Kushies Art Smock with sleeves, Fuchsia Crazy Circles, 2-4 Years

Kushies Art Smock with sleeves, Fuchsia Crazy Circles, 2-4 Years

Kushies Art Smock is a craft time essential for your budding artist. This waterproof bib/smock features a large catch all pocket which can hold art supplies and is also great for catching all of the drips and splatters. The long sleeves are perfect for an all over protection and with the waterproof material you can rest easy that you little ones clothes will stay clean. Easy to wash, just wipe clean and you’re ready for the next art session or you can simply throw it in the washing machine. Fits children 2-4 years. PVC, BPA, phthalate and lead free.

Main features

  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Features a large catch all pocket for holding art supplies and catching spills
  • Long sleeves for the ultimate in clothing protection
  • PVC, BPA, phthalate and lead free
  • Made in Canada

Verified reviews


Love it!

Excellent quality, soft and very pretty. My daughter loves wearing it! Previously we owned a plastic one and it was way too stiff, so we decided to purchase this one and it was the right choice.

Maryann Flinton, PA

A must have for messy eaters!

I always have my daughter in really cute clothes and I hate when she gets food stains all over them. Regular bibs never provide enough coverage in my opinion. While not marketed as feeding bibs, these make awesome feeding bibs as the whole arm and stomach area are covered. I get so many complements from people when they see my child wearing these out in public. They fold up really small for the diaper bag as well. We own a blue and fuschia one of these.The arm feature is nice as my two year old (and I imagine most kids that age!) wipe their faces on their sleeves.The Kushies bib has a velcro closure behind the neck for easy securing/removing. We’ve used the Bumkins bibs before and those have a tie closure. I prefer the velcro as its quicker for putting on removing. I use a wet papertowel usually right after mealtime to clean them up and then occasionally put in the washer as needed. The Kushies bibs wash really well in the washer when needed (just make sure velcro is secured so it doesn’t stick to other stuff) and then they air dry . We haven’t used this as an art bib but I would feel comfortable using it for that as well. I can’t recommend these enough!

Helena San Antonio, PR

Great for under 3 years old … Protects clothing very well

Perfect for my 21 month old daught who loves to get paint on every inch of her clothing!!!! I don’t think a 4-year old would fit in this like the description says

Kelsey Durham, OK

Ideal for the dinner table

Our son graduated from the smaller size. Ideal for the dinner table. That pocket, a bit disgusting to clean after dinner, is so useful, capturing a lot of food that would otherwise end up on the ground.

Olivia Ash, NC

It’s a bib, not an art smock.

I thought I was losing my mind when I opened my box from Amazon and inside was a “waterproof bib with sleeves” since I knew I had ordered an “art smock.” Well, turns out, the art smock they’re advertising is the EXACT SAME THING as their waterproof bib just with a different name. Misleading at best. The “bib” does not serve the purpose for which I intended it. I wanted an art smock which, in my apparently erroneous vision, covered my daughter’s entire torso. Since this was billed as an “art smock” I didn’t even think to look more closely at the picture to see if it wrapped all the way around. Well, it doesn’t. Cause it’s a bib. *sigh* So when my daughter is doing art projects with paint or glue and she puts her hands down at her side, all that stuff will still get on her clothes since this only covers her chest and belly. Am disappointed. Will return and buy a true art smock.As a bib this would be great though which is why I’m giving it 3 stars.

Marta Lake Park, MN

Perfect art smock

I reviewed several smocks / bibs before settling on this one. I purchased it to go along with my son’s Melissa & Doug art easel we got him for Christmas and it is perfect! He is now 21 months old, and weighs about 25 pounds. He’s about the height of an average 2 year old (I’m sorry I’m tired and can’t remember exactly at the moment), but point being its a great fit with room to grow. I do roll up the sleeves once for now, but otherwise the overall fit is perfect. It covers everything and keeps the painting messes to a minimum. For us, the long-sleeved smock was a must. If you’re undecided, I say this one is definitely the way to go. It’s durable, easy to wipe down but also machine washable. Highly reccomend for the little artist in your family 🙂

Flora Harman, VA

Love it

I use a few brands and this one is great for a bib for breakfast time. It has been indespensible for not having mess in the morning all over my girl’s daycare clothes. Rushing out in the mornignt o work and daycare, having her not mess her clothes is one less thing to worry about. Love the full coverage smock for all meals. Great for messy spagetti, yogurt and cottage chees when they are just learning to eat on thier own!! Yes, I recommend.

Naomi Hebron, NE

New bib for our boy

We have had a lot of trouble with bibs for our baby. He’s 16 months old (albeit a big boy) and this fits him great. Most other bibs have neck holes that are WAY too big and then what’s the point? This one actually keeps food from dribbling down onto his clothes, has long enough sleeves, and a handy catch pocket at the bottom. We put it through the wash every few days (line dry) and it has held up to that too.

Yolanda Lock Haven, PA