Kushies Swim Diaper, Sail Boats Print, Medium

Kushies Swim Diaper, Sail Boats Print, Medium

Washable, reusable, and simply adorable. Our swim diapers allow water to easily pass through while keeping solids securely contained and out of the pool. With quick drying nylon and a soft terry liner for comfort, the wrap style design makes it easy to change your little one while the adjustable waist with added ties ensures a secure fit every time. Worn alone while swimming and with a diaper if needed when out of the water. Recommended for use in public and private pools. Medium size goes for 14-25 pounds/6-11 kg. Large goes for babies from 25-40 pounds/11-18 kg. X-Large goes for babies from 35-50 pounds/16-23 kg.

Main features

  • Recommended for use in public and private pools
  • With quick drying nylon and a soft terry liner for comfort
  • Wrap style design makes it easy to change your little one
  • Adjustable waist and ties for a perfect fit every time

Verified reviews


Good for little kids, not as good for big kids

We have two kids and two of these swim diapers. Our daughter is almost 3, weighs 37.5 pounds, and is 40″ tall. Our son is almost 6 months, weighs about 23 pounds, and is 30″ tall. We have the XL for our daughter and the M for our son.For our son, this diaper is great. The double connector (both velcro and ties) means that it is really solid. We’ve had no poop leaks. And the interior is lined in terrycloth, which is excellent. Overall, the quality of the construction is wonderful. It is as good or better than any other baby-sized swim diaper we’ve had. And if anything, I think that we’ll be able to use it beyond the stated upper weight limit of 25 pounds.For our daughter, it is a different story. Both of our kids are very tall, and of average build for their height, if not a bit skinny. But the velcro on the XL diaper barely attaches around our daughter’s middle. The strings tie easily, but she is always complaining that the velcro is too tight. It’s a problem, because if you fasten the velcro too far out, then the scratchy half touches the skin. If your kid is very tall and skinny, then the XL might fit them at 40 pounds. But most kids that tall/heavy are older and don’t need swim diapers any more.As a secondary concern, the double attachment mechanism, which is great for a baby, is terrible for an older child. The difference being that the baby gets changed into the swim diaper laying down, and the 3 year old often gets changed into the diaper standing up. I’ve found the attachment mechanism to be way too fiddly to do on a standing child–especially given that I’m trying to eek as much width as possible out of the velcro.So overall: A great quality , durable diaper, with a wide range of fun patterns. We’ve had no problems with leaks for either child. But the sizing seems off near the top end of the range, and you might prefer a simpler attachment mechanism (velcro-only, elastic) for an older child.

Silvia Strawn, IL

PERFECT for busy baby hands

Knock on wood, my little guy hasn’t had a poop in this swim diaper for the past 7 mos of use. We’re just now upsizing to large, whereas the medium worked from 6mos through 13mos.The colors have faded from regular pool use, but that’s to be expected.This diaper fits snuggly in all the right places and I LOVE the ties.Why the ties??My little guy loves to open his disposable and cloth diapers. Imagine that scene at the pool (or in the gym shower) with a mess inside!Also, I still prefer the open-diaper style to the elastic pull-up style for the same possible deal-with-mess reason.I highly recommend this style and brand of swim diapers for those who routinely hit the water.

Shannon Warm Springs, MT

excellent swim diaper

This is my second swim diaper. First we had an Imse-Vimse-Swim-Diapers-Flowers. It only had snaps on one side, so I had to slide it up and down her leg. This diaper is a much better design and very cute too. It fits securely and comfortably. (Neither diaper has been put to the “bm” test). I expect to buy another swim diaper of this brand when she outgrows this one.

Dominique Radnor, OH

Fit is a little small. My boy wears size 5 diapers, weighs approx. 30lbs and the Large barely fits

I love the diaper though. It is the easiest to put on, take off and will work very similarly to the othe diapers except I don’t have to ring out the water since it doesn’t absorb pee. People say it may hold pee but it just has a small liner, I don’t think it is possible but I don’t really want it to hold in pee or pool water for that matter. It seems like it would hold even a loose bm though. 🙂 Very happy with the purchase except that I just had to order an x-large.

Madeline Dyer, IN

Don’t buy this

I dislike this very much. If you are looking for a great swim diaper I would look elsewhere. First of all, It doesn’t stay securely closed which is not good. I was using this as my main swim diaper and paired it with a cute white rash guard. However, once it started popping open I went and bought my son some swim trunks and used this diaper underneath which seemed to help keep it closed some what but didn’t help too much with the one accident my son had later on in the summer. Thankfully it was toward the end of summer so we didn’t go swimming again afterwards.In general I had a hard time finding a swim diaper that didn’t pinch my son in the thighs. Even though my son is only 2 he is the size of a 5 year old and still needed to wear a swim diaper in the pool because he isn’t potty trained yet. Unfortunately this was the only swim diaper I could find that fit him comfortably and I was so pleased with this swim diaper the first two weeks. However, it seemed to all go down hill after that. First it started popping open and I had to fix it every second, and then it started falling off and my son lost his swim diaper while in the pool, and than he had an accident in it which proved to me that this diaper didn’t work in that department either, and so forth and so on. So I would not buy this diaper again it was horrible.

Judith Corbett, OR

Love it! Great for bath, too!

I love our Kushies swim diaper! I love to take baby in the bath with me, but after getting a nice big poop in the tub, I ordered this diaper. Last night she pooped a nice big stinky, and it stayed in the diaper and out of the water and off me! That’s all I ask for. The only problem I see with the diaper is that the velcro is positioned so that you have to do the diaper up pretty tight or the hard side of the velcro will poke into baby’s skin. Because of that, I would advise ordering the larger size if your baby is close. My baby is 12 pounds, but I’m about to order her a couple in the medium size, which starts at 14 pounds. She’s just about to outgrow the small.Here’s the sizing from the package:Small 6-14 lbs/3-6 kgMedium 14-25 lbs/6-11 kgLarge 25-40 lbs/11-18 kgX-Large 35-50 lbs/16-23 kg

Taylor Cuba, KS

You could remove it without pulling down if you had to

I like that this is a wrap-style swimmie diaper with velcro sides rather than a pull-up style. It would make it easy to remove without a gigantic mess if there were a poop. I also like that this swimmie is much more economical and environmentally conscious than using disposable diapers, especially if your infant/toddler is often in a pool. Last but not least, it is extremely cute, much cuter than one of the disposable diapers. The patterns are adorable. I wish I could comment about its effectiveness at containing poop but unfortunately I cannot.I bought this for my almost 2 year old daughter and we have not had the opportunity to test its effectiveness although she has been using it daily at her babysitter’s house. She is very small (only 5% for weight) but I bought the large size based on reviews even though she is a couple of pounds under the recommended weight range. I probably could have bought the medium but I wanted her to be able to use it next year if necessary. I think it fits snug enough that it would work even though she is under the weight range but I am not 100% convinced that it is tight enough in her legs. Having said that, my daughter is at an age in which she would most likely not poop in a pool. She likes to be alone in her room while doing her business.

Ashley Taylors Falls, MN

Excellent Swim Diaper

We’ve used these swim diapers for two years now and love them. They’re easy to get on, can be put on like a diaper which is good for the younger babies. Also, we’ve never had a leak or lost a diaper with these. The velcro plus tie is a nice feature. Sizing seems very true to size – I order based on weight and have had great success. The elastic around the legs is fantasic and just tight enough. We’ve tried other swimmers that are sooo tight they leave red marks, this swim diaper doesn’t and still holds in the important stuff. I will only use Kushies for swim time!

Latanya North Metro, GA

So far so good!

I bought a size large for my boys who are about 28 lbs each and almost 2 years old. We’ve used these a lot so far this summer and there’ve been 2 poops, all contained. I hope they still fit next year, I don’t have a lot of room left on the velcro and my boys are pretty thin through the waist. I like being able to double knot the tie so that they can’t disrobe on their own.

Zelda Hopeton, OK

Smaller than expected, but seems to work.

I haven’t had the opportunity/misfortune to clean up a #2 yet but I would guess it would be effective. My son is just under 24lbs, and about 33.5″ so he’s on the larger side for a 14mos old. However, the Kushies Swim diaper seems to fit very snug even though it’s rated to go to a higher weight. My son is also very tall, so he’s not all belly either. The elastic around the legs is very snug, so I would assume it would hold in any solid waste, but not so snug that it’s cutting off circulation. Frankly, I don’t know who makes up the sizes for kids clothing. My son could barely squeeze his head through a size 24mos rash guard from Carters, but the size 2T ones from Old Navy are HUGE on him. This probably won’t last more than one season, maybe into the Fall, if we’re lucky.

Kaitlyn Cedarburg, WI

Good fit and comfortable

Fits my tall and skinny two year old well. The lining on the inside is soft and the elastic around the legs makes me pretty confident that if we were to have an accident in the pool it’d be well contained.

Lora Stilesville, IN

Seems to have an odd fit. Doesn’t really wrap …

Seems to have an odd fit. Doesn’t really wrap around the legs very well, which now that I think about it, shows in the photo. I haven’t used it much so I can’t say if it keeps poops in or not.

Ebony Noxon, MT

Runs very small

These run very small. The large was supposed to fit my kid up to 40 lbs. He’s only 30 lbs and can no longer fit in it.

Beverley Blencoe, IA

So adorable

Just had our first swim lesson in the pool today and got to use this for the first time… so adorable! No BM so very happy I didn’t have to test out its durability there. He did pee a lot before I got in the water, which dripped all down the front of me so it’s not too absorbent when dry but a quick dip in the pool and it’s forgotten. Love the design and print!

Doreen Wardville, OK

Best for possible poos accidents

My daughter has been swimming in a pool since she was three months old and we tried at least 5 different swim diapers. The disposable ones are a waste. Lots of people recommended underwear style ones – but first, they are usually heavily padded and puff up like crazy in water, or they are hard to use. they fit snugly when you put them on but when the poops happen, it’s a nightmare to take them off – the poop end up being all over you and the child.These are awesome for those poop accidents. These diapers do not retain water, they are very lightweight and easy to put on. But the best part – they are easy to take off and you have the poop all in the diaper, not all over both of you. Definitely have two pairs, so if one is pooped in, you can continue swimming with another one.My only comment is – they peek out from pretty much any and every girl’s swimsuit, so be prepare for it.

Carey Waukena, CA

Good swim diaper

Nice material, adjustable to fit my long/lean baby.Works well! Before I bought this one, I tried another one that was not adjustable and that one had a waist that was too tight and leg holes that were too big. Highly recommend this adjustable version.

Deidra Clay City, IN

Amazing perfect unparallelled

I got pool passes this summer, and the thought of buying pack upon pack of swimming diapers was just not acceptable. I looked at a few options, and purchased a few different types of reusable swim diapers. The problem with most is that the elastic around the legs and waste are designed to fit certain babies, and they are not adjustable. These diapers fit perfectly, are adjustable, and stay on great. I had one situation where the tie came loose, and it started coming off, but I caught that quickly and tied it better. We have only tested the "diaper" portion of this once, but it contained the mess perfectly.

Rhonda Madisonville, TX

Works but kinda thin.

The diaper does what it is supposed to do, but the material is not as strong as another swim diaper I purchased. And what’s with the tie? Seems kind of useless.

Brittney Kittery Point, ME

Great fit and adorable color!

I wanted a reusable swim diaper for my daughter and found this one. It fits well and should fit for awhile because of the velcro. The color is adorable. Great product.

Ashley Mc Farland, KS

Runs slightly small.

I bought a medium and I believe it’s supposed to go to 24/25 lbs. My daughter is 20 lbs and about 31 inches, this is already getting a little on the small side. We will probably barely make it through the summer with it…but it’s super cute and does the job so we will continue to use it as long as possible. If you are within 5 lbs of the limit you may want to size up.

Fanny Long Island, KS

Used it for a year!

My daughter has used this swim diaper for over a year in both the pool and the ocean. At the beach especially, it kept out sand better than anything else she wore (we put her in a disposable swim diaper with this over the top). There was no sand in her diaper at all when we got home. It adjusts nicely, and it’s a great unisex print.

Madelyn Sebastian, TX

a must have for summer

This is the second size I buy, they are so cute. They do a great job of holding whatever they’re supposed to hold…The slightly negative aspect: my baby is pretty thin and even in the bigger size the swim suit tends to leave red marks on her thighs, I can imagine it wouldn’t be so good for a chubby baby with rolly thighs.

Diana Polacca, AZ

Can I say – wow!

This exceeded my expectations. It was perhaps a touch smaller than I thought it would be, but fit my child perfectly and should fit him all season. He is 23-24lbs, 15 months, kind of small around the bottom. We could put it on a bit before heading to the beach, because it could hold one pee without too much leakage. We got lucky with no pooping in the diapers, but these would be sure to keep it in, I think, since they fit snug. And so CUTE!

Lizzie Moxahala, OH

Work great!

This swim diaper is really cute! I would say it’s not really true to size, as it seemed a bit big when we received it (though it adjusted small enough to fit). Though my infant didn’t seem to potty in the diaper, it seems as though it would contain everything.

Evangeline Lumber City, GA

Does what it is supposed to

This swim diaper works just fine. It fits snugly around my child’s thighs and waist. My kid has not pooped in it while swimming so I can’t say much about that except that it fits good and I expect it would do the job. I ordered the XL for my 34lb boy and I am glad I did. It is just right- still some room to grow but definitely not too big. I feel the nylon is not as sturdy as what I am used to with other cloth diapers but my son wears it under his swimming trunks anyway so it doesn’t really need to be as sturdy. The nylon is the only reason I gave it four stars instead of five. If it holds up I will change it to five.

Ellen Indian Valley, VA


I bought this for my 6 month old to wear during "water babies" swim class, and it’s great. It’s REALLY cute. He wears a swim diaper and then this suit on top. He looks too cute.

Noemi Lydia, SC


Our toddler tested this for us. Results: liquids exit the diaper easily, solids stay inside. From the Mom-side of things, I can assure you that it is much easier to remove a poopy diaper from a wet, upset toddler than to pull poopy shorts off him. This is also nicely adjustable as your child grows and it’s cute.

Leigh Baring, WA

Haven’t used it yet…

because my girl is still too small for it, but it looks well made, and very adjustable! It looks like it will do what it is supposed to.

Rosalia Tonica, IL

Got a size up

I read the reviews and ordered one size up – glad I did .It fits perfect for now, didnt have a problem so far. She has not had number 2 in it tho 🙂 I also put her bottom of her bathing suit on as well. as a double protection and also because this came out once in the pool. The velcros just opened up.

Chelsea Clayton, OH