Kushies Taffeta Waterproof Bibs with Sleeves, Butterflies, 4-6 Years

Kushies Taffeta Waterproof Bibs with Sleeves, Butterflies, 4-6 Years

Waterproof Bib with Sleeves Protect your little one’s clothes from from big messes at mealtime with Kushies lightweight taffeta waterproof bib with sleeves. Featuring a catch-all pocket to intercept stray pieces of food before hitting the floor and long sleeves for complete coverage, they can also be used as an art smock. The lightweight fabric is easy to care for and instantly re-usable – simply rinse and wipe clean! Features: • Protects baby’s clothes while feeding • Lightweight so baby won’t fuss • Catch All Pocket • Wipes down easily so you can reuse it at the next meal • Easy hook & loop closure • Can also be used as an art smock • Lead, Phthalate & PVC Free.

Main features

  • 100% nylon coated polyurethane
  • Catch all pocket
  • Lightweight waterproof fabric
  • It wipes down easily so you can reuse it at the next meal, also machine washable
  • With sleeves for full clothing coverage and can double as an art smock

Verified reviews


Kushies vs Bumkins Long-Sleeved Bibs

I was looking for a long-sleeved waterproof bib for my toddler-to-be, and I first purchasedBumkins Waterproof Sleeved Bib – Blue Fizz. They both have their pros and cons, but here’s the list for Kushies:PROS1. BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalates-free,
• lead-free
• (Bumkins is NOT lead-free, but only lead-
• safe
• )2. Easy to clean, especially on the lining (vs Bumkins’ lining stains and is regular cloth/cotton material and hard to clean)CONS1. Thinner material (almost feels disposable but it’s not)2. Velcro neck strap (doesn’t adjust to neck size of baby, not as resilient as a tie strap in terms of older babies pulling it off)Both have nice designs and work well as bibs. Like any other cloth/fabric-type bibs, the flimsy “catcher” at the bottom of these bibs doesn’t catch as nicely as hard plastic-type bibs but those stiffer bibs are also less comfortable. My baby seems comfortable in both Bumkins and Kushies sleeved bibs, although he tends to chew on the Bumkins one more whereas the thinner material (maybe the thinner material is actually a pro instead of con in this case?) allows the bib to fall against his body more and is less tempting than the thicker material of the Bumkins bib that sort of stays closer to his face/mouth.Overall though, Kushies gets my vote for lead-free, esp since my baby likes chewing on the Bumkins one. And the easier to clean is a big bonus for busy parents as well.

Amy Woodbury, NJ

Searching for the perfect long sleeve bib: 4 comparisons

I couldn’t believe how much time I had to spend each day trying to get stains out of clothes. And with winter coming up, I wanted to get long sleeve bibs, which for some reason I haven’t seen in Babies R Us or any other store. Every bib I got seemed to have some issue, but I thought it might be helpful for others to see a comparison of the details:SIZEKushies – the smallest of the three bibs (sleeve – 11 inches from neck, width – 10 inches, length – 13 inches from neck).Ikea – sleeve (14 inches from neck, including a 1 inch fabric cuff), width (12 inches from one seam to another but another 8 inches that wrap around – yea!!), length (14 inches from neck)Bumpkins – sleeve (14.5 inches from neck), width (13.5 inches), length (12.5 from neck)Tidy Turtle – the largest (sleeve – 16 inches from neck, width – 14 inches, legth – 15 inches from neck)MATERIALKushies and Ikea are very thin, like umbrella material. Kusies folds down to nothing – great for a full diaper bag. Ikea folds a little thicker due to cloth cuffs and extra fabric.Tidy Turtle and Bumpkins are thicker and stiffer. Tidy Turtle has a visibly larger weave.CUFFSAll the sleeves have a 3-inch opening (in diameter).Kushies – no elastic cuff. Food may fall in and drip onto the baby’s arms/clothes.Ikea – 1 inch of soft spandex fabric. The cuff opening is just a little bit smaller than the other bibs.Bumpkins and Tidy Turtle – elastic sewn inside the bib material.NECK CLOSUREMy 20lb baby has a skinny neck. Unfortunately, all of the bibs are about the same size around the neck, regardless of what type of closure. Bumpkins ties together at the neck, and the others have velcro. Even they are supposed to be “adjustable” velcro, they are all about the same size opening on the smallest setting. With velcro, you also have to make sure you stick it together before washing. Otherwise, it will stick to and ruin your other clothes. Unfortunately, the Ikea bib has an extra long grippy part that cannot be covered, so you are sure to ruin some delicate clothes if you throw it in the wash without putting it in a separate lingerie bag or something.In general, all the long sleeve bibs seem too big for my my 1 year old and were too big around the neck area. Sometimes I use a clothes pin to make the neck opening smaller. Aside from that, I feel that Bumpkins and Ikea provide the best coverage without being too big. They are wide and long enough on the bottom and have an elastic cuff to keep Baby’s clothes clean. I like Ikea’s thinner material and spandex cuffs, but Bumpkins looks cuter (we love Cat in the Hat).

Brooke Laughlin A F B, TX

Clothes saver. Get light colors!

These work well, they protect my baby’s clothes. They are not perfect, some food does make its way through the arms and neck, but honestly, a bib should not be too tight to prevent that.One thing you should be aware of is that the dark colors leach like there is no tomorrow. I got a blue one and hand washed it in cold water before using it. The water was deep blue in no time. I returned it, baby will spill water and bring the bib to his mouth, I don’t need a lot of blue on him and his clothes!I do like them enough as to buy more and have them rotate through the day,though.

Lorene Jenner, CA

Clothing saver!

This bib has been great for our beginning eater. We did baby led weaning which means the baby got to feed himself from the start. I was worried about what kind of mess this would mean so I ordered this bib. I got the green color since I figured it would be able to hide the most stains. It turns out, staining has never even been an issue. It wipes down easily so we use it multiple times before throwing it in the washing machine.The infant size fit my son well until about 10 months/20 pounds when the arms started to be a little short. Now, at 13 months/22 pounds he can still wear the infant size but the arms are definitely short and we usually put him in the next size up which fits perfectly.

Lillian Swartswood, NJ

Great product for the money

My sister laughed at me when I purchased this, shortly before introducing my son to solids. Well, she’s not laughing anymore. She quickly saw how messy meal time could get. After a few days I pulled out this little gem (priced much better than other similar products) and we are all much, much happier and cleaner. It goes on easily and cleans up quickly. Most importantly, it prevents numerous outfit changes. I love this!

Mari East Saint Johnsbury, VT

Keeps my baby clean

Many bibs don’t adequately cover a baby when eating, and naturally when starting solids, a mess will ensue. This does a lovely job of protecting all parts of the clothing so there’s less clean-up. Plus, since it’s more like a shirt, it’s harder for baby to try and eat the bib–if your baby is like mine, it wants to eat EVERYTHING its little mouth can get to! Once done with the meal, this bib can be washed in the sink or thrown into laundry and cleans right up. As my baby gets older, I will be investing in many more of these! I think for toddlers, this would be good fro craft time, too! Maybe like a "little kid’s apron" even?

Valeria Manito, IL

Everyone needs this bib!

I love this bib. This is the third one I purchased, the first one got accidentally thrown away, and the second was left at family’s out of town. We are not going to lose this one! It is so easy just to wipe clean or you can throw it in the wash. Love it!For reference, my one year old is 20 pounds and still using the infant size. The toddler size is still pretty large on her.

Regina Lone Rock, IA

Love it!! Super easy to take care of!

Love it! It wipes down easily and carrots did not even stain it! We have the infant size and its still slightly on the big size for my 6 month old who is almost 18 pounds. (He wears it though without any troubles, and there is room for him to grow.)I going to have to get another one to keep in my diaper bag as these are the best line of defense from babies staining there clothes. As my son loves to suck on his wrist or hand while he is eating still and these truely have saved some clothes.Overall the bib is easy to put on, easy to clean, and keeps my sons clothes free from food, even when he flings the spoon or sucks on his hands! Great buy!On the flip side the neck area is still big so I put a bib on under it and the Kushies bib is not meant to go into the washing machine.

Terrie Witten, SD

Great bib

These are great bibs for a messy eater. I was sick and tired and constantly scrubbing out stains on my daughter’s clothes with other regular bibs, so I tried these out and they do a great job. I love the thin fabric because they’re easy to get on her and fast to dry. I do wish that the neck was a little bit tighter because sometimes she manages to get a little food down. I also have found that even thought I wash them by hand after every meal, if I don’t get them into the laundry a few times a week they really STINK!!! But the washing machine usually does the trick. Also–since we’ve had them for quite a while now, the velcro on the neck is really wearing out, which is bit disappointing. But we have used them a LOT so it’s not really too surprising.

Mindy Christiansburg, VA

Nice bib but with a fatal flaw

This bib is cute, made of lightweight waterproof material and easy to get on and off. However, it has a fatal flaw. There is no elastic around the wrists, and as a result, my LO can get food on the ends of her sleeves. Given that the ends of her sleeves have typically been the part of her clothes to get most dirty when she’s eating, this is very annoying. I end up having to roll up her sleeves, which is a hassle to have to do at every meal. I wouldn’t purchase this again, despite the fact that it’s a very nice bib in all other respects. I’ll be searching for one with snug wrists.

Leanna Plattenville, LA

Really is waterproof!

Love these bibs by Kushies…they are a great fit, secures well in the back, and are easy to get on and off.

Sherry Oscoda, MI

Outfit saver

Save the outfits! Save the sleeves! This is the PERFECT bib for the messy eater (aren’t they all?). It’s a little snug for my 11month old, but we make do.

Angela Cloverport, KY

This gets the job done.

It definitely keeps my sons clothes cleaner than they were with just using regular bibs. The pocket sometimes doesn’t catch the falling food or liquids, but all in all is good. It would be better if there were elastics near the wrists also to keep the food from getting into the sleeved parts.

Shannon Phoenixville, PA


My daughter just won’t wear it. Don’t know why. Seems like it would work well though. The material does seem a bit thin, which I think is a good thing. It shouldn’t peel because it’s all one material versus cottony ones coated with waterproof lining. Back is a tiny bit shinier than the front. Looks like it should wipe clean & machine wash well.

Laurel Malott, WA


Throw this over your messy baby and spray pureed peas all over. Then remove the bib. Voila, clean clothes! I had the larger size for my first kid and had to find the smaller one because I loved it so much the first time around.

Leona Silver Lake, NY

Independence loving bib for little ones

For your little ones who refuse to eat anything unless they feed themselves (even SOUP), this bib is for you. Our little guy doesn’t even notice that it’s a bib due to the long sleeves. Washes easily and is a breeze to clean up.

Claudia New Middletown, IN

A must have!

I don’t know how anyone uses other bibs besides the Kushies bibs. So awesome! Have been using them since kiddo started eating solids. Food does not get on his clothes and when he’s all done just rinse it under water. Dries quickly and holds up well. I feel this is one of the best baby products out there that is under used.

Aimee Columbia, KY

Would work great if my baby was tolerating it

Everything is in the title. Would work great if my baby would keep it on. Maybe I’ll use it later if he wants to paint or something like that but for diner he does not want to even see it…

Courtney Durand, IL

good coverage but a little pricey

i originally bought this as a smock for school. it provides good coverage especially the full length sleeves. i think it should be priced lower.

Penny Mount Aukum, CA


came very fast, exactly what i needed. fits well, easy to put on. have not used it yet-only tried it on but it looks great.

Sonia Silex, MO

Saves me so much laundry!

My son insists on feeding himself, which means that everything from head to high chair gets covered. This bib covers most of that area and saves his clothes. It’s easy to wipe clean after. My only complaints are that the Velcro at the neck is too easy for him to undo, the sleeves don’t have cuffs so food rolls down his arm, and there’s no side/back coverage, which is where he likes to wipe his hands.

Lenora Paris, OH

Less mess.

This sure helps his shirt to be less messy.But he moves around so much that it stains wherever not covered (his back, neckline and pants).So I have to remove his pants, put another cloth bib under this bib and put towel on his lap before he eats.This pocket doesn’t hold much food or liquid. I always ended up cleaning his mess on the floor and high chair.Maybe he is just a messy eater ( He drops food from side of high chair very often.)So I would say this helps, this is not “no mess” miracle bib.

Misty Loxahatchee, FL

great for the diaper bag/backup

we normally use the Baby Bjorn bib (BabyBj%C3%B6rn 046060US BABYBJORN Soft Yellowbut this one works much better in the diaper bag as it folds down smaller.side benefit that we can use it for art projects

Nona Cedar Crest, NM

fits perfect

fits my 14 month old perfectly…washes up great, nice to not use 5 bibs a day and great to keep her arms clean too

Monica Windthorst, TX

Good bib. Not great, but good.

We bought the toddler-sized bib soon after our son started eating solids (7 months), so we simply rolled up the sleeves a little, and everything was fine.This bib is easy to clean, and a sponge or rag is usually enough for spot-cleaning after eating. If meals get super-messy, I’ll just hand-wash it under the faucet and drape it to air-dry, and it’s good to go for the next meal (and dry by then, too).I had to hold back a star because our son yanked on the bib and tore a little bit of the stitching on the catch-pocket. It wasn’t that severe of a yank, so I figure the thread used could be a little stronger.Overall, this has been perfect for us.

Libby Rodney, MI

Great bib!

Sleeved bibs are such a great idea for beginning eaters (just roll up sleeves to correct length) and the wraparound aspect of this style of bib means much less mess when they are done. These Kushies are made from a lovely soft fabric, easy to wipe off, and they dry quickly (or they can be put in the washer) Bought two for my grandson,they were popular with both baby and parents!

Angela Drumore, PA

Must have for toddlers feeding themselves

I love this bib, it is easy to put on my toddler and he actually holds out his arms for me to put it on him. He is 14 months old and it is great since he is messy at self feeding, especially oatmeal and spagetti. I completely recommend this product and you can always use it for art projects too. It takes longer to dry over my regular bibs since you have to get the arms as well, but it drys easily by my sink and then it is ready for the next messy meal.

Deanna Amsden, OH

Velcro is better than string ties in this house

With a toddler constantly running around, it is hard enough to put a bib on, but also to have to tie the strings on the back of his neck to secure the bib? That is impossible!So came this bib that uses Velcro instead, making getting it on less of a struggle while keeping clothes clean during the messiest dinners! Win-win!

Isabel Point Harbor, NC

Going strong

We’ve had two going for the last year and they’re going strong. They wipe off quite easily, although are a bit slow to dry.Otherwise pretty much a perfect bib.

Libby Caguas, PR

Everbody love this thing

Yes it thin but it works and I recommend. I fold and carry in my baby bag. My son is 3 and he still wears ths . Hes 33 lbs and its not too small. so I say buy this one . Saves a lot of pain with stains on outfits.

Brianna Bedford, TX