Kushies Taffeta Diaper Wrap Toddler

Kushies Taffeta Diaper Wrap Toddler

Kushies Taffeta Diaper wraps are worn on top of the diaper to provide protection from leaks and are fully adjustable for an optimum fit. The wrap design makes it easier to put on and take off than alternate pull up styles. When used over the classic, basic, pre folded or flat diapers, Kushies lightweight taffeta diaper wraps offer a complete waterproof diapering system.

Main features

  • Premium quality, waterproof material; Machine wash, hang to dry
  • Easy on and off, adjustable closures
  • Gusseted legs to prevent leaking
  • Soft cotton leg trim
  • Colors may vary, you may receive: cream, green, brown, white and yellow in different patterns

Verified reviews


Low price = Low Quality, Thirsties are better

I purchased this at a very reasonable price of 7.49 and now it’s up to 8.49 and I would have to say that Thirsties are a better bang for your buck at a few dollars more.- CLOSURE: Velcro is very flimsy. My daughter – 5 months old – can easily wiggle out of these diapers unless I have a cover waste band tightly over the velcro, holding it in place – with movement the velcro easily pops open on its own. Thirsties uses I believe aplix velcro that is much sturdier and withstands wear and wash better. There are also no tabs to secure the velcro for washing, so you get lint build-up that further weakens the velcro.- FABRIC: Cute pattern on a plastic material, but has its limitations. Thirsties is more of a PLU, plastic-lined polyester, which is more like fabric and has a bit of stretch, so the size range is greater. I purchased the Kushies medium size, as I recall a 15-18 lb. range – ??? – and it fit our baby very well at 14 lbs., but I don’t see it lasting much longer than 16 lbs. It is a nice compact design, but because the fabric has no stretch, it has a more limited fit range.Overall, it was a good product for the low cost that I initially paid, but as they say you get what you pay for and it will not last as long due to the limitations of the materials used.

Sophie Putnamville, IN

cute but too big

it is really cute but i dont think i will ever use it. a little girlie and way too big for little one.

Cleo Scio, OH

These covers leak!

I used these brand new(only washed once and they were hung to dry) and they leaked. The moisture wicked to the outside of the cover and the fabric around the legs ended up soaked. I do change my baby frequently and I wouldn’t consider him a heavy wetter so that definatley wasnot the problem. they are cute but not worth the money spent on them.

Morgan Big Oak Flat, CA

Low quality

I had been using Thirsties covers primarily. I tried this as a cheaper alternative. The quality is a lot lower then any other covers I have. Sizing is definitely not one size. My son is 4 months old and this is way too big for him still, so I can’t attest to leaks, washing, etc. as I haven’t been able to use it yet.

Heather Ricetown, KY

Good Quality for the Price

I’ve used many different brands of cloth diapers so far, and the Kushies cover definitely holds its own.Pros: Very durable, this cover didn’t get ragged in the wash. It also fit narrower in the crotch than many other covers. The price is the best you can get on a new diaper cover. This cover took up less space in a diaper bag and fits better on my baby. It doesn’t hold stains or odors and the design is cool.Cons: Made of a more raincoat type material. Manufacturer claims it fits 10-22 pounds. It fit great at 10, but at about 16 pounds my baby was able to “pop” the Velcro so it has been retired. The material didn’t seem to affect the temperature however, my baby stayed cool in this cover.Overall, this is a good cover for the price. I was able to sell mine after I stopped using it for close to the original price because of how new it continued to look after heavy use.

Marla Mahanoy Plane, PA

Picture is misleading, but works alright.

This cover has done its’ job so far, but the product I received doesn’t exactly look like what I was expecting. It has ruffles around the legs, even though the product picture and description does not mention this. That would be fine if I had a little girl, but I have a boy. It is a very feminine looking diaper by style, which was disappointing, because I really like the print. We have reserved this cover for home use only now.One other issue worth noting is that it makes a crinkling noise when my son walks/moves around. It is a plastic-like sound. I didn’t pay much for it though, so it wasn’t a total bust.

Lorena Fairfield, VA

Great *BEFORE* crawling & walking…

These are super wraps!! Love the pattern too! Wish they sold MORE colors. They’re thinner than Bummis, but just as reliable. I bought the mediums. Highly recommend to anyone, EXCEPT walkers and fast crawlers. The velcro just isn’t strong enough for a walker’s/crawlers movements even if they’re wearing pants/shorts to help hold the tabs. Now that he’s crawling and walking he’s thinned out more than shown in my pics I added above), they need to be wrapped tighter and they come undone too easily.

Kelly Great Falls, VA

Not for us

We currently use Tushies covers. They are the brand that our diaper service stocks and offers to its customers at cost (no profit is made by buying these covers from them…they are offered out of convenience). Those are a little expensive (around $12 or so), so we thought we would give these a shot. After all, how different can diaper covers be?These came in the mail and we immediately changed our baby and tried one of these on him. First of all, when I pulled it out of the package, it felt so cheap. It seemed like a plastic shopping bag or something. The rest of the cover also seemed cheap. I didn’t like the elastic in the back of it. I imagined poop getting into that right away. I also didn’t like the Kushies tag right in the front-middle of the diaper. I’m not a big fan of branding like that. I tried to remain optimistic, so I put it on him and that was a disaster, too. It was so ill-fitting that it was ridiculous. The crotch on the diaper was massive. I had the right size, but it did not look good and I had no faith that this would protect him against anything. We took it off immediately and returned them. I didn’t even want to leave it on him for a little while to see how it would work. We ended up ordering more of the Tushies covers and we are very happy with them. They are worth the extra cost. Now, I appreciate them so much more.I honestly don’t see how the other reviewers could have rated these so high. Maybe it’s because I started with the higher brand? Maybe they don’t know it could be so much better?

Elda Goff, KS

I’m surprised

At first I was going to rate this low because I was using Bummie whisper wraps that feel like soft cloth on the outside and inside. This wrap is very plastic, I thought the baby would complain or the elastic would leave red marks. Neither happened! this cover is now our favorite, It has never leaked! since it is a plastic if a little poo or pee escapes the prefold I can wipe it with a baby wipe and continue to use the cover, or wash it in the sink or machine and it dries really fast.The elastic on the back is great! it has never let a blow out happen, great news for a 100% breastfed baby, that poo is hard to contain, the disposable huggies and pampers we use at night and when we are out can’t contain a blow-out, so we are better leaving our baby in a cloth diaper when we leave, or I have to pack a lot of clothes.

Selena Leeds, MA

Better over a fitted diaper than a prefold.

I’ve recently started cloth diapering my 4 month old and decided to try a few different wraps. I use regular Chinese prefolds with a wrap. Here are my reviews.Kushies Taffeta Diaper Wrap Infant: This is an amazing price. The design is cute, it’s very lightweight and it has the velcro and double leg gussets I like. But, it’s very baggy. This works great over a fitted diaper and not very well over a prefold. My baby is pretty long and skinny, so that may be part of the problem. I have a few fitted diapers and like to use this wrap when she wears them. The material is much more vinyl-like than a regular pul wrap. I don’t really mind it, but it might get uncomfortable in warm weather.Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap, Hoot, One: There’s a reason this is the number on listing under cloth diapers. It’s awesome. The design is great, the fit is great, the fabric is great! I do prefer velcro since my baby likes to wiggle, but that’s a personal preference. ( Thirsties makes these too ) The snap system is very sturdy. I like the fact you can change the size of this cover to fit different babies. With only 2 sizes, they are worth the initial price since they last so long. I haven’t had any leaks and that includes a major mess my daughter made last night. It cleans wonderfully. I will be buying all Thirsties from now on.Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, Celery Dot, 15-30 Pounds: ( I actually bought the small size ) This wrap is super cute. The velcro is nice since my baby is a wiggler. The fabric is slightly thicker than any other wrap I’ve used. I think this might be the problem. My daughter wet through the prefold and it got on the wrap. I had to wash it 3x to get the smell out of the cover. I haven’t had that problem with any of the other wraps I’ve used. I also would prefer a double leg gusset and this is a single.

Benita Laddonia, MO

Fabric is thin and the elastic doesn’t do much

I wasn’t too impressed with the cover. Wetness actually leaked right through the fabric and the leg openings were too big. I felt that the gathering around the legs would also be rough on baby’s skin.The hook and loop closure also would stick to cloth diapers in the wash. The pacifier bag is nice from this company and I use their diaper sack for my pumping supplies. (Again, thin fabric)

Elva Stuttgart, AR

Okay Diaper Cover

This diaper cover feels like rain coat material. I rarely use it because it doesn’t seem comfortable against baby’s skin. The legs leak often for my baby who is 12 pounds. This cover would probably work better with babies who have chunkier thighs and those who weigh over 15 pounds.

Dionne South Carver, MA

Great cloth diaper cover

When I first got this diaper cover in the mail, I was very displeased with it. I was expecting it to be like my Thirsties and Nappies, but it’s not that kind of diaper cover. Lately we have been using flat-folds and prefolded diapers, and this is where this cover becomes useful. It’s like a vinyl cover, except it’s better. When our son poops especially, because I can just un-velcro it instead of pulling the soiled pants down around his legs. It’s a lot easier to use.

Mercedes Ketchikan, AK

first time using… terrible!

The first time I put this diaper on my baby boy, he made a regular sized poop, and it leaked up and down! I haven’t had a diaper blow out since we switched to cloth! (at 3weeks old he’s now 3months)Poor quality… if this did work well I would probably consider sewing in some new Velcro as well because as baby gets bigger I don’t think this will hold well at all!

Janice Sultana, CA

cuts into legs

Maybe my son is just to chunky, but these leave marks and are very uncomfortable for him! I really was not pleased and the material was more plasticy and not soft.

Monique Comstock, WI

I like em’!

These are inexpensive and are my favorite cover. I have Thirsties and Bummis and I always reach for the Kushies first. Pros: roomy for a diaper and a soaker, no need to always shove the sticking-out-diaper in at the legs. The banding at the legs is brown. This is nice because most diaper covers have white trim which makes absolutely no sense to me. Wet diapers almost never leach out to make his clothes wet, which is not the case with the Thirsties and Bummis. Cons: Not very pretty. The velcro is not as strong somehow as other brands, however they have never fallen off or anything.

Earlene Hermann, MO

Only works for a little while

The pros? It’s cute, and cheap. That’s it.Functionally it bites. As others have said, the hook-and-loop closure just doesn’t work for very long. Unlike most other diaper covers, there’s no secondary loop tape to close up the tabs while you wash it. This means lint collects in it like crazy. It also seems to be very low-quality in general. It worked just fine for about a month (I bought it in late March), and then started popping loose every single time I put it on my daughter. All she has to do is twitch a tiny bit, and it comes loose.Moreover, the fabric is very thin, and one good pee will come through very fast.I realize there’s a big difference between paying $8 for this and $13 for a Bummi cover if you’re short on cash (which I am), but you’d really be much, much better off going somewhere like Cloth Diaper Nation or Diaper Swappers and buying used Bummis there than buying one of these new.

Rosa Vanndale, AR

Best as a swim diaper

This does not have the flaps to hold an insert in place like some other diaper covers, so I don’t like it for everyday use. However, it works great as a swim diaper due to the material! I just put a cloth insert inside for any solid waste, and it works great for my baby in the pool, and it’s much cheaper than cloth diapers advertised as swim diapers.

Leta North Middletown, KY

Excellent material but weird fit!

First off, I like the light weight material it’s soft, very thin almost like parachute fly sheet material, and very durable. The workmanship is excellent, very very well stitched together and does not look cheap. (I also have Econobum and Flip covers and those look cheap by comparison). The style is very well thought out, I like how the gussets around the legs are designed to keep messes within. However two very big hangups I got. First the velcro is horrible! I thought Applix is bad enough this is worse! It’s weak and does not stick no matter how firmly you’ve pressed them together. I’ve used Kushies Lite diapers for my elder child and this Kushies diaper cover velcro is not the same as the Lite as I thought it would be. Secondly, the fit is completely weird. This Kushies Wrap will fit a baby around 14-15 lbs (I’m reviewing for the 10-22lbs small size), average height, big round tummy with skinny legs. Come on which skinny-legged baby will have a rotund belly, it’s highly likely the one with rotund belly would be chunky all over including legs.Another thing I noticed is that with a prefold or with a fitted diaper it tends to bulk up a LOT. Ideally if your baby has chunky thighs, try using a slimmer soaker like the Flip insert. The trouble with slim inserts is that it tends to bunch and twist out of place because like what the other reviews mentioned there aren’t pockets or flaps to keep it intact.Will not recommend nor will I buy again. The super low price of $7.49 IS JUST NOT WORTH IT.

Kerry Cedar Springs, GA


My daughter uses d product together w dappi cloth diaper it is helpful so she won’t get wet easily. Price just right

Yolanda Mc Clellandtown, PA