Kushies Deluxe Flannel Change Pad, Yellow with Brown Dots

Kushies Deluxe Flannel Change Pad, Yellow with Brown Dots

A must have for parents on the go. Kushies’ deluxe change pad is super soft and super convenient. It is generously sized so where ever you are changing baby you will know that the surface is covered and baby is protected from germs and dirt. Available in a variety of prints and colors. Size: 20″ X 30″ (51cm X 76cm).

Main features

  • Protects baby from dirty surfaces
  • Generously sized for full body protection
  • One side is super soft flannel, the other side is 100% waterproof protection
  • Size: 20″ X 30″ (50cm X 76cm)
  • A must-have for parents on the go

Verified reviews


Vinyl (PVC) Coated!! Horrible for baby and environment.

I contacted the company about the lining for this change pad and they said it was Vinyl (PVC) coated which is terrible for the environment and baby! See email from Kushies below:The fabrics of our waterproof products are as follows:Our taffeta products (such as Ultra-Lite diapers, bibs and training pants) consist of PUL Coated Nylon and are all PVC, BPA, LEAD, and PHTHALATE free.Our ‘premium’ products (such as Ultra diapers, bibs, training pants, change pads, etc.,) consist of Vinyl Coated Polyester and are all BPA, LEAD, and PHTHALATE free.If we can answer any further questions you may have please do not hesitate to contact us again!Best Regards,Kristine Halbig | Customer ServiceKushies Baby | 555 Barton St. | Stoney Creek, ON | L8E 5S1Tel: 905.643.9118 | Fax: 905.643-2102 | […]

Velma Noble, IL

Green is yellow and trimmed in white

It serves its purpose and is well-constructed. I had hoped for lime green with no different color edging, but instead its a sickly shade of greenish yellow with white edges. It looks like something they would hand out at the hospital. If I get this again, I’ll wait for a more modern style to come out.

Karla Alturas, CA

Not for Military Overseas

Had this item on my baby registry. I live in the UK because its where I am stationed and this couldnt be shipped because its an APO AE address. Not very friendly to the US Military serving overseas.

Josephine Saddle Brook, NJ

Save your money!

I can’t believe I wasted $12 on this changing pad. First of all, it’s made of vinyl, aka the poison plastic. This means it’s bad for the environment, thus bad for my child. And everyone should be advised that when vinyl is heated, it releases deadly toxins into the air. This means you can’t stick it in the dryer (which also shrinks it and leaves it permanently mishapen anyway). The pad is also thin and cheaply made. It is quite large and the patten is very cute, but these things don’t cancel out the bad ones. Overall, this was a waste of my money.

Marci Amesville, OH


I love the new designs they have come out with. I bought the yellow one with dots but I will buy at least one more later on. They are very nice.

Anne Glen Allen, VA

Perfect size!

Great size for a changing pad. I also love that it is cloth material and wont be cold for the baby to lay on. Washed up great and I will probably order a few more!!

Amparo Bruce Crossing, MI

Great product, great value

Works well as a travel changing pad — I ordered two and keep one in the diaper bag at all times. This pad doesn’t have any extra cushioning (I didn’t expect it to) but covers a lot of surface area, which is what I wanted. Also washes clean really well and is surprisingly absorbent.

Madelyn Bigfork, MN

Extra thin… fits anywhere! BUT I CAN’T REMOVE STAINS

It’s extra thin it may be folded many times and placed anywhere… the main drawback is that not only it may be too thin and a bit uncomfortable for the baby without any cushioning, but also the poop stains CANNOT be removed! I tried EVERYTHING!! bleach, soap, detergent, alcohol… you name it! My hubby is ashamed of opening it in public!

Herminia Yarmouth, ME

wish it was more “kushie”

Overall this is a good product, however I wish there was more padding. I lost my changing pad that came with my diaper bag and needed a replacement. I saw that several reviewers said that they used this for a portable changing mat, however it is very flat, so if I am laying my baby on a hard surface and she jerks her head, she will bang it on the hard surface. I wish there was just a little padding. It may just be my fault–I didn’t buy the right thing as a replacement. The quality of the item is good, and seems like it will last, so if you are using it to cover a changing table at home, then I would probably recommend this.

Latisha Minneapolis, MN

Best Changing Pad

I had almost given up on finding a good washable changing pad when I found these. I love them! They look good and are made of soft quality materials. My only complaint is that the flannel shrinks, while the backing fabric remains the same size, so it no longer folds nice and flat. But that’s a minor complaint when compared with the complaints I’ve had with other changing pads (piling, ugly, scratchy, etc.) I love these!

Antionette Chefornak, AK

Small size for money

Thin for absorbing/comfort. Size is small, Would have been worth if was 1.5 times and more thick. Unimpressed by the product

Brandy Elvaston, IL

Big soft and great quality

They are soft and thick enough…durable…I am loving these! and the size is larger than the average changing pad which is REALLY nice! I also think the pattern is cute.

Blanche Roy, WA

great product.

I love this as a second changing pad to keep downstairs where we don’t have room for a changing station. Can easily throw this on the floor or couch and don’t have to worry about a mess. Is also great to take along in the diaper bag. Excellent size, fits tiny babies all the way up to toddlers.

Dianne Andover, KS

So soft and cushy!

Fits nicely over my skip hop changer pad too. I just use this alone usually unless I have to change my 18 month boy on something hard like a picnic table or a changing station at the mall, then I use my skip hop change pad too for more cushion.

Susan Klamath Falls, OR

Very convenient & nice quality

I love this changing pad. It’s such a great size and is so nice and convenient to whip out whenever needed. Not to mention the cute design/colors.

Lydia Risco, MO

Love this changing pad

Finally, a changing pad that is big enough for a tall baby. I hated how my son would be partially off smaller pads or they weren’t wide enough. This one wide enough and long enough. It’s also one-sided, for lack of a better term. To my horror, I found that my husband was using one side of our mono-colored plastic one and I was using the other. Which means if you weren’t able to clean it between uses, we were putting our baby down on the surface that had just been laid down on another changing table. Ew. You can’t mess that up with this one. White on one side and a soft, felt material on the other. The only downside is that you have to run it through the washer since it isn’t all plastic. I can’t comment on how well washing holds up since we haven’t had it that long.

Ashley Rock Valley, IA

nice size

bought this for the husbands diaper bag so he would have a changing pad in his when we need it. she fits nicely on it and there is still some room to grow, it’s larger than the one that came with my diaper bag.

Teresa Joseph, UT

Great Size

These are so much better than the dumb little ones that come with diaper bags. I bought two to have one to rotate while the second is in the wash. The size is perfect- not annoyingly big, but plenty of room to change a wiggle little one and not worry about mess. I ended up ordering another one for the diaper bag.My only complaint- and the reason I can’t give it five stars… out of the package it had a strong chemical smell. Overpowering, even. It went away with a couple washes, and the great functionality of this product make it a worthwhile tradeoff, but I would not use it without prewashing.

Mattie Mansfield, AR

perfect travel pad!

I need to buy more of these!-I need a very big changing pad (my 5 month old is over 20 lbs), and this if the biggest one out there! It folds down so small, though- perfect for travel (it fits in my purse!).-It’s super soft and comfy for LO, and even on the hard plastic changers in restaurants and stores, he seems very comfortable, so no issue with the lack of padding.-I haven’t noticed a problem with it shrinking in the wash, but from what other people are saying, it still works fine even if it does.-It’s absolutely waterproof- my little boy finds it incredibly amusing to pee while I’m changing him, and thanks to this changing pad keeping everything contained (I tried others where the liquid just ran right off the sides and soaked everything), I’m able to laugh about it, too.Definitely planning to get at least two more of these (to have one in my purse, one in the big diaper bag for longer trips, and a spare for laundry days), and getting more to give as baby shower gifts. I would recommend this pad to any mom!

Lavonne Ideal, SD

Good travel pad

We use these pads as our main changing pad. We never set up a formal station at our house, because we always change in different rooms. We bought a couple of these and just kept them around. They worked well and are great in the diaper bag too. I liked that the one side was quite soft against my daughter’s skin.

Cathleen Austin, TX

helps a lot when changing the baby

helps a lot when changing the baby, too practical because when changing the baby leaves dirty in bed or in the vicinity, it is a good size and equipment

Dorothea Rogers, NM

Cheap and cheerful diaper pad

I thought this was a great solution, much easier to fold than the threefold foam diaper pads that come with many diaper bags. The changing pad is really thin, therefore you can easily fold it up into a small square or even roll it up and stuff it in a diaper bag, suitcase, or whatever. I also placed a clean pad like this in the bottom of a bassinet when baby was feeding from the bottle. This helped to block the occasional milk drippage, and reduced the number of bassinet sheets that I had to launder.

Elisabeth Cambridge, OH

It’s Okay

I like that this changer pad is larger than the one that came with my JJ Cole Diaper bag. It is no more thick than the a standard changing pad. Seems durable enough, have washed it a few times. Wish I would have spent the extra money on an ah-goo pad with memory foam to make diaper changes outside of the home a little more bearable.

Kris Rutledge, AL

Stains easily, but great size

I used this while traveling and it was definitely worth the money for the size. Our little girl had a large explosion and it did get on the change pad. While it washed off, you can still see a bit of a stain (and she isn’t on solids yet). Still, it’s faint and not too bad. I don’t think most people would even notice it. I like the waterproof side too.I also got a Planet Wise changing pad (slightly smaller) and will see how that does.

Shirley Ingleside, TX

the perfect “easy” changing pad

My mom bought me 2 of these when I first had my little girl. We have a changing table in her room but it was such a pain to take her up there every time she needed changed.. which was a lot the first few weeks. So we would lay out the “ugly” blankies people had given us to change her in living room. She peed on them a lot and we were always washing them so my mom bought us 2 of these & I LOVE them! They are nice and big and cover her whole body and if she pees while she is being changed it catches it all AND doesn’t leak whatsoever! We found the best way to clean is to wash and then hang dry. I read a lot of reviews about the flannel shrinking and I haven’t had a problem. I actually just ordered 2 more so I could put one in the diaper bag (it folds up nice and small) because it was much bigger than the one that came with my petunia pickle bottom. (I ended up just taking that one out). & It completely covers those nasty changing tables that are in restaurants and stores that you have no idea when they were last cleaned and what yucky stuff is on there!

Gale Clifton, TN

Works great, washes well

I like this; it’s waterproof, and doesn’t get too pilly or shrink too much when washed. I didn’t realize it was two separate layers, and while that doesn’t affect function, it gets all bunched up under my wiggly sleeper. Just good to know.

Irma Judith Gap, MT

folds up tiny

OK, so I haven’t actually had the baby and therefore haven’t used this yet. I purchased this because another reviewer said it was so much bigger than other changing pads, and I wanted to have something that I could not have to worry about any part of baby touching dirty countertop, or any of baby’s dirty parts touching something else. I was worried that because of the larger size that it would take up a huge amount of space in the diaper bag. It doesn’t. It arrived folded at about 1/2 inch thick (or less) and about 5×5 inches. smaller than a diaper. I am very pleased.

Emilia Alsip, IL

I like it!

One side of the pad is waterproof/nylon, the other side is flannel. I usually put my baby on the waterproof side. I’m not sure if there’s a right or wrong side LOL!I love the large length/width of the pad.I’m giving this 4 stars instead of 5 because the thickness of the pad is relatively thin and too flexible. I’m used to slightly thicker , less flexible pads that you get with your diaper bag. I haven’t washed it yet so I don’t know how it will hold up.

Kristin Crowley, CO

Cute and useful

This is a great product. We put it on the contour changing pad and when we have an oops, it’s easy to just throw it in the wash. I recommend getting 2 or 3 of them.

Helene Jackson, TN

Nice product, decent size

Overall I’ve been very happy with this, I will say that the cloth part did shrink a bit even though I’ve never washed in warm water or dried, but it doesn’t really bother me. Decent size for my 23-month old 35 lb step-son.

Mayra Hearne, TX