Kushies “On the Go” 2 Pack Wet Bag

Kushies “On the Go” 2 Pack Wet Bag


Main features

  • Lightweight, waterproof fabric
  • Drawstring closure
  • Size: 105″ x 13″
  • Handy for clean or dirty things
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Good, but too small

This item said it was “large” but is quite small. I can fit about 4-6 soiled pocket diapers into the bag if I squish them in there. It is more of a medium size. I was greatly disappointed by the size. Selling them in a 2-pk is nice b/c I have 2 children in diapers. It was a bonus to find a 2-pk for the price I paid.

Lizzie Centreville, AL


just a nylon bag without a zipper. Could have done the same job with a zipploc bag. does not hold in smell and just a waste of my money. Too much trouble to ship back. don’t recomment it to anyone.

Cherry Hines, OR

inexpensive- but doesn’t last long

The waterproofness last, but the seems let go fairly soon and the pull ties get stuck and won’t close the bag after they have gone through the wash several times. We never dry in the dryer, so we have been fairly nice to them. However, their price is rather cheap so it is to be expected.

Louisa Banner Elk, NC

We love these bags!

We got these bags to bring to daycare for the dirty cloth diapers. We ordered enough so that there would be one bag per diaper, but they are so roomy that we only ever need one a day. Even with the drawstring, they contain oder really well. We wash them 2-3 times a week and they are still holding up great. I only wish they came in differnt patterns.

Graciela Bridgewater, NJ

They work

These bags work, they don’t leak unless you pour a lot of liquid in it. So easy to store as they compact very small. I have a couple sets and I love them.

Delores Taft, TN

Very Useful

I love these wet bags! I bought them to keep in my diaper bag for soiled clothing, or messy items I don’t want touching other things in my bag. They fold up super small and weigh nothing, which is great when not in use. These would also be a good buy for swimmers to put their wet swim suits into,or to keep in the car for just in case moments.

Shauna Grafton, NH

Use for everything!

These wetbags are awesome. I use them with both AIO and prefolds. I’ve used one wet bag for two days of diapers on an overnight trip. If you close the bag tightly, no smell! I wash them in the diaper load, and they air dry super fast. I’ve also used these for soiled clothes and wet swimsuits.

Dee Andalusia, IL

Wash and go

Love these; they wash well and keep yucky diapers separate from everything else in the diaper bag. I love the prints too, not pink and blue and obviously baby. We’ll use these for swimsuits and other wet things when our daughter is older.

Selina Rankin, TX

Easy to use and versatile

These are great for use with cloth diapering. I’m not sure the “large” description is what I would describe as large but…it does the job.

Geraldine Mc Sherrystown, PA

Love them!

These are super great to put wet swimming clothes in or dirty clothes. I always find a use for these when I am out and am so glad this pack came with 2. I may have to buy 2 more as they come in handy all the time. It keeps dirty and wet things away from all my clean ones. It cleans nicely in the wash as well. Definitely recommend!!!!

Andrea Rowan, IA

Many uses!

These bags are small, but I’ve found multiple uses for them. I am currently using one in the diaper bag for dirty diapers and clothes. I use the other one for sippy cups and ice packs to keep them cold. I never made formula ahead of time because it was always easier to use the pre-measured formula and bottled water. When my daughter started drinking juice and milk, I needed a way to keep it cold. I didn’t want to spend the money on a bottle cooler, so this works very well, without condensation wetting everything in her bag. I have also used the bags to keep things dry on a camping trip (without baby). They kept cell phones and other essentials dry when the bottom of the canoe filled with water.

Erika Castle Hayne, NC

Great little bags!

I really like these bags. I was a little disappointed that they’re not made of something more eco, but I didn’t check before purchasing. They’re super convenient and way better for the environment than using zip lock bags, however, they do NOT hold in the poop smell as I was hoping (see previous person’s review). All in all, I would recommend them because of their versatility.

Hazel Mapleton, OR

Functional and Cute – Exactly as stated!

I’ve read through a lot of the reviews on this set of wet bags and let me make a few things clear:- These are ‘On the Go’ wet bags, as it says. These are not diaper pail liners, they are not laundry bags – they are WET BAGS. For use in your diaper bag to toss your soiled cloth diapers or a swim suit or an outfit that got barfed on.- These bags have a draw string closure. Pull tight and close securely. It’s that simple to keep out odors and to prevent leaks. I haven’t had a single incidence of either.- These bags have a waterproof lining similar to cloth diaper covers. DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER! I wash these wet bags on a hot cycle with my cloth diapers and covers and then I hang them to dry. For the reviewers that said the bags started breaking down and got ‘sticky’ inside… did you put them in the dryer?I have been using these wet bags for five months now with about twice weekly washing and they are still in perfect condition. As I said, I only line dry them, but they dry really quickly and are just as waterproof now as the day I bought them. I can stuff probably five or six cloth prefolds in there, so it’s just right for a full day out if needed. I also use it for dirty clothes and swim suits. Works a treat.Overall – please buy these for their intended purpose (a diaper bag wet bag) and take care of them (line dry) and you’ll be very pleased!EDIT December 2012: These bags are still working great for us! They are our diaper bag wet bags, still, and they fit about 2 maybe 3 cloth pre-folds in the standard toddler size. The bags are not degrading in any way. Still water and stink proof! Money well spent!

Marietta Highlands, TX

Very happy with my purchase

These are great! I read the reviews so was not surprised by the size. To be honest, if they were much bigger they wouldn’t be as handy – I can fit these in my regular purse. I have been putting two diapers and some wipes in the bag when I go places…then when I change my son’s diaper, I just take them out and replace with the dirty one (or two if I have to change him again). I have also used them to bring a wet bathing suit home and the bags have not leaked. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Francisca Quinter, KS

Draw string issues

These work great as wet bags as in I have never had anything leak. However the draw string does not always want to work properly. They just get stuck and you have to shimmy the fabric down instead.

Sandra Kansas, AL

Small, stylish, and waterproof

I have been using these for over six weeks now in my diaper bag and I have no complaints.Not only do they look great, but they hold in moisture and are small enough to not take up too much room when not in use.They typically hold 3-4 pocket or all-in-one diapers (I have never needed them for more than that) and can also be used for used wipes and soiled clothing while out and about.

Jennifer Flagtown, NJ

talk about large, try 8×12 in. (piece of paper size)….what is small or medium

Yes item isn’t large if you’re thinking of putting in diaper pail, more like a diaper bag. Nice color though, and good tie rope.

Lynette Naches, WA

Great Wet Bag for on the go!

We use Fuzzi Bunz diapers and these wet bags have worked great so far. Nothing has ever leaked through and you don’t smell anything foul if it is a poopy diaper. Highly recommend this for disposables, clothe diapers, and even if you have a small child and they have an accident while away from home.

Lula Yorklyn, DE

Not Great

We ordered these when we had my daughter and they were great for maybe the first couple of uses. After that, the pull ties no longer worked so we could not tighten them and close them up. We basically had to twist the bag and fold it over hoping that the smell stayed in and nothing leaked out. We have made them work for the sake of not wanting to order more, but have recently ordered a couple others through Amazon now that we have 2 kids. Unfortunately, we’d never order these again.

Candace Lebanon, NE


I love these wet bags! We have used them to tote all kinds of tings. They have held up well and always keep the wets and ickies inside. I would buy them again. I may even get a second set.

Adrienne Muscotah, KS

Yes, they do keep in odors!

How a drawstring manages to keep in poopy diaper smell I have no idea, but it does! We actually forgot about a diaper for several days and still no odor from the bag. My daycare provider jams these tight with our Bum Genius diapers and so far they are holding up great with no seam problems or leaks. (She had 5 diapers in one bag the other day!) I just rinse them out, or on bad days use a bit of mild soap, and hang to dry. Love them!

Madge Fulton, MI

Perfect for the diaper bag

Very excited about these wet bags! The size is perfect to fit a couple of prefolds with covers in my diaper bag without risking anything else getting dirty.

Charlotte Stow, NY

Perfect as the “just I case bag” for the diaper bag

The drawstring doesn’t work well but that is because the waterproofing layer continues all the way up the bag and makes the drawstring “stick”. But you can easily tie the bag closed.If you are using this bag for diapers, only one cloth diaper fits, which does not make it a good bag for every day use. But I keep it in my diaper bag for a secondary bag in case I run out of room in my primary wet bag or if I have a particularly messy diaper that should be separated.

Dolores Hermitage, AR

Good For Occasional Use

I bought 4 of these wet bags to use for cloth diapers at daycare.Cons: After being opened and closed multiple times, the fastener buttons started to wear out. One of the ones I have won’t close all the way anymore because of wear on the cord. It will be easy enough to replace the cord, but I wish I didn’t have to. Since they are a drawstring design, it’s very important not to let them get turned upside down in your bag or they will leak out the top. This applies to all drawstring wet bags though.Pros: They have never leaked as long as they stay upright. I have moved them from daycare use to occasional diaper bag use and they are doing a great job. They fold neatly and don’t take up much space in the bag. They have been washed multiple times and I haven’t seen any holes or fading.Overall, if you need a wet bag for you diaper bag, this is perfectly good. If you want something for daily multiple uses, go for a zippered bag.

Lydia Rydal, GA

Fine except for drawstrings

These bags would function quite well as wet bags if you could close them properly. The material holds in the wet just fine, but the drawstrings on mine have never worked properly. The bags will close if you fight with them for a good while but even then there is always a teeny opening at the top. I still use them, because I don’t have any others, and they function. It’s not like any liquid escapes because it is all in the diaper, but still, not closing easily is unacceptable in a product designed to hold in moisture.With my new-found knowledge, I’d suggest buying a product with a zipper.

Aurelia Arrington, VA

Adequate – get what you pay for

I’ve had then wet bags for about 2 years now and they are just okay. The drawstring gets stuck, so bad that I replaced the string with something slicker to try and alleviate the issue. It’s better, but still frustrating. It’s only one lays and pretty much equivalent to any plastic bag (ie shopping bag) but you can wash and reuse.I keep them in my diaper bag for dirty/wet cloth diapers and they only hold 2 diapers so they aren’t really “large”, but a good size for this use.Online now to order another brand, because I’m tired of fighting the drawstring.

Helen Monitor, WA

Too Small

These are fine for a quick trip to the store, as they really only hold one or two large diapers. When I had a newborn I could fit four small prefolds into one bag, but now my son is 10 months and the bag can really only hold one…maybe two diapers and close properly.

Melinda Melrose Park, IL

They work

I have several types of wetbags. I have to admit, these are the ones I use as back-up. If I need a wetbag, and all the others are in the wash or dirty, I’ll go to these. They do work. They keep the mess inside.The pros to these are: The price! They keep the mess inside and your diaper bag clean. The drawstring does close tight and keep odors/moisture inside.The cons: unlike other wetbags these bags are single layered- there’s no outer fabric covering. When I’ve got a wet diaper in one, it feels damp to the touch. It’s not actually damp (I’ve tested to see if it was leaking), but it’s not a pleasant feeling when digging through my diaper bag. The drawstring gets really hard to pull tight. I really have to fight it at times to close completely. Zippers are so much easier.All-in-all; they’re good for my use as a back-up bag. I’m not sure I’d use on a regular basis though.

Deann Tiplersville, MS

good deal, good bags.

I originally went searching for zippered wet bags. Most of them are pretty pricey so I ended up with these. I’m pretty satisfied with them. I don’t really need to use them often but when I do, they are perfect. No leaks or smells. Since it was a two pack, I use one for a wet bag and one for dry.In one bag I carry two cloth diapers, a ziplock with some wipes, and the other bag folded up for the dirty diaper. Although if you needed to you could stuff 4-6 diapers in each one.

Reyna Bloomingdale, NY

Essential for on the go cloth diaper users

We use these daily for trips to town or whatever. They could be just a liiiiiittle bit bigger? Only holds two dirty cloth diapers… I don’t like STUFFING them. They also hold in odor.

Jane Union, MS