Kushies 5 Pack Reusable Ultra Diapers for Infants

Kushies 5 Pack Reusable Ultra Diapers for Infants

The Kushies Ultra All In One form fitted washable cloth diaper is easy to use and easy on the environment too. This diaper features five layers of 100% soft cotton flannel with a special absorbent soaker layer inside and waterproof shell on the outside. The closure system is hook and loop and the tabs are extended for optimum adjustability and a snug fit. The patented, built in flap can be folded up for boys or down for girls for extra absorbency. No diaper cover required.

Main features

  • Machine washable and dryable; Outer waterproof barrier
  • 10 22 pounds /4 10 kg
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure system for a snug fit
  • Patented built in flap for extra absorbency
  • Colors may vary, you may receive: white, yellow, cream, blue in different patterns

Verified reviews


Don’t like them much

Before my baby was born I thought I’d love these, but it turns out that I really, really don’t. First of all they are extremely bulky which isn’t very conducive to a baby learning to crawl and develop their muscles well because it forces their legs so far apart.My baby pees a lot and I just don’t see it worth putting these great big things into the wash after she just peed. I go through 17 diapers a day (because I change her immediately). At this price this is WAY too expensive. I’ve found using liners and just five covers works great for me. And seventeen of these wouldn’t even fit in my washer every day.If your baby is a frequent pee-er you might want to consider using something else.

Adeline Wortham, TX

Not so pleased…

I own quite a few reusable diapers but these were by far the worst ones I’ve ever purchased. They are bulky and stiff. I returned them immediately after opening the package. I understand the quality is there in terms of being 100% cotton but they could be redesigned so that they can actually fit under a piece of clothing.

Marisol Irvington, NY

Fabulous non-leaking cloth AIO!

For those people who have leaks and excessive dryer time — do not use dryer sheets, anti-static dryer sheets cause a protective film to cover the diapers making absorbency almost impossible and causing the flannel to not dry as quickly. You need to follow the directions as with any product, to ensure the items work correctly.———Wow, what a great cloth diaper. These work wonderfully on my daughter (started using them at 6wks still using at 5 mos) and we have tried several others that didn’t, including; dappi, sweet cheeks, fuzzi bunz and pre-folds.The Kushie AIO (All-In-One) comes in the following sizes:Preemie (2-4 lbs. / 1-2 kg)Newborn (4-10 lbs. / 2-4 kg)Infant (10-22 lbs. / 4-10 kg)Toddler (22-45 lbs. / 10-22 kg)(Babies R’Us sells infant and toddler sizes)Babies R’Us only sells gender neutral prints in packages of 5 at this time, but Kushies does offer plain white and gender specific singles as well.There are no diaper covers required (or needed) as the diaper has a wonderful waterproof exterior and a super soft, 5 layer absorbable flannel interior. It also has an attached flannel flap for extra absorbency. If you use the additional Kushie flannel liners (sold seperately) along with your diaper, it makes it even more absorbable! And adding a strip of flushable liner (sold seperately) on top of all that makes cleanup a breeze! The best thing in my opinion is that none of these extras make the diaper any bulkier, just more efficient and less messy. And I love that my baby doesn’t have a drenched bottom when I change her… she’s even less wet with the Kushie than she was with disposables!Washing has been great, I just soak the diaper in baking soda, dump the bucket with soda water into the wash and spin it out. I add a TINY amount of regular detergent and a cup of baking soda and wash them again. You can dry them in a machine dryer but I found that they shrink a little bit the first time and I know line drying is better for any kind of clothing. So I recommend line drying if you can. Anything lasts longer that way.Be sure to order from Babies R’Us so we can keep the diapers in stock and let your staff know if you want other Kushies diaper products so they’ll know to start stocking more items! Have fun diapering! And hope you enjoy your Kushies as much as we have!!!

Jackie Maroa, IL

Best All in One Diapers for the Price

Although you can get them cheaper elsewhere, I highly recommend these flannel, vinyl and velcro diapers to anyone with the time to wash diapers and save room in a landfill. I feel good using these and go through 20 every 2 days with my 2 month old. I also bought the newborn diapers and she’s outgrown those. If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable diapers that are easy to use and clean and dry, try Kushies (I throw mine in the dryer and they hold up great). It will also save you money!

Gilda San Fernando, CA

Not crazy about these

I haven’t washed them yet, but they seem really bulky for my slender little guy. They’re very stiff, too, which I hope will change when I’ve prepped them, but I’m not very hopeful.Update:So I’ve added two stars, now that I’ve finally washed and used these a couple times. They did soften up a bit, and now that my baby is in the middle of the weight range (10-22lbs, if I remember correctly) they aren’t so bulky. He wore one for naptime, and I was pleased to find afterward that no leaks had sprung. Still not my favorite, and still stiffer than other cloth all-in-ones and pocket diapers I have.

Rhea Coralville, IA

Makes cloth diapering SO easy!

Kushies AIOs have been a fantastic compromise between traditional cloth diapers and disposables. They are as easy to put on as disposables, and much more comfortable for baby because they are soft and the material is breathable. We almost never have leaks with them even at night or when baby is crawling (about the same amount as with disposables). The natural materials seem to prevent diaper rash (my daughter has only had diaper rash once, and got it when visiting Grandma and using disposables). And they are SO cute! People who see my daughter crawling around in her Kushies always say, “Oh, those diapers are ADORABLE! Where did you get those?”Here are some tips to make using the Kushies (or any cloth diapers) easier:1) Before baby starts on solid foods, her runny poops will be much easier to clean up if you use disposable liners. Once baby’s eating solids, and her poops get more firm, just plop them into the toilet and flush them.2) Before baby can roll onto her tummy, and she spends most of her time on her back, fold the inside liner towards the back, since her pee will flow to the back. Once she spends more time on her tummy, fold the inside liner towards the front, as her pee will then flow to the front.3) If you work full time (like I do), you will definitely be too tired to wash diapers every day, so buy enough to get you through a few days without doing laundry. Many websites I have read suggest getting 20-25 diapers. I’d actually say 25-30 is safer. Yes, they ARE expensive, but shop around. I ended up paying about $200 for 25 diapers (including shipping and sales tax). If you figure about $10 per week for disposables, you will still end up paying less for cloth in the long run, even with the cost of laundering them.4) Never skip a change. This could lead to leaks or diaper rash. If your baby is a heavy wetter, you will probably want to use a washable liner at least at night.5) Before you wash them, be sure to fold the velcro tabs back. If you don’t they will stick together in the wash and not dry properly. We just make a habit of folding them back as soon as we take the diaper off the baby.6) If drying them in a dryer, be sure to throw a dry towel in the dryer with them. Otherwise you may have to dry them more than once.7) When you fasten the velcro, make sure the fit around baby’s legs is snug. Don’t be afraid of making it tight. The baby will let you know if she is uncomfortable.I hope this was helpful, and good luck with your cloth diapering!

Concepcion Cobalt, ID

Several years of use, great AIO

I rec’d these as a shower gift in a 5 pack 6 years ago.I loved them so much, I bought 6 more used ones on Ebay.I now have a new baby. I tried a couple of other AIOs, like home made patterns, fuzzibunz and dappi, and these are my favorites.You do need a cover, they are a very absorbent puffy comfy cotton. I recommend Thirsties original (not the duo wrap), because they fit great and don’t gap.The diaper itself is very plush and cozy. I use prefolds during the day, 7th generation for traveling/out and about errands running, and these at night for pee catching.They are fantastic. They fit a very smallish baby to a medium sized tot, and they are softer with use and washes if that is possible. I love the insert flat for doubling, but so far I haven’t even needed a doubler with them (kid is just short of 3 months old.)I like how they wash open, just attach the velcro tabbies so they don’t catch on delicate clothes. I hang them dry most of the time, but sometimes I will tumble and then hang dry if I need theme faster.I think 12 is a good number of these to have for solely night use especially if you use different diapers during the day, they will take you through several months and 12 is good for getting you to your next wash.I also like the cute prints.Highly recommend.

Sharron Lancaster, VA

Weird fit, weird smell, but usable

My son is gigantic for his age, and also has less than zero interest in potty training. He’s grown out of half of his AIO diapers with no sign of interest in the potty. (Ye gods.) Rather than switching to disposable pullups or something, I decided to supplement my diaper stash with these, mostly for nighttime use.Pros:- They’re the largest of all my cloth diapers, so they actually retain all the urine his growing bladder can produce. Note that this also means that they’re huge under his clothes. We’re used to having to dress him a size up, though, so it’s not a big deal.- No leaks yet.Cons:- They hold smells really terribly. Even after being prepped and washed thoroughly, they gathered that ammonia stink way faster than any of my other diapers. I think it might be the kind of plasticky covering? It might help to dry them in the sun, but it’s winter here. I haven’t been able to try it.- They smell as soon as he pees. I guess that’s kind of helpful for knowing that he needs to be changed, but yuck.- Even though they fit, the fit is…odd. They’re bulky in weird places.- The aforementioned plasticky material isn’t soft and it seems to be a little uncomfortable for my son. It only appears to bother him at night.Anyway, these should tide me over until the little dude realizes that toilets aren’t his mortal enemy, but I wouldn’t buy these as a part of my "main" stash.

Linda Valley Springs, SD

Not very absorbent

I have been using these Kushies cloth diapers for 2 months now. My son is now 6 months old. They only last about two hours before I have to change him. If I wait longer than that, his clothes get damp from pee soaking through the diaper. I never use them when I am out and about or know that he will be somewhere where people might want to hold him. The last thing people want is to have a pee stain on their clothes after holding a baby. I feel that the pee soaks through so fast because the cotton inside layer sticks out the sides around his legs. I have found that Flips cloth diapers and Mommy’s Touch cloth diapers work best.Mango Snap Easy Clean Pocket One Size Cloth Diaper by Mommy’s Touch with Microfiber InsertorFlip Individual: 1 One-Size Snap Closure Diaper Cover & 1 One-Size Stay-Dry Insert – Moonbeam

Maritza Afton, WI

Bulky and not soft

I’ve got a large family and this is the fourth baby I’ve cloth diapered. I bought these diapers for my day care providers since they are an AIO (all in one) and user friendly. They work, but they’re bulky. I expected that to a degree, but wow they’re huge. For reference, my baby is on the lower range at 23 lbs and 14 months old. The diapers that came were white, but they had a funky red tinge along the edges. Given what goes in the diaper, I didn’t worry, but perhaps for someone that expects to re-sell later then it may be an issue. The part that I think makes they ho-hum is that they’re not very soft and they air dry rather funky. I always air-dry my diapers. I’m used to a bit of stiffness, but these just are a bit too wrinkled and stiff when dried this way. If they didn’t have the vinyl cover I’d toss them in the dryer for a few minutes, but I want to protect the integrity of the diaper to make them last. I like the Thirsties AIO diapers 1,000 times better, but the Kushie brand ones are definitely cheaper.

Beverly Albany, OR

Leaks, stiff, and not absorband

Not a very good cloth diaper. The inserts are very inefficient in pulling moisture away from the baby’s bottom. This can result in diaper rashes. You might as well use prefolds and use a cover and save LOTS of money rather than use these diapers.Besides all the leaks with this diaper, they are really stiff. I wanted to like this diaper, but am very disappointed. We are much happier with Happy Heiny’s and BumGenius for All-In-Ones.

Joni Calimesa, CA

Under-rated, great value AIO

I have used these diapers from months 4 through 10 (and counting) in a large rotation of other diapers (from prefolds to BumGenius Organics) and finally feel qualified to write a review. Overall, I have been very pleased.Like all cloth diapers, your success wth a particular brand/style may depend on your baby’s build and activity level. We have a small/avg baby and these definitely didn’t fit him at 10 lbs, probably more like 12-14. He was EBF at that point still and these didn’t have a problem handling the waste. Now at 10 months, these are DH’s go to diaper for fast diaper changes on a squiggler. The fabric stays inside the waterproof, so there’s no adjusting or checking to make sure it’s all tucked in, and the easy one step velcro is fast. The only problem I am seeing is that as DS gets bigger around, the top can fold down a little bit, causing wicking. I also don’t know that they will last for another baby’s worth of use, the cotton is starting to pill and the PUL is getting stiff. But at $8/diaper opposed to the BG O at $25/diaper, defintely a fabulous value.

Cristina South Solon, OH

much better AIO out there

I was so disappointed when these arrived, they were so large and bulky on my toddler and the velcro didn’t hold up. They have become my back up diapers for laundry day. Id never order them again.

Elva Meredithville, VA

Great product

Pros:Decent priceCute patternsAbsorbentEasy to wash & dryCons:Large and bulky on babyThe pros out-weigh the cons for me. My baby looks like a little spider but she’s so cute it really doesn’t bother me. Great functionality.

Goldie Huron, TN



Rosalyn Inverness, MT

Great way to try reusable diapers

This was a great way to see how well you and your baby will do with reusable diapers. 5 isn’t enough for one baby to be in them full time. Unless you on doing one to two loads of laundry a day. They are BIG you can’t put clothes on your baby unless they are super big, I let my little on wear them with a t-shirt. Only other issue is the staining, nearly impossible to get out but baking soda and peroxide for a whole day of soaking got the stains out. I use these when we are home during the day and when we go out or run errands I put on regular diapers.

Kimberly Paris, TN

Simply, the best

I’ve cloth diapered all 3 of my kids and I have to say these are by far my favorite. I’ve tried expensive $20+ a piece diapers but these just work better! Yeah they aren’t as cute but they work and that’s all I care about! Never had a leak and I love the natural cotton. Hard to find in an aio diaper. Most are synthetic material which lead to stink and build up issues. The people saying these are bulky….huh!? are you comparing these to disposable diapers or other cloth diapers? nothing is going to be as trim as a disposable, they are paper, these are cloth and these are actually very trim for cloth diapers! I started using the infant size when my youngest was 10lbs and even then they were trim. With that said, these work, are durable and priced right!

Erin Roy, MT

Hook and Loop closure and patented flap drive me nuts.

To break it down:Pros:Quick to put on, even with a wiggly childOuter shell doesn’t get soaked through (because it’s unbreathable plastic. See Cons.)Cons:Leak through leg openingsPlastic outer shell doesn’t let heat escapeDiaper rash and heat rash became a problem for the first timeThey don’t dry well, so they tend to mildew after washingVelcro closures damage other diapers in the washNot One-size, so you have to buy all new diapers laterSometimes they take three or four washes to get the smell out, then you have to machine dry them at least twice. They do not air-dry without mildewing.Too bulky for newbornsComplicated to spray off solids because of the useless flapCan’t comfortably stuff anything into the patented flap. I’m really not sure why it’s there or what the designers were thinking.My hubby likes these because it’s easy to quickly close the hook-and-loop flaps while trying to convince a wigglesome little guy to stay on the changing pad. I hate them because those same hook-and-loop closures always get stuck to and ruin other things in the wash, no matter how securely I stick the tabs to themselves before washing the diapers. For urine, they work well enough. They don’t leak if you stay on top of the changes. For poop though, I hate the patented flap that makes it complicated to spray the poop into the toilet using the diaper sprayer. The colors are cute, but they are too hot for warm weather because they don’t breath. My son has gotten heat rashes from wearing these on hot days even if he’s been inside most of the time. He never gets heat rash (or diaper rash) from hisAlva Baby Double Rrows of Snaps 6pcs Pack Fitted Pocket Washable Adjustable Cloth Diaper with 2 Inserts Each (Netural Color)6BM98or his Little Monsters diapers.

Gabriela Waterville, PA

love these!

They work great! They come very clean, they fit great, and they’re cute. They can be a little bit bulky and are NOT good for brand new babies (even if they are 10 pounds). My son was 9 1/2 pounds at birth and 10 1/2 pounds at 2 weeks, but I had to wait until he was about four weeks old (12 lbs) to really use them on him, because they were just entirely too big at first. But, I love them! This is my third child, but my first experience with cloth diapering and I really love them.

Laurie Carlsborg, WA

Better than disposables!

I have a small baby that I bought the Kooshies for. He came home at just over 6 pounds and 20 inches long (long and lanky), so the newborn size still seemed a little bulky (although he did not seem to care). I tried to use both preemie and newborn sized disposable for the short term and for visits and they both leaked so badly that I had to change his clothes almost every time! This is with three different people putting them on. As a result I bring the Kooshies with me even on the go! They are soft and absorbant and leak far less than the two disposables I tried. TRY KOOSHIES, YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!!!UPDATE:Now that my baby is a little bigger (around 9.5 pounds, 23 inches), I am still using the newborn size with a folded liner in front. This significantly reduces leakage of urine on the overnight. Although the disposables are working better than they did, the Kooshies still work just as good, if not better. I still love the Kooshies.

Elnora Batchtown, IL

love love love

ive tried a few different brands, and thought i had found THE one- i needed a few more to add to the stash, so decided to try these out, i cannot believe i thought i didnt need an all in one! they are so much easier, NO leaks, by far the best out of the 5+ types and brands i have already tried!!!

Melva Turtle Lake, WI