Kushies Baby Organic Washable Nursing Pads, White, 6 count

Kushies Baby Organic Washable Nursing Pads, White, 6 count

Kushies Organic Washable Nursing Cotton Pads – 6 Pack are an environmentally friendly alternative to disposables. Our nursing pads consist of 4 layers of 100 % cotton flannel, allowing the skin to breathe while minimizing the risk of infection, and are contoured for a comfortable yet discreet fit. Package of 6. Size: Approximately 5″ diameter.

Main features

  • Economical
  • 4 layers of 100 % cotton flannel
  • Contoured for a comfortable yet discreet fit
  • Comes 6 in a pack

Verified reviews


Doesn’t hold well

It’s great that these nursing pad are organic cotton but unfortunately I have a lot of breastmilk and it leaked through. I have to use the lansinoh although they are a bit scratchy. I might try the lansinoh ultra soft ones but they are more expensive.

Lacey Mount Morris, PA

Itchy and Disappointing

I really wanted to like these but was disappointed. I purchased two brands of pass and these were the first that I tried. I found them very itchy, even after washing them. They have a sewn seam going through them that irritates the nipple and causes the itchy sensation. The fabric is nice but the seam just ruins them. They are also more expensive than the other (also organic) ones I purchased. I also bought the American Baby organic nipple pads whih at far les expensive, and thy are great! Super soft, no itch and washes great. I don’t recommend th Kushies nipple pads – try a different brand.

Helen Arapahoe, WY

Best feature- they are made in Canada

These are okay. They are a little pointy & can be seen under a tight shirt. I have not had the wrinkling problem that others have described, though. One time I leaked right through them so now I only use them at home. Best feature- they are made in Canada.

Winnie Haddon Heights, NJ

Not for me

I hate that when these come out of the dryer they are wrinkled, I think it’s because they are so thick. They are not very discreet underneath clothing, so I’ve just been wearing them while at home. Whenever I use them I have to pull at the edges to try and release the crumpled fabric.

Shawna Squaw Valley, CA

Cushy Kushies

Needed replacement pads, this looked like a good deal. Pads are very thick and soft, and are very comfortable. Absorbent quality is good, but I cannot test LOTS of leakage, as my child is 4 months and I am not that leaky anymore. Pads do crinkle up in the dryer, but straighten out easily by hand afterwards.

Mayra Shelby, MS

Not for heavy leakers

The organic cotton is nice (although the fabric looks very worn out after the first wash), but it takes forever to dry (even in the dryer) after you wash it because it’s thick. Despite being thick, these get DRENCHED as soon as my milk lets down and if I can’t change them right away, they feel very cold and wet. Very uncomfortable. I would recommend them only for people who don’t leak a lot or as liners inside other pads for added protection. Otherwise, go for some wool ones… LanaCare is the best http://www.amazon.com/Nursing-Pads-Ekstra-Style-Small/dp/B0018T1WVI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1391376175&sr=8-2&keywords=lanacare+nursing

Amy Wood River Junction, RI

Excellan, would recommend to others.

My daughter just had Twins. She stated that she would recommend to others. It is comfortable. Does not stick to the breast.Finally I got it right.

Annette East Smithfield, PA

Slightly bulky

And they have a seam so they bother tender nipples. I’ve washed them 20+ times and they are still a little rough.

Dina Stanford, KY

Pointy, wrinkly, rough

Very much dislike these. Got them because reviews said they are more seamless than flat ones, but they are not. The edges show up just as much through thin bras. And the pointy fit is too retro. In addition, they are made out of rough flannel that is super wrinkly. I thought I could just use the at home when seamless fit was not critical. I washed them as per instructions and air dried. I used a steamer. They were still wrinkly and rough. I did not want them touching my breasts.

Roslyn Sagaponack, NY

No Leaks!

These are great for when you are on the go. I recently went on a trip and had these in on the plane and had no leaks on a 6 hour trip.

Martha Winooski, VT