOT.

Jewell Tokio, ND

clean easily, but shrink a little

all of mine have shrunk after their first washing and seem extremely worn out for just a few washings each (they’ve only been washed maybe 10 or 20 times each so far – and I’ve never used bleach on them), but they do a good job for overnight cloth diapering or for saving the diaper itself from too much soil (poop) stains.

Madelyn Gig Harbor, WA

Very small

These were very small, not really able to use in a diaper, but I did use them as spit up cloths.

Kristine Westmoreland City, PA

Not the greatest

I prewashed these about 6 to 8 times like the internet suggested you do with cloth diaper liners, but when they were dry afterwards, I drizzled some water on them, and it all just beaded up and ran off the edges…How is this going to be helpful for absorbing urine? Answer….it’s not. So most likely, I will not be using them at all, and they were a waste of money 🙁

Raquel Alvordton, OH

Works as advertised 🙂

These are excellent when you need just a little more absorbency. I use them in pocket aio’s. plus they are awesome for a newborn, super thin, I use 3 for our new born and add one when stuffing our 2.5 year olds, it really does make a difference, and if you need to add more they’re so thin its ok 🙂

Dee Deary, ID

Kushies liners

Works great as an alternative to a disposable liner. It also has a tiny bit of absorbency and I use it (I just lay it on the inside of the diaper, I don’t stuff it) with pocket diapers that are sometimes known to leak a little.

Lorna Daisy, OK

Do not waste your money

This are too small. They leak! No good….Do not waste your money! I wish I had invest a little more for the better ones.

Bobbi Elsberry, MO

Not Great.

Bought these among several other lines and still aren’t what we’re looking for. Not thick enough. Poor quality in my opinion.

Whitney Andale, KS

Pleased Overall.

I wish I could give these 3.5 stars. They are the only re-useable product out there that I could find for this purpose, and the price is very reasonable, but they could still stand to use some improvement. Please keep in mind that these are not doublers…so they absolutely don’t do much in adding extra absorbancy.Pros:-Make cleanup of poopy diapers MUCH easier–even to the point that Daddy will do it!-Minimize staining on expensive cloth diapers (the liners themselves are likely to stain however)Cons:-They shrink–quite a bit–after washing, to the point where they are definitely still useable, but not always wide enough to contain the mess.-After just a couple of washings, they become quite a bit rougher (my daughter doesn’t seem to mind though)-Before I toss them in the dryer, I have to “straighten” each one out individually, otherwise they come out of the dryer all crumpled and won’t lay flat in the diaper. As a busy mom of a newborn and a toddler, the few minutes it takes to do this are often minutes I can’t spare.As I mentioned, I’m overall pleased with this product–it does what I purchased it to do. I even came back and purchased another pack. However, I would have happily paid a bit more for something of a bit better quality that addresses the issues above.

Madelyn Franklinville, NJ

Keeps stains off expensive diapers!

When deciding to cloth diaper, I made a baby registry on Amazon and these were added at a whim, last minute. I am so glad I got them! With the first baby, I didn’t initially take time to use liners in his cloth diapers. Once I learned how much good condition diapers resell for, I kicked myself for not using these earlier! My $7 (each) diapers were stained and dingy. This time around, I learned my lesson. New diapers (switched brands) for a new baby and these go in every fitted diaper. They’re keeping the diapers stain free, for the most part (when he has an especially messy dirty diaper, they have leaked out the side). The fact that they are contoured instead of rectangle is better, and they are so inexpensive. For around $1 each, don’t expect a lot of absorbency – they add a little, but they’re just a liner. They do their job well, shrinkage and all. Love them!

Ma Fort Riley, KS

Perfect reusable liner… It’s not a diaper

I thought I should weigh in after reading some of the reviews that said these weren’t very absorbent. Very true that they are not absorbent. I have to agree that the company should not market as such. However, they do have a purpose.The purpose of the liner is to protect your little one’s bum from chaffing on the cloth diaper and to save the diaper from bum explosions. When I first started using the cloth diapers I thought this was a wasted buy and didn’t use them. I quickly realized my error when my son developed redness from back to front after a few days without the liner. Poor little man! As for the bum’s activities, the liners have taken the brunt of the stains and left the trifold looking great. There are of course some stains where the diaper didn’t cover.I bought these in October 2011 and I am now going to throw them out and buy a fresh set after nine months of use. Considering the benefit and the fact that they are so affordable, I really can’t find any fault with this product. Minus a little false advertising. 🙂

Kayla Exmore, VA