Kushies “On The Go” 2-Pack Wet Bag, Large, Boy Prints

Kushies “On The Go” 2-Pack Wet Bag, Large, Boy Prints

Kushies “On the go” wet bags are perfect for soiled diapers, dirty clothes and bibs, wet swimsuits, or anything else you want to keep separate.

Main features

  • Lightweight, waterproof fabric
  • Drawstring closure
  • Size : 105″ by 13″
  • Handy for clean or dirty things
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Okay, nothing great

These look nice and a good size, but they are remarkably thin and the drawstring doesn’t work very well. The drawstring being a hassle that never closes on first try can be a bit more annoying than one would think, considering closing these bags involves urine and/or poop. Not really something you want to mess with. (Ha, no pun intended.) Anyway, you can get a much cheaper option at a local sports store in the camping section (or on Amazon) — only they call them “dry bags” or “ditty bags” or whatever. The vinyl is tougher, the drawstrings work every time. They aren’t as cute but they work about 10 times better.

Deidra Pitcher, NY

Great idea

I use these for daycare. I put 2 in his baby bag. The daycare provider puts his used bottle nipples in one bag and dirty clothes and bibs in the other. It’s a great system and works for us. (We use the playtex drop in liner bottles, so the only soiled item at the end of the day is the nipples and rings. THe bottles stay with her (she has 6 of them) and the liners go in the trash). Hope this helps1

Felicia Port Sulphur, LA

Love these bags!

These bags work great, take them to the sitter’s daily or when we’re out and they never leak, or anything. I would highly recommend.

Gloria Garland City, AR

O.k. As far as wet bags go . . .

This is not my favorite wet bag. It does the job – meaning it holds your wet items (we use for cloth diapers). It doesn’t wash well, the drawstring seems to weaken after repeated washings (like 3) and then doesn’t contain the smell as well. I ended up purchasing bummi’s wet bags through our local diaper store – they zip closed and use them exclusively. Can’t really recommend if you ever plan on washing them – with cloth diapers I kind of had to.

Eugenia Bison, OK

bag ok for only few diapers

Bag is ok for cloth diapers but only holds like 3-4 dirty ones!!!! Not impressed with that! Ok for a diaper bag like when traveling and will only have 1 or 2 soiled ones but that’s about it!

Kay Analomink, PA

Great! Use everyday.

Love these. Always take them with me for dirty clothes or anything that gets wet when I am out. I bought several so I always have a clean one ready. I also use after swimming for wet suits and it keeps everything else dry.

Lee Embarrass, WI



Flossie Vernon, TX


These bags are the perfect size for fitting about 3-4 diapers. I use these for daycare so they can place dirty clothes or used cloth diapers/liners (we use the gdiapers at daycare) in the bag as opposed to using grocery bags.

Fannie Fort Supply, OK

Convenient but doesn’t hold in smells

These are very convenient – the material is super thin and folds down to nothing while staying waterproof. Unfortunately, the drawstring top leaves a small gap when the toggle closes all the way. It is ok for dirty clothes and wet diapers, but it will not hold in the smell of a stinky diaper. I could smell it from a couple of feet away! Also, I’m cautious about putting anything drippy in it, like swim suits.

Kari Brimson, MN

great bags!

I have had these over a year now and I love them! Wish they made them in bigger sizes though!!

Angeline Dahlonega, GA

Gets the job done.

Works well for our dirty cloth diaper wipes. I wish it was a tad bigger, but it does the job.

Ginger Buffalo, ND

Small but great to send to the babysitters

I bought these for the babysitter bc I felt bad that she had to keep using her plastic bags and then I just threw those away. These are great for that. I can get them to hold about four diapers

Vilma Cannonsburg, MI

Smaller than I thought, but work great

These little bags are great for the diaper bag, but not for primary cloth diaper disposal. I ended up buying the Fuzzibunz bag for the back of the door and that is working out great. These little bags are cute and well-made. The are definitely waterproof as I took them on vacation and put wet swimsuits in there and it held up great. No leaks and no smells!

Graciela Jayton, TX

Exactly what I wanted

They contain the wet and the smell, look cute, and could hold two soiled toddler diapers or one soiled diaper and one soiled outfit (probably more of smaller sizes). I’ve run them through the wash a couple of times without any issues. Plus, you can’t beat the price! I would absolutely buy again and again.

Chris Ivyton, KY

Works, but not my favorite.

The price is good, and when I saw that they were Kushies brand, I figured they would be worth a try. I haven’t had any issues with leaks and/or seeping of moisture with there.There are a few reasons they’re not my favorite though: The drawstrings are really hard to get to close, and one I have never been able to fully close. Also, while I have never actually had them leak, the fabric is 1-ply and seems to feel wet whenever I have a diaper in it. I use them as a back-up in the diaper bag because they’re compact and effective, but I wouldn’t use them as my only wetbags.

Sharon Alto, GA


Not my favorite wet bags, but decent enough. They are very thin. I use them more for dirty clothes than for diapers – for diapers I prefer a thick double-layered bag with a zipper. Still, for the price it’s worth keeping a couple around. They fit into a small corner of my bag in case I need backup, and will readily hold 3-4 diapers depending on size.

Tameka Saint Charles, KY

Suprisingly good

At first, I didn’t think I would like these because they didn’t have a zipper to securely hold in the messy stuff but after using them for a few months, they are great! Still look like the day I got them and they hold in the yuck very well. I still don’t trust them in the diaper bag, I just use them for around the house, but compared to their much more expensive competition I think they are great!

Caitlin Bluefield, VA

These are the best wetbags ever!!!

These wetbags are awesome!! They do not leak at all! Each one holds about 3-4 diapers (I use Rumparooz OS Pockets)!! These are a fabulous price also!! A lifesaver when cloth diapering!!

Deloris Kingwood, WV

Excellent value

These are a great value for TWO wet bags. They are no frills with a drawstring instead of zipper and prints that leave something to be desired… but they get the job done. They’re waterproof, light, soft (so easy to squish into a diaper bag and don’t take up a lot of room), and you can wash easily. These are meant for a diaper bag, not a diaper pail. Overall for the price, they can’t be beat and a must have for any mom on the go.

Lena Huntington Park, CA

So nice!

These are great whether you are cloth diapering or not for on the go! We send them to day care for them to send back dirty cloth diapers, and we use them on the go when there is not trash can to throw disposables in.

Allene Glen Wild, NY

works well.

these wet bags work really well, although since they were marked large, i was disappointed in the size. they still hold a bit, but were not quite as large as other wet bags that i have seen. i would consider these to be more of a medium size, but all in all, i am pleased with the quality of bags and the designs are really cute. i also prefer the drawstring versus the zipper on other brands, because zippers tend to constrict the expandability of a bag.

Janis Perth Amboy, NJ

Really thin and feels cheap.

I have not used these yet. They feel really thin and cheap. I don’t think they will hold up very well with really soaked diapers. I was expecting them to be a little better quality. I guess you get what you pay for. Other wet bags cost a little more than these. These two bags are different sizes. I am guessing I can get about 3 diapers in the biggest bag. They are very cute but the quality is just not the best.

Yolanda Lowgap, NC

Still using

These have been great for diapers and even later with potty training (with training underwear). Like the patterns, look great. Overtime the lining hasn’t held up on one of the bags but that could easily be user error with washing.

Adele Fort Bragg, CA

Great buy…makes going out that much easier!

Nice bags well made. Just enough for small daytrips. Keeps everything in one place and when you get home toss it in with your diapers and wash. If its not to dirty just hand wash with warm water and soap and dry. So convenient.

Benita White River Junction, VT

Check size requirements before buying!

It’s my fault for not checking how large they are before purchasing. They aren’t that big, but they’re perfect to carry a set of soiled diapers and clothes in your diaper bag, which is what I needed anyway. The drawstring seems to hold in odors just fine–no leaks yet despite the fact that I’ve placed it on the carpet. Overall, they seem pretty decent and functional and fairly easy to wash and dry.

Sophia Maynard, AR

A diaper bag must have

These are the perfect size for my diaper bag needs (I have infant twins). They hold a few infant-sized diapers each, changes of clothes, bibs, burp cloths, and other diaper bag items. I keep four of these in my diaper bag at all times. A great buy!

Eva Fairdale, WV

Works great

These bags definitely keep the wetness inside. Very easy to use and affordable. So far I have no complaints at all.

Lorrie Isle, MN

Better than I expected

I was concerned because these have pull-ties instead of zippers, but I’ve also had not-so-great experiences with zippers in the past.So I tested the bag before using to see exactly how it would hold up.I filled one up about 25% with water, pulled the tie shut, and shook it violently. It didn’t leak any water.These are great for on the go, but I certainly don’t recommend putting a soiled diaper in it and then shoving it back into your diaper bag. Use common sense. They serve their purpose and are perfect for their price.

Cynthia Alta, CA

Must have

I bought these wet bags to put in my daughters daycare bag so they could put the used bottles in them to send home every day. They are the perfect size and can fit about five or six 5 ounce bottles. I can’t imagine using and throwing away all those grocery bags the daycare was using to send home bottles. The wet bags get washed in our washing machine and still look like new after 4 months of use (I air dry them). I also like the fact that after we are done with bottles there are so many other uses for them…snack bags, wet clothes, bathing suits, ect. The size is perfect for multiple uses.

Mitzi Rock Spring, GA

Started off great…

These wet bags are an awesome idea & liked them, at first. As I continued to use them (mainly for on-the-go in my diaper bag) for small things, wet bathing suits, dirty cloth diapers, etc. The lining string to close them shut gave out on me & refused to close all the way (keeps getting stuck on the rubber-like material around the string). Can no longer close it & when I can get it closed, it takes me some time to re-open it. Very unfortunate for this product.

Nola Compton, AR