Kushies 6 Pack Wash Cloth Set, White

Kushies 6 Pack Wash Cloth Set, White

These super soft Kushies wash cloths are made from 80% cotton, 20% polyester, with finished edges for extra durability. Machine wash and dry. Six pack comes in white.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • 6 wash cloths per pack
  • Finished edges
  • Economical

Verified reviews


Use them to wash my face at night, love them!

If you do a search for washcloths, these come back with the others. Please make sure you read these are in the “Baby” department. I was aware of that when ordering them. I ordered them for myself though. I wanted some plain white wash clothes to wash my face every night and using these, they have fit the bill! I love that they are thin! They are perfect to wash your face and after it’s nice to run over the front of your neck and the back. Also with it being so thin it is easy to clean out your ears too. I feel so much better crawling into bed with a clean face, neck, and ears. I plan to order more since I am pregnant and know my baby girl will benefit from these too. Great for several different types of washing, I highly recommend them.March 16, 2012: I still use these every night on my face, neck, and ears. I love how thin they are. I have noticed they seem to stain easily. The stains do not come out in regular washing but when I get whites together and bleach them on a warm setting, they are like new. Close to two years and I have only bought two sets total and use one or two a day. Not bad!

Evangelina Piedmont, OK


I needed to stock up on baby washcloths for when my baby is here and these fit the bill. I was looking for quality washcloths that didn’t cost too much. They are soft and there are many colors to choose from. All in all a good deal- I’m getting the white pack as well. For anyone complaining about how small and soft these washcloths are… they baby washcloths made by a baby brand and clearly state this in the description. What exactly did you expect?

Ethel Culleoka, TN

So small

I should have listened to the other reviewers. These are so small and thin. They hold up well through washing I just don’t like to use them because I think they are too small.

Kitty Esparto, CA

Soft and Thin…what more do you need??

These wash cloths are perfect!!! Especially for newborns…but I also use them on my almost 3 year old. I love that they are thin so they easily get in all the nooks and crannies of a newborn baby. They are very soft so I feel ok about rubbing this cloth all over my baby’s delicate skin. The inexpensive price is also a huge bonus!! I also love that these wash cloths wash really well. I have washed them so many times and they still look like new.I highly recommend these wash cloths!!! *Great to add onto a baby gift!!

Lindsay Cataldo, ID

just ok

These really don’t lather very well, and tend to curl up instead of laying flat after you wash them. They are alright though. I still use them. I wouldn’t buy another set though.

Emilia Ruthven, IA

Terrible Quality

I had bought a pack of 3 Kushies wash clothes from a boutique a month or so ago, and absolutely loved them. I thought these would be the same quality as the others I had bought. Sadly they are not. They roll and have a surged edge instead of a nice border like the others I had previously bought. Don’t buy these they are not the same.

Charlene Aiken, TX

Way too small

These are very small! I know I’m washing a baby, but these are so small they are hard to hold onto. They also curl up when you wash them making them difficult to fold. Material is fine, but these are shoved in the back of the drawer & not used.

May Goodland, MN

Great, soft cloths for all baby baths!

These were recommended to me by a nurse. I love these and how soft they are, but they are very thin and curl around the edges after washing so they are annoying to fold. They are so wonderful to bathe my newborn with, however, and thy take up little space.

Francine Upperville, VA


I use these for wipes for baby because they are so soft and washable. I LOVE THEM! Perfect for cloth diapering mommies.

Tammie Port Norris, NJ

Thin and cheap

Dont waste your money. Buy the GroVia cloth wipes instead. They are amazing, whereas these are paper thin and once washed curl up.

Melinda Rutland, VT

They curl up

The edges are just serged, not bound with trim, so they curl up, leaving you with little surface area for cleaning the baby.

Tommie Newark, NJ

Soft but so linty!

I got these to use as cloth wipes when we change my daughter’s diapers. They are super soft and lightweight, which is what I wanted, but after a couple washes they are still very linty! They leave little white fibers all over my daughter’s bottom. I’m hoping they’ll de-lint over time, as we wash them repeatedly. Other than that, no complaints.

Matilda Ripton, VT