Kushies Reusable Ultra-lite Diapers Trial Pack

Kushies Reusable Ultra-lite Diapers Trial Pack

The Kushies Ultra lite Trial Pack is ideal for new parents who want to explore cloth diapers as an alternative to disposable diapers. The trial pack includes everything you need to get started. It includes 2 ultra lite diapers, 2 washable diaper liners, 10 biodegradable diaper liners (not recommended for septic tanks) and 2 âand#8364;and#8220; washcloths. The Kushies Ultra lite All In One form fitted washable cloth diaper is easy to use and easy on the environment too. This diaper features five layers of 100% soft cotton flannel with a special absorbent soaker layer inside and a lightweight waterproof shell on the outside. The closure system is hook and loop and the tabs are extended for optimum adjustability and a snug fit. The patented, built in flap can be folded up for boys or down for girls for extra absorbency. The washable liners are used for additional absorbency at night or for heavy wetters. The flushable liners make diaper clean up a breeze. Simply throw soiled liner into the toilet and flush. It uses washcloths instead of wipes. Better for your baby, better for the environment and better for your pocket book. Machine wash/dry.

Main features

  • Ideal for new parents who want to explore cloth diapers
  • An alternative to disposable diapers
  • Includes everything you need to get started
  • 10 22 pounds/4 10 kg
  • Outer lightweight waterproof barrier

Verified reviews


They’re OK, but Wishing I Got Something Else

I got these before I did more research on cloth diapers. They’re cute, work fine, and I don’t think bulk is a problem. The only current problem is that the velcro tabs don’t want to stay back, so I get a diaper chain pretty often. Another problem I had was my pack (that I bought from another seller, and not Amazon) was the missing washcloths. The pack said it came with 2 washcloths, but mine didn’t. Not a big enough deal to me to put up a fuss because I have plenty of washcloths, and I still saved money. I just don’t like that I paid for the pack, and it’s missing something.After doing more research and reading other reviews, I just wish that I tried Fuzzibunz or some of the other brands.(By the way, my prefolds and Thirsties/Bummis wraps work GREAT. I just wanted a few AIO or Pocket diapers so my husband or babysitters will have an easier time if I’m not home.)Saving money getting the Kushies is great if you actually save money. If they don’t last (like many reviews I read said), then you don’t save money in the long run. Just get the ones with better reviews and you’ll probably be much happier that you did.

Blanche Holicong, PA


Very large, but they do the job! Very cute pattern and easy clean up. Not good for overnight, but will hold a decent amount.

Leah Bosque, NM

I really like these!!

I have tried quite a few brands now of cloth diapers and these are honestly my favourite. For the price that you are paying no one can beat this quality. They are a tad bulky, but what diaper isn’t? I would rather have bulk that holds everything in than a thin diaper that won’t absorb, any day! And absorb this diaper does!! I have no issues with overnight use or just going out to the mall. My husband can use these no problem because they work so much like a disposible diaper. The washable liner that comes with this is really great for a bit of extra absorbency and for keeping the mess contained. I LOVED the disposible liner as well and have since bought some rolls of it. It is the most handy product for cloth diapering. Over all I would highly recommend this product for moms who want to try cloth diapering without putting out a huge investment.

Dorthy Millerton, IA


I bought these because it was a trial pack, and i was starting to experiment with cloth diapering. boy what a mistake! these are super bulky and they are good for overnight and pee only, if your child poops in this you are very likely to have to bathe them to clean them up. the insert it hard to get in the pocket. i dont know i just hated them. my son only wears these overnight.

Audrey Latham, KS

There are so many better options.

The description for this product is a little misleading. These diapers are very bulky, and it’s impossible to get a good fit. The velcro is flimsy, and the outer layer is very plastic-like; it’s reminiscent of the training pants covers in the 80s that make a “swish” sound every time you touch it or move. They are bulkier than any other All-in-One diaper that I have seen, and they are also very stiff. The patterns are pretty- but the ones that I received look like they had been left in the sun somewhere, and were very faded. If you are looking for a few All In One diapers to try, try GroVia or something similar.I am returning them.

Guadalupe Vesper, WI