Kushies Splash Mat, Zoo Animals

Kushies Splash Mat, Zoo Animals

This reusable and durable splash mat is ideal for feeding, playtime, picnics and travel. Keeps baby’s eating or playing area neat and clean. Protects floors and carpets from spills and stains. Great for art projects too. This mat is super easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth and wipe to dry and it is ready for the next feeding.

Main features

  • Easy clean up, clean with damp cloth and wipe dry
  • Extra large size, measures 54″ x 54″
  • Waterproof
  • Protects floors and carpets from spills and stains
  • Comes in a variety of fun, colorful prints

Verified reviews


The price and size can’t be beat. But color is different than shown.

I figured that I would try this one before ordering a more expensive type. I like this one due to it’s larger size than most others on the market, although this one is quite thin (somewhere between a cheep party table cloth, and a cheep shower curtain), but I’m hoping that it will withstand the abuse that is to be expected. This one is not machine washable (although I might try it on a gentle/cold cycle and see if it comes through ok), and I have a feeling that alone might get me to order another brand at a later time. I haven’t put this into action as my son is still a few months away from the stage where he will be eating baby food, however I wanted to write a review because the one that I ordered (Zoo Animals) shows on Amazon as being blue, but the one that I received is yellow (there are additional photos that do show the yellow version). I’m not terribly disappointed so I wont be returning it, but I want to warn others so they don’t expect a specific color. This is the only reason for the 4 stars. I also like that this product is made in Canada (not quite made in the US, but close enough for me, Hah!).

Benita Mulberry, IN

Non-vinyl mat for a reasonable price

I was appalled at how expensive other non-vinyl mats were, given that they were still made with (or coated with) a different kind of plastic. Really? $30 for a plastic mat? This one is very cute, does the job, and is not made with PVC. It is not very thick, so it seems like it might tear if you were rough with it, like moving furniture on and off of it. But for catching food and spills, and being cute (and less than $10), it does the trick.

Benita Wiley, CO

Nice and big

This left room around my circular IKEA table in the playroom for extra spill-catching space. Easy to clean, lightweight, just like I expected.

Joni Greeley, IA


This is a large mat that will keep a big area clean. I ended up folding it over because I didn’t need it to cover such a large area under my son’s high chair. When he graduated to a booster seat, I folded it even more and put it between the dining chair and his booster seat to protect my chair. The same mat held up through all of that. It’s also easy to wipe and keep clean.

Ola Bon Air, AL

Too thin

While the pattern is cute, this mat is made of a very thin plastic–think of those disposable, emergency rain coats you keep in the back of your car. Given the thin plastic, I would say that the mat is not terribly durable. I really don’t even use the mat under my son’s chair, instead, we sometimes use it like a toy parachute–my husband and I flap it up and down while my son crawls under it.

Jodie Columbia, LA

machine washable

This works just fine for what it is. It’s just one layer of plastic-like material. Although it says to just wipe with water, I have been putting it in the washing machine in cold water in regular cycle. It is not damaged although it is more wrinkly. It dries very fast air drying. I would not put it in dryer since it could melt and damage your dryer. Since I am machine washing this, I feel like it gets really clean and it is very useful. If it ever gets damaged from washing, I won’t feel bad that I wasted a lot of money.UPDATE: After washing it probably about a dozen times, the bottom layer of the plastic is coming undone. I can still use it but it doesn’t look very good. I feel like I got my money’s worth though. Since this item is so heavily used at our house, I bought the 3x expensive Sugerbooger kind. They are a tad smaller but easier to clean and much more hefty.

Alisha Bernice, LA

Pros and cons

This product is okay. It does its job. The material is much thinner than I expected though. It is a VERY large size. I often use it folded in half. What I was most annoyed with was that I ordered it July 21 (with 2-day shipping) and did not receive it until mid-August. Not sure what the heck happened there.

Coleen Guild, TN