Kushies Deluxe Change Pad, Cream Polka Dots

Kushies Deluxe Change Pad, Cream Polka Dots

Kushies Deluxe Change Pad – Flannel – Neutral Long lasting waterproof protection! Features an ultra soft 100% cotton flannel cover with a bias trim for added durability. Available in boy, girl, and neutral prints. Machine washable and dryable. Size: 20″x30″ (51cm x 76cm)

Main features

  • Waterproof protection
  • 100% cotton flannel cover
  • Bias trim for added durability
  • Size: 20″x30″ (51cm x 76cm)
  • Machine washable and dryable

Verified reviews


Strong plastic-y odor and backing is vinyl-coated polyester – not sure if pthalate-free

Just got this in the mail today. It smells awful straight out of the package — a strong, plastic-y odor. I checked the fiber content label and it says the waterproof backing is vinyl-coated polyester. Not sure if this vinyl coating is pthalate-free, plus it just stinks, so I’m returning it.

Ashlee Burna, KY

Not as good as other similar products.

I purchased this item to use as a place to change my baby’s diaper when he’s not on the changing table. I did not like it for several reasons:–There is a vinyl or vinyl-like layer and a flannel layer. The two layers don’t stay attached to each other, so that the flannel fabric bunches up when the baby moves around when he’s lying on it. Having extra bunched up fabric getting in the way during messy diaper changes is inconvenient. Plus, the flannel texture adheres to my baby’s clothing adding the the bunching.–The vinyl/vinyl-like layer smells bad and chemical. Why expose your baby to more chemicals then you have to? You don’t need this material to make something that’s waterproof.–It’s not machine washable/dryable. I find this annoying as changing pads can get pretty dirty and who has time to give them special treatment in the laundry. I’ve found others that are washable.In short, I would return mine except that it’s already been used/washed. So I threw it out.I recommend the Carter’s Keep Me Dry Flannel Bassinet Pad instead, it has none of these issues and works wonderfully as a changing pad. Plus, it costs less!

Louise Haddam, CT

Cute Changing Pad

We bought this for diaper changes around the house. I wanted something larger than most changing pads that could be washed easily. It seems to work pretty great, though my daughter has yet to make a mess while on the changing pad, so I can’t say how well it protects the floor. It’s cute and washes well.

Erica Emily, MN

Very soft and easy to wash.

I wanted a waterproof pad for “naked baby time” that wouldn’t feel like vinyl. This fits the bill perfectly – it is soft and comfy and baby likes lying on it. I wish they made one which was 3 times larger for when he starts to crawl.

Jodie Cogswell, ND

Buy This One!

I have been using this pad for about 1 1/2 years now and it looks as good as new and has really held up GREAT! Especially with washing it constantly!The trick is not to put in dryer – hang to dry. 🙂 Also, the lining is 150 percent “WATERPROOF”!

Genevieve Manor, TX

favorite changing pad

This pad is quite large, very soft, and folds up very well. It is my favorite of all changing pads I have. Many are too narrow or too stiff. Pretty design, nice cream color, and washes well, too.

Kathrine Parnell, MO

Great product

I love this. Light weight, easy to clean. I bought this so I would have a clean surface to change my grandbaby.

Camilla Maple Rapids, MI

great product!

I love it! It is super soft with a waterproof back and it is large enough that my son can lay on it comfortably without his head being off the pad. It also washes easily.

Loretta New Haven, OH

Very soft

This pad is cute and soft, though a littler narrower than changing pads usually are. I use it over the flat pad on my changing table and it’s perfect for that.

Corine M C B H Kaneohe Bay, HI

Good product

Good one….It never leaks, perfect size, handy and soft, leak proof material in the bottom is very good.The cotton layer on the top absorbs all the wetness.ConsIt stains as any cotton cloth. You would need a stain remover since it stains, needs time to dry.

Gay Jacksonville, FL

not so happy this with product

After reading a lot of great reviews on here, I thought this would be the perfect change pad to put on my son’s pack n play changing table. I was wrong. It gets stained super easily and the stains don’t easily come out. It slides around thus making the addition of this pad not worth it. I ended up giving up and it now sits in my son’s closet. Maybe I’m using it for the wrong thing, but I really see no value in purchasing this outside of it looks nice and is waterproof.

Winifred Hamlet, NE

Great, lightweight, easy to clean if you are on the go

We were looking for a change pad for our new baby for when we are on the go and not having access to our changing table or changing area on her portable play yard, this waterproof change pad by Kushies fits the bill quite nicely. Soft colored, waterproof and soft to the touch all add to the usability of this essential item for a new baby. If you have one on the way or a new born and need a simple solution to changing issues, look at the Kushies Waterproof Change Pad as a possible way to go.

Rae Barnegat Light, NJ

Changing pad

LOVE this changing pad! I use it when I’m changing my son’s diaper on the couch. It’s durable, waterproof, and easy to wash.

Coleen Dayton, NV

Light and portable

We use this as a sofa topper for our newborn to lie or have tummy time on. It protects the sofa from nappy leaks and spit ups and so far has proved effective. We also plan to use it for travel. It has quite a strong plastic smell so needs to be washed before use. The fabric side is soft to the touch.

Lillie Monitor, WA

super cute!

this is super cute and matches my brown bag perfectly. Very cushie too! I would buy it again for sure.

Rosalie Mendon, MO


This pad is really soft and it contains leaks when they happen which with my son, who loves to pee as soon as I get his diaper off, is a lot. I’ve washed it more times than I could count and it’s still in great shape.

Johanna Richvale, CA

Meets our needs

I bought this pad to use downstairs during diaper changes. It has a nice material on the front and a waterproof backing. We have washed it a few times and it shows a little wear. However, overall it meets our needs. It can be easily folded to be put out of the way and is a generous size for diaper changes.

Beatrice Haviland, KS

Light, thin, and works!

This waterproof pad just arrived 2 days ago. It did have a slight vinyl smell to it initially, but the smell was eliminated after washing. Also the fabric became softer & less stiff after it was washed. I placed my baby in his crib without a diaper with this pad underneath, and was a bit scared as this pad seemed thin. After about 15-20 min when I checked in on baby, he had peed and and the crib sheet was dry :). Along with pee was a small #2 stain which came out when washing. The pad dried quickly (in the sun) and was not stiff. Also the blue polka dots are pretty. Seems like a good buy, but will know for sure after more uses!

Geraldine Liguori, MO

Perfect! It’s all I use.

I bought this pad mainly for its sheer size. It’s the largest changing pad I have seen (Even bigger than my Ju Ju Be’s Be Prepared pad which is large itself). I use it everywhere in place of any other pad-the car, on grass, public restrooms, knowing my baby won’t be touching yucky surfaces given it’s size and water resistency. I’ve already washed it 5-6 times and it still looks new. If you follow directions and use the delicate cycle you shouldnt have problems. I don’t understand why anyone would have those issues. It’s not very thick, so it’s not really a “pad”, but my baby is always on some kind of soft surface. So if you’re looking for a larger, comfortable changing area for when you are out and about, this is it. I am planning on getting atleast another color now that there are new ones out!

Lana Yucca, AZ


This is a very large changing pad and I loved it. It is very soft and I would definitely recommend it. Very happy with this purchase. I would buy this again.

Rebekah Woodbine, GA

15 months and still loving it.

I love this pad. It’s cute and soft and waterproof. It’s been 15 months since we first had it and it has gone through A LOT of washings, yet it’s still in absolute perfect condition.I love that one side is made of cloth and not just plastic so it doesnt make that icky squeaky sound with the other ones.

Mindy Centertown, MO

Love It!!!

Received this item in the mail today. I will be using it as a sheet saver in anticipation of newborn poopy blowouts. The cloth part of the pad is soft and cute whereas the backing looks to be and claims to be waterproof. It is a great size and a great price. I will have to see how it holds up in the wash but if all goes well, I will probably get a couple more for backup. Love it! 🙂

Francesca New London, IA

Solid changing pad!

These changing pads are fantastic. We keep it in the diaper bag everywhere we go. It folds up well and is also really absorbent. It’s long enough for changing toddlers when you are out and about and it’s also surprisingly soft. It feels really well made and I’m glad I purchased this changing pad.

Ashleigh Rayville, MO

Love it so much, bought 4!

LOVE this changing pad – use one every time I change diapers on the bed (until baby moves to nursery with changing table).Very soft cloth on one side (waterproof on other), large pad, washes nicely (stains come out easily).Highly recommend!!!

Mae Saukville, WI

Love these!

I use these for everything. When my son was little I used it under his sheets in his porta-crib (the cotton side is soft and not sweaty). I also use it to change diapers on top of my bed so I don’t have to go upstairs to the nursery everytime. I’ve washed them many many times and although they ball a tiny bit, they have held up really really well. Highly recommend!

Dayna Overbrook, KS

I want to like these but…

I bought three of these, two blue and one cream. I like the cream flannel one better than the blue terry ones–the pattern on the terrycloth is printed and the paint is sort of stiff. They are generously sized and soft. However, I do not like that the two layers are not connected. That makes them very bunchy which makes them annoying during diaper changes (which is what they are for!). That said, they are for that reason convenient to stash in a small diaper bag because they fold up pretty well and don’t have the tendency to re-fold themselves the way stiffer traveling changing pads do. So I don’t use them at home, but keep one in the diaper bag. I haven’t had any laundering issues, but I line-dry them.

Dawn Rock Camp, OH

Excellent Changing Pad

This changing pad has a very soft surface and is completely waterproof on the back. It is long enough and wide enough to use as your baby grows, and it folds up more neatly than other changing pads to stow in your diaper bag. It launders very well. I would definitely recommend it!

Regina Homer City, PA

Love this changing pad!

My hubby and I got one of these for our diaper bag and loved it so much we bought two more! We use them on top of our changing pad at home as a little extra insurance against leaks. Soft flannel and well made!

Alexandra Mt Zion, IL