Kushies Reusable Single Ultra Diaper for Toddlers

Kushies Reusable Single Ultra Diaper for Toddlers

The Kushies Ultra All In One form fitted washable cloth diaper is easy to use and easy on the environment too. This diaper features five layers of 100% soft cotton flannel with a special absorbent soaker layer inside and waterproof shell on the outside. The closure system is hook and loop and the tabs are extended for optimum adjustability and a snug fit. The patented, built in flap can be folded up for boys or down for girls for extra absorbency. No diaper cover required.

Main features

  • Machine washable and dryable; Outer waterproof barrier
  • 22 45 pounds /10 20 kg
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure system for a snug fit
  • Patented built in flap for extra absorbency
  • Colors may vary, you may receive: white, yellow, cream, blue in different patterns

Verified reviews


Eco-friendly, but doesn’t keep in messes.

I got a few of these (used) as a gift. Cheaper than a lot of other brands, but not as effective. Not good at keeping in poo, and baby doesn’t stay very dry, even with doublers.

Nadia French Settlement, LA

Wish I could use it.

I ordered this diaper, thinking it would be useful when our new little one arrived, but it is HUGE. I can’t attest to the quality of diaper until once we use it, but I think it might not be for another 6-12 months. Even though it says it is for “infants” it is WAY WAY WAY too big for a newborn. And I’m not sure how the extra padding inside works- it is attached to the back, so it seems this would be a one-time-use diaper, unlike some other brands that have the extra padding that is removable in case the entire diaper (outer shell) isn’t soiled.Hopefully we’ll get some use out of it by this time next year.I ordered a few different brands of cloth diapers, and so far, it seems the size small gdiapers and the bumgenius all-in-ones will probably be the ones we use the most. However, even they are too big for our tiny newborn, but will probably fit within the next few weeks. We’ve been having to use newborn size disposables.

Inez Dunn, NC

Eh… Okay diaper

Easy to use, but it feels really plasticky and stiff. Not the best diaper but not the worst. Good back up diaper.

Candy De Leon Springs, FL

Bulky and hard to dry, but cute

This is perhaps the bulkiest cloth diaper I have tried with my daughter. It is really cute, but most diaper covers are good for a day or so before needing to be washed. This one has to be washed each time she werts it – and drying it takes forever. We eventually just got rid of it because the others were more convenient and lower profile.

Marla Franklin, TN

Good diaper for the price

My son is at the low end of weight for the size of this diaper, and he’s pretty skinny so he often wears diapers that he is technically too big for (we just retired the Bummis 8-16 lbs covers, and he’s 21 lbs now). It’s pretty bulky and I can understand why some reviewers described the outer layer as plasticky. However, it stays on even when he’s crawling all over the place, and doesn’t hinder his movement at all. We haven’t had a leak yet either, though I haven’t used it over night or on a long car ride yet.Considering the price, I’d say this is an excellent diaper!

Delia Piketon, OH

Worst I’ve used

I bought this AIO for my 9 month old son when he was between 6 and 7 months old. He is a fairly large baby. He is a heavy wetter and in the 70-80th percentile for height and 80-90th for weight. He has chubby thighs. All this said, I bought the Toddler size because in a lot of other diapers he wears a large or toddler size. Even in this size this diaper left red marks on his legs. It is very bulky and doesn’t seem breathable or comfy against his skin. I am not impressed though I feel it does hold a lot of pee. It also take FOREVER to dry in the dryer or on the line.

Josie Haysi, VA


Dont buy this one, the same company has thinner pads, this one is 8 thick! 3 layers arent absorbent even. Cleaning is horrible, washer or hand washed… and how many people hand wash nowa days? The washer couldnt wash it good enough, had to run it 3 times, with hand washing it once before the 2nd and 3rd. Picked these up since we are into cloth diapers, and ended up gutting them out, and I use just the outside cover. If you do buy these, you cant dry them, cause the outside layer… so you’ll have to buy a few of them. The elastic works well, it held in poo or pee, the diaper works well even… But this thing is WAY too big for a normal kid, and I have the definition of normal sized kid (as per the doc!)Pros: held in excrament, elastic held well,Cons: Big, 8 layers, washing impossible! can’t dryI use cloth diapers, and this one is too thick! Too many layers to get the crud out of!

Ivy Riley, OR

It’s OK but not my first choice

I am new to cloth diapering so this was one I wanted to try. It’s ok and we’ll use it but it’s not my first choice in diapers. The hook and eye tape is stiff yet lets loose easier than many of the others I have and it’s REALLY bulky between his legs. Without being able to pull some of the extra padding out it’s just too much for my son to be comfortable in. I noticed he tries to roll less and kicks less when he had this on because it really is too much diaper between his legs. Our primary use of this diaper is for a reusable swimming diaper because it’s less stiff between his legs when it’s wet. I’m hoping the extra use and movement when wet will help soften it and make it less bulky between his legs.

Carmen Belcher, KY

I like the idea of soft flannel inside, but

I like the idea of soft flannel inside, but it’s too bulky and doesnt hold very well. Also the outside cover smells bad, plastic kind

Tabitha Widnoon, PA